MFTIV: Ch 55

  It was five forty-eight in the morning.

    Jiang Lu glanced at the time on the phone, then slowly put it down. He had already opened his eyes for four full hours.

    The latest news about chatting with Qi An’an was a “good night and good dream” she sent, followed by an emoticon pack of sleeping with a kitten, which was distributed at 11:33 last night.

    This is Qi An’an’s habit. She waits for him to fall asleep every day and sends him a “good night and good dream” after his breathing is steady, and then she hangs up the phone.

    Since An An “accompanies” him like this every day, he hasn’t missed a nightmare for a long time, let alone such a terrifying nightmare.

    Jiang Lu got up and quickly cleaned up, and walked out of the dormitory silently.

    The sky outside was gray, the sun came out late in the winter morning, and the sky was gray. Looking around, there were bare dead trees everywhere, and heavy and rotten branches standing quietly, far less fresh and bright than summer.

    Jiang Lu walked slowly, resisting his anxiety, calmly thinking about the nightmare that has always been like a maggot with bones.

    The first memory of the dream was Qi Yan’s defeat. He watched him limping and being taken away by the police with handcuffs on his hands. After repeating this dream several times, An An’s cries appeared. She squatted on the ground outside the gate of the sealed villa, crying like an abandoned kitten.

    In the beginning, she was so fascinated in the dream, and when she woke up she kept telling herself that it was not An’an, absolutely not. But there were more dreams, and he gradually became confused, and he woke up more and more uneasy.

    To this day, Jiang Lu feels that he should pay attention to his dream.

    People say that the sun is thinking and the night is dreaming, but he knows very well that he would never want to see Qi Yan go bankrupt, Qi family lost, An An lost his place to live, and he would never even think about making An An cry. , He couldn’t bear a single tear.

    Even though he had never believed in those mysterious and mysterious things, the doubts and anxiety that had been accumulated for too long caused Jiang Lu to have such thoughts in his heart–maybe his dream was a warning from the heavens for him.

    Since birth, other children have gained and lost, but he has never owned anything. Maybe God thought of him who was forgotten, and only that year gave him a gift that was so valuable that he would hold it in his hands.

    This is the luck he has accumulated in the first half of his life, and the treasure he has obtained in exchange for all the luck in the second half of his life.

    Jiang Lu stopped and slowly closed his eyes. It’s about Qi An’an, even if it is nonsense, he would rather trust it if it is not. Jiang Lu forced himself to recall the scene that horrified him and heartache last night.

    If someone really bullied An An, at least he and Qi Yan would not be able to watch. From the previous dreams, Qi Yan might have no way to protect An An.

    So what about him, where is he?

    How could it be possible to let An’an cry alone?

    Jiang Lu thought surely, unless he died.

    A cold wind blows, the campus is empty, all the wind rushes towards his body, Jiang Lu feels cold in his heart.

    He took out his cell phone and made a call.


    Qi Yan had just fallen asleep when he received the call. He picked up the phone and glanced at it, then pressed to answer: “Why are you calling so early? Is it An An?”

    “No, An An is fine.”

    Qi Yansong He sighed and got a little temper: “Mr. Jiang, I know it’s not too early at 6 o’clock, but I made the plan yesterday to make it as fast as 4 o’clock. If you don’t have a big deal, you can talk about it later.”

    “Don’t hang up. “Jiang Lu said, “How is your company’s operations these days? Is there a difficult opponent?” He knows Qi Yan, Qi Yan is very capable, and the company’s accounts are also beautiful, and there is absolutely no problem with long-term development. If he would go bankrupt and go to jail, someone must have designed him.

    “No, it was turbulent a while ago, but now it’s stable.”

    “You look a little bit inside and out.”

    “That …… you this,” Qi Yan puzzled, asked, “is not what you see recently?”

    Jiang Lu can not explain too much with him, but said:. “Anyway, keep in mind it.”

    No, Not only Qi Yan’s opponent, but also at him. When both of them are dead, others will be bullied on An’an.

    Jiang Lu raised his eyebrows deeply: “How is Qi Hong lately?”

    “How is he, you did the game last month and it broke.” Qi Yan didn’t feel sleepy this time, and he sat down. I got up, “His company has been swallowed by me, and now he owes tens of millions of debts, fraudulent money laundering… He has to sit in jail until death. You should have known this a long time ago.”

    “Didn’t he run away.” “

    Caught it. I caught it two days ago. I didn’t have time to tell you.” It

    can’t be Qi Hong. He has no chance of turning over. Jiang Lu asked again: “What is Qi Zhen doing recently?”


    “Are you free? Ask Qi Hong and ask Qi Zhen.”

    Jiang Lu rubbed his eyebrows irritably, but he didn’t feel Qi. Zhen alone really has the ability to bring down him and Qi Yan, even if she can approach a character, what the other person’s mind is, can they be an enemy for Qi Zhen and them. But anyone who comes out to do business can’t do such a stupid thing.

    If it weren’t for the two of them, Jiang Lu wouldn’t have known anyone else who could hate him and Qi Yan at the same time. However, he can interrogate slowly. Regardless of whether this person is already lurking by their side or will only appear in the near future, he will leave no room for a solution.

    He will not fail, and he will never let An An suffer any grievances.

    I have no relationship with Qi Yan

After talking, Jiang Lu planned to hang up: “I think too much, it’s okay.”

    “Hey, wait a minute, today An An’s 18th birthday, what did you give her?”

    Jiang Lu said, “It has nothing to do with you. “

    Qi Yan choked, gritted his teeth and said: “Although my sister is an adult, you are not allowed to touch her randomly, do you hear?”

    Jiang Lu still said, “It has nothing to do with you.” Before Qi Yan scolded, he hung up the phone. .


    A few days after school started, and it was the weekend again, Qi An’an got up a bit late, and it was past eight o’clock when he opened his eyes.

    There was a message from Qi Yan on the phone, wishing her a happy birthday, making a six-figure pocket money, and saying that she bought a diamond necklace.

    Qi An’an couldn’t help laughing, said “Thank you brother” and sent a bunch of emojis. Her brother is really a straight man. Every year, whether it is birthday or Chinese New Year, everything except money is basically jewelry.

    Qi An’an thought, his brother is twenty-eight, and he is still single now, and he has never talked about a single person. He has always raised his younger sister as a daughter, so he should be devoted to life-long events.

    She has to persuade him to take some time to find a girlfriend, and don’t be busy with work every day, work will never be finished.

    Just thinking about it, Jiang Lu’s WeChat came in.

    ——An An, are you awake?

    Qi Anan smiled: Just woke up.

    She was searching for a suitable emoji, and Jiang Lu sent the next WeChat message.

    ——Happy 18th birthday.

    Qi An’an was so sweet in his heart that he leaned on the pillow and stared at these lines without getting out of bed in a hurry.

    Jiang Lu never said sweet love words, nor did he send any emojis to coax people. But if she was so pretty, how she liked it how she liked it, and after watching it for a long time, she felt it was so staid to be cute.

    Jiang Lu said before that he would take her out on her birthday. Qi An’an had been looking forward to it for several days, and could not help asking him: Where shall we go in a while? I’m going to your dorm to see you now, OK?

    Jiang Lu immediately replied: No, you can go downstairs in half an hour. I will wait for you downstairs in your dormitory.

    Qi An’an laughed, returned a cheering emoji, and got out of bed to wash.


    Jiang Lu put away his cell phone, in fact, he didn’t tell the truth, he was already downstairs in the Qi’an dormitory. From six to eight, he stood for two full hours.

    But compared to the horrified dream before, he had been comforted and happy these two hours, at least he knew that his beloved girl was sleeping peacefully in the warm room in front, and he was guarding her.

    The last bit of fear in Jiang Lu’s heart gradually dissipated when she saw Qi An’an. She was wearing a white cotton suit and a beige woolen ball hat. When she walked out of the dormitory and saw him, she opened her arms and lunged at him.

    He stretched out his hand to hug her, and his empty heart was finally completely filled.

    “Jiang Lu, have you been waiting for a long time? Am I a bit slow today?”

    Qi An’an hugged Jiang Lu and touched his face, only to find that his skin was really cold and abnormal, and then went to catch his hand. , His fingertips are colder.

    Jiang Lu smiled and kissed the corner of her lips: “No, I just arrived.”

    “Why is that hand so cold?” Qi An’an smiled, cupping his hands with both hands and exhaling, “Is this warmer? ?”

    Jiang Lu looked at her and muttered, ” Yes .”

    It was warm.

    Qi An’an sighed for a while and rubbed his hand, finally warming Jiang Lu’s hand, and she excitedly asked, “Where are we going in a while?” It’s a

    rare experience that Jiang Lu has spoken to him for so long. She sells Guanzi: “Are you hungry? Eat first. You’ll know when you go.”


    Although Qi An’an was still very curious on the road, he still knew a little bit. Today is her eighteenth birthday. At the age of adulthood, Jiang Lu is definitely going to celebrate her birthday.

    Yesterday, when she talked about it in the dormitory, it immediately sparked discussions among the little sisters. In the end, everyone agreed that Jiang Lu was definitely going to give Qi An’an a romantic birthday date.

    At that time, the other three people in the dormitory were even more excited than Qi An’an herself, and gave her a detailed analysis of a series of sweet events that she was about to experience today.

    First of all, I must go shopping, of course I will buy and buy, and then I will book a high-end western restaurant, where I will have a sweet meal, maybe there will be live violin performances, and of course it will be a romantic one. After watching the romance movie, I walked up to the five-star hotel oversize big bed room.

    Qi Anan felt that what they said seemed quite reasonable, and the general process was indeed like this. Last night, he couldn’t help but blushed secretly.

    But when she was imagining where Jiang Lu would take her to go shopping, they stopped at the gate of a community.

    “Jiang Lu, is this your classmate’s home?” It shouldn’t be a relative’s house. Jiang Lu has no relatives who will visit. Maybe it’s a classmate or something, so he needs to come over first.

    Qi Anan looked at the gate of the community. She still had some impressions of this real estate. Before, it was very popular in City A because it was a prime location. It was next to the city center park and behind it was the famous bustling commercial street, adjacent to the school district and surrounding areas. The infrastructure is complete, and the developers have a good reputation.

    Qi An’an didn’t ask anything, and followed Jiang Lu obediently. Jiang Lu must have something important to come here first, and of course it is important to do business. They still have one day left anyway, so they are not in a hurry.

    Jiang Lu glanced at Qi An’an and knew what she was thinking. He was very soft-hearted, and he gently took her by the hand and led her to the community.

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