MFTIV: Ch 44

 The sky is bright and crooked, and the fragrance floats next to him.

    The sound of insects in the grass is very clear in the silent night.

    The girl’s blushing lips are warm and soft, and they are lightly printed on the cheeks, clean and green.

    Qi An’an was so courageous as a family member, he was so nervous that he forgot to close his eyes, and watched Jiang Lu and her distance close and farther in an instant. After realizing it, a shyness surged, and she let go like being burned. His hands.

    Jiang Lu stood there without changing his posture, even his face was still expressionless.

    He looked straight at Qi An’an and looked into her clear eyes.

    Jiang Lu’s voice was difficult: “This is the gift you said.”

    He accepted it all, so why did he come to ask her? Qi An’an’s face was hot: “Yes.”

    Jiang Lu took a step forward slowly, narrowing the distance between the two, the tall figure enveloped Qi An’an, and his voice was lower than before: “Do you know what this means? “

    Qian’an’s heartbeat quickened, she nodded, looked up at him, her eyes clear.

    She said: “You are going to transfer schools and we will not be able to meet often in the future. After arriving in the new school and the new environment, I am afraid you will gradually forget me… Even if you still remember me, I may not have This is such a good opportunity now, so…”

    So what was so obvious, Jiang Lu slowly closed his eyes.

    No one knows how he is fighting in his heart, and the sorrow is full of gunpowder. He fights with all his strength to force himself not to make any further progress.

    “An An,” he called her by her name a long time later, in a soft voice, “We know each other in the old city. You know my life and experience, and you should know what other people say. The rumors in the school these past two days, Did you hear that?”

    Qi An’an felt tight, Jiang Lu clearly understood what she meant, but his opening remarks were not in the direction she expected.

    She looked at him stubbornly: “You are fine, don’t care what others say.”

    Such eyes almost burned a hole in his heart.

    Jiang Lu paused for two seconds, before stabilizing, he said again: “I have too many right and wrong, maybe someone can tell the truth from the false, but more people agree. As a friend, no one will involve dirty things on you, but if If you change your status, I will hurt you.”

    Qi An’an immediately shook his head: “I’m not afraid.”

    Jiang Lu was silent for longer this time. After the silence, he softened his eyebrows and said softly, “An’an, you haven’t experienced it. However, I don’t know how terrible rumors are. I’ve carried these on my back, so I can’t look at you anymore. Moreover, you are still young, and we spend too long together day and night. At this age, it’s the time when you are ignorant and throbbing. You may Will give me some illusion good feelings. This is not like, don’t be so confused.”

    He said: “Don’t be so impulsive in the future, girls should not easily kiss others, especially those who have not made any promises to you. “


    Qi An’an decided to be angry with Jiang Lu unilaterally, and would not say a word to him.

    What, how can he be like this. They mustered up the courage to kiss him, and he didn’t have the reaction that a boy should have, so he taught her like a dean of education for a long time.

    That night she turned around angrily and ran away, reciting the scriptures without listening.

    However, while helping the teacher in the chemistry group to send the students homework in the past two days, I heard a few words: Jiang Lu from Class 16 wanted to transfer, but the principal kept him from leaving.

    Qi An’an was relieved when he heard it, but immediately the villain in his head poked her severely: You, let him go or not.

    Qi An’an shook his head, threw out all the messy thoughts, spread out the math problems, and calculated crazy calculations on the draft paper. After a long time, Ji Ruomeng could not stand by the side, and asked in a low voice: “Baby An’an, this piece of paper Do you have any grudges?”

    Before Qi An’an could answer, she nodded and said to herself: “I can understand your sense of urgency. After all, it is about to be a sophomore in high school, and studying will be more stressful. Did you know that Yu Tianyang took the physics test in Class 2 the previous two days? I actually got the first place in the exam. It’s horrible. I think my shit promise is too naive. What if I’m really overtaken by him?”

    Yu Tianyang is also a failed confession player, and Qi An’an gave birth to some of the world’s fallen. He was melancholy, but he still comforted his friends: “It’s okay. Physics is originally his strong point. It doesn’t matter if he takes first place. If he has the ability, he also takes first place in English. Then you will be nervous.”

    “That’s right.” Ji If the dream is very coaxing, Qi Anan’s persuasion immediately feels much better.

    After school, Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng were separated at the intersection, and she walked towards home alone. When he was approaching his home, passing by a bus stop, a boy in front stopped him: “School girl, wait a minute.”

    He was also wearing the school uniform of Xincheng No. 1 Middle School . He was very tall and looked good. Seeing Qi An’an stopped, the boy showed a very sunny smile: “I’m sorry, school girl, I want to ask if you have a dollar? Can you borrow me if it is convenient? My phone is out of power, and I am again If you don’t bring money, you can’t get on the bus.”

    He scratched his head shamefully: “I know I’m a little brave, but I really don’t know what to do.”

    These are all trivial things, Qi An’an didn’t take it to his heart, she took her with her. The money was quickly handed to him: “It doesn’t matter, is your home far away? Is one yuan enough?”

    “Enough is enough,” the boy took it, and bent over to her, “Thank you, school girl, Don’t worry, I won’t take it for nothing. Can you leave me a contact information? I will pay you back tomorrow.” The

    boy’s expression is still very sincere, but Qi An’an’s expression is lighter, and he is also wearing Xincheng No. 1 Middle School If you really want to


ay back the money and ask her name if the class is enough. You need to contact me when you come up. This person is a little bit drunk and doesn’t want to drink.

    Qi An’an smiled at him politely and alienatedly: “No, it’s okay to help among the alumni.” After that, she walked around the boys and left.

    When Qi Anan was far away, Li Hanyu smiled playfully and answered the phone that was shaking for a long time in his hand.

    “How is it, Ayu, who has been squatting for so many days, is it successful the first time to strike up a conversation?”

    “It’s okay, how can I leave a good impression,” Li Hanyu brushed and unzipped the school uniform.” It’s really not easy for me to wear this stupid school uniform in order to set up my own personality.”

    The people over there also laughed: “Hey , I can’t bear to let the children get rid of wolves. You look like a stupid school uniform, but you’re kind of a school youth idol hero. Keep it up. But you put the school flowers as pigeons for this little beauty. You are so cruel.”

    Li Hanyu sneered, “What kind of shit school flowers, the bunch of people selected online this year are fucking blind.” Eyes, it is clear that Qi An’an is here to make Qi Zhen be elected as a colonel. I would have known her a long time ago, and I need to be so roundabout.”

    “Then when are you going to kick Qi Zhen?”

    “Quickly,” “Li Hanyu said with a sullen face, “This Qi Zhen has a lot of rules and a lot of forcing. I haven’t gotten me up until now. If you just dump her like this, won’t you smash my sign?”

    Then The head laughed loudly: “Ohhhhhhhh, it is worthy of us Yu Shao, then you still come to see the little beauty tomorrow?”

    “Of course not, you have to pick up girls little by little, not fresh and fresh every day Mystery. Do you know what a chance encounter is, how can there be a chance encounter every day? It’s okay to come here every once in a while. A teenage girl like her still believes in destiny and fate.

    ” Yes, yes, then I wish you a beautiful home soon.”


    At the end of the month, the results of the unified examination finally came down. Jiang Lu won the first place without any suspense, with a score of 750. He scored 748 points on the test, and only two points were deducted for the composition.

    This achievement is absolutely unprecedented. Who would have thought that a genius boy was born in Class 16. Of course, because of Jiang Lu’s life experience, there are still many discordant voices. To use Jiang Zifan’s words, it means ” That’s awesome”.

    As soon as Qi Anan heard the news, he couldn’t help but curl his eyebrows and smile. After just two seconds of laughing, he suddenly froze, and immediately pressed his lips.

    He should take first place in the first test. Anyway, all the gifts she promised to give were sent out, and they didn’t say anything after they received it.

    Oh no, he still expressed it, the only way to express it was that he didn’t want this gift.

    Ah ah ah! Qi An’an roared silently in his heart, but this kind of gift couldn’t be returned. Jiang Lu was really too bad!

    About to enter the second year of high school, the learning tasks of the first middle school are even more tense, and the students only have half a month of summer vacation and come back to class. At the beginning of school, physical education classes that had been suspended for a long time were also rescheduled.

    When the physical education class was still ten minutes away, the teacher looked at his watch and let the students free to do, and went back to the office to have a tea break.

    Jiang Lu didn’t go to play basketball with them. He sat alone on the steps under the podium beside the playground. After a while, Zhou Qi came over and sat down beside him.

    “Why are you here?” Jiang Lu asked casually.

    “There are people quarreling on the basketball court. They stop playing and watch the excitement,” Zhou Qi said. “It is Li Hanyu and Qi Zhen who are quarreling. I don’t like to eat this, so I just hide.”

    These two names are more nauseating than the other, Jiang Lu said nothing, squeezed the mineral water bottle in his hand, stood up and walked to the trash can at the back.

    As soon as he left, Jiang Zifan came running out of breath and saw Zhou Qi sitting here. His eyes lit up and he couldn’t wait to share the melon he had just eaten: “Fuck, absolutely, scum for a new level, you know Li Hanyu Does the dog force something to say?”

    Zhou Qi said: “You love melons, don’t feed me shit.”

    “No, I’m so shocked, please Brother Zhou, you can let me tell you.” Jiang Zifan sat down on Jiang Lu, who had just sat down. place.

    “This Li Hanyu is really a scumbag man who is advancing with the times in the new era! How long did he talk about Qi Zhen’s girlfriend? He spoiled and held him when he first chased him, but now he doesn’t look good anymore.”

    “I was still strange at first. , Qi Zhen is so beautiful, even if Li Hanyu is not new, he can’t just throw it away so quickly. Just now I heard a little way, and he fell in love with another one! The chat history between him and his friend made Qi Zhen see it. , Do you know who he is new to?”

    Zhou Qi was really not interested, and he didn’t even say such perfunctory words as “who?”

    But his attitude did not affect Jiang Zifan’s gossip heart, and he immediately announced the answer: “The fucking dog than actually hit Qi An’an on the head?! And he has already gone to Qi An’an, he thought he…”

    “What are you talking about.”

    Jiang Zifan was talking endlessly, and suddenly a cold voice came from behind him.

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