MFTIV: Ch 43

 When Qi An’an went home today, he was obviously more disappointed than usual.

    All Qi Yan’s thoughts except for work, rest on Qi An’an. She was unhappy, he could tell at a glance.

    “An An, why do you look so awkward today? Is there something wrong? Tell your brother.” After eating, Qi Yan brought milk to Qi An An, and he was worried that there were some unpleasant rumors.

    Qi An’an touched his face: “I’m fine, go ahead, brother, don’t worry about me.” How

    can Qi Yan not worry, his sister is usually lively and loves to laugh, and when he comes home, he always talks Today, there is less food and less food, and he feels very uncomfortable looking at it in his heart.

    Qi Yan sat down next to Qi An’an, stretched out his hand to caress Qi An’an’s hair, and said in a low voice: “An’an, is someone bullying you? Or are you in conflict with your classmates? Tell your brother if you feel wronged.” He said speciously, but If what he was worried about really happened, Qi An’an would definitely understand what he meant.

    Qi Anan glanced at Qi Yan and sighed that although she did not have the love of her parents, he gave her no less love than her parents.

    But after all, he is not his parents, he is the elder brother. She may not be able to tell his parents some things, but she can tell him.

    Qi Yan’s deep eyes were mixed with worry and self-blame. Qi Anan couldn’t bear to see it, and said softly: “Brother, after I say it, don’t be angry with me.”

    “What stupid things to say, how could I talk to you? Angry?”

    That’s true. Qi An’an lowered her head, she was a little bit ashamed to speak, but she still said: “I like someone. Today he was wronged. I feel a little sad.”

    Her voice was not loud . , But Qi Yan heard clearly, and his heart suddenly became cold.

    “…Who is it?” In fact, how could Qi Yan not know the answer in his heart, but he still hoped in case.

    Qi An’an blinked: “Brother, you also know… Jiang Lu, he almost signed your company before, do you remember?”

    Teenage girls, when they mention the names of people they like, their eyes are like stars.

    “Remember,” can he remember? Qi Yan closed his eyes and said, “An An, I remember you told me before that you would not fall in love with him early.”

    “This… people will change. That’s what I said before, now… not now It’s the same.”

    Qi Yan was anxious, and when things got to this point, he was caught off guard and blurted out: “But how can his life and experience be worthy of you? I didn’t despise him…”

    Qi An’an was stunned as soon as she heard a sentence. Fucked her eyebrows: “Brother, how do you know Jiang Lu’s life experience? I remember I didn’t tell you this.”

    Her eyes rolled slightly, “Brother, what happened today… are you…”

    She didn’t want to doubt Qi. Yan, what if you made a mistake, didn’t you rashly suspect that he broke his heart? But Qi Yan smiled and nodded gently: “I did what I did today.”

    “An An, did you blame me?” Qi Yan was very frank. Since Qi An’an has moved his mind, he would rather explain it plainly. Clearly, I don’t want to let the seeds of doubt be buried between their brothers and sisters.

    No wonder Qin Meng found her suddenly, when someone pushed her behind her back. Qi Anan returned to his shock from the initial shock, and met Qi Yan’s gaze. Although he looked calm, his eyes still leaked a bit of tension.

    “Brother, I know what you did for.” Qi An’an was very distressed by Jiang Lu, but she couldn’t say the words of resentment at Qi Yan’s eyes, “You’ve realized that I like him a long time ago, so you did this. You want me to no longer like him, do you?”

    He didn’t notice this, Qi Yan pinched his eyebrows, neither admitted nor denied: “An An, you are not suitable for him, listen to me, don’t think about him.”

    “Why are we inappropriate? It’s not his fault that he was born,” Qi An’an looked at Qi Yan stubbornly, “Brother, you can’t hurt him just because I like him. It’s unfair to him. Don’t do anything like this again.” If he is wronged, I will be sad, and I will definitely stand up to defend him.”

    “I know what kind of person he is, and this is what I feel. No matter who or what I say can’t shake my heart.”

    Qi Yan was silent for a while, he didn’t know what to say. Do you want to say that I didn’t deal with him because you liked him, but because he was plotting against you. It would be a bad idea to let the two of them make a pair.

    Who knew that Qi An’an mumbled again: “And I like him, he doesn’t like me yet.” She had some guesses, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it should…should not be counted for now.

    Qi Yan opened his eyes slightly, completely speechless. During the day, he was a little emotional because of Jiang Lu’s feelings, but he didn’t expect that the amount of information on his sister’s side would be greater at night.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Lu, the little bastard, didn’t take him seriously from beginning to end. He was a coward in front of his sister. He didn’t even dare to show his liking, and An An actually didn’t know anything.

    He knew Jiang Lu’s baby sister, but he really didn’t expect to be able to reach this level.

    Qi Yan couldn’t laugh or cry. Until now, his persuasion has not been so confident: “An An, I really don’t dislike him because of his bad background. On the contrary, although he has a poor start, he has a bright future. I know this very well. Yes. I don’t agree that you like him because you two have inappropriate personalities.”

    “The temperaments of you two are too far apart. He does things…very perverse. If you stay with him, I can’t rest assured. In the future, his wings are hardened, what if I bully you? If I don’t have the strength to compete with him by then, and I can’t stand up for you, he will change his

    mind and cheat…” “Alright, alright,” Qi an’an

Cut off Qi Yan’s cranky thinking, “Brother, do you think too far? How can you think like that, there is no optimism at all.”

    Indeed it is. Qi Yan fell silent. In fact, after experiencing these things, he had already deeply felt Jiang Lu’s feelings for An An, but who would have said it for the future.

    Forget it, Jiang Lu will transfer schools anyway, and he will never show up in front of An An again. An An still doesn’t know that Jiang Lu likes her, and Jiang Lu also doesn’t know An An’s feelings. After they are separated, these young feelings will gradually fade away, and they will be forgotten later.

    “Okay, I won’t say this, you don’t have to think about it anymore. In short, brother doesn’t agree that you fall in love before you become an adult, don’t you know?”

    Qi An’an was thinking about Jiang Lu in his heart. If you don’t fall in love before, it means you’re an adult… can you talk?

    In addition, she was obedient and only picking up those who liked to listen. Qi Yan said that he did not dislike Jiang Lu’s background, and Qi An’an who said later did not take it to heart. Adding the previous sentence, the integration means that when she is an adult, she can talk to When Jiang Lu falls in love, Qi Yan doesn’t care about it.

    Her brother is so easy to be persuaded, so he is quite open-minded.

    Although enlightened, Qi An’an still exhorted: “Then brother, you can’t bully Jiang Lu anymore, otherwise I will really be angry with you.”

    They are all separated, why is he doing such a dirty thing? Qi Yan nodded: “I promise, I won’t touch him again.”

    … The

    next night’s self-study was brought by the chemistry teacher. He gave everyone papers to do. When the self-study was over, he called Qi An’an to help them. , Sent to his office.

    Qi An’an is well-behaved and conscientious, and he is good at studying. He is beautiful and cute, and the teacher likes it very much. Seeing her sending the paper, he smiled at her: “Let it go, be careful not to stumble.”

    There are three or four teachers in the chemistry group office, and I don’t know why the atmosphere is so sad. The female teacher turned her head after speaking with Qi An’an, and returned to their chat: “Mr. Yang, don’t worry, the school will definitely find a way to communicate this matter.”

    “Communication, Jiang and Lu have already decided, and they say nothing will work.” Teacher Yang slumped in his chair imperceptibly, and the light dangled on his bald head, making it look like that. Even more pale, “He also applied for transfer procedures, paid the money, and contacted the second middle school. Now no one can persuade him, and I am mad at him.”

    Qi An’an was going to leave, he heard The words were stunned for a moment.

    Teacher Yang is still complaining with a sigh, “Why is my life so bitter? You said that I brought a class of sixteen. I don’t expect them to have any grades. In the end, a Jianglu came out. This kid has a real talent. Gao, I haven’t seen anyone who can test mathematics and comprehensive English together with perfect scores. Do you think that when he takes the college entrance examination, what will it be like? I have earned honors for the school, and I have light on my face, right? . ” ” And

    now, this spring exam results may soon got, too, the cheaper it II. ” “

    Oh, okay, schools do not know it? will easily let him go? do Pessimistic.” The female teacher persuaded him babblingly, turning her head to see Qi An’an standing there and not leaving, “Hey? What’s wrong with An’an? Is there anything else?”

    Qi An’an woke up like a dream, and shook his head: “It’s okay.” She ran to Class 16 when she got out of the office.

    At the gate of Class 16, Qi An’an didn’t care whether he knew him or not, so he stopped a student and asked, “Where is Jiang Lu, is Jiang Lu inside?”

    “No, I just left.”

    Qi An’an turned and ran out together. After school many times, the two of them didn’t take the main road of the school very much, and walked along the tree-lined road every time. Qi An’an ran there directly, chasing for a long time, and really saw a familiar tall figure in front of him.

    “Jiang Lu–“

    She only shouted, and the person in front of her stopped suddenly.

    Qi An’an ran to him immediately, before speaking, Jiang Lu twisted his eyebrows slightly, and said, “Why are you running in such a hurry?”

    The tip of his heart seemed to be pulled, watching Qi An’an’s hair run loose, and there were fine beads of sweat hanging on his forehead. Jiang Lu regretted it at once. He heard her voice just now. He shouldn’t be standing like this, he should walk towards her.

    He looked down and rummaged in his pocket for a tissue.

    “Jiang Lu, I went to the chemistry group office just now and heard your head teacher mentioned you,” Qi Anan breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at Jiang Lu

    nervously , “Are you going to transfer?” Jiang Lu looked at her quietly: ” Yes.”

    He put the tissue in her hand without saying a word.

    Qi An’an looked at Jiang Lu with some disappointment. She didn’t ask why he wanted to transfer or ask him not to transfer. She couldn’t do this, she never wanted to do things that embarrass Jiang Lu.

    But after listening to Jiang Lu’s personal admission, she was still a little sad: “Oh… but after you transfer school, we can’t meet every day.”

    Jiang Lu gritted his teeth and turned his head slightly. This was the first time that she had said something like a sharp knife stabbed in his heart.

    “I heard Teacher Yang said that you are going to No. 2 Middle School. No. 2 Middle School is in the old city, far away from Xincheng No. 1. If I take a car to find you, it will take two hours to drive.”

    The knife stabbed deeper, Jiang Lu low. Said

    lowly : “Yeah.” Qi An’an put his hands together: “I came here to tell you, we… we didn’t say it before, if you take the first exam in the unified exam, I will give you a gift for you. Celebrating?”

    Jiang Lu was silent, he might not be able to get this gift.

    As the gentle evening breeze blew, Qi An’an took a step forward slowly, and the moonlight shone on her face, making her face brighter and brighter.

“Then…Anyway, you will definitely get the first place in the exam. Why don’t I give you a gift now, or I don’t know when the next meeting will be. I’m afraid, I’m afraid it’s too late.”

    She gave a gift, Jiang There was a bloody smell in Lu’s throat. This is really the last reward from God. He thought, and slowly asked, “What is it?”

    Qi An’an took another small step. She stretched out her hands and grabbed Jiang Lu’s two wrists. When the small tremor spread to her skin, Jiang Lu didn’t even realize what she was doing.

    Qi An’an took advantage of his strength to stand on tiptoe, and quickly kissed Jiang Lu’s cheek.

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