Notice: Adding New Series on Novel Updates

Hi everyone! Some of you have been asking through the Feedback Form and chapters why YanniMTL doesn’t add the new novels on Novel Updates recently. O(∩_∩)O Well, NU requires the chapter to be added only if it is translated. So MTL chapters aren’t allowed to be released on NU as it is against their policy.Continue reading “Notice: Adding New Series on Novel Updates”


In fact, Jiang Lu knows that his will is very strong, and he hasn’t been depressed since he was a child in such an environment-he is just a little bit paranoid.     Qi An’an didn’t make any tough demands either. Forget it, Jiang Lu’s affairs have to be taken slowly, and it is not always possibleContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 68【END】”

MFTIV: Ch 67

  She heard everything.     everything is over.     With tears in his eyes, Jiang Lu couldn’t see Qi An’an’s expression clearly. He only felt that his heart was broken into countless pieces, and he couldn’t make any sound of pain.     He watched Qi An’an come forward without saying a word. These few steps were like walking hisContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 67”

MFTIV: Ch 65

Seeing that it was Qi An’an, Jiang Lu’s sharp expression suddenly froze, then turned into unconscious tenderness, he hung up the phone and walked over.     “An An… why did you come here?” Jiang Lu took Qi Anan’s shoulders and brought her in, while taking the things in her hand, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know itContinue reading “MFTIV: Ch 65”

MFTIV: Ch 64

  It was raining heavily outside.     Qi An’an was trembling a little, and whispered: “Okay, I’ll go out and kneel,” she raised her head hurriedly, “How long will you kneel before you let me go?”     Jiang Lu did not answer, his eyes with obvious disgust, stood up and walked back to the office. At the table,Continue reading “MFTIV: Ch 64”

MFTIV: Ch 63

 Yu Lin was recently sent out by her boss to discuss a few business deals. Several cooperative companies are engaged in film and television. She almost thought that the boss had finally extended his magic to the film and television industry.     Although the decision was good, there was a company that Qi Zhen worked for.Continue reading “MFTIV: Ch 63”