MFTIV: Ch 52

 “Mother Zhang, have you contacted my father? When can I go back to s city?” Qi Zhen walked out of her room.

    Her face was a little pale, her eyes were quiet, she didn’t look like a seventeen or eighteen year old girl, she looked very tired and vicissitudes of life.

    Zhang Ma was invited by Qi Hong to take care of Qi Zhen. Her only requirement was to watch her, not to let her run around, and honestly finish her high school.

    It was not easy to control Qi Zhen at first. She always wanted to go back like crazy, and it would be too late if she didn’t go back. But gradually, she calmed down and stopped talking. It wasn’t until now that the college entrance examination was finished that this topic was brought up again.

    Madam Zhang looked embarrassed: “Miss Qi, I haven’t received President Qi’s notice, and I am not good at making opinions. No matter how patient you are, you are going to college, and President Qi will definitely come to pick you up soon. “

    In fact, she is not sure if Qi Hong will come to pick up this daughter. The contract she signed at the time was five years, and she only took money to do things. She couldn’t manage this kind of big family affairs.

    Qi Zhen sneered: “I can’t get in touch with him, but Zhang Ma, you should always have his contact information, please give him a call. You can see my performance this year. Can’t you exchange it for a call?”

    Her lips pressed tightly and her eyes were cold: “When he finds me, then I have to wait until when. He has forgotten that there is a daughter like me.

    She was with Li Hanyu back then. At the same time, Qi Hong was very happy and very supportive, but then they were so ugly, she also reported a miscarriage scandal, Qi Hong immediately disgusted with her, she even did not have time to trouble Qi An’an, she was toughened by Qi Hong

    She transferred to another school and left that city. Although Zhang’s mother was timid, her heart was still soft: “Then… Then I will try, but I can’t guarantee that Qi always will answer my call. “

    The call went smoothly, and it was connected after a while. Qi Hong seemed to be in a good mood. After a few words with him, Mom Zhang handed the phone over.

    “Dad. “Qi Zhen yelled calmly.

    “Well, Ah Zhen, how are you doing? How are you doing in the exam?”

    Qi Zhen said, “I think I can perform

    well. I should be able to go to a key university.” “That’s good, my daughter. It must be beautiful,” Qi Hong said lightly, and then said, “Azhen, don’t blame your father for being too strict with you. You were really ignorant back then. I asked you to leave and transfer you for your own good, understand. right? ” “

    you see you, now calm down the heart, but also enhance performance. so long in the past, before things everyone forgotten about it, you can start again. “

    Qi Zhen secretly teeth, a fist Tap a little and squeeze tightly. Yes, she is hiding far away, I’m afraid Jiang Lu and Qi An’an are already together sweetly, right?

    “Dad, when can I go back?”

    Qi Hong asked back: “Why are you going back there? You listen to my arrangements. I have already considered your university and major for you. You don’t have to go back to S city in the future.”

    Qi Zhen was furious, she just wanted to contradict, and was silent again. At this critical juncture, she still didn’t irritate Qi Hong anymore.

    After thinking about it, she would not have much effect when she went back. Jiang Lu could die for Qi An’an back then. It has been a year now, and no matter how provocative it is, it won’t help.

    “Dad, I can listen to your arrangements, but there is something…” Qi Zhen said sternly, “I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but you have ignored me all year, so you have never Opportunity.”

    Qi Zhen’s tone was so serious, Qi Hong frowned: “What’s the matter?”

    “Do you remember Jiang Lu?”

    “Jiang Lu…who is Jiang Lu?”

    Qi Zhen reminded lightly: ” It’s the person I asked you to check before.”

    Qi Hong was stunned for a long time and suddenly reacted, and his tone suddenly became severe, “What? Are you still thinking about that little bastard? Why did you suddenly mention him? “

    Qi Zhen smiled and explained: “No, I didn’t miss him. I wanted to tell you before, Jiang Lu and An An are together, but you don’t want to hear me say a word. It’s been so long now. , I don’t know how far the two of them have developed.”

    Qi Hong was obviously not convinced: “He has no money and power, and his background is so unclean. How could An An be with him.”

    Yes, he really didn’t. With no money, how could Qi An’an still get close to him. God’s preference for Qi An’an in this life allowed her to take the lead.

    Qi Zhen gritted her teeth, how could she watch Qi An’an get what she wanted, and what she couldn’t get, would rather destroy it first.

    Jiang Lu gradually emerged after he was released from prison in the last life. Since he did not kill anyone in this life, he will have to wait at least four years after graduating from university to emerge. But it’s a pity that she won’t give him this opportunity.

    Qi Zhen said: “An An is still young and ignorant. Jiang Lu is so good-looking. She may have been attracted by her looks, and she did something wrong when she got hot. Dad, this is much more serious than the matter between Li Hanyu and me. No matter what, I just talked about a failed relationship. After all, the Li family can tell. But An’an did this, but it put our family to shame.”

    Qi Hong’s voice couldn’t hear the joy and anger: ” I see. You don’t need to worry about this. Don’t let the third person know about it.”

    Qi Zhen paused and frowned questioningly. Why did Qi Hong have this attitude? He didn’t appear to be very angry, so Qi An’an couldn’t be the one who turned sex. Qi Zhen didn’t believe that he had awakened his fatherly love at all: “Dad, aren’t you angry?”

    Qi Hong

He smiled and said, “Ambie, you have a sense of measure. If she is as ugly as you, can I not know? Nothing, just let her have fun. I have paved the way for her. , The real family has the conditions for the appearance of a talented woman, wouldn’t she still choose it.”

    “As for the kind of stuff that is not on the stage, just give a little money and it’s not a big deal.”

    Qi Zhen almost gritted his teeth. Broken, the heart burned with terrible anger, why Qi An’an’s life is so good, even if there is no Jianglu, she can still live a good life.

    It’s okay, take your time little by little, and separate the two of them first, but it’s a matter of mind.


    few days after the college entrance examination, Qi Yan came back.

    In the evening, Qi An’an went to the study with a plate of fruits. Qi Yan was staring at the computer at his desk, his brows furrowed and his face very solemn.

    Qi An’an felt sorry for his hard work, knocked on the door and asked, “Brother, can I help you with something?” , But only two days after coming back, Qi Yan’s affairs obviously changed again.

    Qi Yan heard the movement and looked up at her and smiled: “What can you do? Don’t worry about me, it’s some things that I have to deal with every day.”

    Qi An’an leaned over to take a look, and it turned out that non-professionals looked up at a form and were confused. Here, I just feel that these things are very high-end, and I don’t understand what they mean.

    Qi Yan smiled and touched her hair, pretending to be disgusted: “You are here to disturb my work. Now I can have a good rest during the holidays and go out with my classmates.”

    I really don’t seem to be of any use, at most I can pinch her brother. Qi An’an was thinking about something like a shoulder-beating leg. Suddenly Steward Chen knocked on the door: “Master, Miss… Mr. Qi is here.” What did

    Qi Hong come over suddenly? Qi An’an was very surprised. He raised his head to look at Qi Yan, only to find an irritation flashing under his eyes as he tried to hide.

    “I see,” Qi Yan said, “An An, you go back to your house first, leave him alone, I will send him away.”

    So does Qi Hong come to her? It seems that Qi Yan obviously knows something, Qi Anan shook his head and refused: “I will go down with you and have a look. If he is here to find me, I can’t avoid it. If he can’t see me, he will get angry with you. “

    Qi Yan wanted to persuade again, but Qi An’an refused to listen, turned and walked out.

    Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Qi Hong watched Qi An’an come down, and gave her an unsatisfactory smile: “It’s been a long time since I saw An’an. It’s really getting longer and more beautiful. Dad wants to talk to you, it’s really not easy. “The

    last sentence was addressed to Qi Yan behind Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an thought about it. Hearing that Qi Hong meant that he wanted to talk to her, he was stopped by Qi Yan. The smell of gunpowder between the two of them seemed so strong that they seemed to have stopped them more than once.

    Her brother has always been protecting her, maybe he has been wronged here by Qi Hong, Qi Anan thought of this level, Qi Hong said in a cold tone: “Is there anything you want me to do?”

    “That’s it, come here, Dad Tell you…”

    “I reminded you a long time ago not to disturb An An,” Qi Yan interrupted him coldly, “I can’t let An An be pushed into the fire pit by you.”

    Qi Hong suddenly became angry and sternly Tap the armrest of the sofa: “Qi Yan! Do you dare to talk to me like this? You…”

    “Don’t scold him, didn’t you come to me,” Qi An’an stood in front of Qi Yan, turning his head and whispering, “Brother, I’ll tell him by myself.”

    Qi Yan frowned, Qi Anan patted the back of his hand, walked to Qi Hong and sat down: “Since it’s our business, just talk to me directly.”

    Qi Hong was still angry . He cleared his throat without looking pretty, and barely smiled: “An An, in fact, this is a good thing. Dad has a business partner and has a very solid family. Their son is about the same age as you, and he is now in c Go to college. Dad helps you plan, you report to C, just get along with that child, and you are ready to get married when you graduate. Our two families work together against the strong, and you have feelings with that child again, this Isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

    Qi An’an knew what he was thinking about halfway through what he said, and waited patiently until he finished speaking and shook his head: “I won’t report a big c, I have decided to report a big.”

    She refused simply, Qi Hong choked: “An’an, Dad is all about you. I have set aside time for you to cultivate your feelings in college. Don’t let you get married directly. Don’t be so ignorant.”

    Do I have to thank you for failing. Qi An’an said hardly: “I’m not going.”

    Qi Hong’s face sank: “You are so determined, isn’t it really because you can’t bear to be with that Jiang Lu?”

    Qi An’an suddenly mentioned Jiang Lu. Frowned.

    “Really. I didn’t expect you to be serious,” Qi Hong said with a bad expression, “Well, since you are so ignorant, then I will give you a lesson. I can only go and meet Jiang Lu first. I’ll talk to you again.”

    Qi An’s heart sank: “What do you want to do? Don’t move him.”

    Qi Hong sneered: “I won’t move him, but I still want to benefit him. I want to see how ridiculous you are. How long can love last?” After

    he said that, he turned and left. Qi An’an took two steps forward, but Qi Yan grabbed his wrist: “Don’t go to An’an.”

    Qi An’an anxiously broke free: “Brother, Jiang Lu…”

    “It’s okay .” , Don’t worry, what can you do if you are a little girl just following Qi Hong? Besides, she can’t do anything, but to throw money at Jiang Lu and let him break up with you. Do you think Jiang Lu will be caught by him? Should I bring up the person who broke up with the money?”

    Don’t talk about Qi Hong

Jiang Lu simply couldn’t appreciate the money that he could get out. Even if the amount was considerable, it would be impossible for that stinky boy to be so precious to his sister. If he is really bought, he will be the first to break his leg.

    Qi Anan felt reasonable. Jiang Lu was definitely not that kind of person, but he became anxious in the blink of an eye: “But if Jiang Lu ignores him, won’t he be even more angry? What should I do if I hurt Jiang Lu? Hit him, in case something framed him, in case…”

    Qi Yan looked down at Qi An’an’s expression, turned his face and curled his lips. Regardless of Jiang Lu’s new adulthood, he is a good material for a genius, with sophisticated methods, otherwise it is impossible to have so many assets at a young age. Qi Hong’s brain is only at a disadvantage against him. It really made people anxious, he couldn’t eat his broken company.

    “Are you really worried, I’ll give him a call?”


    Jiang Lu had just come out of the bath, his black hair was dripping down, he held a towel in one hand and wiped it casually, and he heard the phone ring and walked over to look. At a glance, the corners of his lips curled up.

    “Jiang Lu…” Jiang Lu’s

    smile froze, and his eyebrows twisted slightly: “What’s wrong, An’an?” Her voice was wrong, and she usually made calls with a sweet smile.

    Qi An’an said what happened just now.

    Jiang Lu listened quietly, his palm holding the phone was damp and hot, and a drop of water struck the bridge of his nose from his forehead, and he didn’t notice it.

    He said: “An’an, don’t worry, he won’t be afraid when he comes to me.”

    He said: “I can solve it, but you must not cry.”

    Jiang Lu held the cellphone and listened to Qi An’an, and finally he was helpless. Laughing: “Will I go to see you every day from now on? If you can see me every day, you will know that I am safe and there is nothing.”

    Qi An’an’s cell phone volume is not high or low, Qi Yan is right next to her, but He heard it clearly, and this sentence made him angry.

    Come every day? He really planned.

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