MFTIV: Ch 61

 They ended this trip very satisfactorily, even too much. Qi An’an was not used to returning to the dormitory. The bed in the dormitory was very narrow, but he felt very empty.

    On the phone that night, Qi An’an asked in a low voice, “Jiang Lu, I miss the bed and breakfast mattress. Let’s buy a bed like that in the future. Do you think it’s weird to sleep when you come back?”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were in her eyes. With a deep smile, he whispered: “Okay.”

    Of course he was not used to it. He had known for a long time that the moment he held An’an in his arms in bed, the habit of sleeping alone in the first two decades had completely changed.

    He only hopes that their graduation day will come sooner, so that he can hold her in his arms every night and offset this long night of suffering.

    Spring and autumn come, and in the first half of the senior semester, Qi An’an obviously feels that Jiang Lu is more busy than before. His company is gradually growing and the things to be discussed are getting bigger and bigger, and the occasions where he must be present in person are also gradually increasing. .

    At first Qi An’an felt nothing. Although Jiang Lu was also busy, he was not as exaggerated as Qi Yan. Later, she had several conversations with Qi Yan to realize that Jiang Lu gave her the day time, and she would stay up all night to do the unfinished work.

    That was the first time Qi An’an was really angry with Jiang Lu: “If you don’t take care of your body at all in order to stay with me in the future, if you put your work in the middle of the night, I will ignore you again! “

    Although it was an angry word, Jiang Lu couldn’t hear Qi An’an say “Never pay any attention to him”. He was really frightened. He promised her again that he would not stay up all night. There is no time to be with Qi An’an.

    This day Jiang Lu went to the company to sign an important contract, and his assistant Yu Lin reported to him some business progress.

    After listening to Jiang Lu, he briefly mentioned that he would leave after selling the purchased stocks, and the companies that can be concerned about the cooperation in the near future. Yu Lin quickly called him: “Wait for President Jiang, the person you said you want to inquire about before, there is It’s eyebrows.”

    Jiang Lu glanced at her, then sat back on the sofa, and said concisely: “Say.”

    Yu Lin nodded. She has been here for almost two years, and she has to say that her boss is a very attractive man. When she first came in, she knew that he was still a student at school, and she still looked down on her, feeling that this must be the young master of which group family came out to mess around.

    As a result, after a period of time, Yu Lin realized through various practices that the boss is not a wealthy second-generation unlearned, but a sober-minded and smart robot. The first two years can be called upstarts in the business world. In the past two years, they have almost become an ancestor.

    And in the past two years, this ancestor has gradually receded the last bit of youthfulness, becoming more mature and restrained. Sometimes when he said a word, Yu Lin would feel a little nervous.

    For example, now, she cleared her throat: “Mr. Jiang, the person you are looking for named Qi Zhen has only gone to C university for one year after his family went bankrupt three years ago. The freshman year has not ended. Read on.”

    Jiang Lu nodded. He knew that he had visited Qi Hong as early as after the scene of Qi Zhen insulting Qi An’an in his first nightmare. It’s a pity that Qi Hong really doesn’t care about this daughter. Apart from knowing that she should go to C university to study, he doesn’t know anything about the current situation.

    After Qi Zhen dropped out of C major, no one knew where she went.

    In the vast crowd of people, it is not easy to find someone, mainly because Jiang Lu did not find her in a hurry. With his current ability, it is absolutely impossible to be defeated by a single blow, and Qi Zhen has to take it slowly when he wants to move him. She is not in city a now, even if she finds it, she just observes secretly, and will never bring her to her body to disgust herself.

    “Because she didn’t get along well with her classmates, she didn’t have any friends, and no one cared about where she went after she dropped out, so it was a little troublesome. However, I found out that she was used by a film and television company’s agent two days ago. In the photo, she introduced her into the circle to shoot commercials, but in the past two years there has been no chance, and she has no name at all. She seems to want to transfer to the management. Recently, their company sent someone over to discuss cooperation with the old film and television company in city a. I found out that Qi Zhen was among the people they sent.”

    After listening, Jiang Lu asked, “Which film and television company do they want to cooperate with?”

    Yu Lin quickly replied: “Yuanzheng. Last time their boss wanted to discuss business with us, you refused.” It was not that she was carrying private goods. It was true that Jiang Lu refused Yuanzheng’s cooperation, which made her feel very heartbroken. It may be that she does not have the long-term vision of the boss. In her opinion, being able to form an alliance with Yuanzheng is really a win-win situation with no harm.

    “Yuanzheng will come to talk again. Next time they come, you will personally receive them.” Jiang Lu said.

    This is what I meant to talk about cooperation.

    Yu Lin nodded immediately: “Yes, I know.” It seems that the boss has nothing to say to her. Yu Lin stopped talking, thought about it, or said nothing. Turned around and left.


    Yu Lin walked out the door, just came downstairs to the first floor, and entered a WeChat message on her phone. She picked it up and looked around. She saw Qi An’an at a glance.

    “Sister Yu Lin! Here,” Qi An’an smiled and ran towards her, “It’s a coincidence that you just went downstairs, is Jiang Lu still busy?”

    Yu Lin smiled: “What is he doing now that you are here? Go up and find him. That’s all, work is almost over.”

    “Okay, then I’ll go up there,” Qi An’an lowered his head and turned out a delicate small box in her bag. “Sister Yu Lin, this is a birthday present for you. You have two days to go. I have a final exam for my birthday. I don’t know if I have time to come, so I brought it to you in advance.”

    Yu Lin excitedly hugged Qi An’an with a bear: “Little An’an, I love you! Why are you so caring! My man My friends are not as good as you

! grateful! grateful! “

    She has mixed feelings in her heart. To be honest, she stayed in this company first because she couldn’t refuse her high salary, and second, she liked this lovely prospective boss too much. As for her boss, I won’t say much.

    Qi An’an Smiled to Yu Lin: “It’s nothing, it’s very hard for you to share so much work for Jiang Lu, so I want to thank you very much. “

    After hearing this, Yu Lin scratched her hair, a little afraid to look at Qi An’an, and pointed to the elevator and said, “Then An’an… go find him, I’m going to work. “After

    Qi An’an left, Yu Lin stamped her foot on the spot.

    Damn! Why she was guilty just now, she should bravely tell her boss, as a woman and sister, give him a good education! How can a man forget? Chu Xin? Why did he go looking for Qi Zhen? After looking for it for two years, can Qi Zhen still be comparable to An An? I

    didn’t find it, and Yu Lin didn’t feel particularly annoyed, but now I found it. She couldn’t help being upset. A

    scumbag, let alone a character that couldn’t be found more intimate and lovely than An’an, even his appearance was completely incomparable!

    Yu Lin looked back at Qi An’an walking into the elevator, and she smiled when she saw herself looking over She waved to herself. She felt even more melancholy, thinking that she was touched by the love of her boss and An An. Isn’t this a beautiful story of a rich daughter and a self-made stinky boy?

    As a result, now, she was bored a while ago. Accounts-First of all, An An cannot be regarded as a wealthy daughter in the true sense. After all, the assets of their family are in the hands of her brother, and her brother will sooner or later marry a family, marry a wife and have children.

    Besides, she has roughly calculated the market value. It turns out that Jiang Lu’s wealth has already surpassed Qi Yan.

    It’s really hateful that a man becomes bad when he has money. This Qi Zhen may not be the Bai Yueguang of her boss when she was young. He spent so much money on Zhou Zhang silently looking for her. Nothing good.

    Yu Lin secretly swears in her heart that when she has another chance, she must bravely teach her blind boss a good lesson.

    At least… at least express your opinion in a humble manner.

    … When

    Qi An’an came in, Jiang Lu was sitting on the sofa staring at a few documents, he was leaning on his forehead, thinking very much.

    Hearing the movement, he raised his head and walked over immediately.

    “An An, why did you come here by yourself?” Jiang Lu hugged her and touched her hand: “Is it cold?”

    “Is it cold, Jiang Lu, did you forget to eat at noon?” Qi An Congjiang Lu Huaizhong looked up and looked at him disbelievingly.

    For so many years, she has been worrying about herself in this way, afraid that he will not eat well and sleep well. Jiang Lu couldn’t help laughing: “I’ve eaten, don’t lie to you, I will go to dinner after you have told you.”

    Qi An’an rubbed his face: “That’s good, really good.”

    Jiang Lu’s eyebrows softened. Hold her hand and take her to the sofa to sit down: “An’an, don’t run here these two days. The weather is too cold and I’m afraid you will get sick. At the end of the month, I will be busy with everything in my hand, and I will be able to do it every day. Stay with you.”

    Actually, this is the first floor, and Jiang Lu didn’t say anything about it. After he dreamed of Qi Zhen bullying An An’s nightmare for the first time, he has had dreams of the same nature three or four times now. So now he has a deep guard and hatred for Qi Zhen, as well as a faint jealousy.

    Now Qi Zhen is in City A, although the chance of meeting Qi An’an is negligible, even Jiang Lu knows that even if they meet, An An will not let Qi Zhen bully. But he was still worried. If they met, even if Qi Zhen didn’t do anything, he would feel that this scene shocked him.

    Qi An’an didn’t know Jiang Lu’s concerns, so she leaned against him and acted like a baby: “I didn’t come here to be with you, I just miss you.”

    Jiang Lu bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek, and he missed her too. , Missing for a while, also thinking crazy.

    Qi An’an let him kiss lightly with a smile, blinked and asked, “Jiang Lu, are you finished today?”


    When she’s done, she can squeeze unscrupulously. Qi An’an put her hands on Jiang Lu’s shoulders and squeezed: “Lu Lu, are you tired? It’s hard to make money and support your family. I’ll squeeze your shoulders for you.”

    Jiang Lu watched. Her eyes darkened a bit: “It doesn’t seem to be of any use.”

    Also, Qi An’an felt that his fingers were nowhere to be used. The muscles on Jiang Lu’s shoulders were really hard, and she couldn’t squeeze them.

    So she cleverly clenched her fist and punched it lightly: “What about this?”

    Jiang Lu turned his head and smiled.

    The next moment, he grabbed her two restless little hands with one hand, clenched them to his chest, wrapped her free hands around her waist, and lifted her up.

    “Let’s do it.”

    He smiled and kissed her lips.


    After a week, Yu Lin reported to Jiang Lu on the progress of the work. Yuanzheng’s boss wanted to meet Jiang Lu. When reporting the matter, she still felt that this incident was probably impossible, but Jiang Lu didn’t expect Jiang Lu to hear it. He hesitated and nodded.

    In the evening, Yu Lin sent Jiang Lu the location of the hotel, and at the same time added anxiously: “Mr. Jiang, you have a family.” Anyway, An An is his fiancee.

    Jiang Lu heard it inexplicably: “Do your thing.”

    Yu Lin walked away dingy.

    At the entrance of the hotel, Jiang Lu just got out of the car and a waiter came to greet him: “Is this President Jiang from Yongan Group? Please go inside.”

    Jiang Lu followed him into the private room. The people inside heard the movement and immediately stood up to greet him: “Mr. Jiang , I’ve been admiring my name for a long time, it’s rare to see it.” The

    man at the beginning is a middle-aged man who is nearly fifty years old, his eyes are clear and the outline is stellar, and he can be faintly distinguished

He was personable when he was young. With a warm smile on the face of the young man next to him, he introduced, “Mr. Jiang, my name is Jiang Hai. This is my father, Yuanzheng’s President Jiang Yuncheng. It’s a coincidence. We are my own family and our surname is Jiang.”

    Jiang Yuncheng smiled and said: “This is really fate. I have always wanted to get to know President Jiang. Today I finally have this opportunity. President Jiang is young and promising. He is a talented person and looks good. To be offensive, your name and Inuzi Jianghai

    His name just happened to be reconciled, and I think Mr. Jiang felt very kind.” He stretched out his hand to hold Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu looked down at his hand, indifferent.

    Jiang Yuncheng was not annoyed, and withdrew his hands and showed a round smile: “Come and sit down, let’s eat first, and then talk about things.”

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