MFTIV: Ch 54

  Jiang Lu’s hand covering Qi An’an’s waist tightened, and he moved her close to him for two points: “An’an.”

    His voice was very low, his palms were hot, and Qi An’an blushed with his waist skin and face.

    “Huh?” He suddenly hugged himself, Qi An’an raised his head and looked at Jiang Lu.

    After reflecting where Jiang Lu’s eyes went, she felt a little bit of joy in her heart: Is Jiang Lu coming to kiss herself? Those

    in the TV series … The TV series in Qi An’an’s mind hasn’t started yet, Jiang Lu’s kiss has fallen.

    Jiang Lu kissed very tenderly, his lips pressed against Qi An’an’s lips and gently rubbed a few times, and then slowly deepened, tapping her teeth with the tip of his tongue, and prying away the tongue that hooked her tossed and twisted.

    His kiss was very careful and tight, and he didn’t want to add any strength.

    But Qi An’an still felt dizzy and leaned back uncontrollably. Jiang Lu smiled and held her back in time.

    He held her waist in one hand and her thick hair in the other, deepening the kiss tenderly and cherished.

    The evening breeze is very light, the leaves are exuding fragrant scents, and the twilight outside is full, and there are unknown insects screaming.

    TV series…

    TV series have become a paste.

    Qi An’an’s brain was blank, thinking about what he was thinking about just now, but couldn’t get the film anymore, she didn’t even know when Jiang Lu let go.

    Although Jiang Lu let go of her, he was not too far away from her, even their breathing was still interlaced.

    Jiang Lu squeezed the tip of her nose very lightly: “Breathe.”

    Oh, didn’t she breathe just now? It seems to be true, she is still panting now, but he is different, he looks like a okay person.

    Turns out… So this is the feeling of kissing…

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an’s smiling eyes. The kiss just left her eyes covered with a thin layer of water mist. He felt love and pity in his heart. Top kissed gently.

    “I originally wanted to…” He raised his head and froze again.

    Qi An’an’s voice was sweet: “Huh? What do you think?”

    He originally thought, don’t get too close to her, don’t be abrupt to her, only kiss her forehead and eye corners when you really can’t help it. He still wants her to go out and see more people, choose carefully, instead of silly treating him like a treasure.

    It doesn’t work anymore, he kissed her, and he won’t let it go in this life.

    “It’s nothing.” Jiang Lu rubbed Qi An’an’s red cheeks and bowed his head again.

    …… In the

    beginning of the September school season, Jiang Lu and Qi An’an went to a big report together.

    The day of the report also caused a sensation. Jiang Lu was admitted to a college as the provincial champion. Before the report, his name had been spread on campus.

    A: There are many champions in top universities, but provincial champions are so few every year, scattered all over the country, and they are still relatively scarce. When Jiang Lu came to report, many people came to see the style of the champion.

    This optimistic guy, the provincial champion is even better than a star.

    And she was holding one in her hand. The little girl was also delicate and lovely. She smiled softly and smartly, which made people couldn’t help but like it. After I asked, I knew that they were also high-achieving students who were admitted to the college of A this year. They just reported in the Department of Psychology and accompanied their boyfriend to the Department of Finance.

    The hearts of the onlookers were half-hearted. Several senior sisters had just sneaked a glance at the phone number on Jiang Lu’s registration information, and turned their heads sadly.

    Qi An’an had a foreboding that Jiang Lu would be very popular. He was so good-looking, with top-notch achievements, and he was the most dazzling presence among the crowd. And those negative labels on him were completely torn off after entering higher education. No one here knows his past, and even if they do, they won’t judge him with strange eyes.

    But he is so good. After the first half of the freshman semester, Qi An’an was not in the same college with him, and he had heard of his name from others.

    However, thanks to his blessing, Qi An’an is also famous. I heard that the most famous trait of this financial department’s student god is to protect food, and she is the well-known “food”.

    In the last quarter of the afternoon, Qi An’an had no class. She went to Jiang Lu’s classroom in advance to wait for him to finish school. When she walked outside the classroom, she saw a familiar person standing by the window.

    “Ding Xiangnan?” Qi Anan walked over, because she was still in class, she whispered in the corridor, “Why didn’t you have class in the classroom?”

    Ding Xiangnan is Jiang Lu’s roommate, speaking in a gentle manner, yes. Jiang Lu took good care of it. He saw Qi An’an, waved his hand at her, pushed his glasses and said, “It’s too boring inside, I’ll come out to breathe. Come and wait for Jiang Lu, class is about to end, our teacher usually dismisses class ten minutes early. “

    Qi An’an smiled at him: “Your teacher is really nice.”

    “Yeah, we can go to the cafeteria earlier to take a seat if we leave class early, otherwise there will be no seats when we go late.”

    Qi An’an nodded in agreement and stood on tiptoe. Looking in from the window, there were too many people in the classroom, her vision was blocked, and she didn’t see Jiang Lu for the first time.

    Ding Xiangnan smiled: “Jiang Lu sits in the third row from the bottom, but he must have seen you long ago.”

    Why? Qi An’an was a little surprised: “How do you know?”

    “Don’t you know? Oh, that was Jiang Lu never told you,” Ding Xiangnan explained to Qi An’an, “every time when class is about to end, he always goes out the window Look, and it’s only Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It should be that you haven’t had any class in the last quarter of the afternoon for these three days, right?”

    Qi An’s heart was sweet, nodded


    Ding Xiangnan also smiled. He went to school late and went back to school for another year. He was two or three years older than this year’s freshman. When he first met Jiang Lu, he felt that this person was not easy to get along with. Only when I saw Qi An’an I knew that was not the case, he would also laugh, and he gave all the tenderness to one person.

    He is old and always brings the identity of Big Brother: “Yes, he doesn’t look like a person who can talk about this. I guess he didn’t tell you about his insomnia, right?”

    Of course he didn’t say. Qi An’an was taken aback for a moment.

    Since knowing Jiang Lu, whether it was an injury or illness, she had to find out by herself before he would admit it by saying “It’s okay” and “It’s healed”. They didn’t live together again, and he couldn’t sleep well at night, Qi An’an really didn’t know.

    “Sure enough, he didn’t tell you that he is too fond of carrying things, but we all think he has insomnia a bit…” As the

    class was over, the students came out one after another.

    Jiang Lu was the first few to go out. He greeted

    Yu Xiangnan and went to hold Qi Anan’s hand: “Anan, let ‘s go.” Qi Anan waved to Ding Xiangnan, still thinking about what he said just now. Jiang Lu’s insomnia.

    After dinner, Jiang Lu took Qi An’an by the hand and walked on the campus. In the early winter night, the weather was slightly cool. Jiang Lu put Qi An’an’s hand in his palm. His body temperature was too high, and soon he warmed her little hand.

    Qi An’an didn’t walk well either, and instead of looking at the road, he kept staring at Jiang Lu.

    How does this make people go? Jiang Lu looked at her helplessly: “What’s wrong, An’an?”

    Qi An’an smiled at him: “My Jianglu baby looks really good-looking.”

    She is the most coaxing person. Know how to parry. Jiang Lu’s eyes were soft, and sometimes he wanted to speak back some soft love words, but he really wouldn’t say it.

    He didn’t know how to say, so he bent over and leaned over, wanting to kiss her.

    Unexpectedly, Qi An’an leaned back and raised his head and snorted, “I haven’t finished yet. Although he looks good, but not so good.”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “Why?”

    Qi An’an hugged his waist. Looking up at him: “You don’t sleep well and you always have insomnia, why don’t you tell me?”

    Jiang Lumo said for a moment: “I…”

    “What are you,” Qi An’an stretched out an index finger to poke him angrily , But all he got was hard abdominal muscles, and he was immediately unhappy: “Jiang Lu, you wear too thin, it’s winter now!”

    “I was wrong, I will wear thicker tomorrow,” Jiang Lu said in a very gentle voice. , Immediately confessed, and said, “Don’t listen to Ding Xiangnan’s nonsense, he is worried, and the words are too exaggerated.”

    Qi An’an didn’t believe it. On the contrary, she felt that Ding Xiangnan could not help but tell her that the situation must be serious.

    “I don’t care. I have already thought about it. We will talk to you at 11 o’clock in the evening. I will hear you fall asleep before going to bed. If you have insomnia, then I will accompany you. If it is too serious, go to the hospital. Look.”

    Jiang Lu said: “Nothing, no.”

    He didn’t know how Ding Xiangnan told Qi An’an that he did suffer from insomnia, but the frequency was not that great. For him, dreaming is more terrifying than insomnia. After awakening from a nightmare, he can no longer fall asleep.

    Over the past six months, the frequency of his nightmares has increased a lot compared to before. It turned out to be something that makes him uneasy to dream about once or twice a month, but now he will dream two or three times in half a month.

    In the dream, Qi family was defeated and Qi Yan was down. He couldn’t see An An’s face, he could only hear her crying and crying all the time.

    Even after waking up, he told himself in his heart that this was just a dream and had nothing to do with reality. But the same dreams that repeated for a long time also made him feel uneasy.

    “No, I want to be with you, will you not answer my call?” Qi An’an asked back, looking at him with a smile.

    Jiang Lu had nothing to say, how could he not answer her call.

    “So you won’t hang up my phone either.”

    Jiang Lu felt a pain in his heart. He couldn’t bear any of what she said today, and said in a low voice: “An An…”

    “If you don’t listen, it’s a deal. “


    Qian’an must do what he said, and he called Jiang Lu at eleven o’clock in the evening.

    Jiang Lu picked it up, Qi An’an urged him with a smile over there: “Jiang Lu, go to bed, I’ll be with you.”

    “Then you…”

    “Huh? What’s the matter?”

    Her sweet voice was in the night. It sounded particularly gentle, and Jiang Lu felt sour in his heart.

    “It’s okay.”

    His beloved girl is so good, he wished that he could not do everything to love her, and hoped that she would not come back to cry in his dreams in the future.

    After a child, dorm Zhangwen Fei detect a bit wrong: “Lu brother, you just do not answer the phone how do you not speak??”

    Jiang Lu “ah” sound, light, he said:. “She coaxed me to sleep,”

    words As soon as he finished speaking, he heard An An’s enduring laughter over there, and the accidental leak of a voice made him feel at a loss.

    I’m so talkative, Zhang Wenfei shut up sobbing. They all knew about Jiang Lu’s insomnia. Once he played a game until midnight, when he looked back and saw Jiang Lu’s eyes open, he thought he was quarreling him. After asking, he shook his head lightly, saying that it was insomnia.

    After several times, they all knew that Jiang Lu’s sleep quality was really poor.

    Wu Xiao next to him shouted a good guy, and immediately took out his mobile phone to call his girlfriend. His girlfriend was talking when school started, and they were all classmates. He didn’t sleep at the moment. Picking up

I asked in confusion, “Didn’t you say goodnight just now?”

    Wu Xiao said happily, “Can you coax me to sleep?”

    The girl on the other end of the phone was speechless. They had been in love for a few months. , This will curse stubbornly: “You still use me to coax you to sleep, and you use people to coax you to sleep? I can coax you, I don’t think you will be asleep after I start coaxing you.”

    They all dorms . Only the two of them have girlfriends and can eat two dog food at night. Zhang Wenfei looked at Ding Xiangnan unhappily: “Old Ding, you can bachelor yourself. I will leave the single next semester. I am not Chinese. “

    Dingxiang Nan said:” I wish you well, I guess I will be able to de-list the next week almost. “

    he glanced at the river land there, shook his head, a silent smile.


    Every night when he goes to bed, Jiang Lu puts his mobile phone by his pillow. Although the two of them didn’t speak, they felt the solid companionship, as if An An was right beside him.

    This kind of warmth lasted for several months, Jiang Lu did not suffer from insomnia, and was no longer disturbed by nightmares.

    The end of February was Qi An’an’s 18th birthday. The day before her birthday, as usual, after hearing Jiang Lu Qingqian’s breathing, Qi An’an hung up the phone.

    In the deep dead night, Jiang Lu fell into a dream.

    This time, he not only heard An An’s faint and pitiful cry, but also saw her back.

    She knelt on the ground and said to the person who couldn’t see the face in front of her, let me go, please let me go.

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