MFTIV: Ch 66

It was already over ten in the evening when Jiang Lu returned to City A, and Qi An’an won’t be back until tomorrow night. He is still alone today.

    Jiang Lu rinsed briefly, and the cold water hit his face. He closed his eyes, and suddenly he was a little dizzy and held the mirror with his hands.

    After Qi Anan left, he rarely slept at night, not because he didn’t want to, but because he really didn’t dare.

    Since seeing his face in his dream, sleeping has been a torture to him. The vague memory in his mind is one-sided and broken, but the picture in the dream is clearly visible, so that he dare not look at it again.

    I can’t remember how long it has been like this, and my body can’t stand it.

    But tomorrow, An An will return, and he is like a walking dead, Jiang Lu slightly squinted his face in the mirror, pale and thin.

    He frowned. If An An sees herself like this, how can she be relieved?

    Jiang Lu walked into the bedroom step by step, tentatively lying down on the bed, he thought about it, set an alarm clock, and adjusted the sound to the maximum.

    He thought, just sleep for a few hours, it should be fine.

    He needs to regain his complexion so that he can pick up An’an tomorrow.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes nervously, and his fatigue caused him to fall into a deep sleep in no time.


    Rainy night, thunder.

    Qi An’an slumped down on the ground, and the rain washed her pale cheeks. After a long time, she slowly stood up and walked back in despair.

    It was late, and there were almost no pedestrians on the road, and cars passed by with their wipers flashing their headlights.

    Qi An’an has no car, penniless and unable to take a taxi, limping dazedly and walking back in the rain. She knelt in the rain for too long, groggy as if she had a fever, walking crookedly.

    When crossing the road, the green light flickered and Qi Anan walked forward slowly.


    Suddenly a long whistle sounded from the side, piercing the rain curtain like a sharp sword, and a truck pulled a car of bumpy wood and drove over at extremely fast speed. The brakes of the big car are not so sensitive, and there is still a loud “bang” after the long and harsh braking sound.

    The rain on the ground gradually fainted the blood.

    … When

    Jiang Lu woke up, it was more than four o’clock in the morning. He sat up on the bed with a trembling body. The normally calm and calm person was like a desperate trapped animal, with a choke in his throat.

    He shook his hands and slowly wiped away his wet face.

    Jiang Lu gave a low cough, tasted the smell of blood in his throat, sat for a while, clenched his fists, panted twice, and turned to touch the phone next to his pillow.

    He just grabbed his hand and let go again subconsciously.

    No…No…It’s so early, An An is still sleeping…

    His long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his dry eyes were open for a long time. He hesitated for a few seconds before picking up the phone.

    Only this time, he only disturbed her this time, he really couldn’t hold it anymore.


    “Um…Jiang Lu…what’s the matter…”

    Qi An’an heard the phone ringing in his sleep, turned over and reached out from under the bed to touch it. She set Jiang Lu with a special caller tone, so you don’t need to look at it. The screen knows who the call is.

    Qi An’an woke up from his sleep, still confused, vaguely knowing that Jiang Lu hadn’t spoken, but he didn’t know whether he was silent for a few seconds or a few minutes.

    “An’an, I miss you so much…”

    Qi An’an rubbed her eyes, turned her phone and glanced at it. At 4:30 in the morning, she frowned slightly, and her consciousness gradually returned.

    Just opening his mouth, Qi An’an bit his lower lip, and finally said softly with a little sleepiness: “Lu Lu, I miss you too.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t say anything else, his voice was low, “An An, you go to bed, I called too early. I will pick you up at the station at night, and you wear a thicker dress.” After

    hanging up the phone, Qi An’an was completely drowsy. , She turned over and sat up, holding her mobile phone and thinking silently.

    She knew in her heart how much Jiang Lu spoiled her, and coupled with his forbearance, she didn’t find out if there was any suffering in her heart, Jiang Lu would never say.

    He would call himself at four in the morning just to hear his own voice. If it wasn’t for something, she wouldn’t believe it.

    Qi An’an immediately changed the ticket and waited anguishly for more than an hour before the teacher got up and knocked on her room door.

    “Teacher Lin, I’m sorry, I want to come over and ask you for a leave. I won’t go to the forum on the last day. I…something happened to my house.”

    Teacher Lin is kind and likes Qi An’an very much. She, a student, has never made her worry about it. It was the first time to ask for leave: “It must have happened so early. It’s okay to go back. The last day was nothing. The afternoon was just the end. Everyone sat down and had dinner together. Don’t be embarrassed.”

    Qi An’an rushed to the station after thanking the teacher. She didn’t tell Jiang Lu that it was almost ten o’clock in the morning when she returned to city a. She returned home non-stop, but when she walked in, she found that Jiang Lu was not there.

    Qi An’an called Jiang Lu, but his cell phone was turned off.

    It’s strange that Jiang Lu’s mobile phone never shuts down. Did he go to the company? Qi Anan thought for a while and wanted to call Yu Lin first: “Sister Yu Lin, is Jiang Lu in the company? Are you busy today? Will he stay at the company for dinner at noon?” Qi Anan thought, if Jiang Lu doesn’t come back at noon, she Find him now, and if he comes back, he will wait here.

    “President Jiang… didn’t come today, it’s the Chinese New Year right away. We did almost the finishing work two days ago, and nothing happened recently.

  Qian An sip Min Chun, did not ask once:” Yes, I know. “

    Hang up the phone, Qi An’an frowned. Where can Jiang Lu go if he is not at home or at the company? But he knows he will be back tonight and will pick her up, no matter where he is now, at least he will go home before

    this afternoon. Thinking of Qi An’an calmed down, he noticed the suitcase at the door.

    Jiang Lu had gone out? Maybe it was a business trip two days ago. Qi An’an didn’t think much, opened the suitcase and took the clothes inside. Go out and put them in the washing machine. The other items are taken to the study room and planned to be put in the cabinet.

    The items in this grid are not very neatly arranged. Qi An’an is planning to put the items in the cabinet out, and suddenly a medical record book is dropped. Come out.

    Qi An’an sank, squatted down and picked up the medical record.

    The words “mental hospital” on the cover made her brain blank for a moment. The

    more Qi An’an looked at it, the more frightened, and suddenly remembered that she heard him when she was delivering food to Jiang Lu that day. Whispering on the phone by the window.

    Thursday… Today is Thursday.

    Qi An’an closed the medical record book, glanced at the name of the hospital on the cover, got up and walked out


    “Okay, I get it, you Just ask me to think of a way, is it so easy to think of? I’m now…”

    Qi Zhen held up the phone and talked to the other end impatiently, and suddenly someone walked over, and she suddenly stopped.

    “Did I force you to think of a solution?” If you can’t help it, you will come back. What good is it for you to stay in city a like this? Do you support your public money for food, drink and travel as a company? Can you…”

    Regardless of the furious reprimand, Qi Zhen hung up the phone and stood up to follow the figure.

    Her heart thumped nervously . To be honest, she first saw Jiang Lu when she was young. So far, she had never seen him look like this moment of despair and embarrassment.

    There must be something wrong, but I don’t know if it’s what she was looking forward to?

    Qi Zhen silently followed Jiang Lu far away, secretly excited, Jiang Lu was so vigilant and vigilant, but he didn’t even spot her.

    * The

    doctor saw Jiang Lu coming in, his brows were a little tight, his expression was not as calm as last time, and he stretched out his hand to him: “Please sit down.”

    Jiang Lu looked at his expression, and his heart fell straight down: “… …Is there something wrong.” The

    doctor pondered for a while and asked first: “Mr. Jiang, I suggested you go to the psychology department before. I don’t know if you went there or not?”

    There are several psychology experts who are named a big names. Professor, I usually go to a university to have classes, because of An An, many of them know themselves. He must be screened before going, but for strangers, even a psychologist, it is difficult for him to open his heart.

    Apart from Qi An’an in this world, he still has a lingering rejection and alienation of the opposite sex.

    Jiang Lu nodded: “I have been there, but it’s not very useful.” The

    doctor muttered to himself: “I have been…”

    This question is not important. Looking at the doctor’s face, Jiang Lu knew that the test result was definitely not simple: ” You read my test report. Isn’t it…not so good?” The

    doctor glanced at him, nodded after thinking for a while, and tried to be as kind as possible: “It’s really not too ideal.” How long it took, the doctor never expected this result.

    Jiang Lu’s lips fluttered and he trembling slightly and whispered, “What’s wrong with my spirit? I will…”

    He paused, his hands and feet cold.

    “This is not the case. What you are worried about is not easy to conclude. I am more worried about your own physical condition.” The doctor took a series of examination reports and sighed deeply. “The results of this test… You already have a little depressive tendency.”


    Jiang Lu took a stack of inspection sheets and gently closed the door. The words the doctor told just passed through his ears, but he didn’t remember it too much.

    Standing in the corridor of the hospital, Jiang Lu read the inspection report silently.

    “Jiang Lu, it’s been a long time since I saw you.”

    The voice was a little familiar, Jiang Lu lifted his eyelids indifferently, turned his head slightly, and met Qi Zhen’s face with a fascinating smile.

    As if seeing a cloud of air, he turned his head blankly, then stared at the text on the paper in his hand.

    “Tut tut, psychiatry does, Jiang Lu, not so many years, how do you mess up this point? Then you’re crazy, now irrepressible madness, and finally to see the doctor?”

    Look Jiang Lu does not intend to Regarding himself, Qi Zhen finally smiled and gave a strong medicine: “How about? Killing your beloved An An with your own hands, it must be uncomfortable?”

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi Zhen suddenly with scarlet eyes.

    He opened his lips, his tone was as cold as an evil

    spirit in hell, and he said every word: “What did you say.” Qi Zhen smiled and said, “What I said, you should know in your heart, don’t you…have remembered your previous life? ?”

    She heard it outside the door for a while, and she knew it in her heart. Although the development of the matter was not to her imagination, Jiang Lu and Qi An’an tortured each other, but it turned into a more interesting situation.

    Jiang Lu felt that he had a sharp knife in his heart: “Past life?”

    “Yeah, do you think you only think of your past life? To tell you the truth, I’ve remembered it a long time ago, so I haven’t done anything for so many years. , Just watch the good show silently and see if you and Qi An’an will become the fate of your previous life.”

    “Who would have thought that you love her so much

 Why did you suddenly change your temperament? To get her to death. “

    Qi Zhen blurred everything she remembered. Jiang Lu looked like he didn’t remember Qi An’an’s evil deeds against him, but only remembered everything he had done. That’s why she was so painful and desperate. Then she should do well.

    Take advantage of this. “Jiang Lu, you are really a wolf-hearted person. Qi An’an was so good to you in the last life. When you were accused by thousands of people, she was always by your side. When you were bullied and insulted, she was always the first to rush to protect you, but who could think of you suddenly? It’s like a mad dog? Not even a way to survive was left, and her family was ruined. Hahahahaha…what did Qi An’an commit to fall in love with someone like you? “It’s

    ridiculous, you have to live the same life again, you still go the same way, this time I want to see when you are completely crazy and shoot her.” “

    Jiang Lu listened quietly and looked straight at Qi Zhen. His eyes were pitch black, as if he had no emotions.

    Qi Zhen was still a little afraid of Shang Jianglu. When he looked at him like this, he felt a little hairy in his heart, but He smiled and finished the sentence: “You look at me like this, don’t you believe me? God is fair, he gave me the memory of my previous life, and also gave you the memory of my previous life, will Qi An’an fall behind? You wait, she will remember everything sooner or later. “

    Jiang Lu’s pupils shrank slightly.

    “What do you think she would do then?” Even if you don’t retaliate against you, at least you will take back all your love and stay away from you. “

    Qi Zhen’s eyes flashed, like a snake spitting venom, every word saw blood: “Otherwise, she would be hit by a car on the spot on a rainy day like she did in her previous life. “

    Jiang Lu finally have a point of reaction.

    His lips slightly brought back, and slowly walked over to Qi Zhen, dense atmosphere, look cold.

    After Chen Qi can not help but step back:” What do you want? “

    I believe it.” I have a good idea,” Jiang Lu said softly, “If it is you and me that threaten An’an, I can kill you now and then kill myself. In this way… no one can hurt her. “

    “Are you crazy… are you crazy?” Qi Zhen backed away in horror, “This is the hospital, are you crazy?”

    Jiang Lu even smiled and nodded: “Yes, I’m crazy. Don’t you already know it? “

    Qi Zhen swallowed:” you do not come, you do not …… “her gaze across the river from the top of the shoulder land, suddenly opened wide her eyes:” Qian an …… “

    Jiang Lu stopped.

    He looked at Qi Zhen with pitch-black eyes, again as if they were suddenly hollow.

    He turned his head bit by bit, his movements stiff, like a skeleton exposed in broad daylight.

    Qi An’an was standing not far behind them. She was wearing an off-white cotton coat, her clothes were cute and fluffy, her thick jet-black hair dangled, and her snow-skinned red lips made her look like a little fairy walking down from a picture scroll.

    Jiang Lu looked at her quietly.

    His An An is so beautiful.

    He loved her so much, but hot tears fell from the corners of her eyes.

    She heard everything.

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