MFTIV: Ch 47

  In March, when the Xincheng No. 1 Middle School took the test, Jiang Lu’s results caused a sensation, but there were many doubts. Later, when the results of the spring unified test were obtained, the number of people who questioned suddenly decreased. Then various monthly tests and the end of the semester Jiang Lu has always been at the top of the list, and his level is stable, and he has never played abnormally.

    After the final exam, the principal consulted with Teacher Yang, the class teacher of Class 16, after all, Class 16 is a crane-end class, and the teachers are not as powerful as the first class. If the next semester, Jiang Lu will be assigned to the first class.

    Teacher Yang was not very happy, so he said, “Why? Normal students get good grades. That’s what the teacher teaches. But Jiang Lu got good grades. It’s really because of his talent.”

    But no matter how unwilling, after going back, I still mentioned it to Jiang Lu. This kid is the one who can grab people’s hearts most. After listening, he is silent, giving Teacher Yang a cold heart, waiting nervously for him to answer.

    Fortunately, Jiang Lu was silent for a short time. He shook his head: “No, I’m in Class 16.”

    Well, he has a conscience.

    The winter vacation of high school was not closed for a few days, and a dozen days passed before school started. Zhou Qi was a little surprised when he entered the classroom and saw Jiang Lu. He was not in class at the moment. Zhou Qi took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and asked him: “Brother Lu, go out and smoke a cigarette.”

    Jiang Lu glanced at

    him and shook his head: “I won’t smoke anymore.” I haven’t seen him smoking for a long time. It seems that he really won’t touch him again. Zhou Qi put the cigarette away: “Brother Lu, there was a gossip saying that you will return to the same class after school starts?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t leave the book: “Nonsense.”

    Zhou Qi didn’t believe it: “Don’t lie to me Now, when I passed by Lao Yang’s office before, I heard him sigh. Are you unwilling to go?”

    This is a good opportunity for better students to receive better teacher education. The school will definitely not Those who voluntarily gave up, unless Jiang Lu didn’t want to.

    Zhou Qi scratched his head and wondered: “Is it because you two are in conflict?” He usually doesn’t like gossip, but this is really outrageous.

    Jiang Lu smiled: “Don’t inquire.”

    It’s not a conflict, it’s just that An An is a little angry with him, Jiang Lu gently bends his lips, eyes soft.


    new semester’s studies are still so heavy, especially for such a key class, Mr. Jin gave a talk to everyone on the first day of school.

    After half an hour of stinky and long talk, he finally concluded: “In short, everyone must keep your heart. There is still a short time before you will enter the third year of high school. This is a year of hard work and a year of sprinting. Don’t pay attention to this melon and that melon anymore. You must know that the melons belong to other people, and life is

    yours . You must study hard .” Qi An’an was half-hearted and half-hearted after the whole process . After Mr. Jin finished speaking, she poked lightly. Ji Ruomeng: “Mengmeng, why I don’t understand some of what Mr. Jin said, why is he so yin and yang, as if saying something in secret?”

    “Ah, don’t you know?” Ji Ruomeng widened in surprise. Eyes, and then reacted, “Yes, you are a prehistoric human being, and you never inquire about these things. I also heard people say a little bit, and I don’t know if it is true or false.”

    She approached Qi An’an and whispered in her ear. said: “I heard Qi Chen had dropped out because of pregnancy after a miscarriage, and someone saw her go to Li Han Yu, let Li Han Yu pushed down the stairs, she could not stay here do not read.”

    Having After that, Ji Ruomeng shrugged: “This is also a rumor that came out. Just listen to it. I don’t know what’s going on.”

    Qi An’an frowned. She hasn’t seen Qi Zhen for a long time, let alone tell her. After the talk, Qi Zhen skipped classes very frequently last semester, and she didn’t even know her current situation. Even if Qi Yan knew it, he definitely didn’t want her to be upset and covered to death.

    Qi An’an didn’t want to comment on this matter. Whether it was true or not, it had nothing to do with her. How about Qi Zhen’s character, but she hurt Jiang Lu with such words, and she couldn’t forgive her.

    “Oh, I said Li Hanyu is a scumbag. Qi Zhen didn’t know what to think. She just fell in love with him. She thought she could save the universe. Is she the Guardians of the Galaxy? What a little girl, she is also beautiful and can be tested. The first class of Shanghai Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is not bad, what about now?”

    Ji Ruomeng sighed for a long time: “It’s so depraved, but I heard that I’m looking away now. Before, Qi Zhen and Li Hanyu had an unpleasant quarrel. It seemed that Li Hanyu wanted to break up, but Qi Zhen didn’t want to part with him. But since that time, no one has seen her go to Li Hanyu again, she should have given up her heart.”


    Days pass, and the spring unified exam for the new quarter is about to arrive. There is almost no suspense for this kind of exam. At least Xincheng No. 1 High School is not worried, anyway, the first place must be theirs.

    As usual, Jiang Lu returned home after a night of self-study, and when he approached the door, he found a person standing by the door.

    Jiang Lu didn’t stop. When he saw it, he didn’t see it. He planned to pass by Qi Zhen without squinting, but she stopped in front of him two steps first: “Jiang Lu! Wait a minute.”

    ” Go away .” Jiang Lu immediately leaned back, Qi Zhen rushed up just now and almost ran into him. If that happened, I’m afraid he will be sick for a long time.

    “Jiang Lu, don’t do this first, I have something to tell you.” Qi Zhen’s eyes were a little red, and she was wearing a thin coat that made her figure more delicate, and Chu Chu looked at Jiang Lu pitifully.

    Jiang Lu looked indifferent, bypassing her and continuing on. Qi Zhen is blocking him here, of course there is something to say to him, but he doesn’t want to hear her say any word.

    “Jiang Lu, don’t leave! I really have something very important to tell you, you give me another chance!” Qi Zhen panicked when he saw Jiang Lu had left, and he hurried to

Hold his wrist.

    As soon as Jiang Lu stopped, his body reacted faster than his thoughts, and he immediately shook Qi Zhen’s hand away, so powerful that he shook Qi Zhen back two steps.

    “Are you looking for death?”

    To Shang Jianglu’s cold eyes, Qi Zhen couldn’t help but think of the scene where he choked his neck last time. Although he was a little scared in his heart, he resisted and walked forward: “Listen to me. Just a few words, I know I have done a lot of excessive things, I’m sorry, but I don’t lie to you…”

    Jiang Lu didn’t bother to care about her, Qi Zhen just opened a head, but he turned and left.

    Qi Zhen chased after Jiang Lu for a long time, and suddenly shouted: “Stop! What I told you is related to Qi An’an, don’t you listen to it?”

    This is really useful, as Qi An’an’s name was just reported. Jiang Lu stopped, and he turned his head back, his eyes sharper than before.

    “Qi Zhen, am I being too polite to you.”

    Qi Zhen gritted his teeth and looked at Jiang Lu. Before he could speak, tears shed first.

    No one knows how she spent this period of time, it was just a big dream. Li Hanyu has long been impatient with her. Although she sometimes wondered if Li Hanyu was the person she was looking for, she did not dare to give up. What if this is the test of heaven? She overcomes this catastrophe and can reap happiness.

    But when I went to Li Hanyu’s school to look for him a few days ago, I saw Li Hanyu hugging Xinhuan Chunfeng proudly. At that moment, Qi Zhen really collapsed. Before arguing, he fumbled and pushed down the stairs.

    Then, she lay alone in the cold hospital, dreaming intermittently during those days.

    The dream is finally complete, and the man in the dream is clearly visible for the first time.

    Qi Zhen wiped the tears that came out: “Jiang Lu, I came to apologize to you today. I shouldn’t have treated you that way before. I shouldn’t use those words to tell you…Can you forgive me once? We can still do it. Do you want to be friends again?”

    Jiang Lu looked at her blankly: “We have never been friends. Don’t talk nonsense, what’s wrong with An An.”

    “I… I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I hurt you before, so now you scold me. I will never say anything. After this…Can you give me a chance? Let’s start with friends, okay?”

    Sure enough, she was holding her own weakness, sure he would stop. It’s really wrong to stand here and listen to her saying these two nonsense.

    Jiang Lu snorted and raised his foot to leave again. Qi Zhen’s face changed behind him, and he shouted to him: “Jiang Lu! Do you hate me so much? Can’t you even give me a chance? I have already admitted my mistake to you and told you I’m sorry, you must be so cold Are you merciless?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t stop no matter how Qi Zhen shouted this time. Qi Zhen finally couldn’t bear it anymore and rushed to the first two steps and shouted loudly.

    “Jiang Lu You do not naive! Qian An You think you really like it? Do you think she’ll be with you? She lied to you, she will kill you!”

    “You wake up ah! You are Isn’t it enough for her to be so miserable?! If you don’t leave her, you will regret it in the future. I’m helping you!” Qi Zhen doesn’t know how to say it. Is it her dream? ? Or who can believe the nonsense of the past and present?

    “Kill me?” Jiang Lu turned around, his expression mocking.

    “Yes, you believe me, she didn’t mean to approach you with good intentions!”

    Jiang Lu nodded, his eyes sharp: “In order to prevent you from coming to me and saying these crazy things in the future, I need to tell you a word. “

    If what Qi An’an wants is to poke ten holes in me, I will hold on without dying, and I’m not willing to let her poke one less.”

    Qi Zhen stood there blankly, his mind buzzing. , No one understands the counsel to her in a dream better than this moment.

    “Be nice to him, and you must be nice to him. For a person like him, as long as you really pay for him, he will give you the love of your life.”

    Isn’t that the way it is now? No one can shake Qi An’an’s position in Jiang Lu’s heart. Even if Qi An’an wants his life, he will give it with both hands.

    Qi Zhen gritted her teeth. She had a chance, but now all of this has come to nothing. It’s just that she remembered it too late.

    In fact, she just didn’t believe in evil, so she wanted to give it a try. She knew in her heart that her relationship with Jiang Lu could not be undone at all.

    Qi Zhen smiled distortedly: “Okay, Jiang Lu, if you don’t believe me, I have nothing to say. I know that I did not do well. I admit my fate and will not blame God. But since you have said so, then I will Waiting for the day when you are tortured to death by Qi An’an bit by bit, and see if you will have such a hard backbone.”


    Qi Zhen came to him and Jiang Lu forgot afterwards. Don’t say what she said was crazy, even if it was true, he didn’t care at all.

    The warmth he got after meeting Qi An’an was enough to cover his life, even if it was a scam, he only felt grateful.

    What’s more, he has tasted the warmth and coldness of the world since he was a child. Is it true that he can’t hide it from his eyes.

    After that, no one saw Qi Zhen again. Some people said that she was picked up by her family and transferred to another city. Qi Zhen had been out of the class for too long, and hadn’t made any good friends in the class. Everyone had nothing left but sighs about her.

    There are always adjustments to boring days. There is nothing interesting about this, and the next new thing will come right away.

    There was a small sensation in Class 1 that day when class 1 was over. Song Pengfei, the monitor of Class 2, actually confessed to Qi An’an.

    He was waiting at the door early in the morning, holding a red rose in his hand. Although it is not as warm and colorful as a large handful, it is also

Don’t be deliberate. The other hand was holding the love letter, because it was too long and nervous, and two fingerprints were left behind.

    Of course there were people booing in such a hot scene. Qi Anan quickly raised her index finger to her mouth: “Hush, don’t make trouble, go home and eat.”

    She smiled and drove everyone away, her face was not red and her breath was calm. I just don’t have that thought when I get up.

    Ah, without witnessing the love, the students’ heart of eating melons became lighter, and it was meaningless, so they all left one after another.

    Song Pengfei obviously understood Qi An’an’s attitude, and he smiled slightly. Although his eyes were a little lonely, he was not very depressed.

    But the second fool next to him, Yu Tianyang, was stupid. Haw also persuaded: “Qianan, do you really not consider Dafei? It’s not that I speak for my brother. Dafei has liked you for a long time. I think so, you see. Mengmeng and I became a couple, and you and Dafei became a couple. The four of us are like kissing and kissing. “

    Go to your kiss and kiss, Qi An’an can’t laugh or cry in his heart, Yu Tian Yang Zhen really deserves to be right with Ji Ruomeng. The two are really stupid and went together. She and Jiang Lu…cough cough…such a good match…isn’t it obvious enough? Why are you still thinking about arranging her a lalang?

    Qi An couldn’t keep track of it and gave Yu Tianyang a glance. Because she was not familiar with Song Pengfei, she spoke politely and politely: “Sorry, classmates, I don’t have these thoughts now. I rejected your kindness. I hope you don’t take it seriously.”

    She thought for a while, but remembered the words Jiang Lu had said to her: “You will definitely meet a girl you like better in the future. I wish you happiness first.”

    Song Pengfei is not a entangled person, he muster the courage today. Yes, but I didn’t expect to succeed. This is not to leave regrets for my youth. He smiled and nodded, and looked at the things in his hands: “Then… I won’t give you this love letter, let’s take the flowers.”

    Looking at the bunch of flowers, Qi Anan still remembered Jiang Lu’s face. She hadn’t received him yet. What about the flowers, how can I collect other boys’ flowers first? Qi An’an resented that he was not promising, and shook his head: “No, your girlfriend will know that you will be jealous in the future.”

    The confession failed completely, and Song Pengfei touched his nose and couldn’t say anything. Yu Tianyang heartlessly punched him, and said with experience: “It’s okay, brothers, girls who study well are like this.”

    He hooked and pulled Song Pengfei away, and whispered: “But I see You are really suspicious. Anyway, Ji Ruomeng gave me some hope. Qi An’an hasn’t left you any room at all. Don’t think about it, you should study hard.”


    Gossip and gossip in school It spread quickly, especially for a beautiful girl like Qi An’an. Before school was over the next day, the news had reached Jiang Lu’s ears.

    “Damn, who is this man? What is it called? Song Pengfei? Does he want to die, Brother Lu, or I will find someone to beat him up?” Jiang Zifan couldn’t bear it when he heard it, others don’t know. , He knew Jiang Lu.

    He didn’t really want to fight Song Pengfei, just thinking about Li Hanyu’s tragic situation before. Didn’t he think about Song Pengfei? If Jiang Lu did it himself, the kid would have lost half of his life.

    Who knew that Jiang Lu didn’t say anything after hearing the news, let alone getting up and hitting someone, so he gave a faint “um”.

    I rely on? So calm, Jiang Zifan was a little dazed, but since Jiang Lu didn’t say anything, he didn’t care about it, he just treated it as a melon, and it passed after eating.

    Qi An’an didn’t pay much attention to it. How could she agree to someone else’s confession? She also pretended only one person in her heart, that person was super excessive, he didn’t hold hands with her, didn’t hug her, or kiss her, but she just missed him horribly.

    Going home from school that day, Qi Anan saw something on the steps of his house from a long distance, and only when he approached he found out that it was a handful of eustoma.

    There is no warm and unrestrained rose, nor is it the elegant dust of a lily, it is placed there like that, as if to say something softly.

    Qi An’an slowly stepped forward, bent over and hugged the bouquet in her arms, she lowered her head and smelled it, the fragrance of the flowers was fresh and tangy, and she suddenly wanted to cry.

    Qi An’an turned around and ran for two steps. There was no one around, but she looked around and shouted: “Jiang Lu!”

    “Jiang Lu, you come out, if you don’t come out, I…I will really ignore you. “

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