MFTIV: Ch 56

 The environment of this community is very good. Although it is in a prime location, the outside is noisy and bustling, but when you enter the gate, it is mysteriously isolated from the sound, and it looks private and quiet inside.

    The environmental design here is also very exquisite, the exterior walls of the building are bright, simple and generous, with complete infrastructure and abundant greenery. Qi An’an walked and watched and said that he was ashamed of the fact that the city’s peach blossoms, where housing prices are so high, still has its truth.

    Jiang Lu brought Qi An’an to a two-story duplex building. When he took the key to open the door, Qi An’an was a little confused—Jiang Lu’s friends were quite open-minded and gave him all the keys at home, but Jiang Lu’s character How can you really take it? Moreover, it is not something he would do to open the door with the key without knocking.

    When the door opened, Qi An’an glanced inside, as if he had understood something with hindsight.

    This is a new house that has just been renovated, and there is no trace of living in it yet. The decoration of the house is warmer, mainly beige and white. This is the time when the sun is full. The sunlight shines in from the large French window in the living room, making this house more warm and peaceful.

    Qi Anan looked at the off-white floor tiles inside, then at the little black leather boots on his feet, and finally looked at Jiang Lu innocently: “Jiang Lu, my shoe soles are a bit dirty.”

    Jiang Lu smiled, holding her by. The little hand walked in: “Come in.”

    Seeing Qi An’an wanted to kick off the shoes, Jiang Lu stopped, and gently squeezed her cheek: “The floor is dirty and you can wipe it. What should I do if I catch a cold?”

    He hesitated, his ears were slow Red rose slowly: “Anyway, this is your thing, don’t be embarrassed.”

    Although Qi An’an understood a little bit in his heart, she was still a little surprised when she heard Jiang Lu personally say “This is yours.”

    This is hers? This is a gift from Jiang Lu for her…birthday?

    Qi An’an’s heartbeat speeded up, and she walked a few steps in a daze, and looked around this well-decorated house. She remembered that once before, Jiang Lu asked her which city she would like to stay in in the future.

    She thought this way at the time. She didn’t have a deep attachment to City S. She only had Qi Yan as a relative, and Qi Yan could not settle down in City S for a long time because of work. It doesn’t matter where she lives, Qi Yan You can visit her.

    But for Jiang Lu, let alone that he has no attachment to that city, he should have no good impression. After all, there is his dark childhood and painful teenage years. He has suffered too many grievances and tortures there. He shouldn’t want to stay in S City.

    So Qi An’an replied like this at the time: “Which city do you like? I like wherever you like.”

    Jiang Lu said, “I like all the cities where you are.” It doesn’t matter.

    But why Qi An’an was willing to let Jiang Lu be wronged? She thought about it. City A was the place where the two of them really began to fall in love, and it was also the starting point of Jiang Lu’s glorious life. They had to stay in City A for another four years, and she I also like this city.

    Thinking about this, Qi An’an asked: “Then we will stay in city a in the future, okay?”

    Jiang Lu answered “Yes” at the time. It is only today that Qi An’an understands the meaning behind the word “good”.

    “Jiang Lu, when did you do this?”

    Qi An’an finally reacted and ran over and hugged Jiang Lu’s waist, looking up at him: “Why didn’t you tell me, you are busy alone Are these troublesome?”

    She was hot in her heart, and she stumblingly thought, if it’s their home… then she or she didn’t do anything to help.

    “Of course, do not bother.” Jiang Lu facial features smiling, raised his arm slowly ring live Qian An, a little hard to hold fast:. “? Just pick the place before, I feel fairly fit here Ann, do you like it”

    Actually, As far as his ability is concerned, this house is a small one. He could buy a house larger than Qi An’an’s villa in S city. But after thinking about it, he didn’t buy a big villa like that. Although the house was big, it was a bit empty and cold. There were butlers and servants in it, so it didn’t feel like a home.

    In the end, the house he chose, although not so magnificent, was warm and delicate.

    Qi An’an’s heartbeat hasn’t completely calmed down yet, she buried her face on Jiang Lu’s chest, and gently rubbed his black cotton jacket: “Like it, I like it so much. But Jiang Lu…this gift is so expensive. “

    She felt distressed. Although she knew that Jiang Lu had already started a business and should have accumulated some assets, she didn’t know how much, and she didn’t inquire carefully. But the price of this house has been ridiculously high, and it’s still so big, will it use up all of Jianglu’s savings?

    Jiang Lu smiled slightly. He looked at Qi An’an with pity and leaned over her eyes and kissed gently: “It’s not expensive, this is your 18th birthday, I’m afraid I can’t give enough.”

    In fact, Qi Yan said It’s really good, An An doesn’t know anything, or stupidly gives him a heart. She was the jewel held by her brother in the palm of her brother who lived in a big villa since she was a child, but she didn’t care about his filthy origin, and it didn’t matter that he had nothing.

    He just gave her a small house, but she felt sorry for him, afraid he would spend money.

    Jiang Lu lightly pecked and kissed Qi An’an’s lips. Everything about him belonged to her. This was just the first thing he got on the bright side.

    “An’an, eighteen years old is different from other birthdays, you have grown up.” This is a birthday that spans from adulthood to adulthood. This gift may not be the most precious, but it is his unspeakable heart.

    Jiang Lu’s kiss was very light, and he was about to leave like a feather. Qi An’an suddenly stretched out his arm to hook his neck and

    kissed him on tiptoe .

He kissed his leaving lips.

    She wasn’t very good at it. Before, every kiss was dominated by Jiang Lu. Qi An’an took the initiative for the first time. He didn’t know how to pry open the other’s lips and licked it twice against his thin lips.

    Jiang Lu laughed, and then bent down slightly to facilitate Qi An’an’s unruly kiss. He opened his lips and gave it to her, but she still licked and bited indiscriminately.

    Jiang Lu didn’t have the patience to wait for her to learn for the first time, and the heart-to-heart, who was provoked, immediately regained the initiative and deepened the kiss hard.

    Qi An’an was dizzy by Jiang Lu’s kiss, and somehow thought of the restricted-level topic that the roommates talked about yesterday. When the kiss ended, she leaned against Jiang Lu’s arms and panted slightly, and asked in a shy voice, “Jiang Lu, when shall we live in?”

    Jiang Lu was taken aback and glanced at her.

    There is still a thin layer of water in Qi An’an’s eyes, and he is also looking at him brightly.

    This silly girl. Jiang Lu didn’t know what to do with her. He was angry and funny: “Well…before marriage.”

    Oh, before marriage. Qi An’an asked again: “When will we get married?”

    Jiang Lu was asked and smiled, gently touched the top of her hair, paused, and looked at her carefully: “We will get married when we graduate, okay? “

    Qian An’an finally blushed with such a soft tone of voice, and threw himself into Jiang Lu’s arms again and laughed. After a while, she felt that the expression was not clear enough, and looked up at him again: “Then it’s a deal.” It’s a

    deal. He also wanted to marry her back sooner, his An’an, no one would worry about taking care of him.

    Jiang Lu hugged the person tighter, and whispered in her ear: “Okay.”

    … The

    freshman year passed quickly, and I just got acquainted with this school, and a year passed without knowing it. In the second year, the freshness of the university faded a little, and the students started to think about going out and playing around during the holiday.

    During the November holiday, Ji Ruomeng asked Qi Anan and asked her if she was interested in traveling together.

    Both Ji Ruomeng and Yu Tianyang were admitted to City A. Ji Ruomeng’s school is the University of Science and Technology next to University A. The two schools are still very close. Yu Tianyang is miserable. His school is in the suburbs of City A. , But fortunately, a city is better than a long-distance relationship.

    “I have thought about it. Just the four of us, two men and two women, and two couples, it is very convenient to do anything. When four people eat, they can order two more dishes than two people, and they can eat more. It’s also a standard equipment for taxis. How about Baby An’an, think about it?”

    Qi An’an was very moved by Ji Ruomeng’s words. Obviously she has already done Yu Tianyang, and now it’s time for her and Jiang Lu:” I don’t have any problems, you wait and I will ask Jiang Lu’s opinion.”

    Ji Ruomeng patted his thigh: “Okay, you’re okay, then it’s okay.” She didn’t believe Jiang Lu’s opinion if she asked about it. When An An said he wanted to go, Jiang Lu would say “no” to An An.

    Qi An’an hung up the phone and ran to ask Jiang Lu. She was afraid that Jiang Lu would accommodate her, so she didn’t say that she wanted to go: “Jiang Lu, Mengmeng and Yu Tianyang are going to travel on vacation. Ask if we two should be together, you Do you want to go?”

    Jiang Lu looked into her eyes, smiled and said in a low voice, “Want to go.”

    Then it was settled so happily.

    Anyway, everyone was in city a, and the four of them had a meal together in the evening to determine the time, place and strategy of the tour.

    Yu Tianyang said: “Then we will book a hotel and you two will book air tickets. We will go separately and cooperate happily.” The

    Jianglu operation is very efficient, and four air tickets were booked that night according to the planned travel time. He didn’t even bother about the hotel after he booked the ticket. Although Yu Tianyang seemed to be upbeat, he was pretty reliable in terms of major issues.

    However, the facts proved that he was wrong. If he had known it, it would be impossible for Yu Tianyang to book the hotel.

    It was noon when they landed on the plane. After they got off the plane, they checked in after eating, and they could come back to rest after playing around in the afternoon.

    On the way to the hotel, Yu Tianyang began to tout himself: “You must praise my wisdom for a while, and enjoy the rainbow fart. The hotel I booked was really a lot of thought. Not only is the transportation convenient, but you can also enjoy it. The most important thing about the beautiful Jiangjing is that we have fully considered the needs of our two couples, and will satisfy you anyway.”

    Ji Ruomeng didn’t know what Yu Tianyang had ordered, but he was quite assured of his ability to do things: “You Having said that, it must be no problem. Don’t worry, little Yangzi, you are doing well, and rewards are indispensable for you.”

    Qi An’an was also very curious by Yu Tianyang, and he secretly poked and looked forward to it. Only Jiang Lu frowned slightly, and Yu Tianyang’s words always gave him a bad feeling.


    Yu Tianyang booked an internet celebrity homestay with a two-story bungalow structure and a warm wood-colored Japanese style. As soon as they walked in, Jiang Lu knew that his bad premonition had come true.

    After entering the house, you see a spacious living room, with a wooden partition on the south side of the living room, and a large double bed at the back. There is a delicate wooden staircase on the left hand side. After going up there are two rooms, the smaller one is the home theater hall, the larger one is the bedroom, and there is still a big double bed inside.

    “How about? Never stop? I hit the match at a glance.” Yu Tianyang took Ji Ruomeng’s shoulders and said with a generous smile to Jiang Lu and Qi An’an, “You two should choose first, or do you want to live upstairs? Live downstairs?”

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