Absolute Redemption

Title: 绝对救赎

Author: 江萝萝 ( Jiang Luo Luo )

Status: Completed (98 chapters, 16 extras)


  1. Once transmigrated into the book, Ji Yi became the ugly and greedy female partner, who was ruthlessly killed by the villain.
      In order to save her tragic fate, Ji Yi decided: send food and water every day, and try to prevent the boss from blackening!
      People who eat melons:
      ”Ji Yi has no looks and talents. She is a straw bag and has a big temper.”
      ”Xu Yue is gloomy and terrifying, and he is a lunatic. Don’t provoke him!”
      Later, the “Ji Yi” became a heavenly beauty. The gentle and beautiful school girl with top-notch grades, the unblacked boss has become a respected scientist.
      The people eating melons slapped their faces: I’m sorry, I was blind before!
    2. As everyone knows, Xu Yue is cold and gloomy; he is a genius lunatic, and everyone is afraid of him.
      Suddenly one day, the big guy who violated most of the school’s rules, put on his school uniform and became the number one student with Zheng Miaohong. 
      Everyone is incredulous.
      Only Ji Yi blushed quietly, remembering the day before the villain boss changed from evil and returned to righteousness…
      ”Xu Yue, you have to study hard every day!”
      The cold boy pushed her against the wall and curled his lips, “Okay, I listen to you.”
      I was in the abyss of hell until I was 17 years old, and I met the only light in the world ——Xu Yue
      [Reading Guide] 
      1. Gloomy and paranoid male protagonist vs. Warm and sunny female protagonist, the female protagonist is determined to redeem the male lead. 
      2. From school uniforms to wedding dresses, 1v1 mutual favors, healing is sweet.

Table of Contents

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