MFTIV: Ch 57

When Qi An’an first walked in, she was only attracted by the environment of the homestay. After looking around, I really felt that Yu Tianyang picked it well. Only after he finished saying this did he realize that Yu Tianyang and Ji Ruomeng were planning to live together.

    Ah, she originally thought it was a girl living in one room and a boy living in one room, but this…it’s normal. Qi An’an has never lived or slept in a bed with Jiang Lu, so she didn’t react before.

    She… it doesn’t matter if she goes upstairs or downstairs, Qi An’an looks at Jiang Lu, it depends on what Jiang Lu likes.

    Jiang Lu glanced at Qi An’an’s eyes, his brain was blank for a short time, is there any difference between upstairs and downstairs?

    Thanks to the environment in which he grew up, he has always had a deep resistance and resistance to the love of men and women until he met Qi An’an. He tasted the love that was unconscious and deepened. He couldn’t help but want to hug her, kiss her, and of course he wanted to… want her.

    But deep in his heart, he still felt that he was extremely dirty from musculoskeletal to blood. With such a body, let alone touching her, even if he was lying on the same bed with her, Jiang Lu was afraid that An An would be tainted.

    If he gets married and An An becomes his wife, and if she doesn’t dislike herself, he would dare to cross this bottom line to touch her. But just lying on the same bed with her now, wouldn’t it just be offensive to his girl?

    Seeing Jiang Lu’s silence, Yu Tianyang reacted a little. He had known before that the two progress bars were slow, but he didn’t expect it to be so slow now.

    Yu Tianyang and Ji Ruomeng exchanged glances and saw Ji Ruomeng’s expressions of thinking in the same way.

    Could it


    they understood each other’s guesses, and Yu Tianyang cleared his throat and spoke first: “Then, then if you don’t care, can we choose first?”

    He put “you” and “us” “They all increased their tone, expressing his determination not to be separated from Ji Ruomeng. That’s right, he knew that Ji Ruomeng should be willing to live with Qi An’an, but he certainly didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with Jiang Lu, and of course Jiang Lu would definitely not want to.

    Two couples go out to travel, how can they be so clean. After Yu Tianyang finished speaking, he immediately decided, and the arrangement was clear: “Okay, let’s live downstairs, you live upstairs, don’t you have any opinions?”

    They all finished their picks. Of course, Qi An’an had no opinion, and smiled and nodded: “Okay, let’s move the luggage upstairs.”

    Yu Tianyang and Ji Ruomeng nodded together, watching Jiang Lu move upstairs with the suitcase stiffly, Qi An’an followed him as he went up the steps. Turning back and exhorting: “You guys pack up quickly, we’ll go out and play after we pack up.” The

    two of them went up, and the two downstairs were still stiff.

    “Brother Yang, do you think this is okay?” Ji Ruomeng was a little worried, “Or I and An An can go to sleep upstairs, you and Jiang Lu hahaha…you two will just chant.”

    “It’s available . Well, he would rather play on the floor next to Qi An’an than sleep with me. Besides, I’m still not happy with him.”

    Yu Tianyang moved the luggage into the house and took Ji Ruomeng’s hand over. “We’re going out to play for five days. I won’t see you for five nights. I won’t do it.”

    Ji Ruomengle said, ” Isn’t it normal to see you when I go to school?”

    “Isn’t that normal? Come out to play during the holiday,” Yu Tianyang laughed for a while, then whispered, “I don’t care, the two of them are really annoying. It stands to reason that they should be old couples and old wives. Why do you have such a refreshing relationship when you are in love? Oh, I said. My child, don’t worry about it. It’s time to create opportunities for the children.”


    The first stop of the afternoon tour, they went to an alley with retro folk customs.

    This alley has a long history, and has now been transformed into a lively commercial street. The antique shape retains the aftermath of history. It is the holiday season, with tourists like weaving and bustling like a shopping mall.

    Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng held hands and plunged into the crowd and rushed forward. Jiang Lu smiled helplessly and resigned to follow. There are so many people here, he doesn’t feel relieved if he doesn’t hold it.

    Fortunately, they didn’t go far, they just watched people braiding their hair in front of a stall in front.

    It was a small stall with various thin threads hanging on the shelves. The girls who were interested just sat down and asked the stall owner to weave the gold and silver threads into their hair. When they walked around, the hair had fine shattered light, which was particularly beautiful.

    Qi An’s heart was moved, and he bent over and carefully picked the color there.

    “An An, what color do you like? Hmm… I think the red dress you are wearing today should be golden.” Ji Ruomeng compared a few colors to Qi An’an’s hair, then felt his own hair and thought: “I What color do you want…Oh no, I may not be able to. My hair is all curly, and after weaving it, it won’t match the whole thing…”

    “Two little sisters, excuse me?” Ji Ruomengzheng As she said, suddenly a strange voice interrupted her beside her. Looking up, it was a young boy looking at Qi An’an.

    His face was a little red, and he plucked up the courage to say, “May I ask for your contact information?”

    Qi An’an turned around and stood up straight, apologized to him and smiled, and said seriously, “I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

    Boy Xiaoxiao A step forward on the ground: “I just want to…”

    Qi An’an backed back in time, her smile diminished: “My boyfriend is going to be jealous.”

    She looked in the direction behind the boy, and the boy turned his head back with feeling.

    Jiang Lu saw someone struggling with Qi An’an, his pace was a little faster than before. He was tall and straight. He was cold and handsome, and his eyes were picturesque, but his expressionless face made his breath a little oppressive.

    Jiang Lu only glanced at the boy, the boy stepped back awkwardly and


    He didn’t look at him anymore, and walked forward to naturally hold Qi An’an’s hand, using his body to isolate the boy from looking at her.

    Ji Ruomeng shrugged aside and waved his hand slightly at the boy. Let’s go quickly, can’t he smell this jealousy?

    The boy was still a little stunned, Jiang Lu turned his head and lifted him a glance.

    Qi An’an didn’t know what Jiang Lu’s expression was, anyway, the man walked away with embarrassment. She tugged at Jiang Lu’s finger, and he looked over slightly.

    Not happy yet.

    Qi An’an raised his head and smiled at Jianglu, with bright pupils. Jiang Lu looked at her, and finally couldn’t help but squeeze the tip of her nose at the corner of her mouth, “Don’t run around.”

    “I know, how did I behave just now? Is it all your true story back then?”

    Qi An’an wants to come now. It was also funny. When the freshman year was just beginning, she went to find Jiang Lu and happened to run into a girl who confessed to him. At that time, Jiang Lu’s expressions made Qi An’an dumbfounded. He frowned as if he was facing an enemy, his expression was unusually indifferent, and his tone was very blunt: “I have a girlfriend.”

    At that time, the girl turned her head and left.

    Jiang Lu’s smile deepened, and with a little effort he wrapped her entire little hand: “Yeah.”

    It would be better if you didn’t smile at that person, Jiang Lu thought.

    Now Yu Tianyang also followed, Ji Ruomeng hooked his shoulders: “An An, you can braid your hair here, I’m too lazy to curl this one up, let’s go for a stroll and see what’s delicious. Yes, we will meet up in a while.”

    They left, and Yu Tianyang looked back and asked strangely: “I think it’s pretty quick to braid your hair. It’s only five minutes. Let’s wait a while.”

    Ji Ruomeng slapped him with his elbow: “Did you not see that the boss who braided the hair is a man.”

    “What ‘s wrong with the man?”

    Ji Ruomeng laughed twice, then changed his face in one second: “Move you. Think about it for your dog’s brain.”

    Yu Tianyang really started to think.

    Half a minute later, Yu Tianyang said: “Oh.”


    Qian An’an finally chose the golden line, Jiang Lu waited for her to pick it, and stretched out his hand and said, “Give it to me.” In

    his section, the stall owner just wanted to lift it. Before he could speak, Qi An’an asked in surprise, “Jiang Lu, you know how to braid your hair?”

    He hadn’t done it before, but after seeing two of them just now, he felt a little bit in his heart. It was not difficult. .

    Jiang Lu whispered, “I’ll try.” The

    stall owner was also a young man, and he rubbed his hands joyfully: “If you don’t need me to make up, then you can pay the line directly.”

    Jiang Lu nodded: ” Hmm.”

    Qi An’an sat down obediently and handed the gold thread to Jiang Lu expectantly.

    After that, she has had more hairstyles since she went to college. Although sometimes she still has a ball on her head, she also wears her hair from time to time.

    She has a good hair, fluffy and dense, with a little curling at the end of her hair. Jiang Lu took a bunch of hair and wound the golden thread around the bunch of hair as he had just seen.

    He whispered: “If it hurts, tell me.”

    “It doesn’t hurt at all.” Qi An’an shrank her neck slightly, Jiang Lu’s warm fingers interspersed in her hair, and she could even feel his caution. Every strand of hair is unwilling to use force, wherever I can feel the pain, it is very itchy.

    She giggled and looked up at him: “Itchy.”

    Jiang Lu moved his hand, with a soft eyebrow: “It’s almost done.”

    The owner of the meeting was a little empty, so he took a look and immediately guided enthusiastically: “No. , This braid is too loose. You have to hold your hair up and hold it tightly every time.

    Jiang Lu said, “Yeah,” and still

    go his own way. Ruzi is not teachable, the owner shook his head and left.

    Towards the end, the golden thread has gradually been woven into the hair. Although it is not tight, it is lazy and loose. Qi An’an’s head is beautiful, which is also very beautiful.

    Jiang Lu held the last bit of hair, his heart moved slightly.

    Since the last time he had that unforgettable horrible nightmare, he has taken heart, and checked himself and Qi Yan’s side by bit for the threatening people, but there has been no gain.

    Although he hasn’t dreamed of a similar situation for more than half a year, he will not relax his vigilance. The

    remaining gold threads are all wrapped around the end of the hair and knotted. After Jiang and Lu have compiled them, Qi An’an can’t wait to stand up and look left and right in front of the mirror. “Jiang Lu, why are you so amazing! It’s so good-looking, sure enough smart people do everything well.” The

    stall owner sneered: “It looks good, it’s so beautiful.” Although it looks good, it’s too loose. He just made up It can last a lifetime without dismantling.

    Jiang Lu’s results are indeed completely different from those compiled by the chief editor, but Qi An’an just thinks that Jiang Lu’s compilation is good.

    Everyone has the same aesthetics. After the meeting, Qi An’an’s hair was praised by Ji Ruomeng in various ways. Qi An’an smiled and took out two threads from her bag and handed them to her: “Mengmeng, I bought you two colors. After your hair won’t curl up, you can use it to braid it at any time.”

    “Ah—-” Ji Ruomeng hugged Qi An’an and rubbed violently: “An An, why are you so good!”

    She looked at Jiang Lu with her arms akimbo: “You were actually carried away by you! Say, is my An An a little angel?”

    There is no denying that Jiang Lu Nodded: “Yes.”

    They got up early and took the plane, and they wandered around until 8 o’clock in the evening. After eating, they went back to the place of accommodation to wash themselves, and plan to sleep and refresh themselves.

    In fact, Yu Tianyang booked a good place. The upstairs and downstairs are completely isolated, giving everyone a private space.

  “Why don’t we go upstairs? Let’s watch a movie together?” Ji Ruomeng suggested to Yu Tianyang. Anyway, there is a small cinema on the second floor, which is just an excuse.

    Yang earnest in the day: “Oh, the children have grown up, we should let go is up, and sooner or later you do not have to when it comes down They remain alone in a row, and do not control.?.”

    It also It makes sense, Ji Ruomeng glanced upstairs and didn’t worry about it anymore.


    Qi An’an was sitting on the lazy couch by the bed, holding the phone and couldn’t get in. She just finished the shower, because she was not willing to remove her hair, so she washed quickly.

    Jiang Lu was not in this bedroom when she came out just now. Qi An’an went to call him in the opposite cinema room, and saw that his ears were crimson, and he agreed in a low voice, grabbing his clothes and lowering his head to take a bath.

    Huh… Jiang Lu seems to be more nervous than her, Qi An’an secretly laughed, it is true that this incident was a bit sudden for them, and it is inevitable to be nervous.

    Just thinking about it, the water in the bathroom stopped, and Jiang Lu opened the door and walked out.

    He was wearing a black T-shirt and shorts, with wide shoulders and long legs, with a clean and refreshing masculine breath on his body.

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