AR: Ch 57

 The kitchen overflowed with food, and Ji Yi lay down on the sofa to play games.

    She didn’t say that she was locked up by Ji Guosheng, she only took it with her simply “family won’t let go out”.

    But for Xu Yue, this is already a great gift.

    How many years ago Xu Yue started to live an independent life, cooking and cooking is not a problem.

    Originally she wanted to help, but she was kicked out.

    Xu Yue refused to let her enter the kitchen, and was still violent, “This place? Is it yours to enter? What do you want to eat? Tell me, play on your own.”

    Xu Yue gave her the mobile phone to play the game. The commonly used one.

    He even told her the password directly, and he was not afraid of her peeking at the secret.

    Ji Yi usually doesn’t know how to play games, so she downloaded some casual games to kill time. Now she turned on the endless mode of Snakes and has been playing for a long time.

    The body of the snake on the screen was very long. She didn’t dare to stray around, so she took conservative measures to spin around in place. If there was a new snake, she would go around the body from the head, put all the snakes in it, and catch the turtles in the urn.

    That’s it? A little game that made her happy.

    “An An, it’s time to eat.” Xu Yue’s voice came from the kitchen.

    “Wait a minute? My snake is already very long.” She replied casually, and focused all her attention on the extra points.

    Xu Yue brought the dishes and soup on the table, and Ji Yi still stared at the phone screen intently.

    Xu Yuechao stood beside the sofa with his hands.

    He is very tall, standing with his legs straight, and when he looks down at her, his eyes are very focused, and the softness of his eyes is clearly visible.

    But Ji Yixian was devoting himself to the game without noticing the person behind him.

    The red greedy snake she controlled hovered in her own territory for a long time. She couldn’t help but ran out to eat the remains next to her, but was calculated by a small snake

    coming over… the “Try again” button popped up on the screen.

    Ji Yi was about to click, the hand stretched out from behind was faster than her, and he clicked the “X” in the corner to exit.

    Ji Yi turned to stare at him.

    Xu Yue didn’t hesitate to put her phone away, “eat!”

    She cast her mouth unwillingly, “My snake! It broke the record just now!”

    Xu Yue glanced at her, but she didn’t pretend to be pitiful. Confused, she firmly put her phone in her pocket, pointed at the dining table, “play again after eating.”

    “Well…” She slowly got up from the sofa.

    When seeing the dinner plate on the table, Ji Yi was stunned, “The two of us…eat so many dishes?”

    Today’s dishes consist of two meats, two vegetarians and one soup, which is extraordinarily rich.

    Xu Yue gave her the cleaned dishes and chopsticks, “Just eat it, and I didn’t let you finish it.”

    “That’s a waste.”

    “…” He knew that Ji Yi belonged to the Ji family. Children, even the meals brought from the thermos are carefully prepared according to the nutritional match.

    And he usually eats at home just to survive, and he doesn’t care about the taste. Sometimes, for the sake of convenience, he can cook a meal for a few times and eat it repeatedly.

    Xu Yue raised his eyelids, “I almost forgot, like you should eat fresh food every meal.”

    What does this sentence sound like? Weird?

    Ji Yi lowered his eyes, “I didn’t mean that.”

    “I know? Dao?.”

    Xu Yue reached out to her and hooked his fingers, “Would you like rice?”

    “Hmm!” She is the kind of rice that is not fragrant, and she is loyal to the crystal white rice.

    Xu Yue served her rice and put the bowl in front of her.

    Ji Yi took a mouthful of fragrant rice with chopsticks and put it into her mouth, her eyes rolled around, and she exclaimed?: “It smells good.”

    “Try others?”

    “Hmm!” She held the chopsticks to pick up the dishes .

    Maybe she is hungry, she eats faster than usual.

    “What? It’s like I haven’t eaten for a day?” Xu Yue suddenly opened his mouth.


    She just took a spoonful of soup and drank it, almost choked.

    Xu Yue quickly turned around and patted her on the back, dredging.

    “Slow down, no one will argue with you.”

    Ji Yi coughed away the tears with those two coughs, glared at him, “Can’t speak!”

    Didn’t she just have no food for a day?

    When Aunt Su gave her something, she would eat it, but because she was pretending to lose her appetite, she couldn’t eat much.

    Xu Yue’s dishes are not absolutely delicious, but they are up to the daily level. She feels very delicious.

    After quickly solving two bowls of rice, Ji Yi was going to wash the dishes. Xu Yue held her hand and said, “Let it down, you are not allowed to go into the kitchen.”

    So she obediently put down the dishes and chopsticks.

    Turning her hands,

    she stretched out towards Xu Yue, “I want to play a game.” She was obsessed with the greedy snake.

    Xu Yue snorted, or handed her the mobile phone, and then asked, “What is the evening? When will I go back? I’ll see you.” It was

    not to drive her away, but it was already 8 o’clock in the evening, outside. It was getting dark.

    Upon hearing this, Ji Yi was stunned.

    She ran out… Why? Go back? Go…

    The behavior of Ji Guosheng and Zhao Shuyi really offended her this time. In her subconscious mind, they can’t treat it as filial parents, and they don’t want to obey everything. arrange.

    Isn’t going back now equal to throwing into the net?

    Ji Yi lowered his head to look at the phone, and whispered: “Don’t go back? Go.”

    “What did you say?” He didn’t hear clearly for a while.

    Ji Yi bit her lip, made a decision, and repeated it softly, “Don’t go back tonight.”

    “Ji An’an, you…” Xu Yue turned to look at her in disbelief.

    What is this unsuspecting silly girl? What is it? I dare to say it!

    He is an adult male.

    Ji Yi slapped? Cheeks, muttering: “What? Are you unwilling to take me in?”

    Xu Yue took a deep breath, got up and pressed her in his arms, the fragrance of mint lingering all over his body.

    Ji Yi was unprepared to be pulled by him, and the phone almost couldn’t hold it firmly.

    She was stunned, “What are you doing?”

    Xu Yue’s hand added gravity to say?, she pressed her into her arms so as not to break free, and it took a while to hear the overflowing smile from his mouth, with a thick smile. The strong ridicule means, “Is this scared? What’s the matter? Sleep with me?” In

    an instant?, the girl’s face was brighter than the sunset, “Who! Who

    wants to sleep with you!” She broke free No, he directly held Xu Yue’s face with both hands, and moved his head in a daze to prevent him from staring at him.


    was scolded.

    He is not angry at all.

    Indulge her to run wild by her side, and she is used to being boundless.

    While Xu Yue was cleaning up the table and going to the kitchen to wash the dishes, Ji Yi used his mobile phone to log in to his account to send He Xuxu and Song Yanke how many messages.

    What she said was: [If someone asks about my whereabouts, they say I don’t know what to do, if I ask you?, just ask them to call the police and find someone. ]

    She thought, such as Ji Guosheng find? She was not at home, will certainly be questioned Su aunt.

    Aunt Su will explain to He Xuxu and Song Yanke, then? Ji Guosheng is bound to find their important person.

    So she had already prepared a letter at home and put it in the room, indicating that she had left the house.

    Moreover, He Xuxu and Song Yan are at school, and Ji Guosheng is such a face-saving person who will not tell about the detention of his daughter, so he will not call the police.

    Holding Ji Guosheng’s weakness, she felt at ease.


    Ji Yi wants to stay overnight, Xu Yue naturally contributes her own bed to her.

    But this time is different from last time. She has to take a shower…

    Xu Yue stood at the door, smiling with eyes, “It seems that I not only have to prepare ladies slippers, but I also have to prepare a ladies room?” It

    means to give her. The whole set.

    It’s like she wants to live here? Life is the same!

    Standing by the bed stepping on her slippers, she reluctant to go up, still couldn’t help but ask: “Xu Yue, is there anyone buying clothes near your house?”

    “There is no one nearby. I have to take a taxi to buy it. What do you want? , I’ll buy it for you? Come.”

    “So? Trouble, forget it.”

    “An’an has never been my trouble.”

    He walked to the table, found a notebook and pen from it, and handed it to her. , “Write.”

    Ji Yi hesitated for a while, or picked up the pen.

    But if she has to write, she doesn’t know where to write.

    This…what else do you need to write?

    Ji Yi hesitated, feeling a little embarrassed to think of trouble others, “In fact, just change the clothes…”

    “No, I let you write things you need in daily life.” His slender fingers are naturally curved and tough. Ji Jie tapped on the notebook, “Write it all.”

    She looked up in surprise, “Are you really going to move me a house?”

    Xu Yue nodded naturally, “It’s not impossible.”

    Ji Yi shook his head again and again . Shaking his head, instead of playing tricks with him, he wrote the size of the clothes directly on the notebook.

    Xu Yue glanced at him, “Underwear… don’t you need to change it?”

    “!!!” The little girl was stained with a layer of crimson on her face, and quickly wrote down the code number on the notebook. The book put a pen into his arms and said, “If you want to buy it, go and buy it!” I

    knew it? You molested her at home!

    Buy if you have the ability!

    I think you go to the mall? Sorry!

    Xu Yue caught what she had tucked into her hand, opened the folded book, and moved her gaze to the few lines of black letters she had written.

    Don’t have a deep gaze in front of her? Turn around, the corners of her mouth are slightly tilted, her eyes are a little ambiguous, “I didn’t see it…”

    Ji Yi glared at him, hurriedly pushed his hand, “Go away. , Hurry up.”

    Knowing? She is easy to be shy, Xu will accept it as soon as she sees it, and stop teasing her.

    He tore off the paper from the book, folded it and put it in his pocket, and then started muttering:

    “You know the water? What should I do? Let it go?”

    “If? A person is afraid at home, just put it. The lights are on.”

    “Leave the phone to you, if you have something to call me?”

    Xu Yue gave her the mobile phone he used frequently and the private number card to her. He took an old phone and another card to go out.

    He completely regarded her as a child, and he was worried and worried.

    Ji Yi clicked heavily?, and asked casually: “Then what are you doing? Don’t let me go out with you?”

    Xu Yuechu? Replied very seriously? Answered her, “So? It’s late, it’s more troublesome, you behaved.” Just stay at home.”

    This sentence?…It’s really coaxing a child!

    She blushed and her ears were hot.

    Xu Yue walked to the door and suddenly turned back. He found loose coats and trousers from his closet and put them on the bed. “You can’t wear the clothes you just bought back directly, if you don’t mind. , Just wear this first.”

    “Yeah! I know that?” The

    girl obediently hugged his clothes and went into the bathroom.

    The author has something to say: Have you

    been happy to eat candy recently?

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