MFTIV: Ch 50

Now that Jiang Lu agreed, Teacher Yang called the school’s security department and asked them to let Qin Meng in.

    There is a small conference room on the left hand side of his office, which is usually used to receive guests from the school. It is close to his office. If there is any problem, he can rush over in time. Teacher Yang asked Jiang Lu to wait there for a while. After a while, he pushed the door in, followed by Qin Meng.

    Jiang Lu was sitting on the solo sofa in the conference room. This year, he was already very tall, his posture was calm and indifferent, his student spirit had faded, and he had begun to take on a masculine temperament.

    Perhaps it was because he had eaten too much hardship and was used to seeing too many things. He had a kind of superior temperament that had experienced the cold and cold. A faint glance made him feel some fear in his heart.

    Qin Meng took a step back somehow by his glance, lowered his head and looked a little dodge.

    She is dressed plainly today, wearing a beige skirt and a trench coat of the same color. With light makeup on her face, she looks a few years younger than before.

    In this dress, she can’t tell the way she has gone through the dust before, but she looks like a good family woman.

    Teacher Yang looked around between the two of them at a loss, and told Qin Meng: “Talk to my students if you have anything to say, but first, speak well. You must speak civilized. This is a school, not a job. It’s your presumptuous place.”

    Qin Meng nodded quickly: “I know, I know.”

    Teacher Yang didn’t say anything, nodded to Jiang Lu, turned and walked out to take the door.

    Qin Meng straightened his hair, rubbed his hands anxiously, suddenly raised his head to meet Shang Jiang Lu’s eyes, and cautiously pulled a smile away.


    Jiang Lu accurately captured Qin Meng’s emotions and looked at Qin Meng calmly without speaking.

    Qin Meng came over in a somewhat awkward manner, and sat down on the sofa opposite Jiang Lu. She hesitated for a while, then raised her eyes to look at Jiang Lu.

    She looked at it for a long time, and finally seemed to be aware of it. The boy in front of him was completely different from what he had remembered. I don’t know when, he has grown into a man alone.

    When he saw himself coming in, he showed neither anger nor disgust, and he didn’t even wonder if she came to him for anything. Sitting there calmly, she didn’t speak, and he wouldn’t be anxious.

    Qin Meng tentatively said, “Xiao Lu is… all this big.”

    Not to mention it, Jiang Lu smiled as soon as he finished speaking, his lips were sneered, and his eyes were still indifferent: “You have something wrong. Talk about things, stop disgusting me.”

    Qin Meng was choked by his cold attitude, shaking his lips and wondering what to say. She looked at the child she had never seen directly. He grew up and was no longer a child who looked at him pitifully while holding her trousers, but was kicked away by her and didn’t even dare to cry.

    Qin Meng pursed his mouth, lowered his head and said, “Although you look like me, you really resemble your father. He is also like this. He is calm and lazy at all times, and you will be sure in the future… It will be liked by girls.”

    “You speak directly, I don’t want to repeat it a third time.”

    Jiang Lu frowned, Qin Meng’s words seemed to remind him of how he got here. He could even feel his own blood flowing through his limbs, braving the rotting and disgusting black air.

    Although Jiang Lu’s tone was still not rushing, his eyes were gloomy, and Qin Meng knew that if he went around the bend again, Jiang Lu would definitely shake his hand and leave immediately.

    Qin Meng cleared her throat and rubbed her hands on her thighs nervously. She raised her eyes to look at Jiang Lu, met his dark eyes, and couldn’t help but dodge in a panic.

    The voice was a little trembling: “I…I came here to want to… I want to ask you, can I, can you give me a chance to make up for you?”

    Jiang Lu paused for two seconds and laughed after listening to her. it is as expected.”

    Although when Qin Meng entered the door, he was a little guessing when he saw her look, but he didn’t expect to hear her say it personally, he still felt so ridiculous.

    “If you really want to make up for me, I can’t give you this opportunity,” Jiang Lu still had a smile on his face, but his eyes were gloomy. “If you can stop appearing in front of me in this life from today, even You have done your best as a mother.”

    Qin Meng clenched the corners of his clothes, and pleaded in his eyes: “I know that I did not do well before, and I also know that you must blame me, but… but I gave birth to you after all. I brought you into this world. After all, I still have a kindness to you. Can you look at it for this reason, don’t refuse so fast, we have a relationship between mother and child, can you give me another chance?”

    She said too quickly, tears accumulated in her eyes and her voice was choked: “Don’t worry, I will treat you well, and I will lead you to a good life.”

    Jiang Lu looked at her with dark eyes.

    She gave birth to him, but she hates him more than anyone else.

    How could a trash that has long been despised suddenly gain value, Jiang Lu raised his eyebrows slightly: “That man is back to look for you again.”

    Qin Meng forgot to cry tears, and looked at him dumbfounded. Jiang Lu didn’t expect Jiang Lu. He actually saw it through: “It’s…your father, he’s back, he still remembers me! He didn’t come back to pick us up that year, it must be because of something caught me, he came here specially to find me this time, he said I want to take you to recognize your ancestor and return to your ancestry, and let you go back home to be the second young master, so that we can live a good life in the future…”

    Jiang Lu smiled.

    Qin Meng stared at him blankly: “What do you mean?”

    Jiang Lu said slowly: “You can tell him that I’m dead, you can see that he is still playing with you

What. “

    Qin Meng was speechless for a while. She would come to Jiang Lu today, indeed, because the man said that he would take their mother and son home together. Both inside and outside of the word, Jiang Lu paid special attention. There seems to be a kind of if Jiang Lu doesn’t go back There is no sense of drama.

    Mothers are expensive with children. She is of no value when she is old. People only need Jiang and Lu, but she can follow the light. This requirement is not surprising.

    Because of this, Qin Meng had to run and stage a mother-child relationship. Drama. But

    this is obviously beneficial to everyone. Qin Meng doesn’t understand why Jiang Lu is so indifferent: “I don’t understand. He asked you to go back by name. Isn’t it a good thing? “

    Good thing. A big boss with countless net worth, doesn’t know how many dirty things are behind his back, how many disgusting things he has committed. Such a person suddenly has a whim and wants to recognize an illegitimate child. I don’t think this is a good thing.

    A prostitute who has fallen into the dust, and the ignorant child he brought up, suddenly learned that from now on, he is going to be so happy, and he must be happy to sleep.

    Such a person is the best. No matter if it is used as a shield or as a scapegoat, it is very suitable.

    Jiang Lu was too lazy to explain to her, but said: “In the past, you always reminded me of my identity. Today I will remind you too. Don’t forget what you do. Who knows whose seed you gave birth. “

    If I stand in front of that person, I’m not sure if I will say anything wrong.” “

    Qin dream suddenly face downcast, he stood up and Nu Sheng said:” What did you say? ! How can I give birth to a random man, if not his child, how can I give birth? “

    Jiang Lu sneer:” Then you give him a life. “

    Qin Meng’s face sank bit by bit, she looked at Jiang Lu, her tone turned resentful: “So what you mean is that you refuse to follow me, you don’t admit that you are his child, are you taking revenge on me? ? In order not to let me live a good life, you would rather not be your second young master, rather than a prosperous and wealthy life, you are really a beast with conscience! “

    She finally tore off her kind skin. This was what he was familiar with. Jiang Lu smiled: “Yeah, you have to die of this heart. You are almost done talking about your business, it’s time to talk about mine.”

    Qin Meng choked in his chest and almost didn’t catch his breath. He watched Jiang Lu stand up and walk towards her step by step.

    His eyes were icy cold, and at that moment, Qin Meng felt that there was a devil in front of him.

    “My request is very simple. I believe you can do it.” Jiang Luyin looked at her coldly, and said softly, “Never show up in front of me in the future. This is the last time I will talk to you politely.”

    Qin Meng took a trembling step back. She had been infested on the Fengyue Field for so many years, and her ability to observe her words and colors was to melt into her bones. The look in Jiang Lu’s eyes made her shudder. At that moment, Qin Meng believed that if he appeared in front of Jiang Lu again, he would definitely not be too relaxed.

    “You are a devil… I shouldn’t have given birth to you in the first place, I shouldn’t have given birth to you… Being born is a harmful thing…” Qin Mengnannan said, stepping back a few steps, and suddenly she looked up Jiang Lu has sharp eyes.

    “You are a harm, you ruin my life, and you will ruin others! Anyone who gets close to you will become miserable.”

    Her face was distorted and she smiled nervously: “The one you like Little girl, there will never be a good end.”


    Qi Anan waited until school to see Jiang Zifan’s short report. She greeted Ji Ruomeng and went to the head teacher’s office.

    It was only then that the teacher had already left work, and there was no one in the office. Qi An’an looked around. Jiang Lu was not in the office, so he was back to the classroom? Thinking about this, Qi An’an withdrew, planning to go to the Sixteenth Class to find it.

    The door of the small meeting room next to the office was not closed tightly. When passing by, Qi An’an Yu Guang caught a familiar figure inside.

    She paused, opened the door and walked in.

    Hearing the movement, Jiang Lu raised his eyes and looked at the door. His eyes condensed, and a soft smile appeared in his eyebrows, and he whispered to her: “An An.”

    He looked very calm, but in the calm, he always felt an inexplicable meaning.

    Qi Anan walked over: “Jiang Lu, what happened? Why are you staying here alone.”

    She looked at him, not knowing how she felt distressed, and couldn’t help touching Jiang Lu’s face.

    When the gentle little hand touched his skin, Jiang Lu felt that his empty heart had fallen back to the real place, and the vicious curse circling around his ears gradually disappeared.

    The lunatic Qin Meng just said that and ran away. He almost vomited blood with hatred, but gradually, an unreasonable uneasiness was born in his heart.

    If he knew that Qin Meng would curse Qi An’an, he would have torn her mouth first, so that she would never be able to say that sentence. But now this sentence seemed to be burned in his heart, he couldn’t get rid of it, but he became more and more frightened.

    “An An,” Jiang Lu opened his arms to her and said in a low voice, “Give me a hug.”

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