MFTIV: Ch 63

 Yu Lin was recently sent out by her boss to discuss a few business deals. Several cooperative companies are engaged in film and television. She almost thought that the boss had finally extended his magic to the film and television industry.

    Although the decision was good, there was a company that Qi Zhen worked for. However, it didn’t take long before I heard that Qi Zhen made a mistake and was fired by this company.

    When the incident was reported, Yu Lin was still very worried, and she didn’t know how Jiang Lu would react. Unexpectedly, he didn’t react at all, he still ordered as before, let her stare.

    This time Yu Lin finally understood that the half moonlight in her youth, she thinks it is an unshakable enemy. This Qi Zhen probably committed something bigger than the ancestral grave of the boss’s house, otherwise he wouldn’t have been targeted in this way.

    Forget it, as long as it’s not cheating, then everything is easy to say.


    Before the New Year, Qi Yan called Jiang Lu.

    “I have seen your recent actions. Although I know your hand poison, I still want to remind you that Yuan Zheng is not a good bone to chew. If it is not necessary, make friends and don’t be prey to deal with it.”

    Jiang Lu was too lazy to explain, and only said: “Necessary.”

    Qi Yan only persuaded him once, and he didn’t say anything again after seeing his firm attitude: “Yuanzheng and Qi Hong’s situation is different, it is bigger and more complicated, and the basics are also very stable. If you have to deal with it, you can’t act too hastily. If there is anything you want to help, you can tell me.”

    “I know.”

    Qi Yan pondered for a moment, and suddenly his thoughts came up: “Old President Yuanzheng is also surnamed Jiang, you put such a long line to fish. He, he wants to die with him, is it because…”

    Jiang Lu sneered and interrupted him: “Don’t praise me, I don’t know who my father is.”

    Forget it, let’s stop talking, Qi Yan. I didn’t want to say any more, Jiang Lu looked mature and stable, but he was actually a green tea when he was crazy, so he played with him. If he said a few more words, maybe An An would come over and ask him the next day, and would defend Jiang Lu in a few words.

    Qi Yan was almost annoyed by the addition of such a person between their siblings.

    Not to mention this, Qi Yan changed the subject: “I can’t go back this year for Chinese New Year. There is something in Uncle Chen’s house. An Ande is alone…”

    Jiang Lu frowned as soon as he heard the sentence, and he couldn’t bear it after hearing it. The livelihood burst into flames: “Why are you so busy? You haven’t returned to the country for almost half a year.” It’s normal for them. After all, this is not really raising a daughter, but he should always take time to come back during the New Year.

    Qi Yan was also not angry: “I can’t help it, I also want to go back to spend the New Year with An An, you don’t need to worry about this, I just tell you…”

    Jiang Lu hung up the phone directly.

    Admonish, you don’t need to listen to him to know what Qi Yan wants to admonish, just want him to accompany An An, and fear that he will bully her.

    Jiang Lu really didn’t dare to think about what she would be like now if he had really let go of An’an back then. Just like Qi Yan, ten more sisters came, and everyone was taken back to their den.

    Although he also knew that Qi Yan was too relieved of himself and had gradually let go of it over the years, he still saw him very uncomfortably, and didn’t want to hear a word from him.


    Jiang Lu went to see Qi An’an in the evening, he discussed with her about booking tickets.

    Qi An’an has been busy with his graduation thesis recently, and he didn’t rush back to the city of s. Jiang Lu doesn’t matter much. Anyway, where An’an is, he will be there.

    “Oh, go back…” Qi An’an blinked and pondered for a while, “Jiang Lu, my brother told me that he won’t go home this year, and Uncle Chen is also okay and won’t be home this year. If I go back, I’m the only one left in the family during the New Year.”

    Jiang Lu whispered: “If you want, I’ll accompany you.”

    Qi Anan waited for him to say this in the morning, blushing, and whispered: “In that case, we What are we going back to do? We can do it at #%& this year…”

    The latter words were ambiguous because of her shyness. Jiang Lu listened to a general idea, but he couldn’t help but smiled and asked: “An’an, what are you talking about? I didn’t catch it.”

    Qi An’an thought he really didn’t catch it, and he was shy. To be more clear: “I said, we can celebrate the New Year at our house this year…”

    She lowered her head and said, then looked up at Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were bright, as gentle as stars, he looked at her and smiled, and suddenly bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek.

    The voice was like a sigh: “Okay.”

    Our home. She moved out such words, how could he refuse it anymore.


    Anyway, the New Year is almost here, there are no people in the school, and it’s boring to be deserted. Qi An’an moved quickly. He had agreed with Jiang Lu the day before, and happily prepared to move in the next day.

    Originally, she took out a suitcase to hold daily necessities and miscellaneous things. Who knew that Jiang Lu told her that she didn’t need to take anything.

    “Isn’t there any need to take the sheets, bedding and pillows?”

    Jiang Lu said warmly, “No.”

    Qi An’an nodded with a smile, thought for a while and found a big backpack: “Then I will decorate my skin care products.” If you don’t need to take the sheets It would be much easier to handle such a large piece of luggage with a quilt. Qi An’an plans to take some toiletries and common sundries.

    Jiang Lu touched his nose again: “You don’t need to take these.”

    He cleared his throat and added: “If you have clothes you like, you can take them.” It was

    n’t until they entered their home that Qi An’an was “pretentious for a long time.” This word has a new insight.

    This is not like a house that has always been unoccupied, and the family members in the living room

All the utensils are available. The kitchen utensils and dishes are neatly arranged. There is nothing missing in the bathroom. Two pairs of slippers are placed at the door. The bedroom is clean and warm. Even when you open the closet, the inside is full. The clothes.

    “Jiang Lu, when did you…buy these things?” Qi An’an turned around, already stunned.

    Jiang Lu Ergen was a little red, and the furnishings of this room seemed to reveal all his thoughts together.

    In fact, he didn’t know when it started, but whenever he saw a suitable item, he would add it in, and it would become what it is now without knowing it.

    Fortunately, An An said that she wanted to come, at least to let her live in comfortably immediately.

    Jiang Lu looked at her tenderly: “An’an, we live now, if you don’t like anything…”

    ” If you like it, why would I not like it?” Qi An’an hugged Jiang Lu’s waist and moved his forehead. He leaned on his shoulder, “Jiang Lu, why don’t you tell me what you do? You have to work every day, and you have to be distracted to do this. Why don’t you ask me to share the burden for you?”

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly. Gently stroke the top of Qi An’an’s hair.

    It’s hard to talk about the word “sharing”. Doing these things will not make him tired, but it will be a real comfort and joy.

    The atmosphere here is too strong. Qi An’an suddenly stopped thinking about going out to eat and ordering takeout. She went around in the kitchen and happily ran to Jiang Lu to act like a baby: “Lu Lu, today I will cook for you. Good?”

    Jiang Lu said, “You can cook?” No, how could An An’s childhood environment allow her to cook.

    Qi An’an straightened her back: “I can…learn now.”

    Positive and lovely, Jiang Lu laughed, “No need to learn.”

    He took Qi An’an’s hand and asked her to sit down on the sofa: “I’ll do it.”

    Of course Qi An’an couldn’t sit still. Little Tail followed Jiang Lu back to the kitchen. She watched Jiang Lu open the refrigerator and couldn’t help feeling: “Jiang Lu, are you even ready with the ingredients?”

    Jiang Lu touched his nose: “This was only prepared after we said it yesterday.”

    Qi An’an smiled and hugged him from behind, rubbing his face against his back: “Why are you so virtuous? It’s time to treasure.”

    “Don’t make trouble,” Jiang Lu couldn’t help but laugh, “What do you want to eat?”

    Qi An’an thought for a while: “I want to eat spicy noodles,” she smiled softly at him, “I’ll give you Sit down, you cook, and I will wash the dishes for a while, okay?”

    Jiang Lu kissed her forehead: “No.”

    He whispered, “An’an, you don’t have to do anything.” After following him, he was afraid that she would be wronged. . He accepted the treasure that God bestowed on him, not for his precious ones to work.

    Jiang Lu is indeed an all-rounder, and his craftsmanship is simply amazing, but how she praises her being a baby, Jiang Lu didn’t let her wash the dishes after all.


    Unknowingly it was time to go to bed, Jiang Lu was hesitating just now. Today’s situation is different from the previous travel. They had no choice at that time, but this house has a master bedroom and three guest bedrooms, so he was a little uncertain for a while. Idea how to sleep.

    And Qi An’an didn’t seem to hesitate as he did. She changed her pajamas and finished washing, and she looked at him brightly, behaving and trusting, just waiting for him to arrange it.

    After all, it was the man’s inferiority that prevailed. Jiang Lu no longer hesitated and stayed in the same room. He really couldn’t separate from her.

    It was now when the weather was cold, Qi An’an felt a little cold in his hands and feet, and Jiang Lu felt it as soon as he hugged her. He raised the air conditioner and hugged her tightly.

    “Is it cold?”

    Qi An’an said with a smile in his arms, looking dull: “It won’t be cold if you hold it, can I put my hand here?” She asked, putting her cool little hand down. On Jiang Lu’s exposed neck.

    Her palm just pressed his Adam’s apple, Jiang Lu felt helpless, and pulled her down and put it on his heart: “Put it here.”

    Hmm…Alright, the heart under the palm is beating, a little faster than just warming up.

    Qi An nestled comfortably in Jiang Lu’s arms, and his sleepiness gradually came. The world outside his arms was a bit cold, but there was only infinite warmth and safety here.

    Qi An’an whispered: “Jiang Lu good night.”

    Jiang Lu lowered his head and pecked her lips, softly coaxing her: “Good night, go to sleep.”

    Tonight must be a good dream, Jiang Lu thought about it before going to bed.

    The deepest thorn in his heart has been pulled out, and he will no longer have to worry about it in the future. His safety will be carefree under his wings, and he will not suffer any grievances in this life.

    Jiang Lu fell asleep with a peaceful smile on his lips.

    …In the

    chaos, Jiang Lu slowly opened his eyes.

    With the gray sky, the towering buildings, this familiar scene, Jiang Lu’s heart bit by bit.

    What was different from the past was that this time things in the dream world were exceptionally clear, the vague and frosted glass fog disappeared, and even the expanding panic that had arisen from the bottom of his heart was particularly clear.

    Jiang Lu stared at the scene in front of him blankly. It was still this place and An An’s back. Why?

    He followed her helplessly, the fear in his heart could not be suppressed, hadn’t he resolved it? Was it a mistake in his judgment, or something wrong in the future?

    A strange anxiety hung in Jiang Lu’s heart, as if it was the animal’s instinct to predict danger.

    He followed her, went upstairs, pushed the door, and entered the house.

    The scene in the room is as clear as the outside, the simple and spacious office, and the devil-like man on the sofa is also delicate.

   For a moment, Jiang Lu only felt that he was in hell.

    He was cold all over, and the sight in front of him brought him almost extinct fear, so horrified that his brain stopped thinking for a while.

    He blankly watched Qi An’an kneeling on the ground and crying, while the man said indifferently—

    “Get out”.

    This time he saw the man’s face clearly.

    That is his own face.

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