MFTIV: Ch 59

  In the next two days, they went to the scenic spots in the city. On the fourth day, they had to take a car to the five-a scenic area far away from the city, so they came back early that night. We talked about meeting days and planned to go early. Sleep, recharge your energy for tomorrow’s trip.

    After sleeping in the same bed for the past two days, Qi An’an is not as shy as she was at first. She walked out in a striped bunny pajamas after the shower and saw Jiang Lu working with a notebook on the desk by the window.

    Qi An’an ran over with a smile, leaning forward and looking at it, and he glanced at her mouth, and it turned out that they were similar to those on her brother’s computer, those tables and stock price charts that she didn’t know anything about.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an with a blank face, smiled and kissed her on the cheek: “It’s so cold, go get the quilt covered, let the temperature down today, I will finish it right away.”

    Today is indeed colder than the previous two days, and the wind outside is very cold. The big, blowing leaves rattle. Qi An’an shrank between the cold quilt, feeling that he couldn’t warm the quilt anyhow, but the heat in his body was sucked away.

    Fortunately, Jiang Lu quickly turned off the computer and came over. As soon as he came in, his high body temperature immediately rescued Qi An’an.

    Without him having to reach out and hug, Qi An’an consciously pressed it over: “Jiang Lu, it’s so cold today.”

    Jiang Lu subconsciously hugged her tighter, and grabbed her two small hands against his chest.

    Qi An’s stepped into the foot, with one hand pointing upwards dishonestly, until he touched Jiang Lu’s exposed neck. His skin was warm, and he immediately covered her cold fingertips.

    “Don’t make trouble for An’an.” Jiang Lu’s voice was a little tight, and slowly took her hand off and put it back in place.

    “Listen, Jiang Lu, it seems that it’s raining outside.” Qi Anan only heard it now because the wind had been blowing. At this moment, there was not only the sound of wind, but also the sound of rain.

    As if to prove that Qi An’an’s words were true, as soon as she finished speaking, there was a thunder in the sky.

    Qi An had a rest, subconsciously stretched out his hand to hug Jiang Lu, and put a sticker in his arms.

    “Afraid?” Jiang Lu’s voice rang above her head, and then he gently patted Qi An’an on the back: “Not afraid, it’s just thunder.”

    Huh? This seems to be different from what she has always known. Isn’t Jiang Lu most afraid of thunder? Qi An’an shrank in Jiang Lu’s arms and was a little puzzled-he was clearly not afraid now, could it be because he was not so afraid when he grew up? But he remembered that Jiang Lu should still have a deep fear of thunder until the end.

    Maybe it’s because he has grown up and hides his inner emotions better. Qi An’an thought so and felt sorry for him even more. He stretched out his arm to touch the top of his hair, and gently put his hand on his ear: “You Don’t be afraid.”

    Jiang Lu smiled, what’s so scary about him. Although he was extremely afraid of thunderstorms, he was completely healed by the girl in his arms.

    He took Qi An’an’s hand down, put it in the quilt and covered it: “Don’t stretch it out, it’s cold outside. Go to sleep.”

    Not letting her cover his ears, Qi An’an tried his best to put his arms around Jiang Lu’s waist and said Gradually fall asleep after good night.

    Jiang Lu quietly listened to the thunder in the sky. Although he was not afraid, he still remembered some long-lasting memories with the sound. These things are not very good. He closed his eyes and told himself that everything is the past. He never had to look back, just walk forward and protect his most precious baby.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Lu lowered his eyes to look at Qi An’an’s peaceful sleeping face. He leaned over, kissed and kissed her lips gently, then pressed her hair, closed his eyes and fell asleep.


    Thunder is rolling in the sky, and lightning illuminates the curtains from time to time.

    Jiang Lu looked at the scene before him blankly.

    In the rain and fog, a thin figure ran forward, without an umbrella, her long hair was dampened by the rain, and she was a little messy draped behind her.

    An An?

    He stared at that figure blankly, and suddenly ran with all his strength, following her into the lobby of a company.

    The security guard in the lobby saw her coming in and immediately reached out to stop her: “Our president has ordered you not to come in here.”

    Jiang Lu approached, but no one could see him.

    He heard her whisper: “Please, I will meet him and say a few words at the same time.”


    “Didn’t I explain it? If this person comes over, you don’t need to be nice to her. Speaking kindly will make her suffer a bit and grow her memory.” A soft voice came.

    Qi Zhen…

    Jiang Lu looked at the source of the sound with scarlet eyes.

    Qi Zhen is wearing a well-cut windbreaker and stiletto heels on her feet. She has exquisite make-up and walks up to her in style.

    He smiled and said: “Qi An’an, I didn’t expect you to have today too. Wasn’t it arrogant back then? How does it feel to be desolate now?”

    Qi An’an lowered his head and said nothing.

    Qi Zhen’s eyes dazzled, and suddenly he grabbed her hair: “What are you still proud of? Why, haven’t you realized the reality yet? You have nothing, and now you only deserve to be stepped on by me! It depends on whether I’m willing to step on you and dirty my shoes. Qi An’an, you’d better realize your current situation earlier and have a few soft words with me.”

    She smiled freely and said, “But even You beg me, you have to look at my mood, you offended me so cruelly at the beginning, do you still expect me to let you go now?”

    Jiang Lu red eyes, rushed to grab Qi Zhen’s wrist, but his hands were like nothingness. After passing through Qi Zhen, he didn’t catch anything no matter how hard he tried.

    Jiang Lu’s heart fell straight. He doesn’t exist in this scene, he just can see… the future.

    Qi Zhen’s hands are very hard to

She smiled slightly at the painful and struggling appearance of the person in front of her, she let go of her hand, and at this moment round round arm gave Qi An’an a slap in the face.

    “This is what you owe me. Remember how you treated me back then? You may not remember how much humiliation I suffered in your villa, but I keep everything in my heart. I swore at that time that sooner or later I will double all these humiliations to you. This is just the beginning.”

    Qi An’an covered his face and said in a low voice, “May I go in.”

    Qi Zhen He laughed happily: “Do you want to see him and talk to him? Okay.”

    “Can’t you see that my shoes are a bit dirty? Wipe me clean and I’ll let you go.”

    “Really? “


    Qi An’an stayed for two seconds, slowly squatted down. Going forward, retracted his hands into his sleeves, and used his cuffs to wipe Qi Zhen’s shoes.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were red and he could barely breathe. He went to hug her to help her in vain, but he couldn’t make any sound when he wanted to call her name. Witnessing such a scene with his own eyes is no less than a stab in his heart.

    Finally, Qi Zhen nodded: “Well, if you want to see him, go up, but for the sake of us as sisters, I want to remind you. If you go, you will be insulted.”

    Qi An’an went up. Up.

    He followed her all the way forward, clenched his fists tightly, he wanted to see with his own eyes, he wanted to know who it was.

    In the bright and spacious office, the man sits on the sofa with his legs folded in a casual and lazy posture. His face was too vague, he couldn’t see his appearance at all, and he could only vaguely identify him as a young man.

    However, Qi An’an was already trembling.

    Jiang Lu’s heart was cut with a knife, An An was extremely afraid of this man, but she would rather bear Qi Zhen’s insult, and see this man too, she…

    He looked at Qi An’an dumbly walking over with a chill, and suddenly knelt at the man’s feet: “Please let me go, please let me go…” It

    ‘s this dream… This dream is again. Appeared…

    She said again: “You forgive my brother, he is all for me, the damn person is I am not him, if you want to get revenge, just come at me alone, don’t hurt my brother…please Please, please…”

    Jiang Lu watched wistfully beside him, he wanted to see the man’s face clearly! He wants to pull this person out of the corpse!

    But in the end, he only heard a somewhat ethereal voice that seemed to be through a water mill: “Get out and kneel, you stained my floor.”

    … When

    Jiang Lu woke up, there was a thunder in his ear.

    He was shaking, and subconsciously tightened his hands, only to realize that he was still holding a warm body in his arms.

    Qi An’an leaned in his arms, his long hair was slightly disheveled, and he slept peacefully. The corners of her lips were slightly upturned, she should be in a dream.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were hot, and he touched her left cheek with a trembling hand.

    The skin was smooth and tender, intact. Jiang Lu suddenly closed his eyes, furrowed his brows deeply, and pressed Qi An’an into his arms with some force.

    Excessive strength this time woke Qi An’an up.

    “Um…Jiang Lu…what’s the matter…” Qi An’an was soundly asleep, and suddenly woke up with unconscious mind, patted his body in a daze, and muttered to him.

    Jiang Lu’s heart was numb, and her eyes were astringent when she heard her soft and sleepy voice.

    His voice was as low as an aura: “I’m afraid…”

    “An’an, I’m afraid…”

    Although his voice was very low, Qi An’an still heard vaguely just in his ears. It was still raining outside, and thunder sounded from time to time. She stroked Jiang Lu’s back clearly and softly coaxed him: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here…”

    Qi An was too sleepy, but still patiently coaxed him: “Don’t be afraid… go to bed, you wo

    n’t hear you when you fall asleep …” No, falling asleep is the most terrifying thing.

    Jiang Lu was not drowsy. He opened his eyes with chills, staring at Qi An’an and gradually falling asleep again. For a long time, he gently embraced her in his arms, this time very carefully, and did not wake her up again.

    Jiang Lu gently printed a kiss on Qi An’an forehead, and after a while, he kissed again. He felt the real warm body temperature of the person in his arms, and his extreme fear gradually disappeared, but the scene in the dream was still clearly printed. In mind.

    He held Qi An’an’s gesture gently, but his eyes gradually became cold.

    Qi Zhen is actually Qi Zhen.

    Just as he had speculated before, Qi Zhen approached a character, and he dare to have such courage to insult his An An.

    He won’t let her go, let alone let her have the opportunity to dream about these things.

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