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In fact, Jiang Lu knows that his will is very strong, and he hasn’t been depressed since he was a child in such an environment-he is just a little bit paranoid.

    Qi An’an didn’t make any tough demands either. Forget it, Jiang Lu’s affairs have to be taken slowly, and it is not always possible to heal them in a hurry. She will look at him in the future and treat him better.

    It’s a pity that the two of them slept too long this day, and they waited until 11 o’clock in the evening to turn off the lights and go to bed again, lying in the silent night, none of them slept.

    Very sober, not quite right.

    The atmosphere on this dark bed, where the opponent’s outline was faintly visible, gradually became ambiguous.

    “Jiang Lu, are you sleepy?”

    Qi An’an finally broke the silence first. She didn’t know whether Jiang Lu was sleepy, only that he was not asleep. Anyway, I slept enough during the day, and now I am not sleepy at all.

    Of course Jiang Lu didn’t feel sleepy at all. Although he hadn’t slept much before, he slept for seven or eight hours during the day. He is young and has a good foundation. In just a few hours, he made up for the deficits of the two days. , Now his spirit is sharp with five senses.

    Usually Qi Anan leaned against him, he could feel her body warm and soft, and besides being peaceful and pitying, he had no other thoughts in his heart. But today it may be because of being too energetic, Qi Anan’s breath made him feel distressed.

    Jiang Lu said ambiguously: “It’s okay.”

    Qi An’an asked, “Fortunately, is it a little sleepy or not?”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help but laugh, and thought for a while and said: “It might be… sleepy little bar. ” “

    deceptive, “do not believe Qian an, a little proud to say,” you see you, who talk so clearly, like me, he did not look sleepy. “

    Qian an and rub the inside to Jiang Luhuai Rub, the voice sounded sweeter and softer in the dark night: “Jiang Lu, the two of us slept too much during the day, and now we can’t sleep at all, or do something else.” The

    conscience of heaven and earth, before Qi An’an said this, Just thinking that two people can get up to watch a movie, or chase a variety show or something, after she said this, she obviously felt that Jiang Lu was breathing.

    Even she herself felt that what she said was very ambiguous.

    Qi An’an dryly explained: “I…I mean…I…”

    Jiang Lu smiled, and he rubbed Qi An’an’s somewhat disheveled hair: “It’s okay, I know what you mean. Otherwise, we Watching a movie?”

    Qi Anan felt that something was wrong again. She explained that Jiang Lu followed empathy again, as if she…she didn’t want to.

    She got close to Jiang Lu little by little, shrinking on his chest, feeling the hotness in his arms: “Jiang Lu, I am yours, you can do anything to me… I know you love me, I am willing…”

    Jiang Lu’s breathing suddenly became heavy, and she couldn’t laugh or cry in her heart. She was so serious and straightforward, do you know what kind of teasing it was?

    In the darkness, he tensed his body slightly, and his heart was ashamed of helplessness-his eyes had indeed seen a lot of filth, and the reality of the love between men and women, he could never normally look at it.

    Even when facing the beloved girl, he has an uncontrollable man instinct, but he still dare not use his own body to defile her.

    “An’an, I…”

    Qi An’an suddenly reached out and blocked Jiang Lu Weiqi’s lips. In the dark, her eyes were as bright as stars.

    “Jiang Lu, I know there is a hurdle in your heart that you can’t pass,” she whispered, her voice gentle and firm, “but I want to tell you that you are not dirty at all.”

    Jiang Lu’s clenched fist suddenly loosened.

    His eyes were slightly wet, and his lips tightened to swallow the soreness back.

    Qi An’an’s voice continued: “You are the best, I love you, and you are also worthy of my love. I don’t allow anyone to despise you, and neither can you.”

    She loves him, not only his arrogance and arrogance. Gentle, and love his sensitivity and low self-esteem.

    Jiang Lu laughed silently.

    After a long while, he kissed Qi An’an. The soft and thick hair scattered beside the pillow: “I know.”

    He knew it, she loved him. When all the truth was before his eyes, he knew how much she loved him when she recalled the moment she appeared in the hospital today.

    Jiang Lu laughed softly, his chest trembled slightly: “An’an, your eyesight is a bit short, but I dare not let you down. You don’t despise me, and I won’t…” The

    unfinished words were silent in his mouth, she Obviously I have seen his life, but I still choose to love him without hesitation. She enshrines him as a treasure, and he will never be conceited again.

    Jiang Lu held his breath slightly, and the big hand that was originally placed on her waist finally moved up slowly.

    Qi An’an closed his eyes, relaxed his body, and accepted the man’s pitying kiss.

    In the quiet and dark night, the sound of heartbeats became clearer and mixed with each other. Qi An’an gently bit his lip, staring blankly at the handsome outline ahead, and clinging to his neck with both hands.

    Jiang Lu kissed her white wrist and leaned over again.

    A quiet and bright moon outside the window.

    Qi An’an’s thoughts were vague. When he was about to fall asleep, he heard someone whispering in his ear: “I love you.”

    The man kissed her bewildered tears, and replied in a soft voice, “An’an, I love you.” “


    This winter is not too cold, and there hasn’t been a single snow.

    Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. There is nothing to do during the day. Qi An’an called Ji Ruomeng to share her little secret.

    Ji Ruomeng didn’t want to say anything, Qi An’an and Jiang Lu let her lead the same caressing life as an old mother in advance: “You’re worthless. . the “

    end, she reminded calm:” I remember prepared pregnant, so they can fool. ” “

    he, he did not …… “Well, Qian An do not understand, too embarrassed to go into detail, the subject said:” Renee, How are you seeing the parents?”

    “Hurt, it went so incredibly smoothly, and smoothly is boring. Yu Tianyang and his parents are very nice. They gave me a big red envelope and even kicked Yu Tianyang with both feet to make him well. To me.”

    Ji Ruomeng’s tone sounds very happy, “My family also likes Yu Tianyang, you also know that dog and stuff

, Has a mouth that speaks and speaks, which is especially pleasing to the elders. My dad also praised Tian Yang for being young and promising, he almost didn’t go up to the sky. “

    Qi An’an was also very happy to hear: “That’s good, I know it will go smoothly. You are a large exempted graduate student. Yu Tianyang is also doing a good job. You two must be satisfied with each other.” “

    Ji Ruomeng laughed a few times. She knew the situation of Qi An’an and Jiang Lu, and didn’t say much on this topic: “By the way, I went to visit the teacher with Yang Ge the day before yesterday. Teacher Jin also asked about you this year. Why didn’t I go back with Jiang Lu? I miss you. “

    Qian An’an didn’t expect Teacher Jin to mention them specifically: “I originally wanted to pay a New Year’s greetings during the New Year, so I would call him Jiang Lu in the evening. “

    Ji Ruomeng said: “Okay, he must be happy to receive your call. You two remember to call Teacher Yang too, otherwise you should be jealous again.” “

    Okay, I know.” “Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng chatted for a while, and after thinking about it, they will be able to tell what happened to Qi Zhen.

    She didn’t say anything too complicated, only that she went out to exchange and study a few days ago, and Qi Zhen used it. Something made Jiang Lu think that she was in an accident, and she had been sick for the past two days.

    After all, Jiang Lu was almost depressed and Qi An’an was extremely distressed and could only talk to her best friend a little bit.

    Ji Ruomeng exploded as soon as she heard it: “This bitch! The last time I saw her, there was nothing good about it, so she actually used such a trick, did she have a brain disease? Jiang Lu cares too much about you, even her pawns can be used. It’s okay An’an, don’t worry too much. You can do well now. Jiang Lu has such a good physical fitness, and no matter how serious a cold and fever are, it will be fine within a few days. “

    She thought that being sick was nothing more than a cold and fever. Qi An’an didn’t explain much, just nodded earnestly: “Well, it will be okay.” “

    What about that big mouth?” Just let her forget it? Damn, if I wait for a chance to see her, I must tear her mouth! Who is that, really has that serious illness. “

    Qi An’an originally hated Qi Zhen’s despicability, but she had already slapped her, and the two of them had already talked about it. Jiang Lu would no longer worry about those things. Qi Zhen would never be able to make another wave.

    She shook her head: “It’s okay. I won’t see you anymore. Jiang Lu said that Qi Zhen will not come to City A. Even if

    he does, he will never show up in front of us.” Ji Ruomeng didn’t understand: “Why is he so sure?”

    “That’s how he told me, there is definitely nothing wrong.” Qi An’an smiled. When Jiang Lu mentioned this to her, although there was no expression on his face, his tone was sure.

    They have a good understanding, Qi Zhen is just an insignificant person in their lives, and there is no need to worry about her at all. They just need to move forward, no matter if she is in pain or regret, it has nothing to do with them.

    “She’s lucky if she doesn’t see the best, or I can’t spare her.”

    Qi An’an said, “Mengmeng, when are you coming back?”

    Ji Ruomeng pondered: ” Brother Yang still has a job at hand, and he will return to City A in the third grade. I have to prepare graduation thesis and re-examination. I should stay at home until the seventh grade and leave.”

    “Okay, when you all come back, come to my house for hot pot.” “


    Hang up the phone, Ji Ruomeng smiled and didn’t know what he was thinking, Yu Tianyang looked up at Ji Ruomeng, and handed over a handful of pine nuts that had just been peeled: “The child is a mother, this time. You can rest assured, your daughter has a good vision, and found you a good son-in-law to eat pine nuts to cheer you up.”

    Ji Ruomeng glared at him: “Don’t talk nonsense, don’t be in front of Jiang Lu some day. Be careful to utter a son-in-law, then you will be wonderful.”

    Yu Tianyang laughed loudly: “Impossible, I can be cautious. I always treat Jiang Lu as my little uncle.”

    “Heh, it’s really a complicated relationship. ,” Ji Ruomeng rolled his eyes to spit, and then sighed: “Jiang Lu can be accompanied by An An, and God has compensated him. It’s a blessing.”

    Yu Tianyang’s eyes were dignified, and he hurried to the call: “It’s a good blessing to have you by my side!”

    Ji Ruomeng laughed, taking advantage of his parents cooking in the kitchen and not seeing this side, he leaned over to Li Tianyang’s face. Kissed.

    … In the

    evening when Jiang Lu came back, Qi An’an lay on the table looking at the two spring couplets, then turned around and greeted him: “Jiang Lu, which one do you think is better for these two stickers?”

    She sat on the chair dishonestly, the two of the chair. The front legs were raised high, maintaining a terrifying balance.

    This was the scene when Jiang Lu walked in. He was secretly startled and hugged Qi An’an from behind. The chair under her clicked and landed smoothly.

    I wanted to blame her for a while, but after hugging her, she was really not willing to say a word.

    Forget it, Jiang Lu put his chin on Qi An’an’s shoulder lightly, and his voice was low and magnetic: “Can’t be selected?”

    Qi An’an nodded seriously: “Yes, these two were given by Teacher Lin and a senior sister. I think the implication is good, which one to post?”

    Jiang Lu lightly clicked on Qi An’an on the right hand side: “This is it.”

    Ruyi’s family has Baifu, and his finger just fell on the word “home”.

    Qi An’an’s cheeks were a little hot: “Okay, then this, I’ll stick it now.” After saying that, she got up from his arms and bent over happily to move a chair.

    Jiang Lu smiled: “What are you doing?”

    Qi An’an blinked, and she understood, she handed him the spring couplets with a smile: “Then you can post it, I can’t reach it.” Jiang Lu

    leaned forward slightly, Qi An’an hugged. It’s not a cross-talker

The princess hug is a gesture like hug a child.

    He raised his head: “It’s here now.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but smile, blushing and pasting the couplet without saying a word.

    “After waiting for your brother to come back in a year, I will pay a formal visit.” Suddenly Jiang Lu said softly.

    “Did Yu Tianyang show off to you?” Qi An’an couldn’t laugh or cry. “Let’s not use it, you and my brother are already so familiar.”

    Jiang Lu said warmly, “This is a courtesy, it should be.”

    He was ready to be formal. About the visit, I just haven’t mentioned it to Qi An. Since Yu Tianyang told him, Ji Ruomeng must have also talked about it with An An.

    Jiang Lu thought about this level before he shared his thoughts with Qi An’an to make her feel at ease. Although their two situations are somewhat different from those of other people’s families, his baby is not inferior to others.

    The next day was New Year’s Eve. After Jiang Lu woke up in the morning, Qi An’an, who was still sleeping soundly, caught his eye.

    There were two undissipated blushes on her cheeks, and there were traces on the white skin under the slightly open neckline.

    For a moment, remembering that she cried aggrievedly last night, her sleepy eyes couldn’t open, but she was worried about his “depressive tendency” for fear of losing him, insisting on holding his neck and letting him do everything.

    Later, I lost my strength, and I didn’t forget to kiss him from time to time, and the kisses fell randomly, which made him funny and pitying.

    I bullied her last night, and…in the future, try to control it as much as possible.

    Jiang Lu leaned over and gently kissed Qi An’an’s soft cheeks.

    Qi An’an didn’t wake up, but he pursed his lower lip with feeling, as if to respond.

    Jiang Lu laughed and hugged her with affection. An’an, you don’t know how much I love you.

    Since that day, those nightmares of fear and horror have never disturbed him again. Jiang Lu thought, he should never have such a dream again, and he will remain stable for the rest of his life.

    Qi An’an stayed asleep until almost noon today. She is not usually a lazy person, but she was really tired last night and couldn’t wake up today. Even when she sits up now, she still feels her legs are weak.

    She moved her steps to wash, Jiang Lu heard the movement coming up, smiled and looked for a while, touched his nose and asked: “An’an, can I take you away, OK?”

    Qi An’an wore a slightly tousled hair and cheeks. Blushing, his eyes complained: “You…you laughed at me.”

    “I didn’t.” Jiang Lu smiled and hugged her up, carefully laying on the soft cushion on the bedroom floor.

    He turned around and returned to the bathroom shelf, took a toothbrush and squeezed the toothpaste, and returned to squat in front of Qi An’an, with a little smile in his eyes: “Come brushing your teeth.”

    Qi An’an looked at him incredulously: “Jiang. Lu, you are so spoiled…I don’t have any opinion, but if you are spoiled, you must not let me.”

    Jiang Lu lightly nodded on her forehead: “What nonsense? How can I not want you? “

    He gestured to her with a toothbrush in his hand, Qi An’an opened his mouth with a smile, revealing a neat little white tooth, which is terribly cute.

    However, he was still worried, and vaguely warned: “Jiang Lu, if you spoil me so much, you can’t do that when you have a child. If you spoil your child, it will be the failure of family education…”

    Jiang Lu Listening to her heart, she stopped her hands and bowed her head to kiss her chattering little mouth.

    “Um…toothpaste foam!”

    “I can’t help it.”


    New Year’s Eve must keep the year old and eat dumplings.

    In the past two decades, Jiang Lu had never experienced these New Year events. For him once, every day is no different for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and the New Year is just to make him look thinner and pitiful in the light of thousands of lights.

    As for the diet, he hasn’t been refined. He doesn’t have a lot of appetite, and he doesn’t bother to take care of himself carefully, but this year is different. This year, An An is by his side.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an who was walking around in the kitchen, and couldn’t help but laugh: “An An, you go to eat and watch TV, you don’t need you here.”

    “What’s so good about TV, how can you look good.” Qi An’an is used to these words. Now it’s even more open.

    Jiang Lu pressed his hand, and a good dumpling skin was torn apart.

    He casually threw the crushed dumplings aside: “An An, if you are not hungry, or we will eat later…”

    Qi An’an quickly hugged Jiang Lu’s waist, rubbing his face against his shoulder, acting coquettishly Laughing: “Hungry, I’m hungry, you have to make me full…” She pursed her lips and smiled, resting her head completely on Jiang Lu’s back without speaking.

    Jiang Lu also smiled and continued to work on his hands.

    Maybe he does have a talent for doing things. He had never made dumplings before today. But fortunately, it’s not bad.

    The cooked dumplings are floating with white gas, and under the bright warm yellow light, they show an infinite warm feeling.

    Qi An’an utterly praised: “Lu Lu, you are such a treasure, I’m so lucky, I lied to someone like you!”

    She didn’t eat honestly, and poke Jiang Lu’s cheek with her empty hand: ” Looking so good-looking and so virtuous, I will definitely be envied by others.”

    Jiang Lu glanced over with a smile, Qi An took a meal, took it back with a smile, and ate obediently.

    Compared to her, Jiang Lu would not say such a thing. He picked up vegetables for Qi An’an and said softly, “If you like, eat more.”

    He reached out and tucked the broken hair from her temple behind his ear, pointing The warm and smooth touch made his heart slightly hot. 

There is one more person by my side, and that is better than countless laughter.

    It turns out that this is the feeling of the New Year.

MFTIV: Ch 67

  She heard everything.

    everything is over.

    With tears in his eyes, Jiang Lu couldn’t see Qi An’an’s expression clearly. He only felt that his heart was broken into countless pieces, and he couldn’t make any sound of pain.

    He watched Qi An’an come forward without saying a word. These few steps were like walking his whole life.

    “Jiang Lu, don’t cry.”

    Qi An’an’s voice in a trance was still gentle, without disgust or fear, her tone seemed to be the same as before.

    Jiang Lu said: “Okay…”

    Before he raised his hand to wipe, Qi An’an’s little hand was already on his cheek, and he wiped away the tears with pity.

    Suddenly she put down her hand, Jiang Luxin’s lips pursed and moaned, and Qi An’an turned his head, raised his hand and slapped Qi Zhen’s face fiercely.

    Qi Zhen was slapped by this sudden slap for a few seconds. When the reaction came, she covered her face and pointed at Qi An’an with the other finger: “What are you going crazy?!” As

    she said, she rushed forward angrily and wanted to fight back. Jiang Lu’s eyes condensed, he instinctively stopped in front of Qi An’an, and threw away Qi Zhen’s hand.

    Qi Zhen staggered back in embarrassment. She looked at the two people in front of her bitterly, and then smiled suddenly: “Jiang Lu, Qi An’an heard everything. No, look at her reaction, you think of everything, right? Look? The madness that comes to you will never be cured.”

    “Are all people mad in your eyes? I think you are the madest one,” Qi An’an stepped forward and glared at Qi Zhen two steps in a tone of voice. Leng Ran, “If I knew that you would run to Jiang Lu one day to make nonsense, I would never say a few words to you when I saw you last time!”

    Qi Zhen’s eyes were burning: “Am I making a fool of. You know the nonsense! Am I wrong? You know very well how he treated you in his previous life. If it weren’t for him, how could you have died so miserably?”

    Qi Zhen glanced between them with a smile , After she finished speaking, Jiang Lu’s face was obviously white again.

    Just now he looked like a fearless ghost desperately killing his life. When Qi An’an came, he seemed to be a porcelain man who broke with one touch.

    Qi Zhen felt extremely happy in his heart, and as expected, for Jiang Lu, losing Qi An’an made him a hundred times more painful than death.


    An’an saw Qi Zhen laugh so happily, and felt even more angry: “Of course you are talking nonsense, what do you know? Those things you said have nothing to do with me.” She clenched her fists and turned her eyes to Jiang Lu.

    The moment Jiang Lu appeared from Qi An’an, he did not leave his eyes, as if she would disappear without a glance.

    Qi Anan stared at the teardrop that was about to fall on Jiang Lu’s chin. She told him not to cry, and he clearly agreed.

    She was heartbroken and stretched out her hand to gently wipe away the teardrop.

    Qi An’an whispered, “Jiang Lu, why are you so stupid…”

    Jiang Lu stood there in a daze. He should say something, but there are a lot of clues, I don’t know where to start.

    Qi Zhen looked at the appearance of the two of them, and suddenly realized that the current situation of Qi An’an was too favorable: she knew everything, and Jiang Lu had only guilt for her.

    Now that he can’t care about stabbing Jiang Lu in his heart, Qi Zhen shook everything out and said loudly: “Qian’an, don’t be pretentious! Jiang Lu just remembered how he tortured you to death, but he I still don’t know why he did this-dare you tell him, why did he treat you like that in his previous life?”

    Qi An’an turned to look at her with a cold smile: “It’s better to say it for you.”

    Qi Zhen coldly said. Snorted: “Do you think I dare not say? Jiang Lu, Qi An’an is here to retaliate against you! In your previous life, you were a prostitute who was trampled on. When the son of a girl, Qi An’an did not toss you less, she stepped you in In the mud, when you become yellow, she will be the first person to retaliate.” As he

    said, Qi Zhen stretched out his hand to Qi An’an: “She has remembered it a long time ago. That’s why she has been so open in this life. She has treated you from the beginning Well, she planned such a big game just to retaliate against you! I have reminded you a long time ago, but you don’t believe it.”

    Qi Zhen said so much, but Jiang Lu remained indifferent.

    No one knows if he listened to Qi Zhen’s words, he just stretched out his hand slowly, tentatively holding Qi An’an’s hand, didn’t even dared to hug her whole hand at the beginning, but gently pulled the two. Fingers, seeing that she didn’t shake them away, they clenched little by little.

    Qi Zhen’s eyes were red by this scene: “Jiang Lu, I didn’t lie to you, what I said is true! Do you think Qi An’an really loves you? Is it possible?! You hurt her so badly in your last life. She doesn’t love you at all!”

    Only Qi An’an could feel Jiang Lu shaking his hand slightly.

    Qi An’an sighed in his heart and looked at Qi Zhen every word: “You are not me, how do you know that I don’t love him?”

    Qi Zhen was trembling with anger but didn’t know what to say. If only she and Jiang Lu, she would still pay Can turn black and white with red mouth and white teeth. But now Jiang Lu is out of help, even if she tells the truth, it is no better than Qi An’an inventing a sentence or two to him.

    Sure enough, Qi Anan turned his head and met Shang Jianglu’s red eyes: “Jiang Lu, I will tell you everything, do you believe in me or Qi Zhen?”

    Jiang Lu’s lips moved slightly: “An An, I believe in you. “

    Qian An’an smiled softly at him, her voice very firm, sweet and soft into people’s hearts: “Then let’s go home.”

    She held Jiang Lu’s hand tightly, turned her head and said before leaving , Qi Zhen said: “Go I told you the first time I met, I advise you to find a new life goal and don’t waste time on us.”

    “Jiang Lu and I will be happy and stable

After a lifetime, this will never change. “


    Back home, Qi An’an stared at Jiang Lu closely, Jiang Lu also looked at her quietly.

    Qi An’an felt helpless and cherished in her heart, and she didn’t ask Jiang Lu why he didn’t tell her the truth. , What could he tell her when such a bizarre thing happened? No matter who it was, he could only swallow silently. After

    staring at Jiang Lu for a long time, Qi An’an finally touched his face distressedly: “Jiang Lu, I Why have you lost so much after only three days? “

    Jiang Lu gentle look at her and said softly:” I’m sorry. “

    I’m sorry for what?” “Qian An’an cupped his face with both hands, “How did the phone turn off?” “Is

    it turned off? Jiang Lu pursed his lips: “I…not on purpose. I won’t do it in the future.” “He really didn’t pay attention to the two days of unwillingness. Without

    saying a word, Qi An’an kept apologizing, “Don’t blame yourself, it’s okay, Jiang Lu, look at me.” “

    I’m afraid you worry about me. Eat well and sleep well every day, but how can you take care of yourself like this?” “

    Jiang Lu saw her expression, his lips trembled, but he didn’t say anything. He gently hugged Qi An’an in his arms, acting very carefully, as if he was afraid of breaking something: “I’m sorry, An’an…you Don’t be sad, okay? I really didn’t mean it. “

    Qian An pulling Jiang Lu, let him sit down on the sofa

    for his eyes no sense of security, Qian An kissed him on the forehead, sat next to him and looked at him seriously:” Blame me, If I had discovered your abnormality earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered so much. Jiang Lu…I’ll tell you everything, you just listen to me, OK? “It’s

    finally here, Jiang Lu’s fingertips trembled slightly, he quietly clenched, and his voice was low: “An An, what Qi Zhen said last is the truth, right? “

    He can tell, maybe Qi Zhen tried to punish his heart half-truth before, but in the end what she said was not a lie.

    Qi Zhen knows their past, and obviously An An also knows, only he still has a lack of memory. But it is only a matter of time, and one day he will remember everything.

    Qi Anan looked at Jiang Lu’s face. He had always been calm and self-sufficient. His face could make her see the emotions clearly, and his heart must be extremely tormented.

    She understood what he was afraid of: “It’s okay Jiang Lu, you listen to me, I promise that the two of us are still the same as before, will never get better?”

    Will it not change? Jiang Lu felt bitter in his heart.

    An An hurt him in his last life, and he also retaliated. But in this life, everything starts from scratch. The two of them originally only knew each other and loved each other, but God forced those memories of the past into their minds.

    This way… won’t it change?

    Jiang Lu pursed his lips slightly: “An’an, I am actually very satisfied now. You still…” You still love me, no matter what the purpose is, it doesn’t matter.

    As long as there is a little bit of love for him, willing to stay by his side.

    He really didn’t care about his previous life, even if he remembered everything one day, he wouldn’t care. But if An An cared very much, he would stand here and let her vent her anger, without complaint or regret.

    “Don’t be afraid, Jiang Lu, don’t be afraid, listen to me, I must explain this to you clearly.” Qi An’an shook Jiang Lu’s hand. She understood that Jiang Lu had a clear heart and dared to listen to Qi Zhen’s words. I dare not listen to her.

    But what she wanted to say was definitely not as bad as he thought.

    Jiang Lu looked at her with a clean look, and the distress in it was clear. Forget it, the resistance and evasion in my heart can’t match these bright eyes after all.

    Jiang Lu asked in a low voice, “An’an, can I hold you and listen?”

    Qi An’an smiled, obediently rushed into Jiang Lu’s arms first. Jiang Lu hugged her tightly. She was small and hugged like a petite milk cat, but she could fill his entire chest.

    Qi An’an leaned in Jiang Lu’s arms and thought for a while and said, “Although Qi Zhen didn’t lie in the end, she said it from her own perspective. From my perspective, this matter is completely different. Now that you can If you accept the past and present, you should also be able to accept…the parallel world, right?”

    Since she has lived here for so many years, then this is not just a book, but a complete world.

    Qi An’an likened the book to a parallel world, slowly telling it from beginning to end, and finally whispered: “…At that time, I thought that this person named Jiang Lu in this world really hurts me. It’s Qi An’an here, I must…”

    Thinking about his ridiculous goal when he first came here, Qi An’an shook his head, and continued with a firm tone: “I will be very gentle to him and let him stop.

    Suffering the grievances that shouldn’t be endured.” Jiang Lu listened quietly, his long eyelashes trembling lightly, and his arm tightened subconsciously.

    “Later I came here, and I became the Qi An’an of this world.” Qi An’an’s eyes were clear and clear, reflecting Jiang Lu’s figure, and she showed a shy smile. “In the beginning, it was really just a fight. You. But later… Later…”

    It was really difficult to confess like this. Qi An’an buried his head in Jiang Lu’s arms: “Before I saw you, I thought I knew you very well. I didn’t know until I got along with you. How hard you work. I feel sorry for you. I wanted to be friends with you, but… you are so kind and gentle, you really like it.”

    After listening to all this, Jiang Lu was silent for a long time.

    He held Qi An’an tightly with his arms, but he never let go of any strength.

    He had a thousand words, but suddenly he couldn’t say a word.

 But Qi An’an spoke again. She grabbed Jiang Lu’s big hand and put it on her face: “Jiang Lu, I don’t know why you think of the past, but you have to remember that what hurt you and hurt you That person is not me. There has never been any harm between us.”

    The skin under the palm was soft and smooth, and it was warm to the touch.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were red, and there was a thin film of water in his eyes. His voice was very low: “I know.”

    He knows. It turns out that God has never treated him badly, but prefers it instead.

    The noon sun came in through the window, with a warm temperature.

    Jiang Lu took the lead to ask the question he most wanted to know: “An An, will you…will leave in the future?”

    Qi An’an blinked, he was completely integrated here, and his previous life was more like a dream: ” I won’t leave you.”

    Jiang Lu’s tight body relaxed a little.

    He looked at Qi An’an for a long time, and finally showed a slight smile: “Little fool from the parallel world?”

    Qi An’an didn’t understand: “How could he be a little fool?”

    Why not, knowing his embarrassment, I have seen his savageness, knowing everything, but still falling in love with him.

    There is no one more dumb than her.

    There is no… anyone better than her.

    All this finally disappeared, the little idiot should be the little idiot, Qi An’an didn’t care about it, and looked at Jiang Lu distressedly: “Look at you, you have lost so much, you must have not eaten well or rested much. When will it start? Think of the previous events? Did you work hard for a long time?”

    Her distress was so obvious, Jiang Lu felt compassionate in his heart, and gently stroked Qi An’an’s hair: “It’s just recently, not very hard.”

    If you start, then. Just before graduating from high school, he dreamed that Qi Yan went bankrupt. But at that time he just felt the crisis, and the real disaster was when he confirmed that he was the murderer.

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly. Although his face was a little haggard, his eyes were calm and peaceful, “It’s okay, An An, it’s all over.”

    He looked at her, and his smile suddenly deepened: “I have much better luck than myself in my previous life. “

    Qian An’an squeezed Jiang Lu’s tall nose, and poked him in the cheek dishonestly, “No, it’s me if I’m lucky. You don’t know Jiang Lu, many people in our world know you, everyone. I like you very much.”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were gentle, and his voice was low: “But you alone will do this for me.”

    “An’an, when was the first time we met?” After she finished speaking, there were many things. Suddenly a sense of clarity. Jiang Lu recalled that when he first met Qi An’an, he felt that the “Qi An’an” he saw for the first time was not his beloved girl.

    When I saw you for the first time, Qi An’an thought about it. She was still a little impressed about it: “One day after school, you were walking on the road with a kitten in your arms. When I saw you, I ran up and called you. That was our number one. We met again.”

    That time…

    Jiang Lu was a little silent, because it turned out that it was the first time he saw her.

    It’s a pity that he didn’t know it was her at the time. At that time, he should have seen the original “Qian’an”.

    Jiang Lu bit his lower lip lightly, his memory was good, if it was the first time they met—the first word he said to her at first sight was to get out.

    “An An… I didn’t know it was you at the time, I had a bad attitude towards you…” He was so bad at the time, that was the first time I met.

    “What happened to your attitude at the time? I don’t remember much. Oh, don’t take it to heart, it doesn’t matter.” Qi An’an smiled and held Jiang Lu’s face and kissed him on the lips.

    After so many years, Jiang Lu was too gentle with her. Even though she vaguely remembered that Jiang Lu could not be friendly to her at the beginning, she couldn’t remember his specific behavior when she first met.

    Her soft lips came to kiss and she was about to leave. Jiang Lu finally couldn’t hold on, and clasped Qi An’an’s head with one hand and didn’t let her evacuate.

    He leaned over her lips and kissed deeply.

    Jiang Lu’s kiss has always been careful and gentle, lingering and lingering, but this time it looked a little rough.

    Days of fear and worry pushed him to a desperate situation. Suddenly the sky was bright and all the restraints were removed. He walked out of hell, and his beloved girl smiled at him in front.

    Jiang Lu deepened the kiss hard, and fiercely hooked her lips and tongue tossing around. Even if he felt Qi An’an’s breathless faint struggle, he only paused for a while, followed by an even more fierce attack.

    When Qi An’an was released, her eyes and nose were red, and her body was a little soft leaning against him, her eyes were very accusing: “Why are you so hard…”

    She stretched out her hand and rubbed herself until she was kissed. The red and swollen lips: “It hurts.”

    He was dizzy. Jiang Lu immediately looked closer. Some self-blaming lips lightly taped: “I’m sorry, An’an, I didn’t control it just now.”

    Qi An An glared at him with a charming and lovely look: “Forget it, I don’t care about you because you are so pitiful

    these days .” “Jiang Lu, are you tired these days? I’ll lie down with you for a while. Okay? I look at you and there will be no more nightmares. “

    Yeah, there will be no more nightmares.

    … I

    slept until nine o’clock in the evening this night, and it turned out to be dark and dreamless. When Jiang Lu opened his eyes, he felt that he was fully alive.

    The walking dead these days are finally reborn as humans at this moment.

    Qi An’an has been lying with Jiang Lu. She didn’t sleep well the day before, but it was a

    kiss in the end .

Jiang Lu rested for a long time, and opened his eyes until five or six o’clock in the afternoon when he slept.

    Although he woke up early, Qi Anan didn’t move for fear of awakening Jiang Lu.

    Waiting until Jiang Lu opened his eyes, Qi An’an smiled at him from the side: “You’re awake.”

    Jiang Lu pressed her hair scattered beside her pillow: “Yeah.”

    Qi An’an kissed him with a smile , and went down. Cooked a bowl of glutinous rice balls.

    The glutinous rice balls were not cooked too much. Eating too late was afraid that it would be difficult to digest. The two of them padd their stomachs together. Qi Anan sat next to Jiang Lu and discussed with him: “I came back too soon today. I didn’t even listen to the doctor’s explanation. Tomorrow we will go again and let me write it down.”

    Jiang Lu said, “No, I don’t have much, and it’s all right after all.”

    Qi An’s worried, stared at him a little: “Nonsense, what So fast.” She had read Jiang Lu’s checklist, and it was not a joke to have a clear tendency to depression.

    Jiang Lu shook his head and said mildly: “It’s true, the things I fear no longer exist, how could I make myself a patient and have you take care of me hard.”

MFTIV: Ch 66

It was already over ten in the evening when Jiang Lu returned to City A, and Qi An’an won’t be back until tomorrow night. He is still alone today.

    Jiang Lu rinsed briefly, and the cold water hit his face. He closed his eyes, and suddenly he was a little dizzy and held the mirror with his hands.

    After Qi Anan left, he rarely slept at night, not because he didn’t want to, but because he really didn’t dare.

    Since seeing his face in his dream, sleeping has been a torture to him. The vague memory in his mind is one-sided and broken, but the picture in the dream is clearly visible, so that he dare not look at it again.

    I can’t remember how long it has been like this, and my body can’t stand it.

    But tomorrow, An An will return, and he is like a walking dead, Jiang Lu slightly squinted his face in the mirror, pale and thin.

    He frowned. If An An sees herself like this, how can she be relieved?

    Jiang Lu walked into the bedroom step by step, tentatively lying down on the bed, he thought about it, set an alarm clock, and adjusted the sound to the maximum.

    He thought, just sleep for a few hours, it should be fine.

    He needs to regain his complexion so that he can pick up An’an tomorrow.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes nervously, and his fatigue caused him to fall into a deep sleep in no time.


    Rainy night, thunder.

    Qi An’an slumped down on the ground, and the rain washed her pale cheeks. After a long time, she slowly stood up and walked back in despair.

    It was late, and there were almost no pedestrians on the road, and cars passed by with their wipers flashing their headlights.

    Qi An’an has no car, penniless and unable to take a taxi, limping dazedly and walking back in the rain. She knelt in the rain for too long, groggy as if she had a fever, walking crookedly.

    When crossing the road, the green light flickered and Qi Anan walked forward slowly.


    Suddenly a long whistle sounded from the side, piercing the rain curtain like a sharp sword, and a truck pulled a car of bumpy wood and drove over at extremely fast speed. The brakes of the big car are not so sensitive, and there is still a loud “bang” after the long and harsh braking sound.

    The rain on the ground gradually fainted the blood.

    … When

    Jiang Lu woke up, it was more than four o’clock in the morning. He sat up on the bed with a trembling body. The normally calm and calm person was like a desperate trapped animal, with a choke in his throat.

    He shook his hands and slowly wiped away his wet face.

    Jiang Lu gave a low cough, tasted the smell of blood in his throat, sat for a while, clenched his fists, panted twice, and turned to touch the phone next to his pillow.

    He just grabbed his hand and let go again subconsciously.

    No…No…It’s so early, An An is still sleeping…

    His long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his dry eyes were open for a long time. He hesitated for a few seconds before picking up the phone.

    Only this time, he only disturbed her this time, he really couldn’t hold it anymore.


    “Um…Jiang Lu…what’s the matter…”

    Qi An’an heard the phone ringing in his sleep, turned over and reached out from under the bed to touch it. She set Jiang Lu with a special caller tone, so you don’t need to look at it. The screen knows who the call is.

    Qi An’an woke up from his sleep, still confused, vaguely knowing that Jiang Lu hadn’t spoken, but he didn’t know whether he was silent for a few seconds or a few minutes.

    “An’an, I miss you so much…”

    Qi An’an rubbed her eyes, turned her phone and glanced at it. At 4:30 in the morning, she frowned slightly, and her consciousness gradually returned.

    Just opening his mouth, Qi An’an bit his lower lip, and finally said softly with a little sleepiness: “Lu Lu, I miss you too.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t say anything else, his voice was low, “An An, you go to bed, I called too early. I will pick you up at the station at night, and you wear a thicker dress.” After

    hanging up the phone, Qi An’an was completely drowsy. , She turned over and sat up, holding her mobile phone and thinking silently.

    She knew in her heart how much Jiang Lu spoiled her, and coupled with his forbearance, she didn’t find out if there was any suffering in her heart, Jiang Lu would never say.

    He would call himself at four in the morning just to hear his own voice. If it wasn’t for something, she wouldn’t believe it.

    Qi An’an immediately changed the ticket and waited anguishly for more than an hour before the teacher got up and knocked on her room door.

    “Teacher Lin, I’m sorry, I want to come over and ask you for a leave. I won’t go to the forum on the last day. I…something happened to my house.”

    Teacher Lin is kind and likes Qi An’an very much. She, a student, has never made her worry about it. It was the first time to ask for leave: “It must have happened so early. It’s okay to go back. The last day was nothing. The afternoon was just the end. Everyone sat down and had dinner together. Don’t be embarrassed.”

    Qi An’an rushed to the station after thanking the teacher. She didn’t tell Jiang Lu that it was almost ten o’clock in the morning when she returned to city a. She returned home non-stop, but when she walked in, she found that Jiang Lu was not there.

    Qi An’an called Jiang Lu, but his cell phone was turned off.

    It’s strange that Jiang Lu’s mobile phone never shuts down. Did he go to the company? Qi Anan thought for a while and wanted to call Yu Lin first: “Sister Yu Lin, is Jiang Lu in the company? Are you busy today? Will he stay at the company for dinner at noon?” Qi Anan thought, if Jiang Lu doesn’t come back at noon, she Find him now, and if he comes back, he will wait here.

    “President Jiang… didn’t come today, it’s the Chinese New Year right away. We did almost the finishing work two days ago, and nothing happened recently.

  Qian An sip Min Chun, did not ask once:” Yes, I know. “

    Hang up the phone, Qi An’an frowned. Where can Jiang Lu go if he is not at home or at the company? But he knows he will be back tonight and will pick her up, no matter where he is now, at least he will go home before

    this afternoon. Thinking of Qi An’an calmed down, he noticed the suitcase at the door.

    Jiang Lu had gone out? Maybe it was a business trip two days ago. Qi An’an didn’t think much, opened the suitcase and took the clothes inside. Go out and put them in the washing machine. The other items are taken to the study room and planned to be put in the cabinet.

    The items in this grid are not very neatly arranged. Qi An’an is planning to put the items in the cabinet out, and suddenly a medical record book is dropped. Come out.

    Qi An’an sank, squatted down and picked up the medical record.

    The words “mental hospital” on the cover made her brain blank for a moment. The

    more Qi An’an looked at it, the more frightened, and suddenly remembered that she heard him when she was delivering food to Jiang Lu that day. Whispering on the phone by the window.

    Thursday… Today is Thursday.

    Qi An’an closed the medical record book, glanced at the name of the hospital on the cover, got up and walked out


    “Okay, I get it, you Just ask me to think of a way, is it so easy to think of? I’m now…”

    Qi Zhen held up the phone and talked to the other end impatiently, and suddenly someone walked over, and she suddenly stopped.

    “Did I force you to think of a solution?” If you can’t help it, you will come back. What good is it for you to stay in city a like this? Do you support your public money for food, drink and travel as a company? Can you…”

    Regardless of the furious reprimand, Qi Zhen hung up the phone and stood up to follow the figure.

    Her heart thumped nervously . To be honest, she first saw Jiang Lu when she was young. So far, she had never seen him look like this moment of despair and embarrassment.

    There must be something wrong, but I don’t know if it’s what she was looking forward to?

    Qi Zhen silently followed Jiang Lu far away, secretly excited, Jiang Lu was so vigilant and vigilant, but he didn’t even spot her.

    * The

    doctor saw Jiang Lu coming in, his brows were a little tight, his expression was not as calm as last time, and he stretched out his hand to him: “Please sit down.”

    Jiang Lu looked at his expression, and his heart fell straight down: “… …Is there something wrong.” The

    doctor pondered for a while and asked first: “Mr. Jiang, I suggested you go to the psychology department before. I don’t know if you went there or not?”

    There are several psychology experts who are named a big names. Professor, I usually go to a university to have classes, because of An An, many of them know themselves. He must be screened before going, but for strangers, even a psychologist, it is difficult for him to open his heart.

    Apart from Qi An’an in this world, he still has a lingering rejection and alienation of the opposite sex.

    Jiang Lu nodded: “I have been there, but it’s not very useful.” The

    doctor muttered to himself: “I have been…”

    This question is not important. Looking at the doctor’s face, Jiang Lu knew that the test result was definitely not simple: ” You read my test report. Isn’t it…not so good?” The

    doctor glanced at him, nodded after thinking for a while, and tried to be as kind as possible: “It’s really not too ideal.” How long it took, the doctor never expected this result.

    Jiang Lu’s lips fluttered and he trembling slightly and whispered, “What’s wrong with my spirit? I will…”

    He paused, his hands and feet cold.

    “This is not the case. What you are worried about is not easy to conclude. I am more worried about your own physical condition.” The doctor took a series of examination reports and sighed deeply. “The results of this test… You already have a little depressive tendency.”


    Jiang Lu took a stack of inspection sheets and gently closed the door. The words the doctor told just passed through his ears, but he didn’t remember it too much.

    Standing in the corridor of the hospital, Jiang Lu read the inspection report silently.

    “Jiang Lu, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

    The voice was a little familiar, Jiang Lu lifted his eyelids indifferently, turned his head slightly, and met Qi Zhen’s face with a fascinating smile.

    As if seeing a cloud of air, he turned his head blankly, then stared at the text on the paper in his hand.

    “Tut tut, psychiatry does, Jiang Lu, not so many years, how do you mess up this point? Then you’re crazy, now irrepressible madness, and finally to see the doctor?”

    Look Jiang Lu does not intend to Regarding himself, Qi Zhen finally smiled and gave a strong medicine: “How about? Killing your beloved An An with your own hands, it must be uncomfortable?”

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi Zhen suddenly with scarlet eyes.

    He opened his lips, his tone was as cold as an evil

    spirit in hell, and he said every word: “What did you say.” Qi Zhen smiled and said, “What I said, you should know in your heart, don’t you…have remembered your previous life? ?”

    She heard it outside the door for a while, and she knew it in her heart. Although the development of the matter was not to her imagination, Jiang Lu and Qi An’an tortured each other, but it turned into a more interesting situation.

    Jiang Lu felt that he had a sharp knife in his heart: “Past life?”

    “Yeah, do you think you only think of your past life? To tell you the truth, I’ve remembered it a long time ago, so I haven’t done anything for so many years. , Just watch the good show silently and see if you and Qi An’an will become the fate of your previous life.”

    “Who would have thought that you love her so much

 Why did you suddenly change your temperament? To get her to death. “

    Qi Zhen blurred everything she remembered. Jiang Lu looked like he didn’t remember Qi An’an’s evil deeds against him, but only remembered everything he had done. That’s why she was so painful and desperate. Then she should do well.

    Take advantage of this. “Jiang Lu, you are really a wolf-hearted person. Qi An’an was so good to you in the last life. When you were accused by thousands of people, she was always by your side. When you were bullied and insulted, she was always the first to rush to protect you, but who could think of you suddenly? It’s like a mad dog? Not even a way to survive was left, and her family was ruined. Hahahahaha…what did Qi An’an commit to fall in love with someone like you? “It’s

    ridiculous, you have to live the same life again, you still go the same way, this time I want to see when you are completely crazy and shoot her.” “

    Jiang Lu listened quietly and looked straight at Qi Zhen. His eyes were pitch black, as if he had no emotions.

    Qi Zhen was still a little afraid of Shang Jianglu. When he looked at him like this, he felt a little hairy in his heart, but He smiled and finished the sentence: “You look at me like this, don’t you believe me? God is fair, he gave me the memory of my previous life, and also gave you the memory of my previous life, will Qi An’an fall behind? You wait, she will remember everything sooner or later. “

    Jiang Lu’s pupils shrank slightly.

    “What do you think she would do then?” Even if you don’t retaliate against you, at least you will take back all your love and stay away from you. “

    Qi Zhen’s eyes flashed, like a snake spitting venom, every word saw blood: “Otherwise, she would be hit by a car on the spot on a rainy day like she did in her previous life. “

    Jiang Lu finally have a point of reaction.

    His lips slightly brought back, and slowly walked over to Qi Zhen, dense atmosphere, look cold.

    After Chen Qi can not help but step back:” What do you want? “

    I believe it.” I have a good idea,” Jiang Lu said softly, “If it is you and me that threaten An’an, I can kill you now and then kill myself. In this way… no one can hurt her. “

    “Are you crazy… are you crazy?” Qi Zhen backed away in horror, “This is the hospital, are you crazy?”

    Jiang Lu even smiled and nodded: “Yes, I’m crazy. Don’t you already know it? “

    Qi Zhen swallowed:” you do not come, you do not …… “her gaze across the river from the top of the shoulder land, suddenly opened wide her eyes:” Qian an …… “

    Jiang Lu stopped.

    He looked at Qi Zhen with pitch-black eyes, again as if they were suddenly hollow.

    He turned his head bit by bit, his movements stiff, like a skeleton exposed in broad daylight.

    Qi An’an was standing not far behind them. She was wearing an off-white cotton coat, her clothes were cute and fluffy, her thick jet-black hair dangled, and her snow-skinned red lips made her look like a little fairy walking down from a picture scroll.

    Jiang Lu looked at her quietly.

    His An An is so beautiful.

    He loved her so much, but hot tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

    She heard everything.

MFTIV: Ch 65

Seeing that it was Qi An’an, Jiang Lu’s sharp expression suddenly froze, then turned into unconscious tenderness, he hung up the phone and walked over.

    “An An… why did you come here?” Jiang Lu took Qi Anan’s shoulders and brought her in, while taking the things in her hand, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you just now, I didn’t mean to…”

    He was blank. Thinking, he didn’t mean it, did he look bad just now?

    “What nonsense are you talking about? Why apologize indiscriminately?” Qi An’an held Jiang Lu’s face with his somewhat dissatisfied hands.

    The expression Jiang Lu looked over for the first time was a bit indifferent, but she didn’t care about it at all.

    What’s this? It was not like this before. Sometimes Jiang Lu was busy and didn’t know who came in, but there was no smile when he looked over, so why did he apologize so seriously?

    Jiang Lu’s lips trembled slightly, not knowing what to say. He just couldn’t accept that there was any bit of badness in Qi An’an, even if he didn’t know who came from the first glance, but he knew that his eyes were cold and indifferent.

    Looking at her like this, he already felt unbearable.

    Qi An’an was worried. Jiang Lu behaved as if he had done something wrong, but this was obviously a trivial matter. She put her arms around Jiang Lu’s neck, and kissed him on tiptoe: “Why is it so fussing, I’m not allowed to say I’m sorry in the future, do you know, what did you do wrong? So careful.”

    Qi An’an knew, because of growing up Because of the environment, even now, Jiang Lu’s character still has a sense of sensitivity that cannot be removed.

    Precisely because she knew that, she felt more pity in her heart, looked at Jiang Lu tenderly, and gently shook his hand: “Jiang Lu, have I been doing well recently?”

    After thinking about it , Qi An’an can only attribute it to Could it be that I have left Jianglu out of the cold recently? Or is it not gentle enough? It is also possible that he accidentally said something wrong and made Jiang Lu misunderstand it?

    However, Jiang Lu immediately shook his head: “No, why do you say that?”

    He took Qi An’an in his arms, and slowly touched the back of her head with his big hand: “An’an, no one would be better than you.” It

    was the same as usual. Qi An’an temporarily suppressed the worries in his heart. Things can’t be hard, she took Jiang Lu’s hand and walked to the sofa: “Okay, are you hungry? Let’s eat first.”

    Qi An’an opened the lunch box and smiled at him: “But let’s say it first, today’s meal I made it by myself. I don’t guarantee the taste. But it seems that it can be imported, but you still need to be mentally prepared.”

    She smiled and brought the phone out of the takeaway interface and put it aside: “Don’t worry, if you find What’s wrong, I will order takeaway first aid right away.”

    The food on the table is very simple, it is very basic home cooking, the color is not very bright, and some places are a little mushy, but the fragrance is tangy.

    Jiang Lu was taken aback for a moment, and murmured: “An An, why are you so good to me?”

    “Say silly again,” Qi An’an smiled helplessly, “I should have treated you nicely.”

    She If you like him so much, if it’s not good to him, is it going to be bad to him?

    Qi An’an snorted and turned his hand off to a black screen: “I won’t order takeaway for you. Even if it’s not delicious, you will just eat it like this.”

    Jiang Lu smiled and whispered, “I’ll wash my hands. “

    He stood in front of the sink in the bathroom, quietly looking at himself in the mirror, and sighed secretly in his heart. Fortunately, he came in time, otherwise An An would definitely see his red eyes.

    After taking a few deep breaths, Jiang Lu picked up his mood before pushing the door back.

    After they finished the meal together, Qi An’an felt that his craftsmanship was not bad. Although he couldn’t talk about the delicious food, he could pass the test anyway. He discussed with Jiang Lu, “Jiang Lu, my level is definitely not as good as yours. , But I should still be able to get it when I practice, and I have more time than you. I will cover the cooking project in the future, okay?”

    Is she not good at craftsmanship? He felt that it was many times better than what he did. Jiang Lu smiled and kissed Qi An’an on the forehead: “An’an, you don’t want to make these, these should be made by me.”

    Qi An’an looked at him disapprovingly: “Why? You think my cooking is not delicious. “

    Jiang Lu scratched the tip of her nose: “Why? You know I didn’t mean that.”

    Qi Anan looked at him up and down several times, fell into his arms with a smile, and taught him seriously: “Jiang You can’t do this, Lu, you will spoil me

    like this .” She looked up from this angle, as if she was her world.

    Jiang Lu moved in his heart and bowed his head and kissed her.

    Spoiled, it doesn’t matter. He only asked God to give him a chance to spoil her.


    Before leaving work the next night, Jiang Lu called the company’s lawyer Wang to come in.

    As soon as Lawyer Wang entered the door, he saw Jiang Lu’s eyebrows twisted slightly, and his eyes calmly watched out the window with his fingers resting on the edge of the table, tapping them lightly, as if thinking about something.

    Lawyer Wang is very professional and highly qualified. He admires the young president of the company very much. He suddenly called himself affirmative. Lawyer Wang took the spirit of twelve points and took it seriously: “Mr. Jiang, you ask me to have What’s the matter?”

    Jiang Lu was silent for a moment: “I’m thinking about property issues recently.”

    Attorney Wang’s expression was stunned, and he sat up straight again.

    He knew that the young president’s beloved wife was like his life, and he had vested all his property under his name to his fiancé early. In other words, he is indeed the person in charge of this company, but to be more straightforward, he is also a migrant


In fact, attorney Wang disagrees with men doing this. The Jiangshan that he defeated was so easy to hand over. It’s too heroic and short of breath and love for children, but if President Jiang said that today, he may also want to open it.

    Lawyer Wang said confidently: “In fact, the property problem is very easy to solve. After all, this company, including all the industries you operate, is operated by you. Returning to ownership is just a matter of your first thought. Although the ownership is now It’s not with you, but I think it’s easy to solve the issue of your fiancee’s signature.”

    Yes, the most difficult thing is the signature of President Jiang’s fiancee. Maybe she is unwilling to return this large amount of property, but this It doesn’t matter, as long as you want to do it, signing is not an annoyance at all.

    Jiang Lu’s eyelids slowly lifted, his eyes cold: “How to solve it?”

    Attorney Wang came to the spirit: “Not to mention that your property was originally transferred without the other party’s knowledge, even if she knew, she…

    ” Okay.” Jiang Lu squeezed his eyebrows lightly, “Stop

    talking .” “President Jiang, what did I say wrong?” Lawyer Wang was a little nervous, thinking about what he said, is it too straightforward? Is there still something wrong?

    Jiang Lu said: “There is nothing wrong, I was thinking about this, so I plan to be a notarization.”

    Attorney Wang didn’t understand: “Then your notarization is going to…”

    “As you just said, although these things are now It’s not in my name, but if I want to get it back, it’s easy.” Jiang Lu squinted slightly, tapping his fingers slowly on the table, “I need a legally valid notarization. It proves that these things are personally in Qi’an’an. Under the name, no one has the right to relocate, including myself.”

    This is really speechless. Attorney Wang was speechless for a while: “Mr. Jiang, in fact…In my opinion, this is not necessary either, anyway. All decisions are made by you, and you don’t have to do things so early.”

    What big thing does he think it is because he is defending himself? This behavior is really speechless. It’s like putting another lock on the safe and breaking the key to be at ease.

    Jiang Lu shook his head, and only said, “It is necessary. This matter should be done as soon as possible.”

    He had thought about it, and he always had to make some preparations. When this matter is done, he feels a little more at ease, no matter whether he will change or what he will become in the future, in short, An An will never be nothing, and pitifully beg someone for it.

    Just in case, he must do this. Jiang Lu knew his abilities, Qi Yan couldn’t restrain him at all now, so he had to tie himself firmly with heavy iron ropes.


    And all this, Qi An’an is completely unaware of it.

    Before Qi Anan left that night, her tutor stopped her: “An An, there will be an international forum in a neighboring province in two days. I want to take you and Han Cheng together. This time there will be many outstanding people. Academician, it’s a good learning opportunity. It’s not a long time. Just three days. You go back to clean up.”

    Qi An’an was tempted immediately, and was about to agree, but suddenly hesitated: “Um…”

    Teacher Lin looked at She laughed, with an expression of someone coming over: “I’m getting married soon, you’re just sticking together, you young people, just separate for two or three days, so reluctant.”

    Qi An’an blushed: “I ‘m not getting married yet, teacher. “It’s not that she is reluctant to part because of the small difference, mainly because she always feels that Jiang Lu has something on her mind recently, and she feels a little uneasy to leave.

    But when Qi An’an mentioned it to Jiang Lu when she went home, Jiang Lu smiled and stroked her head: “Go to An’an, this is a good thing, pay attention to safety, take care of yourself, don’t worry me.”

    Qi An’an hugged her. His waist, looked up at him: “But it will take three days to walk.”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “I know, it’s cold over there, wear thicker, don’t get sick, remember to call me.”

    He dripped blood . Carefully hide her heart, and no matter what An An wants to do, he will support her and prevent her from getting caught in her own footsteps.

    Even recently, some memories have become clearer.

    Jiang Lu helped Qi An’an pack his luggage. He hung his head, with complex emotions in his eyes.

    He already remembered his crazy revenge. The Qi family’s large company collapsed in just a few months with the power of destroying it. In his memory, his methods were more insidious than at the moment. He used despicable methods to give the other party no chance to breathe. Jiang Lu could even feel the heinous hatred in his memory.

    Did An An follow him in the previous life? If so, why would he insult her to such a degree? If not, then where do they begin to talk about their fate in this life?

    Everything was complicated, and he really didn’t know when he would fall.

    On the first day after Qi An’an left, Jiang Lu booked a ticket and revisited the old mountain city where they had traveled as a sophomore.

    After a few years, this famous tourist city is still full of bustling and noisy atmosphere, the street scene has not changed much, and walking on the road can still evoke many memories.

    Memories, Jiang Lu smiled bitterly, these two words almost became the inverse scale in his heart.

    It was here that he had the terrible nightmare for the first time, and since then vowed to find the man in the dream, and now everything is clear, he has been looking for it for so long, and the answer lies in himself.

    Jiang Lu once again went to the scenic spots they had been to.

    It is the time of the New Year, and it is the off-season for tourism. The scenic spot is located in a remote area, and there are far fewer people who come to visit. Jiang Lu walked on the glass plank road for a while, he turned his head slightly to look aside, and Qi An’an’s pale face appeared in a trance, and he looked pitiful with fear.

  At that time, he held her in his arms, and his heart was on the ground. At this moment, he was empty and there was nothing around him.

    Jiang Lu walked slowly until he reached under the love tree, and looked up at the small red cards full of trees. After watching for a long time, he suddenly reached out and flipped through them one by one.

    “Do you want to hang a red card? Ten yuan each. Write it yourself, and hang it on the tree.” The grandfather next to the tree looked at him as curious, and smiled at him kindly.

    Jiang Lu glanced at him and said, “I wrote it.” The

    grandfather was a little interested: “You wrote, then you… come back and see?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t speak any more, he stood in the memory. Place, stubbornly look through them one by one.

    “When did you come to write?” Grandfather or great interest approached, “can find so hard to find, this garden trees brand, so much you have to find what time ah?”

    “Besides looking at the big tree , How many tourists come every year? How many people write up here? We clean up regularly, otherwise the tree would have been crushed after so many years.”

    Jiang Lu’s lips moved, and he whispered: “Quickly It’s been four years.”

    “It’s almost four years. It must have been cleaned up a long time ago. Don’t look for it. You can’t find it.”

    Jiang Lu’s hands paused in the air and slowly hung down for a long time. He looked at the tree quietly, without knowing what he was thinking.

    The grandfather touched his nose, thinking that his words might be a bit depressing. He smiled and wanted to talk a few more words to make up for it: “You came on this trip alone? I didn’t see any companions around me. Why did you suddenly want to come here? Brand? I forgot what I wrote back then, so do you want to come and see it?”

    Jiang Lu said softly, “I remember.”

    He would never forget what he wrote by himself.

    “Oh, that’s nothing to regret. I remember it for so long, and it proves that you have a heart. Young people, these things are imaginary. Keep them in your heart, and it will take longer than hanging on a tree.”

    The grandfather laughed a few times, and warmly persuaded: “Even if you hang on a tree, you will be exposed to wind and rain sooner or later, and you will gradually lose sight of it. Remember it is different in my heart. Wipe it from time to time.

MFTIV: Ch 64

  It was raining heavily outside.

    Qi An’an was trembling a little, and whispered: “Okay, I’ll go out and kneel,” she raised her head hurriedly, “How long will you kneel before you let me go?”

    Jiang Lu did not answer, his eyes with obvious disgust, stood up and walked back to the office. At the table, it seemed that he didn’t want to look at her more.

    Qi An’an walked outside with her hollow eyes open. She didn’t have an umbrella and let the rain pour on her body. Slowly turned to face the direction of the door, and slowly knelt down.

    The color of the sky was drowsy, and the heavy rain lasted from morning to night without a break in between.

    When the night was dark, when Jiang Lu walked out of the building under an umbrella, Qi An’an was still kneeling on the outside steps, her lips were white and pink, and her body was very weak, as if she would faint in the next moment.

    Seeing Jiang Lu walking by without squinting, she didn’t even care about her. Qi An’an got up anxiously, but fell to the ground unsteadily. She quickly reached out and touched Jiang Lu’s trousers.

    I bumped into it, but I didn’t have the strength to hold it.

    But Jiang Lu stopped.

    Qi An’an was soaked in the rain, looking at him embarrassedly in the rain, and then tried to stretch out his hand forward: “Are you calm?”

    Jiang Lu took a step back, Qi An’an’s hand weakly fell into the puddle on the ground.

    His eyes were extremely cold, he tilted his head slightly, and the smile at the corner of his mouth was cold: “No.”

    … When

    Jiang Lu opened his eyes, it was raining outside.

    It was also the sound of rain, but at the moment it was not as cold as in the dream. He was lying on the soft bed with a warm body in his arms.

    But his heart was extremely cold, falling straight and straight down.

    He seemed to be stuck in the dream just now and couldn’t get out. He stretched out his hand to support An An countless times, but failed countless times in despair.

    He punched his face hard, but to no avail.

    He wanted to make him awake, open his eyes and take a good look, how could he treat An An like this? !

    But all is in vain.

    The heart in his chest seemed to have been shattered into powder by the dream just now, and he couldn’t even piece it together.

    He had always been afraid of his nightmares, for fear that the scenes in the dreams would become reality, so he acted fiercely and perversely, eradicating all the people who might threaten him one by one, but in the end he discovered that the person who hurt An’an originally –

    Jiang Lu eyes closed.

    It’s himself.

    Jiang Lu lowered his head to look at the girl sleeping in his arms. Her sleep was still so innocent and delicate, and she trusted him in her arms, as if this was the safest place in the world.

    He blinked, tears ran across the bridge of his nose quickly, and sank into the pillow.

    If it was just a dream, he would not be as desperate as he is now. He will tell himself that this is an absurd dream, which will never happen in reality.

    But the scary thing is that from that moment on, Jiang Lu realized that everything was not just a dream. He had a vague memory: he remembered that he had sat on that sofa and looked condescendingly at the person kneeling at his feet. , Zeng said to her coldly and softly.


    Why did they end up like this? This is the only person he cares about in this world. It is the only light in his dark life. All the softness and warmth in his life are given by An An. How could he treat her like that?

    An An smiled at him, and he could die for her.

    His baby is so good, but why did he become an executioner in the end?

    Jiang Lu’s lips trembled, and tears rolled silently.

    His breathing became calm, Qi An’an was confused and a little awake: “Jiang Lu, what’s wrong with you… are you cold… why are you shaking…”

    She was too sleepy, closed her eyes and stretched out her hand to explore the corner of the quilt, and lifted it up to help Jiang Lu cover her back.

    Jiang Lu felt Qi An’an’s warm little hands help him tuck the quilt, but the panic and pain made him completely muffled at this moment.

    Qi An’an unconsciously patted Jiang Lu, stretched his hand back to touch his hand, frowned under the touch, but opened half of his eyes this time when he was sleepy: “Jiang Lu… why are your hands so cold? Bring the other one over.”

    She was half asleep and half awake, with a sweet smile in her voice: “This time it’s my turn to cover your hand…”

    Jiang Lu didn’t dare to move, he was afraid of making big moves. After awakening Qi An’an completely, she will definitely find herself crying, and when asked, he can’t answer at all.

    In this way, Jiang Lu fell asleep again while Qi An’an clenched his hand, and then quietly got up.


    Jiang Lu stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at his pale face under the warm yellow light.

    He thought of the middle-aged woman who sold lamps and said to him: “This color is good, it’s bright and it doesn’t hurt your eyes. The light of this color at home is very warm. If your lover did not come with you today, it’s not wrong to buy this. She will like it.”

    He also thought it was good at the time, but now standing under the light, his face is still like a ghost, making him shudder.

    Obviously before going to sleep, his heart was still full of peace and happiness, but at this moment he fell from the clouds to hell.

    The vague memory in his mind seemed to be clearer again, Jiang Lu could even remember the sound of water splashes under his feet when he walked past Qi An’an.

    He slowly raised his hand, his fingertips lightly touched the mirror surface, and he looked at himself in the mirror with a bleak smile.

    “Am I crazy…”


    After waking up the next morning, Qi Anan found that there was no one.

    Jiang Lu unexpectedly got up so early, Qi Anan glanced at the time, and it was only after six o’clock, but he was not around, and she couldn’t sleep anymore, so she got up and went downstairs.

    Jiang Lu was sitting on the sofa in the living room, his eyes were a little empty, he stared forward blankly, not knowing what he was thinking, when he heard the movement, he raised his eyes and stood up from the sofa all of a sudden.

    “An An…”

    Jiang Lu realized that his voice was dumb as soon as he spoke. After clearing his throat, he continued: “An An, why do you get up so early? I haven’t cooked breakfast yet, I’m going now.”

    “Hey, wait. “Qian’an pulled Jiang Lu, “What’s the matter? Why is your complexion so bad? Are you sick?”

    Jiang Lu has a faint blue mark under his eyes, his complexion is also pale, and his condition is very poor. If two people.

    Qi An’an looked distressed, and reached out to touch Jiang Lu’s forehead. He didn’t have a fever.

    “Is my complexion very bad?” Jiang Lu pulled Qi An’an’s hand down and smiled lightly at her, “It’s okay, maybe it’s just getting up too early. It will be fine after I wash and eat after a while.”

    He withered. Sit in the middle of the night, thinking about your complexion that shouldn’t be much better. It’s just that Qi An’an would wake up so early, so he should organize his own in advance.

    Qi An’an didn’t feel that Jiang Lu’s state didn’t seem to be a physical illness, but rather it seemed that he had suffered a blow. Although Jiang Lu had occasionally been spotted by her when he was worried, it was definitely not the state it is today.

    Qi An’an stopped Jiang Lu from letting him go: “Jiang Lu, is something wrong? If something happens, don’t hide it from me. I’m not a kid, so I can take it with you.”

    Jiang Lu’s heart drama Pain, the more Qi An’an cared so tenderly, the more he felt suffocated.

    Jiang Lu took a deep breath, burying all his emotions deep in his heart, Qi An’an showed a gentle and undifferentiated smile: “It’s really okay, An’an, don’t worry.”

    He secretly bit the tip of his tongue, tasting the smell of blood. He does not admit his fate, whether it is a dream or a memory of a previous life, he will not repeat the same mistakes in his life.


    For many days, Jianglu remained silent, thinking about how to deal with it.

    Unexpectedly, the situation is getting worse.

    In the past few days, he would fall into nightmares almost as soon as he fell asleep, and even Jiang Lu realized that he was not performing these dreams from the perspective of a bystander, and he became the person in the dream.

    Whenever I wake up, my memories will become clear bit by bit. He vaguely remembered how Qi Yan made his move, and also recalled his indifferent and indifferent appearance to Qi An’an.

    The panic in his heart is getting deeper and deeper, and the disaster of extinction is right in front of him, as if he can’t escape from the palm of God no matter how hard he struggles.


    “I know what you are talking about. Let me take the liberty to ask, does your family have a history of mental illness?”

    Jiang Lu moved his lips while facing the kind-looking doctor who was wearing a white coat. I know.” The

    doctor nodded: “Okay. From your data, there is nothing wrong with your mental state and all indicators are normal. As for the dream and the memory you said, if you don’t mind, I can talk. Have a chat?”

    Jiang Lu did not speak, the doctor cleared his throat and tentatively asked: “In fact, people often say that they think day by day and dream at night. There is no scientific basis for this. People’s dreams are very complicated. There are all kinds of strange things. Dreams are not enough to support anxiety. It is not uncommon for a person to have the same dream repeatedly, but it is too decisive to determine that this dream will happen in reality.”

    Jiang Lu was silent for a while, low. The voice said: “If so. How do you explain the memory that appears in my brain?”

    “It may be caused by your work pressure, or it may be the environment in which you have been living since childhood, which has caused a certain impact on you. But it may not be called memory, more precisely, it is a certain kind of mentality. Fantasy. And take a step back, your examination results are not abnormal, in fact, don’t worry too much…” The

    doctor smiled, made a relaxed gesture and continued to say the following: “…Suddenly one day you will lose control. Something that goes against the heart will be done, which is impossible. Quantitative changes will cause qualitative changes. There must be a process for the development of everything. Even if the things you worry about will eventually happen, there must be a sign and a process. This It is the result of your examination. No matter what doctor looks at it, you will think you are healthy.”

    Jiang Lu looked down at the examination sheet handed over by the doctor. He had already understood it before he came and understood that there was indeed no problem.

    His eyes drifted a little, such a tall man sitting in a chair showed a kind of helplessness and fragility: “But… even if it’s not a memory… it’s a spiritual fantasy, how could I have such a fantasy?”

    The doctor said, “Don’t be so nervous, with all due respect, you love your wife very much?”

    Jiang Lu’s empty eyes condensed, his eyes gradually fell to the ground, and the corners of his lips curled up in an insignificant arc, he corrected. : “Fiancee.” The

    doctor smiled, “Because of love and worry, you are too strong about this emotion, so when you have a bad dream, your anxiety will be more than normal. Big, you will worry more about the dream itself, which creates a series of vicious circles. Relax, you are fine. If you are really worried, you can come back for a checkup later.”

    Before Jiang Lu left, the doctor reminded: “If this is the case. This kind of situation still occurs, I suggest you go to the psychology department.”


    “Sister Yu Lin, have Jiang Lu having troubles at work recently?”

    Qi An’an and Jiang Lu have been married after living together

She became more idle, and the paper was almost as busy. She went for an internship in her supervisor’s office, but the new year was approaching and her time was relatively free. There was basically nothing to do every day, and her supervisor always took her love leave.

    Qi An’an came back early that day, and after thinking about it, he ran to Jianglu Company to deliver him food. Just entering the door and ran into Yu Lin, Qi An’an stopped her and asked her about her recent worries.

    “I rely on An’an, you are here to deliver food to the boss again, why is the boss such a good blessing? You got such a little baby.” Yu Lin hasn’t taken Qi An’an’s problem to heart yet, her eyes are only on Qi An’an’s hand. Look at the lunch box.

    Qi An’an smiled: “I made it by myself this time. Anyway, I have nothing to do recently. I just learned it at home. If it is delicious, I will bring it to you next time.”

    “No, you don’t need to bring it to me, I Don’t dare.” Yu Lin immediately waved her hand to refuse. She still knew a little bit about her boss. She would eat anyone’s jealousy when she went crazy. She borrowed ten dogs and didn’t dare to eat the food cooked by others’ beloved ones.

    Qi An’an looked around, then lowered her voice and asked, “Sister Yu Lin, has the company encountered any problems recently? Is it serious? If it is convenient, can you mention it to me?”

    She said about these aspects. I don’t know much, but Jiang Lu’s emotions must be wrong recently. Although his face is as gentle and calm as before, she is his closest person. He is unhappy and absolutely can’t hide it from himself.

    Qi An’an is afraid that Jiang Lu is in trouble. If it is really difficult, she can also quietly mention to Qi Yan. Qi Yan is always better than her, and it is better to help Jiang Lu than he is alone. . But asking Jiang Lu definitely couldn’t ask anything, so Qi Anan had to ask Yu Lin.

    Yu Lin looked inexplicable: “Is there nothing in the company recently?” She thought about it, and said happily, “I have to talk about the next two businesses. I have to say that our company is really awesome.”

    Qi An’an There was a thoughtful “Oh”.

    “What’s the matter? Has the boss been in a bad mood recently? I think he is no different from usual. Could it be that he shook your face at you?” Yu Lin’s heart screamed, Jiang Lu is so courageous?

    “No no,” Qi An’an immediately denied with a smile, “How could it be.”

    Yu Lin nodded, “I don’t think it’s possible, it’s okay. Don’t worry about him. Isn’t he like that every day? Cold and taciturn, I I only smiled when I saw you.”

    Although Yu Lin’s performance was very calm, Qi Anan still felt uneasy. She walked up and hesitated, instead of going directly to Jiang Lu, she turned a corner and knocked Yutian. Young’s door.

    “Hey? An An, why are you here?” Yu Tianyang looked up from the desk, “Wow, you actually came to bring me food!”

    “What is for you, this is for Jiang Lu, I came here to think I want to ask you something.” Qi An’an is too familiar with Yu Tianyang, and he is not polite at all.

    Yu Tianyang glanced at his mouth and snorted coldly: “I knew it was for Jiang Lu to tease you. What’s the matter?”

    Qi An’an deliberatedly said, “I feel Jiang Lu is not in a good mood recently, you two The relationship is good, did he mention anything to you?”

    “Is he in a bad mood? I think he is okay, isn’t he always like this? There is nothing wrong with it.” Yu Tianyang was said The two of you have a sore relationship. After thinking about it, I feel that, anyway, his relationship with Jiang Lu is okay.

    But the relationship is good but it reminds him, “What is going on Jiang Lu, just ask him directly?”

    It was a mistake to come to him, Qi An’an sighed, Jiang Lu’s character of telling good news but not bad news, what? Time to show her his troubles?

    “I asked him, he was afraid I was worried, so he would definitely not tell me.”

    “I think you just think too much, really,” Yu Tianyang said with a “harm”, without paying attention: ” An An, did you learn too much professionally to feel Jiang Lu’s emotions? Don’t be nervous, nothing happened recently. I promise, Jiang Lu is still as clear-headed as before. It’s okay. “

    Forget it, Qi An’an thought, he can’t ask anything anymore, she should go to Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu had told Qi An’an before that if she didn’t have to knock on the door, she would just push the door in, because sometimes he was engrossed and might not notice the knock on the door.

    Once because of this, Qi Anan waited for him outside for nearly twenty minutes, and almost made him feel bad.

    However, Qi An’an would knock on the door before coming. If Jiang Lu didn’t say please come in, she would push the door directly. This time Qi An’an waited for a while, feeling that Jiang Lu probably didn’t hear her, so she just pushed directly. Closed the door.

    The office is very large, Qi Anan saw Jiang Lu at a glance, he was standing in front of the French window and calling.

    It’s just that the voice is very low, and a few words vaguely float over.


    “Yes, no improvement…”

    “Next week…Next Thursday…” The

    door was halfway open and there was a little rubbing sound. Jiang Lu frowned when he heard the movement, and looked back a little displeased. .

MFTIV: Ch 63

 Yu Lin was recently sent out by her boss to discuss a few business deals. Several cooperative companies are engaged in film and television. She almost thought that the boss had finally extended his magic to the film and television industry.

    Although the decision was good, there was a company that Qi Zhen worked for. However, it didn’t take long before I heard that Qi Zhen made a mistake and was fired by this company.

    When the incident was reported, Yu Lin was still very worried, and she didn’t know how Jiang Lu would react. Unexpectedly, he didn’t react at all, he still ordered as before, let her stare.

    This time Yu Lin finally understood that the half moonlight in her youth, she thinks it is an unshakable enemy. This Qi Zhen probably committed something bigger than the ancestral grave of the boss’s house, otherwise he wouldn’t have been targeted in this way.

    Forget it, as long as it’s not cheating, then everything is easy to say.


    Before the New Year, Qi Yan called Jiang Lu.

    “I have seen your recent actions. Although I know your hand poison, I still want to remind you that Yuan Zheng is not a good bone to chew. If it is not necessary, make friends and don’t be prey to deal with it.”

    Jiang Lu was too lazy to explain, and only said: “Necessary.”

    Qi Yan only persuaded him once, and he didn’t say anything again after seeing his firm attitude: “Yuanzheng and Qi Hong’s situation is different, it is bigger and more complicated, and the basics are also very stable. If you have to deal with it, you can’t act too hastily. If there is anything you want to help, you can tell me.”

    “I know.”

    Qi Yan pondered for a moment, and suddenly his thoughts came up: “Old President Yuanzheng is also surnamed Jiang, you put such a long line to fish. He, he wants to die with him, is it because…”

    Jiang Lu sneered and interrupted him: “Don’t praise me, I don’t know who my father is.”

    Forget it, let’s stop talking, Qi Yan. I didn’t want to say any more, Jiang Lu looked mature and stable, but he was actually a green tea when he was crazy, so he played with him. If he said a few more words, maybe An An would come over and ask him the next day, and would defend Jiang Lu in a few words.

    Qi Yan was almost annoyed by the addition of such a person between their siblings.

    Not to mention this, Qi Yan changed the subject: “I can’t go back this year for Chinese New Year. There is something in Uncle Chen’s house. An Ande is alone…”

    Jiang Lu frowned as soon as he heard the sentence, and he couldn’t bear it after hearing it. The livelihood burst into flames: “Why are you so busy? You haven’t returned to the country for almost half a year.” It’s normal for them. After all, this is not really raising a daughter, but he should always take time to come back during the New Year.

    Qi Yan was also not angry: “I can’t help it, I also want to go back to spend the New Year with An An, you don’t need to worry about this, I just tell you…”

    Jiang Lu hung up the phone directly.

    Admonish, you don’t need to listen to him to know what Qi Yan wants to admonish, just want him to accompany An An, and fear that he will bully her.

    Jiang Lu really didn’t dare to think about what she would be like now if he had really let go of An’an back then. Just like Qi Yan, ten more sisters came, and everyone was taken back to their den.

    Although he also knew that Qi Yan was too relieved of himself and had gradually let go of it over the years, he still saw him very uncomfortably, and didn’t want to hear a word from him.


    Jiang Lu went to see Qi An’an in the evening, he discussed with her about booking tickets.

    Qi An’an has been busy with his graduation thesis recently, and he didn’t rush back to the city of s. Jiang Lu doesn’t matter much. Anyway, where An’an is, he will be there.

    “Oh, go back…” Qi An’an blinked and pondered for a while, “Jiang Lu, my brother told me that he won’t go home this year, and Uncle Chen is also okay and won’t be home this year. If I go back, I’m the only one left in the family during the New Year.”

    Jiang Lu whispered: “If you want, I’ll accompany you.”

    Qi Anan waited for him to say this in the morning, blushing, and whispered: “In that case, we What are we going back to do? We can do it at #%& this year…”

    The latter words were ambiguous because of her shyness. Jiang Lu listened to a general idea, but he couldn’t help but smiled and asked: “An’an, what are you talking about? I didn’t catch it.”

    Qi An’an thought he really didn’t catch it, and he was shy. To be more clear: “I said, we can celebrate the New Year at our house this year…”

    She lowered her head and said, then looked up at Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were bright, as gentle as stars, he looked at her and smiled, and suddenly bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek.

    The voice was like a sigh: “Okay.”

    Our home. She moved out such words, how could he refuse it anymore.


    Anyway, the New Year is almost here, there are no people in the school, and it’s boring to be deserted. Qi An’an moved quickly. He had agreed with Jiang Lu the day before, and happily prepared to move in the next day.

    Originally, she took out a suitcase to hold daily necessities and miscellaneous things. Who knew that Jiang Lu told her that she didn’t need to take anything.

    “Isn’t there any need to take the sheets, bedding and pillows?”

    Jiang Lu said warmly, “No.”

    Qi An’an nodded with a smile, thought for a while and found a big backpack: “Then I will decorate my skin care products.” If you don’t need to take the sheets It would be much easier to handle such a large piece of luggage with a quilt. Qi An’an plans to take some toiletries and common sundries.

    Jiang Lu touched his nose again: “You don’t need to take these.”

    He cleared his throat and added: “If you have clothes you like, you can take them.” It was

    n’t until they entered their home that Qi An’an was “pretentious for a long time.” This word has a new insight.

    This is not like a house that has always been unoccupied, and the family members in the living room

All the utensils are available. The kitchen utensils and dishes are neatly arranged. There is nothing missing in the bathroom. Two pairs of slippers are placed at the door. The bedroom is clean and warm. Even when you open the closet, the inside is full. The clothes.

    “Jiang Lu, when did you…buy these things?” Qi An’an turned around, already stunned.

    Jiang Lu Ergen was a little red, and the furnishings of this room seemed to reveal all his thoughts together.

    In fact, he didn’t know when it started, but whenever he saw a suitable item, he would add it in, and it would become what it is now without knowing it.

    Fortunately, An An said that she wanted to come, at least to let her live in comfortably immediately.

    Jiang Lu looked at her tenderly: “An’an, we live now, if you don’t like anything…”

    ” If you like it, why would I not like it?” Qi An’an hugged Jiang Lu’s waist and moved his forehead. He leaned on his shoulder, “Jiang Lu, why don’t you tell me what you do? You have to work every day, and you have to be distracted to do this. Why don’t you ask me to share the burden for you?”

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly. Gently stroke the top of Qi An’an’s hair.

    It’s hard to talk about the word “sharing”. Doing these things will not make him tired, but it will be a real comfort and joy.

    The atmosphere here is too strong. Qi An’an suddenly stopped thinking about going out to eat and ordering takeout. She went around in the kitchen and happily ran to Jiang Lu to act like a baby: “Lu Lu, today I will cook for you. Good?”

    Jiang Lu said, “You can cook?” No, how could An An’s childhood environment allow her to cook.

    Qi An’an straightened her back: “I can…learn now.”

    Positive and lovely, Jiang Lu laughed, “No need to learn.”

    He took Qi An’an’s hand and asked her to sit down on the sofa: “I’ll do it.”

    Of course Qi An’an couldn’t sit still. Little Tail followed Jiang Lu back to the kitchen. She watched Jiang Lu open the refrigerator and couldn’t help feeling: “Jiang Lu, are you even ready with the ingredients?”

    Jiang Lu touched his nose: “This was only prepared after we said it yesterday.”

    Qi An’an smiled and hugged him from behind, rubbing his face against his back: “Why are you so virtuous? It’s time to treasure.”

    “Don’t make trouble,” Jiang Lu couldn’t help but laugh, “What do you want to eat?”

    Qi An’an thought for a while: “I want to eat spicy noodles,” she smiled softly at him, “I’ll give you Sit down, you cook, and I will wash the dishes for a while, okay?”

    Jiang Lu kissed her forehead: “No.”

    He whispered, “An’an, you don’t have to do anything.” After following him, he was afraid that she would be wronged. . He accepted the treasure that God bestowed on him, not for his precious ones to work.

    Jiang Lu is indeed an all-rounder, and his craftsmanship is simply amazing, but how she praises her being a baby, Jiang Lu didn’t let her wash the dishes after all.


    Unknowingly it was time to go to bed, Jiang Lu was hesitating just now. Today’s situation is different from the previous travel. They had no choice at that time, but this house has a master bedroom and three guest bedrooms, so he was a little uncertain for a while. Idea how to sleep.

    And Qi An’an didn’t seem to hesitate as he did. She changed her pajamas and finished washing, and she looked at him brightly, behaving and trusting, just waiting for him to arrange it.

    After all, it was the man’s inferiority that prevailed. Jiang Lu no longer hesitated and stayed in the same room. He really couldn’t separate from her.

    It was now when the weather was cold, Qi An’an felt a little cold in his hands and feet, and Jiang Lu felt it as soon as he hugged her. He raised the air conditioner and hugged her tightly.

    “Is it cold?”

    Qi An’an said with a smile in his arms, looking dull: “It won’t be cold if you hold it, can I put my hand here?” She asked, putting her cool little hand down. On Jiang Lu’s exposed neck.

    Her palm just pressed his Adam’s apple, Jiang Lu felt helpless, and pulled her down and put it on his heart: “Put it here.”

    Hmm…Alright, the heart under the palm is beating, a little faster than just warming up.

    Qi An nestled comfortably in Jiang Lu’s arms, and his sleepiness gradually came. The world outside his arms was a bit cold, but there was only infinite warmth and safety here.

    Qi An’an whispered: “Jiang Lu good night.”

    Jiang Lu lowered his head and pecked her lips, softly coaxing her: “Good night, go to sleep.”

    Tonight must be a good dream, Jiang Lu thought about it before going to bed.

    The deepest thorn in his heart has been pulled out, and he will no longer have to worry about it in the future. His safety will be carefree under his wings, and he will not suffer any grievances in this life.

    Jiang Lu fell asleep with a peaceful smile on his lips.

    …In the

    chaos, Jiang Lu slowly opened his eyes.

    With the gray sky, the towering buildings, this familiar scene, Jiang Lu’s heart bit by bit.

    What was different from the past was that this time things in the dream world were exceptionally clear, the vague and frosted glass fog disappeared, and even the expanding panic that had arisen from the bottom of his heart was particularly clear.

    Jiang Lu stared at the scene in front of him blankly. It was still this place and An An’s back. Why?

    He followed her helplessly, the fear in his heart could not be suppressed, hadn’t he resolved it? Was it a mistake in his judgment, or something wrong in the future?

    A strange anxiety hung in Jiang Lu’s heart, as if it was the animal’s instinct to predict danger.

    He followed her, went upstairs, pushed the door, and entered the house.

    The scene in the room is as clear as the outside, the simple and spacious office, and the devil-like man on the sofa is also delicate.

   For a moment, Jiang Lu only felt that he was in hell.

    He was cold all over, and the sight in front of him brought him almost extinct fear, so horrified that his brain stopped thinking for a while.

    He blankly watched Qi An’an kneeling on the ground and crying, while the man said indifferently—

    “Get out”.

    This time he saw the man’s face clearly.

    That is his own face.

MFTIV: Ch 62

The atmosphere of the meal was weird. Jiang Yuncheng and Jiang Hai exchanged glances, and they both saw the subtleties in each other’s eyes.

    If you say that the other party has a bad attitude, but he didn’t give them any tangible prestige, but it is really far-fetched to say that he is sincere and sincere to discuss cooperation.

    But since Jiang and Lu are not enthusiastic, they must first heat up the venue. Jiang Hai smiled and stood up first: “Mr. Jiang, I toast you. We have always wanted to cooperate with you, Yuanzheng has always wanted to cooperate with you. Today, we finally have such an opportunity. We feel honored. If there is any place to entertain you today. Please bear with me.”

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly: “Don’t dare to be.” He picked up the wine glass, but only sipped it lightly.

    This attitude is indeed arrogant, Jiang Hai’s face changed, but he didn’t dare to say anything, he still drank the wine in his glass with a smile.

    Jiang Yuncheng glanced at the two of them and said with a smile: “Drink as much as you like today. Just have a good time. This kid in my family is reckless. Don’t laugh at President Jiang. I think you are the same age, but you are much more stable and better than this kid. You are. The second elder in the family has a son like you, must it be very gratified?”

    “Excuse me, Mr. Jiang… I actually look a little familiar, I always feel like an old friend I know, but I can’t remember it. Maybe It’s fate.” These words sounded like trying to hook up with people, it was really not that Jiang Yun was close to the whole set, he knew Jiang Lu was indeed familiar.

    But he didn’t think much about it. He started a film and television company, and the most indispensable thing under his hands was beautiful men and women. Maybe good-looking people would impress people, but he didn’t care too much.

    Jiang Lu was noncommittal, sliding his fingertips slowly across the wall of the cup, and suddenly smiled.

    He thought of Qin Meng, calculated to resent for a lifetime, and finally left a sentence that looked familiar, and she was worth it.

    Time gradually passed, and Jiang Yuncheng was finally a little uncomfortable here, Jiang Lu was really calm, they were not sure of his idea. Anyone who rushes first will lose the initiative on this kind of venue, but Jiang Yuncheng has to step back: “Mr. Jiang, is there anything dissatisfied with our cooperation? There are other conditions for you to mention directly. As long as it is not difficult, We will try our best to meet your requirements.”

    Jiang Lu’s expression was very light: “There is nothing dissatisfied, but cooperation is a major issue, I have to consider. But some small characters blocked the front and disturbed the line of sight, so the progress was a little slow.”

    Jiang Yunchenghe Jiang Hai exchanged a look. They were indeed talking about business with another company recently. Hearing what Jiang Lu said, they didn’t seem to like it.

    But their cooperation should not conflict. Jiang Yuncheng frowned slightly: “In fact, everyone is on the same front, and there is no dispute over interests. President Jiang does not have to worry too much.”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “I am withdrawn and I am not good at peacemaking. People are dealing with people, but you want to make more friends, I understand.”

    Jiang Yun became a reality, and when it comes to this, he is going to force him to choose. Although he didn’t understand why Jiang Lu asked so weirdly, he immediately smiled cruelly: “It turns out that it is. Don’t worry, there are some small characters that delay us from discussing things, but I will take care of it. I also like to do business when I come out. It’s crisp and neat, I don’t like eating from the bowl and looking at the pot, not to mention that there is not much meat in the pot.”

    This meal was really difficult to eat. Jiang Yuncheng has not encountered such a powerful opponent for many years, but fortunately It turned out to be a success.

    After the wine bureau, he personally escorted Jiang Lu out of the lobby. In the night, Jiang Lu was full of nobles. Jiang Yuncheng sighed secretly when he saw it. It was really terrifying.

    After Jiang Lu left, Jiang Hai clutched the back of his head, frowning and asked: “Why is he so arrogant?”

    “He has this capital. Look at it, my vision can’t be wrong, let’s get on this big tree early,” It’s better than having no way to meet in the future.”

    Jiang Yuncheng turned his head and reprimanded: “If you have a tenth of him, I still worry about it like this?”

    Jiang Hai’s face was pale, if he wanted to talk about his ability and skill, he had to admit that he was really incomparable if he didn’t like the other party. Nodded and asked, “Miss Qi refused? Does it seem that we have no credibility?”

    “That Qi Zhen is a bit clever, but compared with the hand that makes troubles, he can’t make it to the table. “Jiang Yuncheng narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s okay to refuse her, she begged us. But Jiang Lu is here, but we have to do it, so we don’t have to think about how to choose.”


    Yu Lin knows that Jiang Lu will be over. I have something to confess, waiting here with time. Who knows that Jiang Lu didn’t want to explain the matter after he came out, and asked her to go back.

    However, he added: “If there is no accident, Qi Zhen will leave city a in the past two days. No matter where she goes, keep an eye on it. Don’t leave this to anyone, do it yourself.”

    Yu Lin was asked. This order made the cloud and mist, but she didn’t ask too much. She knew that even if she asked Jiang Lu, she couldn’t explain it to her, so it’s better not to talk too much.

    But she was a little curious about something else: “Mr. Jiang, how about our cooperation with Yuanzheng?” There was a saying he didn’t dare to say. Although Jiang Lu was happy and angry, his expression didn’t look like talking. How happy you are, isn’t it yellow?

    An indifferent smile appeared in Jiang Lu’s eyes, with a lazy and ruthless spirit: “What is there to cooperate with.”

    Put it next to him, take it down and eat it bit by bit.

    Yu Lin fought a cold war, silently lighted wax in her heart, not knowing how Yuan had offended this ancestor.

    Jiang Lu didn’t want to say more. For the first time in two years, he felt that the stone in his heart had been removed, and his whole body was relaxed.

    When he knew that Qi Zhen might cooperate with his so-called father, he felt that this might be his first

Waiting for the opportunity.

    Regardless of whether the cooperation between Qi Zhen and Jiang Yuncheng can overwhelm him and Qi Yan, in his opinion, this is the most capable person among all the opponents around him-Jiang Yuncheng has the means, and Jiang Hai’s age is in line with the dream. Scenes. Although the bone of Yuanzheng is difficult to chew, since there is a crisis, no matter how much effort it takes, it will never turn over.

    It is also considered to remove the thorn that has always existed in his heart.

    Jiang Lu said, “I won’t go back to the company, so you can rest today.”

    Yu Lin nodded and escorted him away by car. If he doesn’t go back to the company, then he must have gone back to school to find An An.

    This is still as slimy as before, but what happened to Qi Zhen? Forget it, the boss’s world, she is a part-time worker, so let’s speculate less.


    Qi An’an has no classes on weekends. Ji Ruomeng asked her to go shopping. It happened that Jiang Lu was going to the company in the afternoon. She had nothing to do, so she hit it off with Ji Ruomeng.

    After two hours of shopping, Qi An’an didn’t find anything for himself, but first bought a black sweater for Jiang Lu.

    Tired of walking, they casually found a drink shop and took a rest while drinking. Ji Ruomeng was holding three big shopping bags, and sullenly aside: “How can Jiang Lu have such a good blessing? How can he have my An’an baby? He is really the luckiest dog man in the world.”

    Qi An’an smiled and coaxed her: “I think there is a sweater next to you that is also suitable for you, or go back and get it for you?”

    Ji Ruomeng “hummed”: “What’s the use, then I can’t shake Jiang at all. Lu’s position in your heart…Hey, that

    person– ” Qi Anan looked at Ji Ruomeng’s gaze, and a woman in front of them lowered her voice and called, her face was very bad, and her hands were irritated from time to time. hair.

    “It looks a bit like Qi Zhen, what do you think?” Ji Ruomeng didn’t dare to recognize it. Although she didn’t like Qi Zhen, she also admitted that Qi Zhen looked pretty when she was in school. But the person in front of him is pretty or pretty, but it’s still a little bit different from Girls’ Generation.

    It was Qi Zhen, Qi Anan recognized it after a glance, she turned her head back, intending to pretend not to see it. After so many years, they have nothing to talk about. First, the relationship was not good back then, and second, the identity of the two people was still very embarrassing.

    But at this moment, Qi Zhen also raised her head. When she saw them, her face changed, she hung up after hurriedly saying a few words to the phone, and then stood up and walked in this direction.

    “Long time no see, Qi An’an, you seem to be doing well.” Qi Zhen looked at Qi An’an with a faint smile, naturally pulled the chair beside them and sat down.

    Ji Ruomeng raised his eyebrows: “Qi Zhen, we are also old classmates, why don’t you say hello to me?”

    Qi Zhen glanced at Ji Ruomeng, then looked at Qi An’an, and smiled faintly: “I used to be very It’s strange that there are people guarding you wherever you go. I understand now. What do you mean by that sentence? Oh, let’s open the plug-in.”

    Qi An’an has no feelings for Qizhen, and doesn’t bother to care about her yin and yang words. Stand up and say to Ji

    Ruomeng, “Mengmeng, let’s go.” “Wait for Qi An’an, we just ran into it today, it is also a kind of fate, I have something to tell you.” Qi Zhen said lukewarm After that, looking at Ji Ruomeng, “I want to talk to Qi An’an, please avoid it.”

    “I won’t go, what else can you say besides yin and yang weird curse?”

    Qi Zhen sneered: “Qi An’an , You stole my life, don’t you even dare to say something to me now?”

    Qi An’an didn’t want to talk to her at first, but when Qi Zhen said something like this, she frowned and felt that she couldn’t just accept it. She splashed the dirty water: “Mengmeng, you go out and wait for me, I’ll come out soon.”

    Ji Ruomeng was worried: “But…”

    “It’s okay, don’t worry.” After

    Ji Ruomeng left, Qi Zhen’s tone was gloomy: “Why? Don’t you tell me something?”

    Qi Anqi said, “You have something to tell me. Why did you ask me first?”

    After a pause, Qi Zhen pulled out a smile: “Are you still with Jiang Lu? Qi An’an, others don’t know you, but I know you. You are just a little better luck than me, knowing your own desolation in your last life. In the end, this is how you can calculate in this life. If you weren’t like this, how could you have become so smart.”

    Qi An’an’s eyes narrowed , since Qi Zhen said such things, then she remembered the memories of the past?

    “Do you think you alone think of your previous life? Unfortunately, I remembered it too. It’s a pity that I was bad luck, and everything was too late when I remembered it. Qi An’an, you can do this to the enemy in the previous life. Well, you are really amazing. You said, if I tell Jiang Lu all this, what will he do to you?”

    Qi An’an looked at Qi Zhen calmly: “First of all, Jiang Lu has never been my enemy. Secondly, no matter what you say to him, he cannot believe you but not me.”

    Qi Zhen’s words did not cause any panic in Qi An’an. She is her, not the same “Qi An’an” in Qi Zhen’s mouth. People, she has never done anything to hurt Jiang Lu. And if Jiang Lu could listen to what Qi Zhen said, then it wouldn’t be her Jiang Lu.

    Qi Zhen smiled coldly: “Yes, I know you are not afraid, and I also know that no one will believe me when I say it, so I can’t do anything. Back then, I wanted to dismantle you in my dreams and didn’t want to see you arrogantly proud. , But Qi Hong went bankrupt, and it was a problem for me to survive, and I didn’t have the ability to do unnecessary things at all. But then I wanted to open it too, Qi An’an, you said that both of us remembered the past. Could it be God? Will you just let Jiang Lu go?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. So you see, it’s just a matter of time. You remember it earlier, I remember it later. And Jiang Lu, he will remember it sooner or later.”

    Qi An’an frowned slightly , To be honest, what Qi Zhen said may be possible, but she still doesn’t worry much. All the premises are based on the fact that she is not the Qi An’an who hurt Jiang Lu before, so even if Jiang Lu thinks about it, she is still calm.

    She only worried a little. Jiang Lu is doing very well now. He has been many times better than the so-called previous life since he was a student. But if he really thinks about the unbearable past, dropping out of school, killing people, and going to jail, will he feel sad…

    Qi Zhen doesn’t know what Qi An is thinking, and thinks she is silent because of fear and can’t help it. He laughed happily: “So, even if I was unlucky all the way and poor, even if I couldn’t read the book and became homeless, even if the business I just negotiated was furious in the blink of an eye, I wouldn’t feel so sad. Because I’m here. Wait, wait for the end of the world for both of you.”

    “You said that the day Jiang Lu remembered it, knowing that the woman he fell in love with was actually the enemy who ruined him all his life. Wouldn’t it be nauseating to sleep? Feeling? Will you hate you and want to strangle you? I feel extremely happy when I think of such a day.”

    Qi Zhen was already smiling with a distorted face, Qi Anan looked at her gloomy smile and laughed nonchalantly: “Qi Zhen, I advise you to find a new life goal earlier. Don’t waste time on the two of us. Jiang Lu and I will go through this life happily and steadily, and there will never be the end you expect.”

    … …In the

    evening, Jiang Lu and Yu Tianyang went to pick them up together. Yu Tianyang started an internship at Jianglu’s company last year and waited until he graduated to become a regular employee. He has strong business ability and exquisite people, so he is indeed a good helper.

    They drove two cars because the place to go back was different in a while.

    Seeing Qi An’an at the door, Jiang Lu smiled, walked over to hold her hand, and took what was in her hand and carried it by the way.

    The brand of the handbag is a menswear brand, and Jiang Lu looked down at Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an smiled at him: “Today is to buy you clothes.”

    Jiang Lu also laughed, feeling pity and love in his heart, because there were so many people, he resisted the urge to lower his head and kiss her: “Thank you baby.”

    Yu Tianyang helped Ji Ruomeng brought up something: “Yes, you, women are really strong in combat. Mengmeng, or I will buy you a wardrobe.”

    “It’s rare that you are interested, I think it’s okay.” Ji Ruomeng hand in hand. Yu Tianyang waved at Qi An’an and Jiang Lu with the other hand, “An’an Jianglu, let’s go first. Hey, An’an, don’t forget to bathe and burn incense after we go back to wash away all the bad luck we met Qi Zhen today. “Fall.”

    Jiang Lu blinked: “What did you say.”

    He turned his head to look at Qi An’an, his eyes seemed to be shocked: “Did you meet Qi Zhen today?”

    Qi An’an felt that Jiang Lu suddenly became nervous, and she Nodding: “I met and said a few words.”

    Jiang Lu subconsciously hugged Qi An’an. Even though he knew that everything was under his control, the meeting between Qi An’an and Qi Zhen still scared him. .

    Originally Ji Ruomeng was about to leave, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw this scene: “Jiang Lu, don’t be nervous. There is nothing, Qi Zhen just said a few words to An An, although I don’t know the content, but An An Quite calm, on the contrary, Qi Zhen’s face was pale with anger. Don’t worry, can Qi Zhen be bullied to An’an with me?”

    Qi An’an also laughed and rubbed Jiang Lu’s big hand. She didn’t expect this. Will make Jiang Lu have such a big reaction: “Why are you so nervous, Jiang Lu? I won’t be able to eat Qi Zhen, it’s okay.”

    Jiang Lu firmly shook her hand back: “Yeah.” He had been like that before. Dreamland, as soon as I heard it, I couldn’t help but be scared.

    Jiang Lu tried to calm his emotions and held Qi An’an’s hand firmly. Now Qi Zhen is under his nose, and he will never give her a chance to turn over.

    It’s okay, all nightmares have been resolved.

MFTIV: Ch 61

 They ended this trip very satisfactorily, even too much. Qi An’an was not used to returning to the dormitory. The bed in the dormitory was very narrow, but he felt very empty.

    On the phone that night, Qi An’an asked in a low voice, “Jiang Lu, I miss the bed and breakfast mattress. Let’s buy a bed like that in the future. Do you think it’s weird to sleep when you come back?”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were in her eyes. With a deep smile, he whispered: “Okay.”

    Of course he was not used to it. He had known for a long time that the moment he held An’an in his arms in bed, the habit of sleeping alone in the first two decades had completely changed.

    He only hopes that their graduation day will come sooner, so that he can hold her in his arms every night and offset this long night of suffering.

    Spring and autumn come, and in the first half of the senior semester, Qi An’an obviously feels that Jiang Lu is more busy than before. His company is gradually growing and the things to be discussed are getting bigger and bigger, and the occasions where he must be present in person are also gradually increasing. .

    At first Qi An’an felt nothing. Although Jiang Lu was also busy, he was not as exaggerated as Qi Yan. Later, she had several conversations with Qi Yan to realize that Jiang Lu gave her the day time, and she would stay up all night to do the unfinished work.

    That was the first time Qi An’an was really angry with Jiang Lu: “If you don’t take care of your body at all in order to stay with me in the future, if you put your work in the middle of the night, I will ignore you again! “

    Although it was an angry word, Jiang Lu couldn’t hear Qi An’an say “Never pay any attention to him”. He was really frightened. He promised her again that he would not stay up all night. There is no time to be with Qi An’an.

    This day Jiang Lu went to the company to sign an important contract, and his assistant Yu Lin reported to him some business progress.

    After listening to Jiang Lu, he briefly mentioned that he would leave after selling the purchased stocks, and the companies that can be concerned about the cooperation in the near future. Yu Lin quickly called him: “Wait for President Jiang, the person you said you want to inquire about before, there is It’s eyebrows.”

    Jiang Lu glanced at her, then sat back on the sofa, and said concisely: “Say.”

    Yu Lin nodded. She has been here for almost two years, and she has to say that her boss is a very attractive man. When she first came in, she knew that he was still a student at school, and she still looked down on her, feeling that this must be the young master of which group family came out to mess around.

    As a result, after a period of time, Yu Lin realized through various practices that the boss is not a wealthy second-generation unlearned, but a sober-minded and smart robot. The first two years can be called upstarts in the business world. In the past two years, they have almost become an ancestor.

    And in the past two years, this ancestor has gradually receded the last bit of youthfulness, becoming more mature and restrained. Sometimes when he said a word, Yu Lin would feel a little nervous.

    For example, now, she cleared her throat: “Mr. Jiang, the person you are looking for named Qi Zhen has only gone to C university for one year after his family went bankrupt three years ago. The freshman year has not ended. Read on.”

    Jiang Lu nodded. He knew that he had visited Qi Hong as early as after the scene of Qi Zhen insulting Qi An’an in his first nightmare. It’s a pity that Qi Hong really doesn’t care about this daughter. Apart from knowing that she should go to C university to study, he doesn’t know anything about the current situation.

    After Qi Zhen dropped out of C major, no one knew where she went.

    In the vast crowd of people, it is not easy to find someone, mainly because Jiang Lu did not find her in a hurry. With his current ability, it is absolutely impossible to be defeated by a single blow, and Qi Zhen has to take it slowly when he wants to move him. She is not in city a now, even if she finds it, she just observes secretly, and will never bring her to her body to disgust herself.

    “Because she didn’t get along well with her classmates, she didn’t have any friends, and no one cared about where she went after she dropped out, so it was a little troublesome. However, I found out that she was used by a film and television company’s agent two days ago. In the photo, she introduced her into the circle to shoot commercials, but in the past two years there has been no chance, and she has no name at all. She seems to want to transfer to the management. Recently, their company sent someone over to discuss cooperation with the old film and television company in city a. I found out that Qi Zhen was among the people they sent.”

    After listening, Jiang Lu asked, “Which film and television company do they want to cooperate with?”

    Yu Lin quickly replied: “Yuanzheng. Last time their boss wanted to discuss business with us, you refused.” It was not that she was carrying private goods. It was true that Jiang Lu refused Yuanzheng’s cooperation, which made her feel very heartbroken. It may be that she does not have the long-term vision of the boss. In her opinion, being able to form an alliance with Yuanzheng is really a win-win situation with no harm.

    “Yuanzheng will come to talk again. Next time they come, you will personally receive them.” Jiang Lu said.

    This is what I meant to talk about cooperation.

    Yu Lin nodded immediately: “Yes, I know.” It seems that the boss has nothing to say to her. Yu Lin stopped talking, thought about it, or said nothing. Turned around and left.


    Yu Lin walked out the door, just came downstairs to the first floor, and entered a WeChat message on her phone. She picked it up and looked around. She saw Qi An’an at a glance.

    “Sister Yu Lin! Here,” Qi An’an smiled and ran towards her, “It’s a coincidence that you just went downstairs, is Jiang Lu still busy?”

    Yu Lin smiled: “What is he doing now that you are here? Go up and find him. That’s all, work is almost over.”

    “Okay, then I’ll go up there,” Qi An’an lowered his head and turned out a delicate small box in her bag. “Sister Yu Lin, this is a birthday present for you. You have two days to go. I have a final exam for my birthday. I don’t know if I have time to come, so I brought it to you in advance.”

    Yu Lin excitedly hugged Qi An’an with a bear: “Little An’an, I love you! Why are you so caring! My man My friends are not as good as you

! grateful! grateful! “

    She has mixed feelings in her heart. To be honest, she stayed in this company first because she couldn’t refuse her high salary, and second, she liked this lovely prospective boss too much. As for her boss, I won’t say much.

    Qi An’an Smiled to Yu Lin: “It’s nothing, it’s very hard for you to share so much work for Jiang Lu, so I want to thank you very much. “

    After hearing this, Yu Lin scratched her hair, a little afraid to look at Qi An’an, and pointed to the elevator and said, “Then An’an… go find him, I’m going to work. “After

    Qi An’an left, Yu Lin stamped her foot on the spot.

    Damn! Why she was guilty just now, she should bravely tell her boss, as a woman and sister, give him a good education! How can a man forget? Chu Xin? Why did he go looking for Qi Zhen? After looking for it for two years, can Qi Zhen still be comparable to An An? I

    didn’t find it, and Yu Lin didn’t feel particularly annoyed, but now I found it. She couldn’t help being upset. A

    scumbag, let alone a character that couldn’t be found more intimate and lovely than An’an, even his appearance was completely incomparable!

    Yu Lin looked back at Qi An’an walking into the elevator, and she smiled when she saw herself looking over She waved to herself. She felt even more melancholy, thinking that she was touched by the love of her boss and An An. Isn’t this a beautiful story of a rich daughter and a self-made stinky boy?

    As a result, now, she was bored a while ago. Accounts-First of all, An An cannot be regarded as a wealthy daughter in the true sense. After all, the assets of their family are in the hands of her brother, and her brother will sooner or later marry a family, marry a wife and have children.

    Besides, she has roughly calculated the market value. It turns out that Jiang Lu’s wealth has already surpassed Qi Yan.

    It’s really hateful that a man becomes bad when he has money. This Qi Zhen may not be the Bai Yueguang of her boss when she was young. He spent so much money on Zhou Zhang silently looking for her. Nothing good.

    Yu Lin secretly swears in her heart that when she has another chance, she must bravely teach her blind boss a good lesson.

    At least… at least express your opinion in a humble manner.

    … When

    Qi An’an came in, Jiang Lu was sitting on the sofa staring at a few documents, he was leaning on his forehead, thinking very much.

    Hearing the movement, he raised his head and walked over immediately.

    “An An, why did you come here by yourself?” Jiang Lu hugged her and touched her hand: “Is it cold?”

    “Is it cold, Jiang Lu, did you forget to eat at noon?” Qi An Congjiang Lu Huaizhong looked up and looked at him disbelievingly.

    For so many years, she has been worrying about herself in this way, afraid that he will not eat well and sleep well. Jiang Lu couldn’t help laughing: “I’ve eaten, don’t lie to you, I will go to dinner after you have told you.”

    Qi An’an rubbed his face: “That’s good, really good.”

    Jiang Lu’s eyebrows softened. Hold her hand and take her to the sofa to sit down: “An’an, don’t run here these two days. The weather is too cold and I’m afraid you will get sick. At the end of the month, I will be busy with everything in my hand, and I will be able to do it every day. Stay with you.”

    Actually, this is the first floor, and Jiang Lu didn’t say anything about it. After he dreamed of Qi Zhen bullying An An’s nightmare for the first time, he has had dreams of the same nature three or four times now. So now he has a deep guard and hatred for Qi Zhen, as well as a faint jealousy.

    Now Qi Zhen is in City A, although the chance of meeting Qi An’an is negligible, even Jiang Lu knows that even if they meet, An An will not let Qi Zhen bully. But he was still worried. If they met, even if Qi Zhen didn’t do anything, he would feel that this scene shocked him.

    Qi An’an didn’t know Jiang Lu’s concerns, so she leaned against him and acted like a baby: “I didn’t come here to be with you, I just miss you.”

    Jiang Lu bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek, and he missed her too. , Missing for a while, also thinking crazy.

    Qi An’an let him kiss lightly with a smile, blinked and asked, “Jiang Lu, are you finished today?”


    When she’s done, she can squeeze unscrupulously. Qi An’an put her hands on Jiang Lu’s shoulders and squeezed: “Lu Lu, are you tired? It’s hard to make money and support your family. I’ll squeeze your shoulders for you.”

    Jiang Lu watched. Her eyes darkened a bit: “It doesn’t seem to be of any use.”

    Also, Qi An’an felt that his fingers were nowhere to be used. The muscles on Jiang Lu’s shoulders were really hard, and she couldn’t squeeze them.

    So she cleverly clenched her fist and punched it lightly: “What about this?”

    Jiang Lu turned his head and smiled.

    The next moment, he grabbed her two restless little hands with one hand, clenched them to his chest, wrapped her free hands around her waist, and lifted her up.

    “Let’s do it.”

    He smiled and kissed her lips.


    After a week, Yu Lin reported to Jiang Lu on the progress of the work. Yuanzheng’s boss wanted to meet Jiang Lu. When reporting the matter, she still felt that this incident was probably impossible, but Jiang Lu didn’t expect Jiang Lu to hear it. He hesitated and nodded.

    In the evening, Yu Lin sent Jiang Lu the location of the hotel, and at the same time added anxiously: “Mr. Jiang, you have a family.” Anyway, An An is his fiancee.

    Jiang Lu heard it inexplicably: “Do your thing.”

    Yu Lin walked away dingy.

    At the entrance of the hotel, Jiang Lu just got out of the car and a waiter came to greet him: “Is this President Jiang from Yongan Group? Please go inside.”

    Jiang Lu followed him into the private room. The people inside heard the movement and immediately stood up to greet him: “Mr. Jiang , I’ve been admiring my name for a long time, it’s rare to see it.” The

    man at the beginning is a middle-aged man who is nearly fifty years old, his eyes are clear and the outline is stellar, and he can be faintly distinguished

He was personable when he was young. With a warm smile on the face of the young man next to him, he introduced, “Mr. Jiang, my name is Jiang Hai. This is my father, Yuanzheng’s President Jiang Yuncheng. It’s a coincidence. We are my own family and our surname is Jiang.”

    Jiang Yuncheng smiled and said: “This is really fate. I have always wanted to get to know President Jiang. Today I finally have this opportunity. President Jiang is young and promising. He is a talented person and looks good. To be offensive, your name and Inuzi Jianghai

    His name just happened to be reconciled, and I think Mr. Jiang felt very kind.” He stretched out his hand to hold Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu looked down at his hand, indifferent.

    Jiang Yuncheng was not annoyed, and withdrew his hands and showed a round smile: “Come and sit down, let’s eat first, and then talk about things.”

MFTIV: Ch 60

When Qi Anan woke up the next day, he looked up in a daze. Jiang Lu seemed to have woken up a long time ago. His expression was haggard and his beautiful eyes were covered with red blood.

    It seemed that the person in his arms moved, Jiang Lu looked down at Qi An’an, with a smile on his lips: “An’an, morning.” The

    early morning has completely faded from yesterday’s coldness, and the surrounding is warm, and the sun shines on the curtains. Above, a piece of warm yellow. Qi An’an half-opened his eyes and touched Jiang Lu’s face: “Jiang Lu, you must have not slept yesterday, so go to sleep for a while.” Jiang Lu

    kissed her fingertips: “No, I’m sleeping well.”

    Jing Hu said. Qi Anan coaxed him and put his hands on his eyes: “Don’t talk, close your eyes and lie down for a while.”

    After that, she got up and got out of bed to wash.

    Jiang Lu suddenly felt his arms empty, and as soon as the warm body left, his whole body seemed to have been torn away, and cold air radiated from all directions.

    Jiang Lu immediately stretched his arms to hug Qi An’an back: “An An…Don’t leave.”

    Qi An’an smiled. After getting along for a long time, she actually knew that Jiang Lu was clingy, but he rarely acted so obvious. But for his pitiful sake, Qi An’an didn’t move any more, nestled quietly in his arms to accompany him.

    This is the vivid and real world. Jiang Lu stroked Qi An’an’s hair, closed his eyes to watch her frown and smile, feeling the body temperature that made his heart tremble, as if she had been rescued from another icy world.

    These are far more useful than the thousands of warnings I gave last night.

    He will take care of her.

    After breakfast, a few of them went to the scenic spot by car. On the way, Jiang Lu wanted to contact Qi Yan, took out his mobile phone and thought about it, but put it back.

    Since Qi Hong couldn’t stand up at all, none of them paid attention to Qi Zhen’s whereabouts. No one knows which city she last transferred to in high school and where she went to the university.

    Besides, if he mentions Qi Zhen again, Qi Yan’s character should be suspicious, and he will definitely break the casserole and ask the end. But who can believe things like dreams, it’s useless to mention them to him.

    It’s up to him to solve it himself.


    Entering the scenic area, the first half of the game was okay, and halfway through, they came to the famous glass plank road here.

    This is a long suspension bridge, all made of glass, walking on top, underfoot is an abyss.

    Qi An’an obviously hesitated: “Wait a moment, let me prepare psychologically.”

    Jiang Lu knew that An An was a little afraid of heights, and the height at this moment must have exceeded her psychological defense. He glanced at the two excited people in front of him and bowed his head to Qi An’an and said, “We’re no longer there. Can you wait for them here?”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help laughing. According to Jiang Lu’s method of petting, no matter how good children are He was spoiled: “No, I want to challenge it, I think I can.”

    Of course, she also knew that her burden was definitely a hindrance, so she greeted Ji Ruomeng and Yu Tianyang to go first: “Don’t wait for us, I’m walking slowly, let’s meet up in a while.”

    The two men immediately agreed and walked away without hesitation. To be honest, it’s such a good place for beautiful mountains and rivers to talk to each other. Who doesn’t want to live in the world of two people, Ji Ruomeng smiled and waved to Qi An’an before leaving, “An’an, you go slowly, don’t worry, we’ll be in front of you in a while. See you.”

    Qi An’an stood beside the glass plank road for two minutes, making mental preparations with difficulty. Jiang Lu looked at her hard work, funny and distressed: “An’an, forget it.” She prepared again and again. The action of walking up and then backing down quickly made him feel reluctant to see it.

    Maybe she really can’t. After trying several times, Qi An’an was a little shaken: “Jiang Lu, or you can go by yourself, I’ll wait for the three of you to come back.”

    Jiang Lu helplessly said, “How can I do it, I’ll be with you. .”

    Hearing what he said, Qi An’an’s position became firm again. She wanted to go to the front to see it. She was not willing to give up. Besides, if she didn’t play well because of her own Jianglu, she would definitely regret it when she went back. , I can’t let you stand here stupidly with me, let me prepare again… Okay, let’s go!” This time, I walked farther than the previous few times.

    Jiang Lu followed, and wanted to persuade her: “An’an, you don’t need to…”

    Qi An’an turned around and stretched out his hand, pretending to be calm: “Hurry up, hold my hand. Hold tight, don’t let go.”

    Feng Qing Blowing her black hair lightly, her face was bright and clean, and Jiang Lu’s heart moved, holding her hand as if bewitched.

    He confirmed in a low voice, “Is it really okay?”

    “Of course,

    hurry up, I’ll pass this time.” As soon as he walked up, Qi An’an felt it was acceptable. When halfway through, the glass plank began to sway slightly. After all, it is too high and too long, and the middle part will shake evenly to a certain extent, which is normal.

    Because this kind of shaking usually occurs in the middle section, the advance and retreat are the same at this time, so people can only bite the bullet and move forward even if they are afraid.

    Qi An’an really broke down, knowing that she would not walk this glass path if she had been killed. Originally, she held Jiang Lu with one hand and stretched the other hand to support the guardrail outside the plank road. Now she didn’t even dare to hold on to the guardrail. Both hands firmly grasped Jiang Lu’s big hand, and she moved forward with a pale face.

    Jiang Lu didn’t feel any fear at all. Such a height would not cause any fluctuations in his emotions at all. He just kept paying attention to Qi An’an. When the first shaking came in the middle, his long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his face instantly paled.

    He saw clearly the horror that suddenly appeared on Qi An’an’s face

That look closely coincided with the look she had knelt on the ground and pleaded in her dream last night.

    Jiang Lu suddenly felt panicked.

    “An’an is not afraid, I will hug you.” Jiang Lu took Qi An’an’s shoulders with one hand, reached her legs with the other, and steadily hugged her in his arms.

    His broad shoulders blocked the wind traveling in the valley and blocked the sight of the abyss.

    Qi An’an certainly couldn’t be polite with Jiang Lu at this time, and immediately wrapped his arms around Jiang Lu’s neck, and said pitifully, “Jiang Lu, you have worked hard.”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help but smile a little: “Close your eyes, right away. It’s over.”

    He didn’t work hard, he just wanted to never see his peaceful and fearful expression again in his life.

    Jiang Lu was not afraid at all. He didn’t need to hold the guardrail beside him to walk slowly like other tourists. He walked in the center of the spacious, steady and fast pace, and quickly passed the plank road.

    “An’an, here,” Jiang Lu kissed Qi An’an’s temple, and whispered: “We won’t return from here for a while.”

    “Yeah…” Qi An’an nodded immediately, looking at Jiang Lu with a sad face, “Did I just now?” Very embarrassing? Are there many people on the plank road looking at me?”

    Jiang Lu Waner: “

    Yes .” It was really shameful, Qi An’an was totally ashamed, looking back at the people on the plank road, there was no one who was hugging her all the way. Yes, even children are led by their parents.

    She tugged at Jiang Lu’s clothes corner: “

    Go fast.” Jiang Lu smiled and walked forward holding Qi An’an’s hand.

    Ji Ruomeng and Yu Tianyang have completely disappeared, and they have happily passed through the world of the two. They have no plans to rendezvous with them. Qi An’an didn’t bother looking for the two of them. She didn’t mean Jiang Lu, so she acquiesced that the two of them were playing differently.

    After visiting several must-visit attractions, Qi’an and Jianglu returned from another road.

    Passing by a very tall ancient tree, the trunk is as thick as a four-person hug, but the crown is very low, with red wooden signs hung on it, and the wind blows, making a clear sound of ding ding dong dong.

    The location here is quite remote, and it takes a few minutes for one or two tourists to come. The owner of the small wooden sign is not very enthusiastic, watching Qi An’an and Jiang Lu casually say: “Ten yuan a piece, write and hang it by yourself.” Then he lowered his head and drank his own tea.

    Qi An’an was very interested. She looked up at this big tree, with lush branches and red silk ribbons hanging from the small wooden sign hanging on it, swaying in the wind, it was very beautiful.

    “I saw this tree introduced in the guide before coming. It’s called the Lover Tree. It’s a niche attraction.” Jiang Lu’s voice was low, mixed with the small wooden sign that collided with Ding Dong, almost intoxicating.

    Qi An’an enthusiastically walked around the tree to look at it. As expected, there was a brief introduction, explaining its ins and outs and various legends. According to legend, this tree was originally two big trees, and the root system broke through the two courtyard walls and gradually embraced. At the same time, the owners of the two yards also became married couples. The small wooden sign on the lover tree is for lovers to pray for everlasting time. As long as the small wooden sign is hung on the tree, they can meet again forever.

    Qi An’an picked up a few wooden plaques that she could reach at a low place and turned it over. Most of them were “I love you”, “xx only loves xx all my life” and “always together”. Of course, there are also random entries such as “Entrance to a good university.” “Such blessings.

    Qi An’an blushed a little, and she suddenly wanted to hang up a small wooden sign. But Jiang Lu is serious and restrained, does he think this behavior is a bit naive? She turned her head and was about to talk to Jiang Lu, who would have been taken aback when she looked at it.

    Jiang Lu didn’t know when he had bought the small red card, holding the pen, frowning and writing seriously.

    “Jiang Lu, what did you write? Show me…” Qi An’an’s eyes were bright, and he ran over to see it curiously. When Jiang Lu just finished writing, he collected the little red card and held it in his palm. She watched.

    Qi An’an opened his eyes slightly and asked, “Let me see.”

    Jiang Lu’s ears were slightly red, but he still didn’t show her. After looking at Qi An’an for a while, he whispered, “Good.”

    After returning the pen, Jiang Lu tied the small red card to the high branch. Qi An’an looked up and looked up. At this height, she couldn’t reach it even if she jumped up: “Wait a while before hanging up, let me have a look.”

    Actually you won’t show it? Qi An’an poked Jiang Lu on the waist in disbelief, his tone very dissatisfied. Jiang Lu is not a lover, she has almost never heard him speak sweet words.

    However, she has heard many roommates’ boyfriends, and what Yu Tianyang said to Ji Ruomeng in the past two days, and sometimes secretly thought, if these words were spoken from Jiang Lu’s mouth, It must be sweet to her heart.

    It’s alright now, Jiang Lu finally wrote it down, and he didn’t even show it to her!

    Qi An’an felt angry for a while, but looking at Jiang Lu’s red earlobes, he couldn’t help pursing his lips and laughing. Forget it, he was so shy.

    But I still have to tease him: “Jiang Lu, you’re so stingy, you don’t give me…”

    Before he finished speaking, Jiang Lu had already hung up the little red card, not giving a chance to react, holding her face in both hands, and kissing Just fell down.

    Covering her blushing lips, she moved slightly.

    He would not tell her that he had done his homework in advance, and he also brought her to the love tree on this road. Some people say that after hanging up the wooden sign, you have to kiss under the love tree to pray for blessings more effectively. He does not believe in ghosts and gods, but at this moment he is willing to offer all his piety.

    Jiang Lu touched Qi An’an’s soft lips and tongue, and gently deepened the kiss, his hand changed to embrace her slender waist, and the other hand held her back of the head, leaving her nowhere to hide.

    Qi An’an was so dizzy by Jiang Lu’s kiss. As soon as she kissed her

Hajime was still distracted, thinking that if Jiang Lu didn’t peck her lips at the touch of a touch, then the kiss would be a long, long time based on past experience…

    Later, she didn’t have the time to think about it, consciousness. Before the blur, the only thought in Qi An’an’s mind was that although Jiang Lu didn’t speak sweet words, his ability to act was definitely incomparable.

    The wind in the valley echoed in my ears, and the wooden sign made a crisp sound.

    The time of this moment is fixed for eternity.

    He leaned forward and kept plundering and lingering on her lips. In the interlaced breathing, the last bit of anxiety in my heart disappeared without a trace.

    Jiang Lu thought that he would hold her in the palm of his hand and protect her properly throughout his life.

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