MFTIV: Ch 62

The atmosphere of the meal was weird. Jiang Yuncheng and Jiang Hai exchanged glances, and they both saw the subtleties in each other’s eyes.

    If you say that the other party has a bad attitude, but he didn’t give them any tangible prestige, but it is really far-fetched to say that he is sincere and sincere to discuss cooperation.

    But since Jiang and Lu are not enthusiastic, they must first heat up the venue. Jiang Hai smiled and stood up first: “Mr. Jiang, I toast you. We have always wanted to cooperate with you, Yuanzheng has always wanted to cooperate with you. Today, we finally have such an opportunity. We feel honored. If there is any place to entertain you today. Please bear with me.”

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly: “Don’t dare to be.” He picked up the wine glass, but only sipped it lightly.

    This attitude is indeed arrogant, Jiang Hai’s face changed, but he didn’t dare to say anything, he still drank the wine in his glass with a smile.

    Jiang Yuncheng glanced at the two of them and said with a smile: “Drink as much as you like today. Just have a good time. This kid in my family is reckless. Don’t laugh at President Jiang. I think you are the same age, but you are much more stable and better than this kid. You are. The second elder in the family has a son like you, must it be very gratified?”

    “Excuse me, Mr. Jiang… I actually look a little familiar, I always feel like an old friend I know, but I can’t remember it. Maybe It’s fate.” These words sounded like trying to hook up with people, it was really not that Jiang Yun was close to the whole set, he knew Jiang Lu was indeed familiar.

    But he didn’t think much about it. He started a film and television company, and the most indispensable thing under his hands was beautiful men and women. Maybe good-looking people would impress people, but he didn’t care too much.

    Jiang Lu was noncommittal, sliding his fingertips slowly across the wall of the cup, and suddenly smiled.

    He thought of Qin Meng, calculated to resent for a lifetime, and finally left a sentence that looked familiar, and she was worth it.

    Time gradually passed, and Jiang Yuncheng was finally a little uncomfortable here, Jiang Lu was really calm, they were not sure of his idea. Anyone who rushes first will lose the initiative on this kind of venue, but Jiang Yuncheng has to step back: “Mr. Jiang, is there anything dissatisfied with our cooperation? There are other conditions for you to mention directly. As long as it is not difficult, We will try our best to meet your requirements.”

    Jiang Lu’s expression was very light: “There is nothing dissatisfied, but cooperation is a major issue, I have to consider. But some small characters blocked the front and disturbed the line of sight, so the progress was a little slow.”

    Jiang Yunchenghe Jiang Hai exchanged a look. They were indeed talking about business with another company recently. Hearing what Jiang Lu said, they didn’t seem to like it.

    But their cooperation should not conflict. Jiang Yuncheng frowned slightly: “In fact, everyone is on the same front, and there is no dispute over interests. President Jiang does not have to worry too much.”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “I am withdrawn and I am not good at peacemaking. People are dealing with people, but you want to make more friends, I understand.”

    Jiang Yun became a reality, and when it comes to this, he is going to force him to choose. Although he didn’t understand why Jiang Lu asked so weirdly, he immediately smiled cruelly: “It turns out that it is. Don’t worry, there are some small characters that delay us from discussing things, but I will take care of it. I also like to do business when I come out. It’s crisp and neat, I don’t like eating from the bowl and looking at the pot, not to mention that there is not much meat in the pot.”

    This meal was really difficult to eat. Jiang Yuncheng has not encountered such a powerful opponent for many years, but fortunately It turned out to be a success.

    After the wine bureau, he personally escorted Jiang Lu out of the lobby. In the night, Jiang Lu was full of nobles. Jiang Yuncheng sighed secretly when he saw it. It was really terrifying.

    After Jiang Lu left, Jiang Hai clutched the back of his head, frowning and asked: “Why is he so arrogant?”

    “He has this capital. Look at it, my vision can’t be wrong, let’s get on this big tree early,” It’s better than having no way to meet in the future.”

    Jiang Yuncheng turned his head and reprimanded: “If you have a tenth of him, I still worry about it like this?”

    Jiang Hai’s face was pale, if he wanted to talk about his ability and skill, he had to admit that he was really incomparable if he didn’t like the other party. Nodded and asked, “Miss Qi refused? Does it seem that we have no credibility?”

    “That Qi Zhen is a bit clever, but compared with the hand that makes troubles, he can’t make it to the table. “Jiang Yuncheng narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s okay to refuse her, she begged us. But Jiang Lu is here, but we have to do it, so we don’t have to think about how to choose.”


    Yu Lin knows that Jiang Lu will be over. I have something to confess, waiting here with time. Who knows that Jiang Lu didn’t want to explain the matter after he came out, and asked her to go back.

    However, he added: “If there is no accident, Qi Zhen will leave city a in the past two days. No matter where she goes, keep an eye on it. Don’t leave this to anyone, do it yourself.”

    Yu Lin was asked. This order made the cloud and mist, but she didn’t ask too much. She knew that even if she asked Jiang Lu, she couldn’t explain it to her, so it’s better not to talk too much.

    But she was a little curious about something else: “Mr. Jiang, how about our cooperation with Yuanzheng?” There was a saying he didn’t dare to say. Although Jiang Lu was happy and angry, his expression didn’t look like talking. How happy you are, isn’t it yellow?

    An indifferent smile appeared in Jiang Lu’s eyes, with a lazy and ruthless spirit: “What is there to cooperate with.”

    Put it next to him, take it down and eat it bit by bit.

    Yu Lin fought a cold war, silently lighted wax in her heart, not knowing how Yuan had offended this ancestor.

    Jiang Lu didn’t want to say more. For the first time in two years, he felt that the stone in his heart had been removed, and his whole body was relaxed.

    When he knew that Qi Zhen might cooperate with his so-called father, he felt that this might be his first

Waiting for the opportunity.

    Regardless of whether the cooperation between Qi Zhen and Jiang Yuncheng can overwhelm him and Qi Yan, in his opinion, this is the most capable person among all the opponents around him-Jiang Yuncheng has the means, and Jiang Hai’s age is in line with the dream. Scenes. Although the bone of Yuanzheng is difficult to chew, since there is a crisis, no matter how much effort it takes, it will never turn over.

    It is also considered to remove the thorn that has always existed in his heart.

    Jiang Lu said, “I won’t go back to the company, so you can rest today.”

    Yu Lin nodded and escorted him away by car. If he doesn’t go back to the company, then he must have gone back to school to find An An.

    This is still as slimy as before, but what happened to Qi Zhen? Forget it, the boss’s world, she is a part-time worker, so let’s speculate less.


    Qi An’an has no classes on weekends. Ji Ruomeng asked her to go shopping. It happened that Jiang Lu was going to the company in the afternoon. She had nothing to do, so she hit it off with Ji Ruomeng.

    After two hours of shopping, Qi An’an didn’t find anything for himself, but first bought a black sweater for Jiang Lu.

    Tired of walking, they casually found a drink shop and took a rest while drinking. Ji Ruomeng was holding three big shopping bags, and sullenly aside: “How can Jiang Lu have such a good blessing? How can he have my An’an baby? He is really the luckiest dog man in the world.”

    Qi An’an smiled and coaxed her: “I think there is a sweater next to you that is also suitable for you, or go back and get it for you?”

    Ji Ruomeng “hummed”: “What’s the use, then I can’t shake Jiang at all. Lu’s position in your heart…Hey, that

    person– ” Qi Anan looked at Ji Ruomeng’s gaze, and a woman in front of them lowered her voice and called, her face was very bad, and her hands were irritated from time to time. hair.

    “It looks a bit like Qi Zhen, what do you think?” Ji Ruomeng didn’t dare to recognize it. Although she didn’t like Qi Zhen, she also admitted that Qi Zhen looked pretty when she was in school. But the person in front of him is pretty or pretty, but it’s still a little bit different from Girls’ Generation.

    It was Qi Zhen, Qi Anan recognized it after a glance, she turned her head back, intending to pretend not to see it. After so many years, they have nothing to talk about. First, the relationship was not good back then, and second, the identity of the two people was still very embarrassing.

    But at this moment, Qi Zhen also raised her head. When she saw them, her face changed, she hung up after hurriedly saying a few words to the phone, and then stood up and walked in this direction.

    “Long time no see, Qi An’an, you seem to be doing well.” Qi Zhen looked at Qi An’an with a faint smile, naturally pulled the chair beside them and sat down.

    Ji Ruomeng raised his eyebrows: “Qi Zhen, we are also old classmates, why don’t you say hello to me?”

    Qi Zhen glanced at Ji Ruomeng, then looked at Qi An’an, and smiled faintly: “I used to be very It’s strange that there are people guarding you wherever you go. I understand now. What do you mean by that sentence? Oh, let’s open the plug-in.”

    Qi An’an has no feelings for Qizhen, and doesn’t bother to care about her yin and yang words. Stand up and say to Ji

    Ruomeng, “Mengmeng, let’s go.” “Wait for Qi An’an, we just ran into it today, it is also a kind of fate, I have something to tell you.” Qi Zhen said lukewarm After that, looking at Ji Ruomeng, “I want to talk to Qi An’an, please avoid it.”

    “I won’t go, what else can you say besides yin and yang weird curse?”

    Qi Zhen sneered: “Qi An’an , You stole my life, don’t you even dare to say something to me now?”

    Qi An’an didn’t want to talk to her at first, but when Qi Zhen said something like this, she frowned and felt that she couldn’t just accept it. She splashed the dirty water: “Mengmeng, you go out and wait for me, I’ll come out soon.”

    Ji Ruomeng was worried: “But…”

    “It’s okay, don’t worry.” After

    Ji Ruomeng left, Qi Zhen’s tone was gloomy: “Why? Don’t you tell me something?”

    Qi Anqi said, “You have something to tell me. Why did you ask me first?”

    After a pause, Qi Zhen pulled out a smile: “Are you still with Jiang Lu? Qi An’an, others don’t know you, but I know you. You are just a little better luck than me, knowing your own desolation in your last life. In the end, this is how you can calculate in this life. If you weren’t like this, how could you have become so smart.”

    Qi An’an’s eyes narrowed , since Qi Zhen said such things, then she remembered the memories of the past?

    “Do you think you alone think of your previous life? Unfortunately, I remembered it too. It’s a pity that I was bad luck, and everything was too late when I remembered it. Qi An’an, you can do this to the enemy in the previous life. Well, you are really amazing. You said, if I tell Jiang Lu all this, what will he do to you?”

    Qi An’an looked at Qi Zhen calmly: “First of all, Jiang Lu has never been my enemy. Secondly, no matter what you say to him, he cannot believe you but not me.”

    Qi Zhen’s words did not cause any panic in Qi An’an. She is her, not the same “Qi An’an” in Qi Zhen’s mouth. People, she has never done anything to hurt Jiang Lu. And if Jiang Lu could listen to what Qi Zhen said, then it wouldn’t be her Jiang Lu.

    Qi Zhen smiled coldly: “Yes, I know you are not afraid, and I also know that no one will believe me when I say it, so I can’t do anything. Back then, I wanted to dismantle you in my dreams and didn’t want to see you arrogantly proud. , But Qi Hong went bankrupt, and it was a problem for me to survive, and I didn’t have the ability to do unnecessary things at all. But then I wanted to open it too, Qi An’an, you said that both of us remembered the past. Could it be God? Will you just let Jiang Lu go?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. So you see, it’s just a matter of time. You remember it earlier, I remember it later. And Jiang Lu, he will remember it sooner or later.”

    Qi An’an frowned slightly , To be honest, what Qi Zhen said may be possible, but she still doesn’t worry much. All the premises are based on the fact that she is not the Qi An’an who hurt Jiang Lu before, so even if Jiang Lu thinks about it, she is still calm.

    She only worried a little. Jiang Lu is doing very well now. He has been many times better than the so-called previous life since he was a student. But if he really thinks about the unbearable past, dropping out of school, killing people, and going to jail, will he feel sad…

    Qi Zhen doesn’t know what Qi An is thinking, and thinks she is silent because of fear and can’t help it. He laughed happily: “So, even if I was unlucky all the way and poor, even if I couldn’t read the book and became homeless, even if the business I just negotiated was furious in the blink of an eye, I wouldn’t feel so sad. Because I’m here. Wait, wait for the end of the world for both of you.”

    “You said that the day Jiang Lu remembered it, knowing that the woman he fell in love with was actually the enemy who ruined him all his life. Wouldn’t it be nauseating to sleep? Feeling? Will you hate you and want to strangle you? I feel extremely happy when I think of such a day.”

    Qi Zhen was already smiling with a distorted face, Qi Anan looked at her gloomy smile and laughed nonchalantly: “Qi Zhen, I advise you to find a new life goal earlier. Don’t waste time on the two of us. Jiang Lu and I will go through this life happily and steadily, and there will never be the end you expect.”

    … …In the

    evening, Jiang Lu and Yu Tianyang went to pick them up together. Yu Tianyang started an internship at Jianglu’s company last year and waited until he graduated to become a regular employee. He has strong business ability and exquisite people, so he is indeed a good helper.

    They drove two cars because the place to go back was different in a while.

    Seeing Qi An’an at the door, Jiang Lu smiled, walked over to hold her hand, and took what was in her hand and carried it by the way.

    The brand of the handbag is a menswear brand, and Jiang Lu looked down at Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an smiled at him: “Today is to buy you clothes.”

    Jiang Lu also laughed, feeling pity and love in his heart, because there were so many people, he resisted the urge to lower his head and kiss her: “Thank you baby.”

    Yu Tianyang helped Ji Ruomeng brought up something: “Yes, you, women are really strong in combat. Mengmeng, or I will buy you a wardrobe.”

    “It’s rare that you are interested, I think it’s okay.” Ji Ruomeng hand in hand. Yu Tianyang waved at Qi An’an and Jiang Lu with the other hand, “An’an Jianglu, let’s go first. Hey, An’an, don’t forget to bathe and burn incense after we go back to wash away all the bad luck we met Qi Zhen today. “Fall.”

    Jiang Lu blinked: “What did you say.”

    He turned his head to look at Qi An’an, his eyes seemed to be shocked: “Did you meet Qi Zhen today?”

    Qi An’an felt that Jiang Lu suddenly became nervous, and she Nodding: “I met and said a few words.”

    Jiang Lu subconsciously hugged Qi An’an. Even though he knew that everything was under his control, the meeting between Qi An’an and Qi Zhen still scared him. .

    Originally Ji Ruomeng was about to leave, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw this scene: “Jiang Lu, don’t be nervous. There is nothing, Qi Zhen just said a few words to An An, although I don’t know the content, but An An Quite calm, on the contrary, Qi Zhen’s face was pale with anger. Don’t worry, can Qi Zhen be bullied to An’an with me?”

    Qi An’an also laughed and rubbed Jiang Lu’s big hand. She didn’t expect this. Will make Jiang Lu have such a big reaction: “Why are you so nervous, Jiang Lu? I won’t be able to eat Qi Zhen, it’s okay.”

    Jiang Lu firmly shook her hand back: “Yeah.” He had been like that before. Dreamland, as soon as I heard it, I couldn’t help but be scared.

    Jiang Lu tried to calm his emotions and held Qi An’an’s hand firmly. Now Qi Zhen is under his nose, and he will never give her a chance to turn over.

    It’s okay, all nightmares have been resolved.

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