MFTIV: Ch 46

 Jiang Lu’s expression was too sincere, and his eyes were almost religious.

    Being happy, being happy is a good thing. Being happy means that he is not disgusted. He has not been so happy in his life. It means that he is not disgusted, but he also likes it very much.

    Qi An’an immediately understood the logic: “So you rejected me because you were afraid that I would bear the rumors with you?”

    Jiang Lu said, “Not exactly.”

    “That’s the reason,” Qi An’an didn’t care about other things. What’s the reason, grab one and explain first, “Jiang Lu, I really don’t care about this. Just let them say what others like, my left ear goes in and my right ear goes out, so I won’t care about it at all.”

    Jiang Lu was very gentle. Looking at her, but he is afraid of gains and losses.

    Some people say that they can eat hot spicy food, but after two bites, they can’t eat it anymore. They will never touch such spicy foods ever since.

    Some people say that they dare to ride the roller coaster, but as soon as they start, they are scared and scream.

    Where’s her? She has never tolerated those dark and dirty things. Once she carried her on her back, would she not be able to bear it, frowning and wanting to run away? But by that time, those comments had already grown on her.

    What’s more, he was reluctant from the beginning.

    The sky gradually darkened, and the afterglow of the setting sun reflected on the faces of both of them. Jiang Lu quietly said, “An An, you know, if one day you regret it and don’t want to like me anymore, you will feel wronged and followed me like this. People. My situation… You know, if your future boyfriends mind because of this, what will you do?”

    Qi An’an asked him back: “Why would I regret it? If there is you, only you, me How come there are other boyfriends?”

    Jiang Lu was taken aback for a moment, and then returned to his senses and smiled lightly at her: “But you are too young now, and there are very few people you see. When you grow up and go to a wider place, you will see people from all over the world. Many outstanding people will greatly broaden your horizons. Then you will find that I am not as good as you think, and there are countless people who are better than me.”

    Qi An’an did not hesitate: “But I only like it. You.”

    Jiang Lu smiled.

    He was so good-looking, and his eyes were full of shards of light when he laughed. His smile hasn’t faded, unlike before. Only occasionally can he bend his lips.

    He laughed like this, Qi An’an felt warm in his heart, and unconsciously stepped forward: “Then do you like me?” The

    autumn breeze was cool and the blood could not be extinguished, and the majestic feelings raged in his chest. An An, I love you for a long time.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes and opened them quickly. He whispered: “I admit it. I really can’t do anything with you.”

    Hearing this means, he no longer finds a bunch of excuses to refuse? Qi An’an immediately smiled: “Then are we right now…”

    Jiang Lu laughed at her appearance: “Don’t worry, you promise me one thing.”

    From the beginning to the present, any request of Jiang Lu, When Qi An’an was almost not dissatisfied, she nodded immediately, “I promise you.”

    Then she asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Jiang Lu said, “We are together, but don’t tell others or do it between lovers. Anything.” If you

    don’t tell others, Qi An’an doesn’t think there is any problem. They can’t tell others that we are in a puppy love. If we are caught by the teacher and parents, wouldn’t it be great to beat the mandarin ducks?

    But if you don’t do anything between couples, isn’t this range a bit too broad?

    Qi An’an held back his shyness and asked him in a low voice, “Holding hands…isn’t it?”

    Holding hands, Jiang Lu’s eyebrows softened, but he gently shook his head at her: “Not for the time being.”

    “That hug…”

    Jiang Lu looked at her with a smile, and the meaning was obvious.

    No need to ask. Kissing is definitely not good. Qi Anxin said, what is the difference between love talk and no talk? You can’t kiss, you can’t hug, or even hold hands. Are they in this state now?

    At most, it was a name, and only the two of them knew.

    Qi Anan wanted to understand, and stared at Jiang Lu unhappily: “You just don’t believe me, I ignore you!”

    Jiang Lu looked at the back of the little girl running away, and smiled softly.

    Wait until you grow up a little bit, let me chase you. If at that time, you still want me.


    Two days later, Jiang Lu asked for leave from the school. No one knew what he was doing. When Teacher Yang asked, he only said: “I have something to do, I have to go to the far door.”

    Yes, he is the school’s sweet cake, as long as He is back for the college entrance examination, so he can do whatever he likes.

    Jiang Lu booked a ticket and flew abroad.

    When Qi Yan saw Jiang Lu, he almost suspected that he was wrong. He knows a little bit about Jiang Lu, he is a man who will do what he says. Although there was a phone call during the last conversation, it did not prevent him from listening to Jiang Lu’s uncontrollable affection for An An.

    So he was relieved, Jiang Lu said that he would not reappear, and he would really disappear forever.

    Until now I saw him, and it was he who came to look for himself abroad, Qi Yan was upset, he really missed him, only a few days have passed?

    “You came to see me on purpose. What’s the important thing?” Qi Yan really didn’t wait to see Jiang Lu. He didn’t even have the most basic hospitality. He led him to a small meeting room in the company with a cup of hot water. None of them.

    Jiang Lu understands what Qi Yan thinks of him, but this time he has condensed all the edges and corners, his posture is very low, and his expression is solemn and serious: “I know I’m rebellious.

You don’t have a good impression of me too many times. But An An, I won’t let it go, please give me another chance. “

    Qi Yan was not surprised when he said this. He could make him run all the way, except for this.

    Qi Yan really couldn’t stand it anymore, and he had a bad tone towards Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, last time You clearly said so well, why can’t you deny it so quickly? Didn’t you say that An’an’s husband will give you a look? Why do you choose for her now, and you are satisfied with everything by yourself? “

    Jiang Lu said: “An An likes me, I won’t just watch her marry someone else.” “

    If it weren’t the case, he wouldn’t feel hard even if he was guarding his whole life silently. But now that he knew An An’s heart, let him give in unless he died.

    Qi Yan rubbed his eyebrows, and secretly cursed his stupid sister in his heart . This kid found out about it, isn’t it tricky?

    He hasn’t thought about what to do next, Jiang Lu handed him the paper bag he was holding.

    “You take these to An An for signing, don’t tell her what. “

    Qi Yan opened the file bag suspiciously, and there was a thick stack of various documents inside. He rolled his eyes and straightened, and he turned to the end dumbfounded, and then looked at Jiang Lu with a little anger in his eyes: “What do you mean? “

    I know your worries. You don’t think I can control it. I’m afraid that if you can’t cure me in the future, I will bully An An.” “

    Qi Yan glared at him, almost unable to maintain his demeanor: “You are really a little bastard who doesn’t know the heights of the sky, why do you think you are better than me, and I can’t cure you?” “

    After that, thinking about the pile of things he was holding, Qi Yan himself felt unable to stand up.

    He pushed the file back: “Don’t dream, take your things away, An’an don’t. Do you think that if you take out all of your wealth, I will take it home and coax An An to sign it. You treat me as my sister? “

    Jiang Lu frowned:” I do not mean that. “

    He lowered his head and said, “I want you to rest assured, I will never hurt her, but I really don’t know… how to express it.”

    Qi Yan paused, lowered his eyes and had mixed feelings in his heart. At that moment, he couldn’t even be the same as before. Resolutely denying Jiang Lu, this young man knew that his words were pale. He didn’t believe what he said, so he could only take out all he had and offer them with earnest hands, hoping to get a chance.

    He clearly knows An An’s feelings for him, and he can easily stay with her. Not only did he fail to do so, but he had to come first to win his approval.

    Qi Yan’s heart was moved, but he didn’t immediately let go: “You planned to leave before, and now you know that An An likes you. What if one day she doesn’t like you? It hurts her if you don’t let go.”

    Jiang Lu sat upright and looked at him solemnly: “If An An doesn’t like me one day, I will never get entangled.” His

    eyes were earnest and deep, Qi Yan turned his head after taking a look. After a while, he solemnly said: “An An is still in school, and she has a lot of things in her life. She shouldn’t be occupied by another person prematurely. As her brother and her only parent, I don’t want to see her. Puppy love.”

    Jiang Lu nodded: “I understand, I am not willing.”

    “After you graduate, if An An still likes you and can accept you, I won’t stop you from pursuing her. But remember, if you make her sad I’m sad, even if it’s only once, I’ll look for you desperately.”

    Qi Yan raised his eyes to Jiang Lu, with a serious look: “No matter if you have become a climate at that time or what my situation is, I will never allow anyone to bully my sister. “

    Jiang Lu said: “Don’t worry.” The

    words have reached this point, Qi Yan is really sad, and he just made way for Jiang Lu this boy.


    When Jiang Lu went out on the last day, Qi Yan said behind him: “My sister is too young, she is not yet seventeen years old. She will be ignorant and throbbing at this age, and she likes you a little bit, but she I don’t necessarily understand what love is.”

    Jiang Lu looked back at him.

    He said: “I understand that is enough.”

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