AR: Ch 56

When Ji Yi rushed over, with the weight of the pressing force on his body, he subconsciously supported the ground.

    The girl’s soft face hit his hard chin, and she felt like she was being hit.

    Xu Yue couldn’t believe it was true.

    She was crying…

    so sad.

    His heart was all picked up fiercely?.

    “An’an, don’t cry.” He opened his mouth naively, and the sound from his throat was so hoarse.

    Want to comfort her, but the cry in the ear is louder.

    “I’m sorry.” Xu Yue began to apologize, a little incoherent, “Don’t cry, blame me, it’s my fault.”

    Ji Yi shook his head, rubbed his fingers on his face indiscriminately? Tears, “Why hide? Why? Turn yourself into this way. Do you know how worried and scared I was when I couldn’t find you.”

    “Also, fortunately, you are here, I found it.” The

    voice of crying fell into my ears. , Suddenly, the young man who was initially disoriented, his eyes renewed with hope.

    “No… isn’t it a dream…” He walked around her waist with a trembling hand, gently surrounding the person sitting in front, finally feeling a little real.

    Ji Yi held him and shook his head? Regardless of his crying face and crying red eyes, he held him without letting go, and said comforting words in his mouth.

    “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be with you.”

    “I’ll stay with you all the time.”

    Xu Yue patted her on the back in a strange way, and fell silent.

    I don’t know how long it took, Ji Yicai? Relieved from grief?.

    She cried too hard, Xu Yue’s shoulder was wet with tears, but he didn’t care.

    She wiped her face and sniffed. Wanting to get up, I just got up with one leg, and fell back before moving.

    Gravity pressed on Xu Yue’s legs.

    “I’m sorry.” She apologized with red eyes, and she was very embarrassed, “I…My legs are soft…”

    Just now, I fixed my posture for too long, and I was numb when I moved.

    But at this moment, Xu Yue smiled from the bottom of his heart.

    He stood up from the ground, steadily, the previous decadence disappeared completely.

    The little girl sat on the floor and pressed her legs, and Xu Yue directly bent over to pick him up, in the posture of her father-in-law.

    “Ah–” She subconsciously exclaimed, and grasped Xu Yue’s shoulder tightly.

    Xu Yue took her out, only to realize that the living room was messed up by him, and it still smelled bad.

    Finally? He took Ji Yi directly back to the bedroom where he usually sleeps, and put the person on the soft bed.

    “Don’t come out first? Wait for me.”

    Ji Yi closed his leg and nodded.

    Just as Xu Yue turned around, she suddenly reached out and grabbed the person.

    Xu Yue turned her head suspiciously, and saw the little girl staring at him eagerly, sobbing and saying, “No, no, no more? Just disappeared.”

    Except for this place, she really couldn’t find anyone.

    Xu Yue stared at her, the emotions in his eyes flowed to pieces, and said in a hoarse voice: “Okay.”

    After closing the door, he looked at the living room again, and recalled the drunken and smoked scenes of the past few days. If the feeling of a lifetime.

    At that time, I really felt that if I died, maybe someone would cry for him.

    But now, thinking of the girl in the room, his heart seems to come alive again?.

    It turned out that someone would cry so sad because he was distressed…

    He quickly cleaned up the living room, raised his hand and could smell the smoke and alcohol on his body, and sprayed clean air freshener again? .

    The shower in the bathroom was turned on to the maximum temperature, sprayed from the head, and washed the whole body several times.

    Make sure there is no peculiar smell before going out.

    He put his fingers on the doorknob, and he paused slightly.

    The door of the room was suddenly pulled open from the inside, facing the head that Shang Ji Yi had poked out.

    The two collided face to face.

    She has stopped crying, but the marks around her eyes have not completely disappeared.

    “So long.” As if complaining.

    She leaned forward and sniffed, the odor in the living room disappeared without a trace. And the people who were originally “smelly” have also turned back into the young Pian Pian covered with the fragrance of mint.

    It’s just that there are traces of injuries on that face, and I feel very distressed when I look at it!

    Thinking of what Ji Xinfei had said, she couldn’t help reaching out and gently touching his face, “Does it still hurt?”

    “It’s okay.” He shook his head.

    Ji Yi was anxious, “Did that bastard Lu Yi do it?”

    Xu Yue was silent, tantamount to acquiescence.

    Ji Yi asked him to take the medicine and wiped his wound personally.

    She held the cotton swab and rubbed the medicine very lightly. Seeing the bruises, she couldn’t help but scolded that bastard Lu Yi again, then glared at him, “Don’t you know what to fight back? He obviously couldn’t beat it. You!”

    Xu Yue lowered his eyes and looked like an obedient listener, “I’m sorry, I worried you.”

    “I don’t want to listen to these useless? If you are smoking and drinking at home these days?”

    “…Hmm.” After hesitating, or honestly admit it.

    Ji Yi was a little annoyed, but more distressed.

    I was annoyed that he didn’t know how to cherish his body, and he was distressed that the rumors outside were like poisoned arrows, which could pierce people into all kinds of holes.

    She took a deep breath, screwed the medicine cap tightly, and placed it heavily on the table. There was a lot of emotions in my heart, and I couldn’t tell.

    Irazu income midnight, coffee table and a few seconds to the next cigarette, she put things straight? Dragged out? “Obviously it promised not to smoke, but also eat well, you were a? Point of credit are not!”

    “Under It won’t happen again.”

    “It’s all three times! Your guarantee is not even credible!”

    “As long as you are by my side, you won’t…”

    Given that someone has a good attitude towards confession, Ji Yi is not good at it. Training, this thing just passed.

    The atmosphere is a bit subtle, because they all know that so far, the other party hasn’t said a lot of things to the point.

    For example, Xu Yue’s life experience was exposed.

    For another example, Ji Yi disappeared for two days.

    This kind of topic was too sensitive, and she couldn’t bear to poke Xu Yue’s wound.

    “I can never be by your side all the time. You have to have self-control and are not allowed to smoke! Another time? I will absolutely ignore you next time.”

    “Okay.” The young man happily responded and suddenly stretched out his hand. Hug the little girl sitting next to him.

    Passing her hands through her waist, tightly around her back, with her chin resting on her shoulders, she whispered: “An’an, he is dead.”

    Ji Yi’s eyelids jumped, and then asked: “Who ? “

    ” my father. “

    Lu Yi’s biological father.

    “When I was young, he was the only one who treated me well.” When Father Lu didn’t know his life experience, he loved him as his own son.

    At that time, his mother didn’t love him, and his brother always rejected him under the influence of his mother, so Father Lu became the best person to him.

    Unfortunately, when his life experience was exposed, all the good things became fragmented.

    Xu Yue continued: “That day, he drank wine and asked me why I was not his biological son? I don’t know how to answer him.”

    So he chose to remain silent.

    Father Lu stared straight at his face, and Xu saw another villain through this face. So Father Lu was stimulated and beat him.

    When Grandpa Xu and his biological father Xu Cheng arrived, he had been beaten to the ground by his adoptive father.

    Grandpa took him to the hospital, and Xu Cheng, while arguing with Father Lu, accidentally pushed his adoptive father downstairs. After the rescue, although he survived, he became a vegetative person who couldn’t move or speak.

    Xu Cheng’s conscience was not lost, and he felt ashamed of his brother and went to the police station to surrender.

    Xu Chengyi went in to make up for the guilt, but put all the troublesome troubles on his family.

    He was cast aside by all his relatives, and his grandfather took him out of Yancheng and returned to Xu’s house.

    Father Lu became a plant and needed a lot of medical expenses for his freshman year. In the beginning, Grandpa Xu paid the money to atone for his son.

    After arriving? When my grandfather passed away, the uncle at home stopped spending in this area.

    Before his death, Grandpa did a lot of things for him, took him back to Rock City, entrusted him to the old doctor here, and used his own last pen to sign a contract with the school. The only wish was that he would live well.

    He did survive?.

    The huge medical expenses that Father Lu needed also fell on him.

    That’s what Lu Yi said when he approached him, “You owe this to our family! You will never pay it off for a lifetime!”

    He worked hard to make money. He suffered a lot and bleeds because of this.

    It wasn’t until later that he got on the line with Qin Shan, that his life gradually got better. Although he knew that this kind of private transaction could not last long.

    But now, Father Lu’s life has come to an end?.

    He didn’t know what kind of mentality he should use to face it, as if he lost his goal at once.

    Lu Yi’s fist? It hit him to discourage, and he didn’t even know the pain.

    He closed his eyes, covered all his exhaustion, and whispered: “I didn’t intentionally hurt myself and made you cry. But…this is what I owe them.”

    “No! It’s not like that at all!” Xiao There was a thick mist in the girl’s eyes, “Don’t listen to what those people say outside, you are not wrong, let alone owe anyone.”

    “Xu Yue is very? Good…” She sobbed, taking the most real thoughts. Put together a complete sentence, “Is An An’s favorite person.”

    Xu Yue is the person who treats her best in another world.

    She is also her favorite person in another world.

    The girl’s words made his heart throbbing, and his manic heartbeat could hardly stop.

    Looking at those misty eyes, he pressed his voice to remind: “Do you know if you say something like this…after? The fruit is very serious?”

    “Wh, what?”

    Xu Yue’s fingers went from behind her. Extend it up, touch the soft hair, hold the back of the palm with the back of the head, and bring the person forward.

    Looking down? When he approached her lips, he still couldn’t bear to blaspheme the beauty in his heart, and he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.


    Just now? Ji Yi, who was still sad, felt his head snapped in an instant.

    He pushed him away in a panic, said a word, and couldn’t help but whispered, “It’s all tears.”

    Xu Yue pursed his lower lip slightly and stood up, “I’m sorry.”

    Ji Yi sat on the sofa. Go up, grab your finger.

    How can he apologize every time he kisses someone like this!

    Knowing that he is sensitive, she decided to be more generous and tolerant.

    He stretched out his hand and pulled at the corner of Xu Yue’s clothes, pointed at the sofa, and motioned for him to sit down.

    Xu Yue bowed his head? and followed her instructions.

    But the moment he touched the sofa, the person next to him suddenly rushed over, sandwiched his profile, and kissed his slightly opened thin lips.

    The moment her wet lips were pressed together, her fingers rose unconsciously.

    And the crushed boy suddenly clasped her hands, defensively, leaving a touch of extremely gorgeous color on his lips.

    Ji Yi passively accepted at a loss.

    No technicality, first kiss…

    no more!

    The author has something to say:

    Still An Anqiang!

    In fact, Brother Xu did something for An An when he exiled himself~ He had already planned to give up on himself, but he still remembers to treat An An well.

    The next chapter announces the red envelope

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