MFTIV: Ch 48

   “An An.”

    The voice was very low, but it was full of infinite petting. Qi An’an turned around immediately, Jiang Lu stood at the corner not far behind her.

    He looked at her, those eyes were like a deep pool of tenderness, and no amount of words could describe the affection in it.

    Qi An’an felt wronged by such a look. She ran to Jiang Lu and handed the flower over: “What is this?”

    Jiang Lu replied in a low voice, “The flower.”

    “Who gave it this .” The

    answer is naturally self-evident. Jiang Lu didn’t answer so quickly this time. He whispered, “An’an, don’t be angry with me.”

    Qi An’an looked down at Hua and looked up into Jiang Lu’s eyes: “You didn’t send me flowers before, did you hear about Song Pengfei, afraid of being preempted by others?”

    She was right, Jiang Lu lightly sighed and nodded.

    “You only know that you are afraid now. You are not afraid. I will receive Song Pengfei’s flowers first? Then you can only be the second boy who will send me flowers. No matter how you want to make up for it, you won’t have a chance.”

    Jiang Lu laughed. : “Of course I’m afraid.”

    Why not be afraid, he can’t bear the girl picking prematurely in his heart, and can’t be confused by others’ confession to give flowers.

    Qi Anan stepped forward: “I didn’t agree to his confession, and I will confiscated the flowers he sent.” Her eyes were clear, and she looked straight at Jiang Lu, and his reflection was clearly reflected in her clean pupils.

    Jiang Lu’s heart was very sour: “Yeah.”

    Qi An’an shook the flower in his hand at him: “But you gave it to me.”

    This time Jiang Lu couldn’t even pronounce a syllable, so he watched Qi. Tears accumulated in An An’s eyes little by little: “You still don’t believe me now? I don’t believe I like you.”

    This look made Jiang Lu completely flustered, and wiped her tears at a loss, but he didn’t dare to touch it. She touched her skin a little.

    The tears were hot, and every drop on the hand seemed to cut a hole.

    “I have always believed in you, An An, I just…”

    As long as she doesn’t take a step beyond the thunder pond, she has the opportunity to regret at any time. But once he had her, he would never let go again.

    But all the explanations were too pale, Qi Anan looked at him, tears still falling down, Jiang Lu really had no choice, and finally tentatively stretched out his hand, holding her in his arms little by little.

    She buried her face in his chest aggrievedly, raised her slender arms, and wrapped her tightly around his waist.

    “You just think that I like you on a whim. When I grow up, I will leave you and I won’t like you anymore. You have never believed me.”

    Jiang Lu held Qi An’an tightly. He never There is no such feeling, the girl in his arms is so petite, but he feels so full while holding it.

    Qi An’an’s words made Jiang Lu heartbroken, so he could only apologize in a low voice: “I believe you, I was wrong An’an, it’s all my fault, don’t cry.”

    The heat of her tears almost burned his chest through.

    Qi An’an raised his head in his arms and looked straight into Jiang Lu’s eyes: “I am not like that. If I like you, I will always like you. I will never regret it, and I will never leave you forever.”

    Jiang Lu Looking at her teary eyes, shaking her lips, gently wiped her: “I know, I know.”

    “I almost became someone else’s girlfriend.”

    Jiang Lu said softly, “Yes, I’m so scared.”

    He He said that he was afraid, but finally bends the corners of his lips slightly.

    He laughed so dazzlingly. Qi An’an saw his smile, and most of the grievances in his heart disappeared long ago. He still couldn’t help but complain: “You are too much. If someone gives you a gift, you obviously accept it, and you have to refuse me.”

    Of course Jiang Lu knew that she was talking about the kiss, it was the sweetest gift he had ever received.

    He whispered: “Yeah, I’m too naive, An An don’t think about me better?”

    Qi An’an tightened her arms, and her voice became quieter: “…Then you pay back.”

    Jiang Lu Without immediate action, Qi An’an waited for a few seconds, and moved restlessly in his arms: “Let it go, I’m going to be angry.” The

    spring breeze moved and the willow leaves rustled.

    Jiang Lu hugged the girl in his arms tightly, and finally stopped hesitating, slowly lowered his head, and printed a very light kiss on her smooth forehead.

    Without any □□, but the preciousness in it makes people tremble.

    Qi An’an finally laughed. There were still a little bit of tears in her eyes, but the smile could not be concealed anymore: “This time you won’t talk about those messy rules like the last time, right?”

    How could that be ? Regarding the messy rules, Jiang Lu was full of pity in his heart, but he had already kissed her, and of course he couldn’t make her cry like this again.

    Jiang Lu nodded: “Well, don’t tell.”

    His only remaining reason told him not to trap her so early, but when her tears fell, he really couldn’t care about anything: “Then don’t cry, OK? All right?”

    Qi An’an burst into laughter, completely relieved. Only then realized that she was still around Jiang Lu’s waist, and the late shyness finally came up, she quickly let go of her hand, and the heat continued to blow up to her ears.

    Jiang Lu kept smiling, and seeing Qi An’an put his hands down, he let go of her without a trace. But the next moment, Qi An’an’s little hand tentatively held his finger.

    Jiang Lu’s heart was hot, and he gripped silently.

    “Jiang Lu, which university do you want to take in the future? Do you want to go to the local? There are many good universities in the local area… Do you still want to go outside? Go

A little farther away? Your grades must be chosen by you, I have to see if I can do it. “

    Qian’an asked Jiang Lu seriously. Their city is a first-tier city with many good universities, but they don’t have top universities. Jiang Lu will go to the best universities, but she doesn’t know whether her grades can be admitted.

    Every year she takes top exams. Only the top five in each school are confident of going there. Although her grades can go to a prestigious university, it is still a bit laborious to be too high.

    Qi An’an’s serious thinking fell in Jiang Lu’s eyes, feeling helpless Sigh. Silly girl, he still felt that he had picked up the treasure. Just after being together, he began to plan the future seriously.

    Jiang Lu said: “An’an, don’t worry about this, I’ll go wherever you go. “

    That won’t work,” Qi An’an frowned. “The university I can go to is not the best. If you don’t go, your grades will be wasted?” The school is so precious to you. If you fail to report to a top university in the end, the principal will roll his eyes with anger even with your teacher Ban Yang. “

    Jiang Lu laughed, very gentle look at her:” Nonsense, do not waste. “

    You are the best university.


    Since that day, Qi An’an has been laughing at

    the questions. The first person to discover the abnormal situation was Ji Ruomeng: “An’an, what’s the matter with you lately?” “

    She leaned over to look, and asked with an incredible expression, “Do a math problem…is it so funny?” Hey, who owns this paper? This character doesn’t seem to be like what you wrote. How can your characters be like this…”

    She thought for a while and commented: “Domineering? No, heartily…nor, harm, your writing is not so sharp anyway. “

    Qian An’an straightened Ji Ruomeng’s head, blushing and whispered: “Oh, you don’t understand Mengmeng, go and study. Don’t ask me, don’t look at me. “She covered her face with her hands.

    What’s the situation? Just make a question, do it so sweetly? Ji Ruomeng’s curiosity was hooked, and she leaned over to look at it again, but after two glances, she was taken away by the clear thoughts on problem-solving on the paper.

    Their math teacher will send them a small paper every day to keep them in touch. The number of questions is not large, there are five in total, all of which are found on the Internet by the math teacher, and there is no accompanying answer. Questions are difficult, if everyone is not good at doing it, he will talk about it, but after all, it is an extra question, and most of the time there is no time to talk about it.

    “Wow, An’an baby, you, you can let me see if you, which great god’s handwriting is this?” Ji Ruomeng’s eyes are straight. This is the small math paper they issued yesterday. The first three are good to say. Two perverts are simply difficult.

    Now she looked at the look in Qi An’an’s hand with great enthusiasm, and she had forgotten what Qi An’an had to ask before.

    Qi An’an generously gave her the paper: “Take it and study it.”

    Ji Ruomeng happily took it over and looked at it, not even asking who did it. My heart said, no wonder An’an smiled so happily, can this be unhappy? There are not only solution one but also solution two, but also annotated with red pen.

    Absolutely, this man is absolutely extraordinary.


    school was over, Jiang Lu was waiting for Qi An’an at the school gate. He did not stand in a conspicuous position, but Qi An’an still saw him as soon as he came out.

    I did a day’s question boringly, and was really happy to see the person I like, Qi An’an immediately raised a smile and ran over, stood two steps away in front of Jiang Lu, tilted his head and acted like a baby in surprise: “Who is this? Your boyfriend? He is beautiful and clever. He is not good at it. There are two ways to solve the problem.”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help but smile, and the wind blew his black hair. His smile was tender and touching, almost the same as that of the sky. The sunset glow became a painting.

    He took two steps forward and gently took Qi An’an’s hand: “Let’s go.”

    “Today’s math paper also has a problem.”

    “Okay, give it to me later .”

    Qi An’an smiled so that his eyes curled up: “Jiang Lu, you are so kind.”

    Jiang Lu tilted his head, and with a low smile, tucked her ears behind her ears. Is this all right? How can it be so easy to be satisfied.

    “Is it clear what I wrote?” Jiang Lu asked with some uncertainty. Regarding the affairs of Qi An’an, he really didn’t know whether he was doing it perfectly.

    Qi An’an opened her eyes wide in shock: “Of course it is clear. You will actually feel that you are not clear. The standard answer is not so standard.”

    She said that she laughed, “You don’t know, Mengmeng seems to have picked it up after seeing it. The same as Bao, because there is a crease in the answer you wrote, she still complained bitterly about me, it was really wrong, there is your handwriting there, I am not willing to break it, it is obviously you who made it.”

    Jiang Lu laughed and held it. Qi An’an’s hand was tight, how could he make his girl cherish it like this.

    When mentioning Ji Ruomeng, Qi Anan wanted to laugh at Yu Tianyang: “You don’t know Jiang Lu, Yu Tianyang is so miserable. In the last mid-term exam, he was only one point short of the Mengmeng exam. It almost didn’t. I pissed him off, but I was scared of Mengmeng enough, and I learned more crazy.”

    Jiang Lu understands Yu Tianyang a bit, but he can see clearly after so long that it is only a matter of time before the two are together. But when it comes to Yu Tianyang, he remembered one thing.

    “An’an, I have something to tell you. There will be a physics competition in two weeks. There will be two places in one…”

    Before he could finish, Qi An’an jumped up first: “I know this competition! There is one of you. Right? Jiang Lu, you’re great! This competition has a high gold content!” She rolled her eyes slightly, “Physics competition…you can always get full marks in physics, and there must be you. There is another one that is fixed in Tian Tian. Yang?”

    Yu Tianyang is amazing. He has good overall grades, but he is partial to the subject

Seriously, the physics score is against the sky. Generally, the deduction will not exceed five points, and sometimes you can get full marks.

    Jiang Lu nodded: “Yes, the head teacher just told me about it today.” And when I told him, the school had already reported the place.

    Isn’t this a great thing? Why does it seem that Jiang Lu is still a little hesitant. Qi An’an shook his arm: “Jiang Lu, how did you tell me such a great thing?”

    Jiang Lu pondered for a moment and looked down at her: “An An, this competition requires training, from start to end. It will take about twenty days, and…will receive your mobile phone.”

    Qi Anan understood. It turns out that Jiang Lu’s hesitation just now was not because she had read it wrong: “Jiang Lu, if you receive your mobile phone, would you miss me?”

    Jiang Lu Curving the corners of his lips, looking at her tenderly, is this still necessary? If he had a choice, he would definitely not go. Twenty days were too long to see her, nor hear her voice, he was afraid he could not bear it.

    Besides, he doesn’t need extra points for the college entrance examination. It’s better to give this good opportunity to others.

    But there is no way. The quota has already been set, and the registration cannot be withdrawn. If you don’t go, this quota will be wasted. Teacher Yang is very kind to him, and he definitely can’t do this.

    Qi Anan understood Jiang Lu’s thoughts, and for a while was funny and distressed: “Go, go, you must go. Although if you can’t meet for 20 days, you can’t make video calls…”

    She fantasized about the scene, “I I will miss you especially, but I still have to go. If I delay your future, I will be even more sad. Go and I will wait for you to come back. “

    Wait for you to come back. Jiang Lu’s heart seemed to be poked gently by her, sweetly at a loss.

    He nodded: “Yeah.”

    Qi An’an stopped and stood in front of Jiang Lu, holding his wrist: “Jiang Lu, don’t move.”

    Jiang Lu followed the flow and looked at her motionlessly.

    Qi An’an pursed his lips and smiled, standing on tiptoes shyly, and quickly kissed Jiang Lu’s lips with his eyes closed.

    She lowered her head and whispered: “Encourage you, you have to be the first to come back.”

    Jiang Lu’s heart is so soft that he will be crushed by the touch of it. On Qi An’an’s soft cheeks, he said softly, “Okay, I will come back first.”

    … After the

    final exam, Xincheng No. 1 Middle School gave the students a two-week vacation. The beginning of school is the third year of high school, and their time is getting more and more. The more urgent.

    But this time, neither Jiang Lu nor Yu Tianyang took part in the final exam. They had already set off for city a two days before the exam to take part in the physics competition training.

    Just two days after the holiday, Qi An’an found depressed that she really missed Jiang Lu, and her attention was still a little shifted when she was in school. Now that she is on holiday, she sometimes gets distracted by doing the questions and can’t bear to do it. I flew away, thinking about which solution Jiang Lu would use.

    However, Jiang Lu must be thinking about her too, Qi Anan thought so, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but secretly curled up.

    The night was a thunderstorm night. The rain was pouring outside, and the thunder in the sky was louder than a thunder. Qi An’an was not afraid of these, but today she always felt a little uneasy in her heart. She looked at the window for a while, and she checked the weather in city A on her mobile phone.

    Fortunately, there was no rain in city a.

    Putting down the phone, Qi Anan caught a glimpse of the date on the phone page. On July 17, she paused and suddenly sat upright.

    No wonder she is always upset today, it turned out to be this day. In the past year or two, every time she had this day, she would still have lingering fears, but in recent years she has gradually lost the memory of this day.

    Because Qi Anan knew that the plot had completely changed, and Jiang Lu would never become like that.

    July 17th was the day when Jiang Lu was overwhelmed in the book and raised his butcher knife to kill.

    At that time, the plot tortured book fans to death. Later, because the book became popular, Weibo even brought topics. The topic was crying and the hearts of thousands of girls were collectively broken. Among them was Qi An’an. Pieces.

    But now, Qi An’an will no longer be secretly sad because of this anniversary. Jiang Lu has a new life, and this day will never have anything to do with him.

    Qi An’an put the cell phone black and put it aside, and said silently, Jiang Lu will always be safe, Jiang Lu will always be safe.


    “You can’t do this, right? Or tell the teacher to go to the hospital, this night, you are burning to 40 degrees.” Yu Tianyang asked with a frown, looking at the thermometer in his hand.

    In this training camp, he and Jiang Lu were in the same room, and they should take care of each other. In the afternoon, they were fine. At night, Jiang Lu actually fell asleep in class. He looked so energetic every day, and it was suddenly in class. Sleeping is rare. However, Yu Tianyang was careless and didn’t take this matter to heart. How tired the training camp is, and who hasn’t been too sleepy yet.

    It was only when Yu Tianyang finished playing two games at night and was about to sleep that something was wrong.

    Jiang Lu took the thermometer over and put it on the table next to him: “It’s okay, it’s just a fever, just take medicine.”

    Unexpectedly, Yu Tianyang is not easy to fool sometimes. He just said that he was okay and he didn’t believe it and got out of bed. Looking at the thermometer, he found it in the end.

    “Can the medicine provided here work? Do I have to go to the pharmacy to buy it? However, if you have such a high fever, I think it’s better to go to the hospital? Don’t worry.” Yu Tianyang fiddled with the boxes of medicine on the table. The training was more humane. For the students, various medicines were prepared in the room, including cold medicine and fever-reducing medicine band-aids.

    Jiang Lu said: “The anti-fever medicines are the same, go to sleep.”

 He looked quite clear, and his mind was clear. It didn’t seem to be burnt. Yu Tianyang scratched his head, feeling that there should be nothing wrong, and then staggered back to the bed.

    “By the way, don’t tell anyone about this.” Jiang Lu suddenly ordered again.

    Don’t tell others? Oh, I see, I’m afraid of embarrassment. Yu Tianyang understood, and waved his big hand to give him a reassurance pill: “Don’t worry, how can I tell you this kind of embarrassment? Don’t worry, no one will tell.”

    He finished the guarantee, and continued to talk endlessly: ” Jiang Lu is not talking about you. Your physical fitness still has a lot of room for improvement. You have a cold and fever in the summer. You have to strengthen exercise…”

    In fact, Jiang Lu also finds it strange. He has always been in good health. , Almost never got sick after growing up, the fever this time is simply inexplicable.

    But he didn’t take it to heart, and fell asleep after taking the medicine.

    It may be the cause of the illness. Jiang Lu didn’t sleep well this night, and he had a dream at night.

There was a long passage in front of him, very dark and dark, and a man walked forward step by step, his footsteps calm and restrained, click, click.

    In a trance, he couldn’t tell whether this was the person in the dream or himself. He only knew which step was taken out of the passage. The sky was bright outside, and he raised his hand, and the sun was particularly dazzling.

    A voice sounded behind him: “Congratulations, you have been born again.”

    The man said to him, lad, have a good journey, hope we never see you again in prison.

    He didn’t answer, and he walked forward, through the lane of the stream, past the frolicking crowd, until he reached the foot of a tall building.

    He raised his head, looked up at this magnificent tall building, his lips opened and closed silently.

    Qi An’an, I’m back.

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