MFTIV: Ch 51

Although Jiang Lu’s tone sounded normal, Qi An’an still felt his fragility and immediately threw himself into his arms and tightly wrapped Jiang Lu’s waist.

    “Jiang Lu, what’s the matter with you?” Qi Anan leaned in his arms obediently, with a tone of coaxing a child, patting him on the back with his hands unknowingly soothing him.

    Jiang Lu hugged Qi An’an tightly. She was thin and petite, and it was effortless to hug her, which made him feel pity. With her, his fear and anxiety really calmed down a little bit.

    Qi An’an asked softly again, Jiang Lu pondered, fearing that she would be worried by telling the truth, and was about to reveal it lightly, suddenly Qi An’an raised his head from his arms.

    “Don’t say it’s okay to fool me. Tell me if you have anything.”

    Jiang Lu looked at her clear eyes, and said in a low voice for a while, “Qin Meng was here just now.”

    Qi An’an was stunned and stretched out. Putting out her hands and cupping his face: “Why did she run to the school, the security did not watch? She…she said something ugly again, didn’t she? Jiang Lu, don’t listen to what she said, she said None of these are true.”

    Jiang Lu said, “I know.” What

    she said could not be true.

    Although I don’t know what Qin Meng said specifically, it is definitely not a good thing. Qi An’an looked at Jiang Lu, feeling as uncomfortable as being caught. She covered Jiang Lu’s ears with her two small hands, and said in a low voice, “It’s all my fault. She came to me, I’m not afraid, I’ll be with you.”

    Jiang Lu smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around her: “It’s okay, she won’t come again in the future.”

    Her body is warm, which makes people feel very warm. Heartbroken, Jiang Lu covered Qi An’an’s hair with his big hands and gently rubbed it twice, and his nervous nerves eased little by little.

    Don’t pay attention to that madman’s words, he will do everything to love her.


    This evening, the bright moon hangs high, softly and quietly hanging on the horizon.

    Jiang Lu had another dream.

    The scene in the dream was chaotic, and the spacious and open lobby on the first floor was full of noisy crowds, some anxious and panic, some fierce and vicious, the figures swayed back and forth, and I couldn’t hear what everyone was talking about. Documents were scattered on the ground, and the words could not be read clearly, but the messy shoe prints on them were exceptionally clear.

    He stood in the middle, looking around blankly.

    Suddenly someone shouted: “Let’s give way! Let’s give way!”

    The crowd in front of them automatically separated to the two sides, leaving a wide road in the middle. A man was handcuffed and handcuffed and escorted by two policemen.

    He lowered his head, he could only see the stubble on his chin that hadn’t been cleaned up, a black mark was rubbed on the collar of his white shirt, his left foot was injured, and he limped as he walked, leaving one behind every step. Faint blood footprints.

    Because of the pain, he didn’t go fast, and his whole body was full of frustrated and decadent breath.

    Suddenly, the man seemed to feel something, and he glanced in the direction here. His eyes were dull and gloomy. He looked over emptyly. Suddenly his gaze condensed. The man’s footsteps stopped for a moment, and he wanted to walk in this direction with a look. It seems a bit agitated.

    “Be honest!” Police Cha involuntarily grabbed him, and swiftly drove him into the police car.

    The man said something loudly through the glass, but the distance was too far, Jiang Lu could only see his lips opening and closing silently. Soon the police car drove away, and the people around it got farther and farther, the waste paper all over the floor turned into nothingness, and the world returned to tranquility.


    Six o’clock exactly.

    Jiang Lu opened his eyes and sat up, the morning sun shining on the window, with a fresh, vibrant and warm breath.

    His poor sleep quality lasted for a while, and he would fall into intricate dreams from time to time. When he opened his eyes, he only remembered having a nightmare, but could not remember the content of the dream.

    This time it’s rare. Not only did he remember the whole dream clearly, but even the protagonist’s appearance in the dream was very delicate.

    Don’t even say that this is a dream, it is as real as if I have actually seen that scene before.

    Jiang Lu stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyebrows.

    Qi Yan. Do you hate him so much?

    Jiang Lu got up to wash, and when the cold water hit his face, he was still thinking about this dumbfounding dream. It’s not good or bad, he and Qi Yan are both well-knowing things that they don’t like each other. It doesn’t matter if he clicks back, it’s not what he wants to see so bad luck.

    If Qi Yan had this fate, An An would definitely be sad.

    Not to mention that now he closes one eye to himself, but he really disagrees with An An being with him. When he sees him collapsed, he will definitely catch it for An An’s sake. This dream is simply nonsense. .

    It was such a trivial matter that I forgot after a few thoughts, and Jiang Lu didn’t take it to heart.

    ……After a

    few mock exams, the college entrance examination finally ushered in. God prefers the children of this year. Although the weather is a bit cloudy, but there is no rain, the students can finish the last journey of high school comfortably.

    On the day of the exam, many classes organized a meal.

    Qi An’an’s examination room was not in Xincheng No. 1 Middle School. After the exam, she got in the car and walked to the hotel. She just turned off a street when the signal jammer failed, and Jiang Lu’s phone came in.

    Qi An’an immediately laughed: “Jiang Lu!”

    “Well,” the gentle wind in the summer evening came along with his voice, “An’an, are you

    doing well in the exam?” The corners of Qi An’an’s eyebrows were filled with joy, and announced triumphantly. : “I think I do very well in the exam. I always do it like this. When it comes to important big exams, I will perform supernormally. This time I can

Don’t worry, I think I can report a big deal with you! “

    A University is a top college, and the financial major is the best in the country. Jiang Lu will definitely go to the best one. Qi An’an has been secretly trying to aim at A University. Her grades were big enough, but it was a bit laborious. It’s not impossible. If it’s not possible, she thought about it. The Polytechnic University next to University A is also very good.

    But now, don’t worry, she will basically do all the questions this time. As long as she is not careless, Qi An’an thinks she should be able to take the exam.

    Give a big score. Jiang Lu laughed and said, “You should rest assured that I will go wherever you go. “

    Qian An is flatter he could not help but laugh:” Jiang Lu, I miss you, ah, we have not seen for two days. “Since the college entrance examination, they have not been in the same examination area. Isn’t it because they haven’t seen it in two days.

    Jiang Lu smiled deeper, and said softly: “I’ll see you in a while. I saw your monitor at Xinya Hotel.” “

    Qian’an’s eyes lit up: ” Has your class dinner also been set at Xinya Hotel?” “

    ” Ah. “

    Qian An’an is looking forward to it: “Then we’ll see you later!” “

    Xinya Hotel is close to their school, and the grades are sufficient. Every graduate will choose to come here for dinner. Over time, the monitors are too lazy to choose. Not only their two classes, but several other classes are also here.

    Get off the bus. , Qi Anan met several classmates he knew, and after saying hello, went straight to the hall, and unexpectedly saw Jiang Lu sitting on the sofa at the door waiting for her.

    “Jiang Lu! Happy graduation! “Qi An’an flew over directly. The black T trousers that Jiang Lu wore today were simple and clean, but his temperament was too good, and his gestures were very expensive.

    Jiang Lu smiled and hugged Qi An’an, gently. Kissed on her forehead: “An’an, happy graduation. “

    He entered, looked just has passed a number of familiar group of students, slightly leaned Jiang Lu, Qian An squeezed cheek:” Go and play with friends, but can not drink alcohol. After a while, tell me, I will take you home. “

    “Got it.” Qi An’an nodded obediently.

    As they were talking, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind: “Ah, so many familiar classmates, you are liberated, and today are so much fun.”

    Someone joked, “Teacher, you are also short-lived. Liberate, which room are you in for dinner? We will all go to toast you later.”

    Qi An’an turned around and saw her teacher Jin, her head teacher, smiled and waved: “Teacher, you guys come here to eat too.”

    “No. Well, I sent you away, let’s relax too.” Teacher Jin said, his eyes fell on Qi An’an and Jiang Lu’s hands together.

    Looking at it again, the two of them were still pulling.

    Humph, they are so courageous, they will not be in charge of them after graduation, and they dare not let go of their hands in front of the teacher.

    But let alone, these two students… stand together quite well.

    “What are you doing? Do you care about the children after graduation?” Teacher Yang walked over from behind and looked up and down Jiang Lu, with relief in his eyes. When he looked at Qi An’an, he smiled and said, “I have an impression of you. Now, how

    did the college entrance examination go?” Can you be impressed? Such a beautiful little girl, once you see it, you can’t forget it, not to mention that she rushed out to protect Jiang Lu that year, she was brave and eye-catching.

    Qi An’an is also very familiar with Teacher Yang, and smiled and replied: “I think the test is okay.”

    She glanced at Jiang Lu, and whispered, “It should be possible to go to the same school with Jiang Lu.”

    “Okay .” Good, good.” Before he started drinking, Teacher Yang was already a little bit up. Jiang Lu is the student he has impressed the most, and this impression does not only come from his grades. Teacher Yang sighed with emotion, “You’re good, you have to notify the teacher when you get married in the future, and the teacher will give you a big red envelope.”

    Teacher Jin was taken aback and said that you are playing me in front of the students. He is not to be outdone. Wave: “The teacher will also give you red envelopes.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but laughed crookedly: “Teacher, you don’t need to pack red envelopes. When we get married, we will tell you that you come to have a wedding wine.”

    Jiang Lu laughed dumbstruck beside him, and the teachers opened a kind gesture. Just kidding, An An actually went down the steps.

    marry. This word is really wonderful. Just listening to her utterance made Jiang Lu feel hot in his heart.

    Everyone had a great time in the evening. Class 1 was relatively gentle and didn’t make too much noise. Class 16 was different. The empty beer boxes at the door had been lined up for several rows.

    Jiang Zifan was already drunk and sat aside holding a beer bottle, whispering not to go abroad. His hands were a little weak, and the wine bottle was dangling. Jiang Lu glanced at it and reached out to take the wine bottle off.

    Jiang Zifan clung to the wine bottle unconsciously, and shook his empty hand randomly: “I can’t drink anymore, really can’t drink anymore.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t say a word, took the wine bottle from his hand and put it aside.

    “Hahaha, Brother Lu…” Jiang Zifan was so drunk, he squinted at Jiang Lu, “Actually, I envy you, don’t you know? Lao Zhou also envy you…”

    “You are so… Very awesome, you are less lucky than others, but you are also better luck than others…Hahahahaha I don’t know what I’m talking about…”

    Jiang Lu didn’t interrupt his drunken talk, just listened quietly.

    Jiang Zifan said a lot more, vaguely, this time he couldn’t understand a single word, but he finally said clearly: “Brother Lu, we are friends… right?”

    Jiang Lu said: ” Hmm.”

  Jiang Zifan chuckled, then hid aside and muttered.

    Soon after Zhou Qi came over, with a wine glass in his hand, he looked quite sober and sat down beside Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu asked, “Which country to go to.”

    “Britain.” Zhou Qi thought for a while before saying.

    “Very good.”

    Zhou Qi sighed with a smile: “I may stay there in the future. This is not something I can take charge of. It’s all up to my family. It’s actually quite boring.”

    He turned his head to look at Jiang Lu: “Lu Brother, you are really amazing, no one can do you like this. I still remember when we first met, the first time I had an impression of you was watching you beat Li Hanyu.”

    That was when the first year of high school started, Jiang Lu “Yeah” said.

    “At that time you and now are really…different? It’s not right, you’re still you, but it’s not the same. It’s really good that you can go the way you are today.”

    Jiang Lu was silent for a while and whispered “I was not likely to be what I am now.”

    Zhou Qi didn’t speak, he smiled for a while, picked up the wine glass, and lightly touched the wine glass in Jiang Lu’s hand.


    teachers in the next room also drank dimly. After thirty years of drinking, Teacher Yang remembered something and patted Teacher Jin on the shoulder.

    “Lao Jin, I just remembered… what did you make upstairs just now? I said that I would give Jiang Lu and the two of them a wedding ceremony, because last year when my second child was born, the child gave it to me. A handful of small golden locks…”

    Teacher Yang said bluntly: “That’s a good boy…He emphasizes kindness and righteousness…It’s really good. The girl in your class has a good eye and can choose.”

    Teacher Jin drank better than Teacher Yang. Hey: “Our class is the one among the most popular kids. To match your class’s brats, it’s just…that’s…not so wronged, it’s okay.”

    “Don’t tell me, they are all in the wine,” Yang The teacher raised his glass in a daze, “In-law.”

    Teacher Jin understood in seconds, picked up the wine glass and slammed into him: “In-laws.”


    By ten o’clock in the evening, the students were about to leave. After all, they were all seventeen or eighteen-year-old girls, and there was still an entrance guard at home.

    When Qi An’an helped Ji Ruomeng walk down, Jiang Lu was already waiting for her outside.

    Ji Ruomeng only drank half a glass of wine and was not drunk, but when he was in the state, he cried faintly: “I don’t want to be separated from you, I don’t want to go to university, I won’t be able to play with you every day…”

    Qi An’an wiped her tears and coaxed funny: “Aren’t we all going to city a? We can still meet frequently in the future, but you may have to accompany Yu Tianyang at that time, maybe you won’t have time to see me. . ” “

    you’re talking nonsense! I’m not Zhongseqingyou people. “refute plus season if the dream crying complaint,” you are, since you land and river together, to accompany my time was being divided to half Wrong…sixty percent!”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but sneered, “I was wrong.”

    Ji Ruomeng snorted, and when he looked up, she saw Jiang Lu standing not far from them. She was noble and cold.

    She glanced at Qi An’an, looked at Jiang Lu again, and waved generously: ” Okay , take it away.” She thought with tears, she personally pushed her An’an fairy to Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu walked over, with a soft smile in his eyes: “Did you drink?”

    Qi An’an’s eyes were bright: “Of course not.”

    Jiang Lu touched the top of her hair: “I will take you home.”

    He His eyebrows were gentle, and the cool summer night wind raised his hair behind him.

    I really like him, Qi An’an raised his head and opened his arms at him: “I want to hug.”

    Jiang Lu hugged her silently.

    His voice came from the top of his head, deep and nice: “An’an, stay with me, do you really regret it?”

    Qi An’an raised his head from his arms, stretched out his hands to pinch his cheeks, and gently tugged: “You like nonsense, how could I regret it? You are the best.”

    She threw herself in his arms again. Inside, rubbed his cheek on his chest, and said vaguely: “In fact, many people like you, I am the luckiest one…”

    Jiang Lu took her by the hand and drove her home. It was late, but the commercial street they walked on was still very lively, with nostalgic old songs in the stereo standing outside the shop.

    Knock your sleeping heart

    gently and slowly open your eyes to

    see if the busy world

    is still lonely and spinning, the

    incomprehensible spring breeze

    blows the heart of the young

    man … Jiang Lu thought, he was the luckiest.

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