MFTIV: Ch 53

  Qi Yan saw Qi An’an’s emotions gradually calmed down by Jiang Lu, and pinched Qi An’an on the cheek: “Give me the phone, and I will tell him.”

    Qi An’an turned to look at him, a little puzzled, her brother and Jiang Lu could say What? When I was puzzled, I heard Jiang Lu’s voice: “An An, give him the phone.”

    Qi Yan got the phone and turned down the volume, and walked aside: “You haven’t told her anything yet? She doesn’t know what you gave her? In the eyes of my sister, you are a stupid boy with nothing. She doesn’t know anything, and still protects you like this?” I feel angry when I think about it.

    But having said that, this aura is unreasonable. Everything in Jiang Lu has long been in An An’s name.

    Jiang Lu was silent, what do you want him to say about this? What she wants, he offers with both hands, there is no reason to say it.

    He didn’t bother to explain to Qi Yan, and went straight to the topic: “After all, he is your father. Do you need to leave some room for processing.”

    Qi Yan smiled. Although the kid took his sister away, sometimes he really did. I have to appreciate: “What kind of father is he worthy? Do you know who he asked An An to get along with?”

    His voice went cold: “If you have two money in the family, you don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is rich. There are no three or four women around him. I can’t live, I don’t have much power, but I really like working with women. Qi Hong wants to give An An to this kind of indiscriminate beast, I can’t wait to take his skin off.”

    Then you don’t have to worry about anything, Jiang Lu His voice was cold: “I see.”

    Qi Yan had long wanted to cross Qi Hong, and Jiang Lu would do more with less: “Take your time, Qi Honglizi is not so empty, it’s not something you can eat in one bite.”

    Jiang Lu said, “I have

    a count . But I have to let him shed some blood first.” In this tone, Qi Yan nodded, squeezing his sweat for Qi Hong.

    “Just hang up if there is nothing wrong… By the way, I closed one eye on the matter between you and An An, but it didn’t make you feel better. Why come every day? Don’t bully An An.”

    Jiang Lu was non-committal: “I have one more thing to ask you.”

    His tone was so serious that he didn’t seem to change the subject. Qi Yan raised his eyebrows: “You said.” After

    two seconds of hesitation on the other end of the phone, Jiang Lu’s voice heard. Come: “…Is your company okay recently?”

    Qi Yan thought for a while and answered truthfully: “It’s not stable recently, what’s wrong?”

    What’s wrong.

    Jiang Lu rubbed his eyebrows a little irritably. He had a few dreams recently, and he had a clear impression when he woke up. He repeatedly dreamed that the Qi family was defeated and Qi Yan went bankrupt and imprisoned. Even if I don’t care anymore, it feels a little weird.

    What’s more, in a recent dream, he also saw An An.

    Qi’s belongings were seized, and An An was crying at the door wearing thin clothes, and his heart was broken.

    Even after waking up, there were still lingering palpitations after another.

    “You have been paying attention recently. If you have any tricky things, you can tell me.”


    Qi An’an is very happy recently, nothing else, I just heard that Qi Hong was unlucky.

    Qi Yan told her that less than two days after Qi Hong came here last time, the company suddenly went wrong, the capital chain was broken in several places, and many projects were in a dead end because of the lack of turnover. Qi Hong couldn’t care about anything else, and rolled back to the headquarters overnight.

    Sure enough, the wicked had a natural harvest, and Qi Anan felt very relieved: “Is this big omission? He won’t solve it soon?”

    Qi Yan said, “Of course not. The company is very turbulent, and the stock market has a tendency to collapse. In fact, it was not so serious, but after the accident, several of his old men withdrew the funds one after another, which made it worse. Although he should not die, it must be hurt.”

    He didn’t say much, including his delusion formation. In-law’s business partner.

    “You can rest assured this time? He is too busy to take care of himself. How can he have the time to deal with Jiang Lu?” Qi Yan said and nodded. Jiang Lu’s attack was both yin and poisonous. This can’t be called a bit of blood.

    “The company is his lifeblood. If something goes wrong, it is more uncomfortable than a stabbing him. The person I arranged there said that he hadn’t gone home for several days and slept, so he cried and yelled in the office. , I also took a picture. An An, would you like to see it?”

    Qi Anan was too lazy to look, knowing he was unlucky, no one can threaten Jiang Lu now, and no one will bother her and Qi Yan. The world is refreshed.

    In the afternoon, Ji Ruomeng asked her to go shopping with her. Qi Anan immediately agreed happily. Two minutes earlier, she was standing at the gate of the mall. After a while, she saw Ji Ruomeng wearing a black dress with a woolen curls. come over.

    She changed too quickly, Qi An’an laughed: “Mengmeng, you are too good-looking, this hairstyle suits you.”

    Ji Ruomeng climbed smoothly: “No, my hair that was permed yesterday is crazy. Yu Tianyang that dog thing.”

    Qi An’an nodded, agreeing: “I’m going to be fascinated, he must not be able to hide it, but what about your mouth…” Ji Ruomeng’s lips were a little swollen and pink.

    She didn’t say half of her words, but reacted with hindsight.

    Although Qi An’an shut her mouth, Ji Ruomeng didn’t want to let her go: “My An’an baby, you and Jiang Lu are together earlier than me and Yu Tianyang. Don’t tell me, you two are up to now. Haven’t kissed her yet.”

    Qi An’an blushed and glared at her: “…Of course not, of course we…we have kissed.” We have

    kissed, but before this level, Jiang Lu has always kissed her tenderly. On the forehead or the corner of her eyes, very occasionally, she will kiss her cheek carefully.

 Ji Ruomeng, a corner overtaking player, has much more experience than Qi An’an. She raised her eyebrows as soon as she saw Qi An’an’s expression: “Have you ever kissed? Why?”

    Qi An’an really thought about it, “Maybe ……He won’t?” She has seen intense kiss scenes in TV dramas, but this kind of thing is usually the initiative of boys, and she is not good to pounce on Jiang Lu and bite and bite.

    And Jiang Lu doesn’t look like someone who can watch Xiaotian dramas, it’s really not good. Next time, she can draw a gourd in the same way and learn to teach him.

    Ji Ruomeng chuckled twice, without comment. Since falling in love, she has been able to open her mind as fast as she was on a rocket. Will not? What a joke, men all over the world are the same, this is simply a matter of understanding. In his opinion, An An was only eighteen years old this winter, and Jiang Lu must have been a baby to the point.

    Hey, he can really bear it.

    While shopping, Ji Ruomeng was happily sending information to Yu Tianyang.

    Mengmeng: Brother Yang, can you believe that An An and Jiang Lu have not played kiss yet?

    Yu Tianyang returned in a second, and ridiculed him mercilessly: Hahahahahaha, isn’t it? How come their progress bar is so slow? At this rate, they have to get married in the year of the monkey?

    Yu Tianyang: Dislike .gif.

    Ji Ruomeng couldn’t help but snapped back to him: And you know why I asked An An, how did she get me back?

    Yu Tianyang: What did she say?

    Ji Ruomeng held back a smile: She said, maybe he won’t!

    Yu Tianyang: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Yu Tianyang: Absolutely.

    Yu Tianyang: I will tell Jiang Lu to go now.

    … When

    Qi An’an went back in the evening, he saw a familiar figure at the door of his house from a distance. The young man was handsome and tall, and the golden sunset of summer evening fell on him, like a painting with rich colors.

    “Jiang Lu!” Qi An’an waved to him, and immediately ran forward, “Why didn’t you tell me when you came to see Mengmeng? I went shopping with Mengmeng. Have you waited for a long time outside?”

    Jiang Lu touched her. He smiled and said, “What are you running? I haven’t waited long.”

    Qi An’an laughed, it was strange that they met every day, but every time she saw Jiang Lu again, she couldn’t help but be happy.

    “Jiang Lu, go to my house today,” Qi An’an’s clear eyes rolled slightly, and he leaned close to him and whispered, “It happens that there is no one in the house right now. Today, my brother has a dinner party. Uncle Chen and the others will go out to do errands and they will be back later.”

    She didn’t tie her hair, the broken hair was blown by the wind and fell on his neck.

    Jiang Lu felt helpless and pity, this silly girl, she didn’t understand anything.

    Really rest assured him.

    Qi An’an couldn’t wait any longer: “Come on, I have a lot of things to show you.”

    She didn’t have much effort, just reached out her hand to hook his two fingers, and gently tugged, Jiang Lu just followed her like this gone.

    Qi An’an pulled Jiang Lu straight to her room, unscrewed the door and pushed Jiang Lu in: “Sit down, I’ll show you things.”

    Jiang Lu stood stiffly in the middle of the room, looking at the soft beige curtains. A clean and spacious princess bed with a fluffy pink carpet.

    Where to sit? He didn’t even know where to put his hand.

    As he was freezing, Qi An’an had happily dragged a box over, and pulled Jiang Lu to the side of the lazy couch to sit down, and he knelt down on the carpet next to him.

    “Look at this, Jiang Lu, this is the first painting you gave me. Do you remember?” Qi An’an was the first to take out the painting and raise it at him. The frame was beautifully framed and kept very carefully.

    Jiang Lu smiled and took it gently: “Remember.”

    This is when they graduated from junior high school that year, he took a picture of her when he went to her house for the first time. At that time, he thought his most precious memory was the photo, and he couldn’t even think of the situation now.

    Qi An’an smiled, and then showed him other things. There are so many memories between them, Jiang Lu looked at it, his eyes were a bit sour.

    He didn’t tell Qi An’an that he also had a box like this. It was as small as a cat’s head eraser, and the gifts she gave him were all intact and properly placed in it.

    And the first birthday gift she gave him, Jiang Lu stretched out his hand calmly and put it on his chest. The safety charm she gave him, from the moment it was handed over to him, has never left him.

    “Ah, there is this, this is much more interesting thinking about it now.” Qi An’an held out a black rectangular box.

    Jiang Lu looked at the box, his eyes softer.

    That year the little girl kissed him bravely, but he suppressed the love in his heart, and then she became angry with him and ignored him all the time. He gave a gift for her birthday in winter, but she was still unhappy even though she accepted it.

    Qi An’an has opened the rectangular box and removed the pen inside: “Jiang Lu, you definitely don’t know. You didn’t believe that I liked you at the time, but you made me mad.” At

    this point, Qi An’an giggled. “As a result, on my birthday, you suddenly came to give me this gift. I thought you would have any deep meaning. When I opened it, it turned out to be a pen that couldn’t see what it represented. It instantly gave me what I wanted. The little flame was extinguished.”

    Jiang Lu also smiled, and he took the rectangular box from Qi An’an.

    The fountain pen belongs to Montblanc, which is not cheap but not too expensive. The most important thing is that the box was carefully changed by him.

    The fountain pen really doesn’t mean anything. The ordinary can’t be ordinary, but in the mezzanine of the box, there is a

Diamond ring.

    A diamond ring that he couldn’t give away on the bright surface.

    Such a good girl will definitely have the best man propose to her in the future, and she can freely choose the one she likes.

    But his ring is only for her.

    If she did not wear his ring in the end, he would not marry for life.

    Qi An’an was leaning against Jiang Lu, still looking at the pen: “Although it looks boring and stern, but after a long time it still feels quite cute, as cute as you.”

    She said: “Actually, I hadn’t been angry with you long ago.”

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes, put down the box, and suddenly reached out and landed on her slender waist, gently holding Qi An’an in his arms.

    He met her clean and clear eyes, and looked at her bright red lips.

    He didn’t want to bear it anymore.

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