MFTIV: Ch 49

 Jiang Lusheng’s illness was an episode in the training camp, and he woke up the next morning and nothing happened. The memory of when he had a fever the night before was also vague, and he quickly invested in normal study and training.

    In the summer physics competition, Xincheng No. 1 Middle School finally won the first and second prizes, especially the first prize of Jianglu, which is the absolute honor for the school with the first prize.

    The third year of high school passed very quickly, and it was in the second half with countless papers and endless questions. There will be no spring unified exam for the third year. The competition between schools is not important anymore. The most important thing is the mock exam, which is about to come. The college entrance examination is coming.

    In the first mock test in early April, Yu Tianyang’s score finally surpassed Ji Ruomeng.

    “Look, hard work pays off, six hundred and ninety-seven, three points more than you.” Yu Tianyang rushed to the first get out of class after the class. Everyone saw him not strange. In the eyes of the students, Yu Tianyang has long been a non-staff member of the first class.

    Ji Ruomeng covered his face and waved his hand: “I know, I saw it, and I knew you would come and show me soon.”

    Qi An’an was cheating on the side, and Ji Ruomeng was right, even her. When I saw Yu Tianyang’s score, I knew it in my heart. As soon as the class bell hit Yu Tianyang, she would have known him for nothing.

    Up to now, Qi An’an is particularly at ease with Tianyang. She doesn’t know if there will be a good-looking primary school girl in the next year, and she doesn’t know which is the little goddess of Yu Tianyang in the book. But that doesn’t matter. Until now, Yu Tianyang’s heart in pursuing Ji Ruomeng has not changed.

    Yu Tianyang showed off with a smile, and looked at Ji Ruomeng with a pair of dog eyes open: “Hey, then it’s time for you to fulfill your promise, look at my study so hard, I haven’t done it for…”

    He said So old, Ji Ruomeng glared at him immediately, and Yu Tianyang quickly changed his words: “In order to get a good university entrance, find a good job, earn money to support the family, and in the future, a daughter-in-law will raise a child…”

    Ji Ruomeng pointed to him “You, you, you! Shut up! It’s almost done!”

    Yu Tianyang’s eyes lit up: “Then we…”

    “Yes…” Ji Ruomeng blushed and threw out a word, and immediately added, “But you don’t want to say that word, we two know it well.” There

    are too many classmates, and Yu Tianyang had to kiss him hard. Take a transcript in his hand.

    After the class bell rang, Yu Tianyang reluctantly returned to his classroom. Qi Anan waited for him to leave, poking Ji Ruomeng with a smile.

    “We Mengmeng was finally caught up by the guy Yu Tianyang. The good cabbage was let the pigs go. What do you think now?”

    Ji Ruomeng’s face hasn’t been warmed yet, and he fanned with his hand: ” Also say me, you are such a watery cabbage, long ago.

    She had known about Qi An’an and Jiang Lu being together. The two of them didn’t deliberately concealed it from her. When they knew about it, she too. There is no sense of surprise, but it feels like it should be.

    Qi An’an laughed. She imagined this metaphor for a moment and felt that it was very inappropriate for Jiang Lu. Jiang Lu can be regarded as the top jade cabbage no matter what, but… she certainly can’t be regarded as a pig.

    After school, Qi Anan couldn’t help laughing when he saw Jiang Lu. His black and white eyes were shining, like a little fox hiding his evil heart.

    “What’s the matter?” Jiang Lu squeezed Qi An’an’s cheek very lightly. His little girl loves to laugh too much, but her smile is very contagious. He couldn’t help but feel joy when he saw it.

    “Happy to see you,” Qi An took his hand and looked at him sideways, “Jiang Lu, haven’t you rested lately? Why don’t you look good.”

    “It’s okay, maybe it’s late to bed .”

    Although Jiang Lu answered smoothly, he didn’t tell the truth. I don’t know since when his sleep quality has gradually deteriorated. Although he sleeps lightly since he was a child, he rarely dreams and rarely suffers from insomnia. But in recent months, he occasionally suffers from insomnia and often dreams.

    The dream is chaotic, and I can’t remember the content every time I wake up, only the feeling of emptiness is fleeting.

    But Jiang Lu didn’t care about such trivial matters, and he didn’t even want to say it to make Qi An’an worried.

    “You stayed up again, are you in a hurry to draw a draft?” Qi An’an squeezed his finger, “It seems that I will supervise you to sleep every night from now on.”

    Jiang Lu put her little hand in his palm and whispered: ” I accept supervision.” It’s so good

    , Qi An’an laughed, and then asked: “Jiang Lu, what major do you want to study in the future?” She thought to her heart that Jiang Lu has something that she loves, and might still be engaged in painting and painting. Of the industry.

    Jiang Lu said: “I plan to study finance.”

    Qi An’an was a little surprised: “Then what about your paintings?”

    He laughed: “That was a way to support himself in the past, and it doesn’t necessarily take a lifetime.”

    He wanted to give Her best life is not enough for her passion. What’s more, Jiang Lu faintly feels that his talent for business may be higher than painting.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an with a gentle voice: “An’an, I will only paint for you in the future, okay?”

    Qi An’an immediately nodded: “Okay! Aren’t you at a disadvantage?”

    She was the only one who regarded him as a treasure. , Jiang Lu smiled: “Don’t suffer.” He has too much, so how can he talk about losing money.

    Qi An’an was led by him with a smile, and said that it was magical in his heart. He didn’t expect to go round and round, Jiang Lu would eventually embark on the path of business. She thought that if the plot changed, he would become an artist or a famous painter.

    But that’s not bad. Qi An’an remembered the description of Jiang Lu in the book. He is so dazzling

She will support everything she does.


    “Brother Lu is really awesome.” Jiang Zifan was absent from class yesterday, and it was almost the end of the afternoon when he came to the classroom with a yawn. He read the transcript twice, folded it and put it aside.

    Although Jiang Lu’s results have always been stable, he still couldn’t help feeling sigh every time he saw those full marks. Their class can actually produce such a genius, this myth is estimated to last for many years.

    He glanced to the side. Jiang Lu looked different from most of his classmates when he was doing the question. He never frowned, his face was light and breezy, and even looked a little cold. But even so, the aura on his body is restrained and peaceful.

    Jiang Zifan curled his lips, he almost couldn’t remember what it was like when he met Lu brother when he first met with a fierce look in the fight.

    After sighing for a while, Jiang Zifan left these behind. He had never studied self-study before, and it was all based on chattering. At this moment, he stabbed Zhou Qi next to him: “Old Zhou, what are you going to do in the future?”

    Zhou Qi didn’t study either. He was playing games with his mobile phone: “Going abroad, I have already contacted me at home.”

    “Me too, it feels really boring.”

    Zhou Qi glanced at him: “You are also going abroad, then you What about that girlfriend who loves to die?”

    Jiang Zifan shrugged: “Then it’s divided, anyway, it’s not as fresh as before. Why are you so innocent, how can there be anyone who loves to die?”

    Zhou Qi smiled. I laughed and didn’t say anything.

    Jiang Zifan paused for a while, then suddenly kicked him underneath: “Quickly put it away, Lao Yang is here.”

    Sure enough, there was a sound of footsteps, and Zhou Qi threw the phone to the desk without changing his face. Jiang Zifan next to him took it seriously. Beginning with the pen and looking up, Teacher Yang was coming towards them with a strange expression on his face.

    Could it be that I was caught… Zhou Qixin said that confiscation of a mobile phone does not matter, but Lao Yang is the most talkative.

    Unexpectedly, Teacher Yang didn’t even look at them, walked straight to Jiang Lu, knocked on his table, and whispered: “Jiang Lu, come out with me.”

    What’s the situation? Jiang Zifan asked him silently.

    Zhou Qi also opened his mouth to make a statement: I don’t know.

    They watched Jiang Lu and Teacher Yang walk out of the classroom one after another. Jiang Zifan touched his chin and wondered: “Is there anything going on? Hey, you said, should I tell Qi An’an?”

    “Don’t come here. “Zhou Qi gave him a blank look, “It doesn’t have to be anything, don’t listen to wind or rain. Brother Lu has put down his butcher knife now, don’t you think he has become a kind-hearted and kind person? Don’t you go. Excuse Qi An’an. Just know how to make a fool of yourself, and go play your game. “

    What is that? Does this single mother-to-fetus understand?

    Cut, he’s not a fool, just by looking at Lao Yang’s face, he knows that there is absolutely nothing good for him to find Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Zifan smiled confidently. Based on his rich love experience, when a man encounters setbacks and a series of negative situations, what is most needed? Of course it is the care from the sky from the people you like!

    He curled his lips, took out his mobile phone secretly, and gave Qi An’an a small report on his own will.


    Teacher Yang took Jiang Lu to a relatively remote location in the corridor, and he was suffocating for a long time, but he didn’t even suffocate a word.

    This is not like him. It is too abnormal. Jiang Lu asked: “What’s

    wrong ?” Teacher Yang thought for a long time or said roundly: “Jiang Lu, how are you studying lately? Are there any difficulties? I don’t think your expression is very bad. Okay, don’t you have enough rest?”

    This is just a matter of having no words to talk to. You must know that Teacher Yang hasn’t asked him about his studies for a long time.

    Seeing him so hard, Jiang Lu had no choice but to put the steps in place one step at a time: “Teacher, if you have anything, just tell me.”

    Teacher Yang’s face was a little red, he really wouldn’t be straightforward. It was really difficult for him to talk to the students, but there was really no way if he didn’t say it. He sighed for a while and he faltered and said: “Jiang Lu, just recently, you… …Your mother always looks for me…”

    Jiang Lu understood it just as he got his head up. Qin Meng couldn’t get into his cell phone, didn’t know his address, and was stopped by the school security, unable to enter the school. He is alone and has no other relatives. If he wants to find him, he can only find his head teacher.

    And seeing Teacher Yang looks like this, Qin Meng has definitely approached him more than once, and he must have talked to him only because of trouble.

    “It turned out to be this.” Jiang Lu’s expression remained unchanged. “You should have told me earlier.”

    “Oh…this is not the college entrance examination soon. The main reason is that it will affect your state. The time she came before was very difficult. Teacher Yang frowned, “But, she has always emphasized to me that there are important things to come to you, her words are sincere, and it doesn’t seem like she came to find the fault deliberately. I think about it, and think I should tell you. After a while, in case something really happens, see or not, anyway, make your own decision.”

    Jiang Lu said: “See.” It’s been a

    long time since he heard Qin Meng, he almost forgot her as a person. It’s not bad to have this opportunity, just to completely cut him off from the dirty and dark past.

    There is a clean person in his future, and he also wants to organize himself decently.

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