MFTIV: Ch 58

  Jiang Lu’s hair was half dry, and the tips of his hair were still dripping. He grabbed a towel and walked out while wiping it, but never thought Qi An’an was sitting on the sofa in the bedroom.

    Seeing him coming out, she stared at him unblinkingly.

    Suddenly, Jiang Lu’s hand stopped there, his brain went blank, and he didn’t know what to do next.

    But he couldn’t froze, he opened his lips slightly: “An An…”

    Qi Anan stopped watching Jiang Lu’s hand wiping his hair, and he looked at himself hesitantly, and immediately stood up very positively, with bright eyes: ” Do you want me to wipe your hair?”


    Qi An’an nodded, and sat back obediently, still looking at him.

    Jiang Lu felt a sense of unprovoked heat, Qi An’an wore a black and white striped cotton pajamas. There was also a quiet sleeping bunny printed on the front of the clothes. The hem just passed the thigh.

    Even if he doesn’t look at her now, he can’t get rid of the slender white legs when she stood up just now.

    Jiang Lu smiled bitterly. It wasn’t that Qi An’an had never seen Qi An’an wear a skirt before, but those scenes were different from now. It’s a quiet night at this moment, the bedroom with warm yellow lights, a big bed full of ambiguous breath, and the moisture in the room after taking a shower.

    Jiang Lu wiped his hair twice, hung the towel back to the bathroom, walked to Qi An’an and said in a low voice, “An’an, it’s late, I…”

    Qi An’an reached out and touched his hair twice. , Her hair was still slightly wet, she reminded: “Jiang Lu, your hair is not dry.” When

    she interrupted, Jiang Lu forgot what he was about to say, and mechanically nodded and repeated: “Well, it’s not dry.”

    Qi An’an smiled: “You can’t sleep if your hair isn’t dry, or you should have a headache the next day. Can I blow your hair for you?”

    Jiang Lu’s voice was difficult: “No, I’ll do it myself.”

    He turned back to the bathroom to blow his hair again. In the sound of the hair dryer, Qi An’an covered his heart with his hands, where his heart was beating wildly.

    She was really nervous. Before this trip, she had never expected the current situation. But it doesn’t matter now, anyway, the two of them… sooner or later.

    Qi An’an cooled her cheeks with the back of her hand for a while, then couldn’t help but smirk with her mouth, thinking dizzy, what did Jiang Lu just say to her?

    Her gaze fell on the most conspicuous big bed in the bedroom. Based on the theoretical experience of TV series and novels she had seen in the past, it was inferred that Jiang Lu was probably saying “An’an, it’s late, we should go to bed” just now.

    The more he thought about it, the more he felt reasonable. Qi Anxin said that Jiang Lu’s personality was introverted and he was also very shy. He must have gathered the courage to come over to talk to her just now, so don’t make it difficult for him.

    Thinking of this, Qi An’an consciously got up from the lazy couch, walked to the bed in two steps, rubbed his fingers, shyly lifted the corner of the bed and climbed up.

    She leaned on the soft back of the bed, looking in the direction of the bathroom, holding the pillow in her hand, one corner of which was tightly gripped.

    I should play with the phone for a while, but she dropped the phone on the sofa. Qi An’an originally wanted to go down and get it, but then the sound of the hair dryer stopped.

    Jiang Lu didn’t turn on the hot air. He already felt that the heat was unbearable. After blowing the cold wind on his hair for ten minutes, the fire in his heart gradually calmed down.

    Pushing the door out, Jiang Lu saw at a glance that his little girl didn’t know when she moved from the sofa to the bed.

    It’s really dying.

    When Qi Anan watched Jiang Lu walking in her direction, he was still surprised, why didn’t Jiang Lu come up from the other side? Thinking about this, she moved back to leave a place by the bed.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were deep for a moment, then he closed his eyes and walked over with a low sigh, kneeling on the edge of the bed with one leg bent.

    He leaned over and touched Qi An’an’s small face: “An’an, go to bed early.”

    Qi An’an looked at him, hugging the pillow tighter in his hand: “…Hmm.”

    His voice was very low: “I won’t move you, I’ll go to the next room.”

    Before Qi An’an could respond, Jiang Lu lowered his head to her forehead. He gave a light kiss, then turned and left.

    As soon as he left, all the nervous pink bubbles in the room disappeared. Qi An’an sat on the bed in a daze, still a little unresponsive. Why did Jiang Lu… just leave?

    Why doesn’t he sleep with himself?

    Qi An’an put down the pillows and lay down blankly. She stared at the ceiling without turning off the light. When she watched, she suddenly felt aggrieved in her heart.

    She was nervous and shy since noon. She couldn’t help thinking about what Jiang Lu would do at night. However, Jiang Lu finally went to sleep in the next room. There was only a family theater next to it, and there was only a hard tatami. How do you sleep?

    Qi Anan felt that she must have been spoiled by Jiang Lu, because Jiang Lu was responsive to her, because Jiang Lu had never shown her back. She felt very wronged just once when he left.

    After tossing and turning for ten minutes, Qi An’an was not drowsy at all. Finally she turned over and sat up, spoiled spoiled, anyway, it was Jiang Lu spoiled, he was responsible.

    Qi An’an stepped on his slippers and pushed the door out, then walked to the door of the opposite room and hesitated again. In the end, she knocked on the door, and her voice sounded extraordinarily soft in the silent night: “Jiang Lu.” The

    door opened within a few seconds, and Qi Anan knew that Jiang Lu must have not fallen asleep, so he came. quick.

    Jiang Lu couldn’t see Qi An’an’s expression clearly. Although he couldn’t tell what happened, his heart burst, his brows were slightly twisted, he held her in his arms and patted: “What’s the matter?”

    Such a gentle

Embracing, with such a low-pitched tone, Qi An’an was even more aggrieved. She broke free from his arms and asked in a low voice, “Why did you go?”

    Her voice was very low and pitiful, like an abandoned child. .

    Jiang Lu’s heart sank and he leaned slightly to meet Qi An’an’s sight. There was no light in the corridor and the light was dim. He reached out and touched Qi An’an’s face, and he felt wet tears as expected.

    Suddenly Jiang Lu panicked: “An’an, don’t cry.”

    He hurriedly coaxed people clumsily: “It’s all my fault, don’t cry, don’t cry.”

    Qi Anan asked again, “Why don’t you stay with me? Together?”

    Jiang Lu carefully wiped her tears and hugged her silently, but didn’t know where to start. How would he explain to her, how fierce struggle he had in his heart to force himself out of that room?

    Qi An’an didn’t break free this time, and let Jiang Lu hold him quietly, without asking him to explain. In fact, just now when she saw Jiang Lu’s eyes full of dismay, she knew that he respected herself. She loves him so much, but… but he shouldn’t leave anyway.

    Forget it, Qi An thought to himself, she had never been willing to embarrass Jiang Lu for so many years, not to mention his starting point was her.

    Qi Anan leaned on Jiang Lu’s shoulders and looked behind him. There was only one tatami in the room, not to mention pillows and quilts. There was no cushion on it. Even if he wants to sleep here, he can’t be so pitiful, he doesn’t care, she still feels distressed.

    Thinking of this, Qi An’an turned around, planning to go back to the bedroom and get a bedding for Jiang Lu. However, Jiang Lu misunderstood her as soon as she moved, and immediately hugged her from behind: “An An! Don’t go, I…”

    He whispered: “I was wrong An An, don’t be angry with me.”

    I looked like Are you angry? I didn’t. Qi An’an was about to explain, he felt that Jiang Lu held her tighter.

    He said: “Don’t be angry, I…I…can I go back?”

    His voice was dumb, with a trembling sound that was hard to find, as if something terrible and irreparable could happen if he stayed in this hut tonight.

    Qi An’an didn’t expect to scare Jiang Lu like this, so angry and funny in his heart, he raised his hand to cover Jiang Lu tightly around the back of his hand: “Come back, I didn’t drive you away.”

    Jiang Lu followed Qi An’an. Entering the room, perhaps because the night is quiet and the senses are particularly clear, the elegant fragrance of her body lingers in this room.

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, silently watching Qi An’an climb onto the bed, the expression on his face was as cute as the rabbit on her clothes.

    Under the horror just now, he didn’t have time to think about it, and he didn’t think there was any way out until he stood in the middle of this room. He understands An An’s feelings for him, but he still feels a little uncomfortable.

    Fame, this may be something most young people don’t make a fuss about, but he can’t let go of the shackles.

    Even though no one would mention anything in his ears anymore, the stain on his body had penetrated into his bone marrow, and he knew it in his own heart without being reminded by others.

    But compared to these, he didn’t want his little girl to cry.

    Jiang Lu thought to himself, forget it, he should behave a little bit, don’t offend her abruptly, it should be just…

    He walked over, the mattress collapsed silently, and he was closer to the source of the sweet fragrance.

    Jiang Lu whispered: “An’an, then I’ll turn off the lights.”

    Qi An’an buried half of his face in the soft pillow, looked at Jiang Lu and nodded: “Yeah.”

    Jiang Lu raised his hand and pressed the bedside switch. The room was dark and silent.

    He felt soft and pity, An An was lying beside him, he didn’t dare to leave her alone, and he didn’t have that kind of self-control at all.

    Jiang Lu stretched out his hand and moved it bit by bit, and touched Qi An’an’s fingertips. She didn’t hide, but put it there obediently and let him hold it.

    Jiang Lu sighed in his heart, hooked his long arm, and completely grabbed Qi An’an in his arms.

    “An An, are you still angry with me?”

    “I’ve never been angry with you.” The

    night was dark, the bed was soft, and the senses and voices were all amplified. Her voice is sweeter and softer, and her body is thin and petite.

    Jiang Lu sighed softly: “Then I cried.” Do you know he hurts? His fingers had just wiped her tears, and now they felt hot and almost eroded the skin.

    Qi An’an moved in his arms, his arms were warm and safe, and he was extremely comfortable against him: “I didn’t cry.” She refused to admit it, and poked his chest with her finger.

    It wasn’t because Qi An’an was angry with him that she cried, Qi An’an quietly curled her lips in the dark, or because he was too gentle, who could resist coaxing her like this.

    Jiang Lu grabbed her hand and kissed her lips gently: “Go to sleep, I will never let you cry again.”

    He hugged her and withdrew slightly, for fear of Qi An’an. Found his irresistible reaction. But he didn’t dare to go any further now, lying on the bed and hugging her like this was already his greatest tolerance for himself.

    He was all dirty, and only a small ball in his arms was the cleanest, which could cleanse his soul, and he was reluctant to touch it.

    Qian An blur between sleeping and waking consciousness, faintly hear Jiang Lu whispered: “Ann, you will not be mad at me after you.”

    He seems to be otherwise, very wonderful, Qian An muddy Chaos and chaos, but immediately understood what he meant.

    She stretched out her hand around Jiang Lu, patted him on his back, and whispered softly: “I am yours, I only like you.”

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