MFTIV: Ch 60

When Qi Anan woke up the next day, he looked up in a daze. Jiang Lu seemed to have woken up a long time ago. His expression was haggard and his beautiful eyes were covered with red blood.

    It seemed that the person in his arms moved, Jiang Lu looked down at Qi An’an, with a smile on his lips: “An’an, morning.” The

    early morning has completely faded from yesterday’s coldness, and the surrounding is warm, and the sun shines on the curtains. Above, a piece of warm yellow. Qi An’an half-opened his eyes and touched Jiang Lu’s face: “Jiang Lu, you must have not slept yesterday, so go to sleep for a while.” Jiang Lu

    kissed her fingertips: “No, I’m sleeping well.”

    Jing Hu said. Qi Anan coaxed him and put his hands on his eyes: “Don’t talk, close your eyes and lie down for a while.”

    After that, she got up and got out of bed to wash.

    Jiang Lu suddenly felt his arms empty, and as soon as the warm body left, his whole body seemed to have been torn away, and cold air radiated from all directions.

    Jiang Lu immediately stretched his arms to hug Qi An’an back: “An An…Don’t leave.”

    Qi An’an smiled. After getting along for a long time, she actually knew that Jiang Lu was clingy, but he rarely acted so obvious. But for his pitiful sake, Qi An’an didn’t move any more, nestled quietly in his arms to accompany him.

    This is the vivid and real world. Jiang Lu stroked Qi An’an’s hair, closed his eyes to watch her frown and smile, feeling the body temperature that made his heart tremble, as if she had been rescued from another icy world.

    These are far more useful than the thousands of warnings I gave last night.

    He will take care of her.

    After breakfast, a few of them went to the scenic spot by car. On the way, Jiang Lu wanted to contact Qi Yan, took out his mobile phone and thought about it, but put it back.

    Since Qi Hong couldn’t stand up at all, none of them paid attention to Qi Zhen’s whereabouts. No one knows which city she last transferred to in high school and where she went to the university.

    Besides, if he mentions Qi Zhen again, Qi Yan’s character should be suspicious, and he will definitely break the casserole and ask the end. But who can believe things like dreams, it’s useless to mention them to him.

    It’s up to him to solve it himself.


    Entering the scenic area, the first half of the game was okay, and halfway through, they came to the famous glass plank road here.

    This is a long suspension bridge, all made of glass, walking on top, underfoot is an abyss.

    Qi An’an obviously hesitated: “Wait a moment, let me prepare psychologically.”

    Jiang Lu knew that An An was a little afraid of heights, and the height at this moment must have exceeded her psychological defense. He glanced at the two excited people in front of him and bowed his head to Qi An’an and said, “We’re no longer there. Can you wait for them here?”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help laughing. According to Jiang Lu’s method of petting, no matter how good children are He was spoiled: “No, I want to challenge it, I think I can.”

    Of course, she also knew that her burden was definitely a hindrance, so she greeted Ji Ruomeng and Yu Tianyang to go first: “Don’t wait for us, I’m walking slowly, let’s meet up in a while.”

    The two men immediately agreed and walked away without hesitation. To be honest, it’s such a good place for beautiful mountains and rivers to talk to each other. Who doesn’t want to live in the world of two people, Ji Ruomeng smiled and waved to Qi An’an before leaving, “An’an, you go slowly, don’t worry, we’ll be in front of you in a while. See you.”

    Qi An’an stood beside the glass plank road for two minutes, making mental preparations with difficulty. Jiang Lu looked at her hard work, funny and distressed: “An’an, forget it.” She prepared again and again. The action of walking up and then backing down quickly made him feel reluctant to see it.

    Maybe she really can’t. After trying several times, Qi An’an was a little shaken: “Jiang Lu, or you can go by yourself, I’ll wait for the three of you to come back.”

    Jiang Lu helplessly said, “How can I do it, I’ll be with you. .”

    Hearing what he said, Qi An’an’s position became firm again. She wanted to go to the front to see it. She was not willing to give up. Besides, if she didn’t play well because of her own Jianglu, she would definitely regret it when she went back. , I can’t let you stand here stupidly with me, let me prepare again… Okay, let’s go!” This time, I walked farther than the previous few times.

    Jiang Lu followed, and wanted to persuade her: “An’an, you don’t need to…”

    Qi An’an turned around and stretched out his hand, pretending to be calm: “Hurry up, hold my hand. Hold tight, don’t let go.”

    Feng Qing Blowing her black hair lightly, her face was bright and clean, and Jiang Lu’s heart moved, holding her hand as if bewitched.

    He confirmed in a low voice, “Is it really okay?”

    “Of course,

    hurry up, I’ll pass this time.” As soon as he walked up, Qi An’an felt it was acceptable. When halfway through, the glass plank began to sway slightly. After all, it is too high and too long, and the middle part will shake evenly to a certain extent, which is normal.

    Because this kind of shaking usually occurs in the middle section, the advance and retreat are the same at this time, so people can only bite the bullet and move forward even if they are afraid.

    Qi An’an really broke down, knowing that she would not walk this glass path if she had been killed. Originally, she held Jiang Lu with one hand and stretched the other hand to support the guardrail outside the plank road. Now she didn’t even dare to hold on to the guardrail. Both hands firmly grasped Jiang Lu’s big hand, and she moved forward with a pale face.

    Jiang Lu didn’t feel any fear at all. Such a height would not cause any fluctuations in his emotions at all. He just kept paying attention to Qi An’an. When the first shaking came in the middle, his long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his face instantly paled.

    He saw clearly the horror that suddenly appeared on Qi An’an’s face

That look closely coincided with the look she had knelt on the ground and pleaded in her dream last night.

    Jiang Lu suddenly felt panicked.

    “An’an is not afraid, I will hug you.” Jiang Lu took Qi An’an’s shoulders with one hand, reached her legs with the other, and steadily hugged her in his arms.

    His broad shoulders blocked the wind traveling in the valley and blocked the sight of the abyss.

    Qi An’an certainly couldn’t be polite with Jiang Lu at this time, and immediately wrapped his arms around Jiang Lu’s neck, and said pitifully, “Jiang Lu, you have worked hard.”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help but smile a little: “Close your eyes, right away. It’s over.”

    He didn’t work hard, he just wanted to never see his peaceful and fearful expression again in his life.

    Jiang Lu was not afraid at all. He didn’t need to hold the guardrail beside him to walk slowly like other tourists. He walked in the center of the spacious, steady and fast pace, and quickly passed the plank road.

    “An’an, here,” Jiang Lu kissed Qi An’an’s temple, and whispered: “We won’t return from here for a while.”

    “Yeah…” Qi An’an nodded immediately, looking at Jiang Lu with a sad face, “Did I just now?” Very embarrassing? Are there many people on the plank road looking at me?”

    Jiang Lu Waner: “

    Yes .” It was really shameful, Qi An’an was totally ashamed, looking back at the people on the plank road, there was no one who was hugging her all the way. Yes, even children are led by their parents.

    She tugged at Jiang Lu’s clothes corner: “

    Go fast.” Jiang Lu smiled and walked forward holding Qi An’an’s hand.

    Ji Ruomeng and Yu Tianyang have completely disappeared, and they have happily passed through the world of the two. They have no plans to rendezvous with them. Qi An’an didn’t bother looking for the two of them. She didn’t mean Jiang Lu, so she acquiesced that the two of them were playing differently.

    After visiting several must-visit attractions, Qi’an and Jianglu returned from another road.

    Passing by a very tall ancient tree, the trunk is as thick as a four-person hug, but the crown is very low, with red wooden signs hung on it, and the wind blows, making a clear sound of ding ding dong dong.

    The location here is quite remote, and it takes a few minutes for one or two tourists to come. The owner of the small wooden sign is not very enthusiastic, watching Qi An’an and Jiang Lu casually say: “Ten yuan a piece, write and hang it by yourself.” Then he lowered his head and drank his own tea.

    Qi An’an was very interested. She looked up at this big tree, with lush branches and red silk ribbons hanging from the small wooden sign hanging on it, swaying in the wind, it was very beautiful.

    “I saw this tree introduced in the guide before coming. It’s called the Lover Tree. It’s a niche attraction.” Jiang Lu’s voice was low, mixed with the small wooden sign that collided with Ding Dong, almost intoxicating.

    Qi An’an enthusiastically walked around the tree to look at it. As expected, there was a brief introduction, explaining its ins and outs and various legends. According to legend, this tree was originally two big trees, and the root system broke through the two courtyard walls and gradually embraced. At the same time, the owners of the two yards also became married couples. The small wooden sign on the lover tree is for lovers to pray for everlasting time. As long as the small wooden sign is hung on the tree, they can meet again forever.

    Qi An’an picked up a few wooden plaques that she could reach at a low place and turned it over. Most of them were “I love you”, “xx only loves xx all my life” and “always together”. Of course, there are also random entries such as “Entrance to a good university.” “Such blessings.

    Qi An’an blushed a little, and she suddenly wanted to hang up a small wooden sign. But Jiang Lu is serious and restrained, does he think this behavior is a bit naive? She turned her head and was about to talk to Jiang Lu, who would have been taken aback when she looked at it.

    Jiang Lu didn’t know when he had bought the small red card, holding the pen, frowning and writing seriously.

    “Jiang Lu, what did you write? Show me…” Qi An’an’s eyes were bright, and he ran over to see it curiously. When Jiang Lu just finished writing, he collected the little red card and held it in his palm. She watched.

    Qi An’an opened his eyes slightly and asked, “Let me see.”

    Jiang Lu’s ears were slightly red, but he still didn’t show her. After looking at Qi An’an for a while, he whispered, “Good.”

    After returning the pen, Jiang Lu tied the small red card to the high branch. Qi An’an looked up and looked up. At this height, she couldn’t reach it even if she jumped up: “Wait a while before hanging up, let me have a look.”

    Actually you won’t show it? Qi An’an poked Jiang Lu on the waist in disbelief, his tone very dissatisfied. Jiang Lu is not a lover, she has almost never heard him speak sweet words.

    However, she has heard many roommates’ boyfriends, and what Yu Tianyang said to Ji Ruomeng in the past two days, and sometimes secretly thought, if these words were spoken from Jiang Lu’s mouth, It must be sweet to her heart.

    It’s alright now, Jiang Lu finally wrote it down, and he didn’t even show it to her!

    Qi An’an felt angry for a while, but looking at Jiang Lu’s red earlobes, he couldn’t help pursing his lips and laughing. Forget it, he was so shy.

    But I still have to tease him: “Jiang Lu, you’re so stingy, you don’t give me…”

    Before he finished speaking, Jiang Lu had already hung up the little red card, not giving a chance to react, holding her face in both hands, and kissing Just fell down.

    Covering her blushing lips, she moved slightly.

    He would not tell her that he had done his homework in advance, and he also brought her to the love tree on this road. Some people say that after hanging up the wooden sign, you have to kiss under the love tree to pray for blessings more effectively. He does not believe in ghosts and gods, but at this moment he is willing to offer all his piety.

    Jiang Lu touched Qi An’an’s soft lips and tongue, and gently deepened the kiss, his hand changed to embrace her slender waist, and the other hand held her back of the head, leaving her nowhere to hide.

    Qi An’an was so dizzy by Jiang Lu’s kiss. As soon as she kissed her

Hajime was still distracted, thinking that if Jiang Lu didn’t peck her lips at the touch of a touch, then the kiss would be a long, long time based on past experience…

    Later, she didn’t have the time to think about it, consciousness. Before the blur, the only thought in Qi An’an’s mind was that although Jiang Lu didn’t speak sweet words, his ability to act was definitely incomparable.

    The wind in the valley echoed in my ears, and the wooden sign made a crisp sound.

    The time of this moment is fixed for eternity.

    He leaned forward and kept plundering and lingering on her lips. In the interlaced breathing, the last bit of anxiety in my heart disappeared without a trace.

    Jiang Lu thought that he would hold her in the palm of his hand and protect her properly throughout his life.

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