MFTIV: Ch 45

Qi Zhen felt that he was about to collapse.

    Although she has long realized that Li Hanyu is not as good to her as she did at the beginning, she can still comfort herself by saying “he is just in a bad mood today” or “maybe something is wrong at home”.

    This year Li Hanyu graduated from high school. He originally said that he wanted to go abroad, but instead of leaving, he stayed in the local to attend university. At that time, Qi Zhen had a sweet heart. What else could he do for himself besides staying here?

    But today, Li Hanyu came to the school to look for her. She skipped class to accompany her, only to find that he had been absent-minded to herself. While he was going to buy coffee, with the phone beside him, Qi Zhen wanted to check the post for some reason.

    Unexpectedly, it was found out after such an investigation.

    Li Hanyu has a few close friends, who usually talk about Dashan in the group, and now they are chatting enthusiastically. Qi Zhen hadn’t wanted to read the information in the brothers group, but was confounded by the three words “Qian’an” in the latest news.

    What are they doing? Qi Zhen immediately began to flip through the chat history, and became more and more frightened.

    When Li Hanyu came back, Qi Zhen was holding his mobile phone and looking at him. At that time, he

    lowered his face and said, “What are you doing looking at my phone?” Qi Zhen glanced at him, and suddenly slammed the phone on him: “You still What am I doing? I still want to ask you, when did you stare at Qi An’an, did you

    follow her?” “What does it have to do with you!?”

    Qi Zhen asked loudly, slammed the phone again, and Li Hanyu was praised since childhood. When I grew up, I didn’t feel this kind of anger, and immediately slapped Qi Zhen.

    “Do you dare to hit me?! No one has ever beaten me. Why would you hit me?! Why are you getting involved with Qi An’an? Did she seduce you? She seduce you!”

    Li Hanyu listened impatiently. Pointing to her nose and said:

    “Don’t yell in my ears, and you don’t go out to inquire, which woman dare to yell in front of me? I have been with you for so long without touching one of you. Fingers are already very kind to you.”

    “Open your mouth and shut your mouth to seduce and seduce. Do you think people are all the same as you? You quickly shut up and take back your tears. This is in school. I don’t want to make trouble too ugly.”

    “You don’t want to make trouble.” Too ugly? You are afraid of making trouble, and you are known by your dear ones?” Qi Zhen wiped away tears and looked at Li Hanyu sullenly, “Do you think Qi An’an will see you? Your reputation Didn’t you know what it was like outside? I’m telling you, she already knew your number and what you were, so stop dreaming! “

    Why is this? Why is this happening! Why did the man she tried so hard to find Qi An’an? How could it be Qi An’an? !

    Qi Zhen’s hateful eyes shot at Li Hanyu like a poisoned arrow. At this moment, she not only hated him, but also Qi An’an.

    Li Hanyu smiled, nonchalantly: “The rumors outside are not good. I only know what kind of person I am. Don’t you know me? I’m not that bad. I’ll tell Qi An’an that I…”

    He didn’t say anything. After finishing speaking, he was suddenly staggered a few steps with a fierce punch, and fell on the guardrail beside the basketball court with a “clam”.

    The strength was so great that Li Hanyu was bloodied all at once, and he lay on the ground for a long time and couldn’t get up.

    “Fuck…Fuck you. Damn…”

    Li Hanyu gritted his teeth and groaned. Before he stood up, he was grabbed by the back collar, and lay on his back on the ground, this time he could see clearly. Who is the person.


    Before he could swear a word, Jiang Lu grabbed his shirt with one hand and chiseled Li Hanyu’s face like an iron punch.

    His eyes were cold and terrifying, and his pupils were pitch black.

    When Qi Zhen reacted with a scream, Li Hanyu had already been beaten more than a dozen times, with blood in her mouth and nose. She rushed forward, not daring to stop the river and land, and sweating profusely: “Don’t fight. Don’t fight!”

    Zhou Qi and Jiang Zifan hurriedly rushed to see this scene and were terrified, and immediately went up and grabbed Jiang Lu’s arm.

    Zhou Qi yelled at him: “Don’t fight! Don’t fucking kill!”

    Li Hanyu has a blue nose and swollen face, panting like a gossamer, and his body is a bit limp. If it weren’t for Jiang Lu to still grab his collar, he would just be afraid of it. Collapsed to the ground.

    He looked at Jiang Lu with swollen eyelids, his eyes full of spiteful light, and he murmured vaguely: “You bitch. A bitch. Kin…”

    Jiang Lu punched again and Li Hanyu was beaten to the side of the face. To the side.

    “I’m a bitch. It’s really worthless. It’s not a pity to lose it.” Jiang Lu’s voice was low, like a sharp ice ball. Damn it.”

    Li Hanyu slapped Shang Jianglu’s awe-inspiring eyes, but he was beaten like this, how could he just admit it like this: “Little bastard, you provoke me… You fucking wait for me, I have money… It doesn’t take much trouble to kill you…”

    Jiang Lu severely pinched Li Hanyu to the guardrail outside the basketball court, curled his lips and spit out the words in a low voice: “You go.”

    Li Hanyu was thrown and could n’t get up. He saw a gold star in front of him. Hearing Jiang Lu’s voice echoed like a ghost in his ears: “There is a Li family, I really think I can be on the table.”

    “Don’t let it go anymore. I know your idea of ​​hitting her, if you dare to commit a crime again, I won’t let you go as easily as this time.”


    Li Hanyu had a moderate concussion and had three broken ribs. He was lying in the hospital for two days to recover some strength. , Yelling to find Jiang Lu to get revenge.

,” Li Hanyu’s father was beside the hospital bed, “This matter is turned over, don’t worry about it anymore, remember not to mess with him in the future. “

    ” What? ! “Li Hanyu took a breath, “I was bullied by him into this way. Why the hell did I turn the story so easily?” I have to chop off his dirty hand that beat me! “

    I told you to stop barking!” Father Li sank his face, his expression very ugly, “You think I’m willing to let him go easily, but we can’t afford it. Do you know how many properties he owns?” We still want to take him on the most important line of our family’s business. It is not too late for a gentleman to avenge him for ten years. When he turns over one day, you are thinking about chopping his hands. “

    Li Hanyu stared at his dad with wide eyes. He understood every word he said, but he couldn’t understand it. He almost blocked his throat.

    “Okay, we can only pinch this matter . ” The nose recognizes, I know you are wronged, but there is no way, you will remember in the future, don’t provoke him again, or else our family will have no food to go around. “


    Qi Anan heard Jiang Lu being criticized, he finally couldn’t sit still. After

    fighting, why did he fight? Was it because the other party bullied him? How many people fight? Did he suffer? Injured?

    Qi An’an was squeezed with 800 questions in his mind for an instant, and went to Class 16 as soon as school was over. Zhou Qi was also transparent and waited at the door after class. As expected, he saw Qi An’an after a while.

    Qi Anan ran in a hurry . Before she could even catch her breath, Zhou Qi had already answered what she wanted to ask: “Brother Lu is still listening to the instructions in the head teacher’s office. “

    He hesitated for a while, and didn’t talk about the cause and effect. First, Jiang Lu didn’t want them to talk nonsense in front of Qi An’an, and secondly, Li Hanyu was indeed a response.

    Qi An’an said “thank you” and then turned to the direction of the teacher’s office. Zhou Qi couldn’t help but smiled, shook his head and left.


    Teacher Yang said a lot of painstakingly, the new semester is new to worry about, Jiang Lu, this kid came up to cause trouble. To be honest, the school attaches great importance to him as a seedling. Otherwise, how can he be just a circumstance of criticism? The lightest is expelled from school to stay for probation.

    Teacher Yang talked about it for half an hour and talked about the various dangers of fighting. Finally, he drank a sip of water, which relieved the dry mouth and tongue.

    “The teacher has said so much, you have to go to your heart, there are festivals and beams, this is not a reason to fight, I know you young people are full of energy. But you can’t beat him just because you don’t like him. Tell me, can you be so impulsive in the future? You still can’t beat people?”

    Jiang Lu said: “It depends on the situation.”

    Teacher Yang jumped up suddenly, “What depends on the situation?! What depends on the situation?! He After I said so much, you didn’t take it to heart, did you? How important is your time now, what if you are broken by him?”

    Jiang Lu gave him a strange look: “I’m okay, I’m all right. No.”

    Teacher Yang said with a grim face, “Okay, you are awesome. Then what should you do if you break him? Are you going to kill him?! Wouldn’t all the good prospects be ruined?”

    Just said The three-time chariot talk is back again.

    Knowing that he was kind, Jiang Lu endured his impatientness and said in a deep voice, “Break my compensation, and go to jail if he is beaten to death. No loss.”

    Teacher Yang was dying of anger. Did the person have his father’s vengeance? What about wife’s hatred? How can you be so impulsive? He has been telling him here for so long, so he can’t exchange him for a “I won’t fight anymore”? Even if it is a sentence “I will try my best to hold back”.

    Today he really doesn’t want to talk about it. This student understands that he can’t get together in one day. Teacher Yang waved his hand: “Let’s go, let’s go, I will have to live three years less if I go on. You will pay attention to me in the future, if this happens again, it won’t be so easy to pass.”


    Jiang Lu came out with a backhand. When he came to the door, he just wanted to lift his foot to leave, but there was a very familiar figure in the light, and he slowly turned his head to look over.

    Qi An’an walked over when he watched him open the door, and had already walked to him now: “Jiang Lu, are you…are you okay?”

    She didn’t ask the reason, the reason must be unpleasant. In Qi An’an’s mind, Jiang Lu is a person who will never take the initiative, and the opponent must be the one who will pick things up.

    “Do you need to go to the hospital? I’ll accompany you there.”

    Jiang Lu whispered: “No.”

    He forced himself not to look at her or stay, and walked slowly past her.

    As long as she gradually fades out of her world and doesn’t cause her trouble, there have been no rumors recently. But when he reached the stairwell, Jiang Lu heard the sound of footsteps behind him, followed by a very slight gasp.

    Jiang Lu was startled, and he hurriedly looked back, and he saw Qi An’an following behind him with red eyes.

    He almost didn’t scare to death, and immediately walked over: “What’s the matter?”

    He awkwardly coaxed: “Don’t cry.” His heart was broken by crying like this.

    Qi An’an didn’t cry, she held back her tears, but she felt that she had messed up things in her heart. It turned out that she thought Jiang Lu should have the same mindset as her, so she was a little bit reckless, but now she started to suspect that she took it for granted. .

    Jiang Lu might not like her, she had misunderstood, so if she didn’t look for him, he wouldn’t take the initiative to look for himself, and now he sees and hides.

    “Jiang Lu, I think we can talk about it,” Qi An’an resisted the sadness in his heart, letting his voice calm, “You saved me a lot of face when you refused me that day, I understand. Don’t worry, don’t want me not I will pester you, but I can’t confess my failure because of me. Let’s not even friends do it.”

How many times Yu Tianyang has confessed that he has failed, and the relationship with Ji Ruomeng is getting better and better. Why did Jiang Lu ignore her when he got here?

    It must be because she kissed him in a hurry that day, which was more offensive. Qi An’an really felt sadness came from it.

    “That day…that, I was too impulsive. If you feel uncomfortable, can you…can you forget it as much as possible?” This request is a bit difficult, but Qi An’an can’t turn back the clock.

    Qi An’an raised his head to look at Jiang Lu’s expression, but he really couldn’t see why. Jiang Lu’s expression was too complicated, he seemed sad and happy, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

    Jiang Lu turned his head out of the window for a few seconds, letting the sourness in his eyes fade. The sorrow and ecstasy in his heart were intertwined, and it took a while to calm down.

    The stability was good, Jiang Lu turned to look towards Qi An’an, there was one thing he had to say clearly.

    “I don’t feel uncomfortable, I am very happy, I have never been so happy in my life.”

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