MFTIV: Ch 42

 Jiang Lu returned to the classroom that day, and everyone’s eyes were on him.

    Jiang Lu walked steadily. He didn’t lower his head, and walked towards the back row of the class, sitting in his seat quietly and calmly as usual.

    Although no one broke the silence to speak, the students around did not show any other reaction. Even if they saw Jiang Lu coming by, no one wanted to stay away or escape.

    When get out of class was over, Mr. Yang, the head teacher, called him to the office.

    “Jiang Lu, I learned a little bit about your affairs, and I called you over to talk to you.”

    Teacher Yang also found it very difficult. He had never encountered such a situation in his 30 years in the industry. It is not a problem for parents to scold their children to beat their children, and their starting point is for the sake of their children. But the mother who hated the child so deeply, he really saw it for the first time.

    There is no way, caring about the personal growth of students is also one of the duties of the class teacher. Teacher Yang kept touching his glowing bald head with his hands: “You… don’t be nervous, if you have any questions, you can tell the teacher, how are you doing now?”

    Jiang Lu said, “I don’t feel anything.”

    He answered quickly, and didn’t hesitate at all. It is normal for Teacher Yang to say “It’s normal to be sad in this kind of thing, but don’t get into the horns”.

    This topic is dead, Teacher Yang had to say something else: “You…your mother’s side, the school has sent someone to send her out, she is very emotional, the school has also done communication and comfort, but the effect is not good Obviously.”

    He glanced at Jiang Lu’s expression and saw that his expression was calm before continuing: “Although she has the status of a student’s parent, what she did is not conducive to the student’s physical and mental development, and the consequences are very bad. In view of her previous convictions , We have communicated with the security room and will not let her come to school to make trouble again.”

    Jiang Lu said, “Yeah.”

    This topic died again.

    Teacher Yang is very worried. Talking with students is an indispensable part of every teacher’s career. He has been a class teacher for so many years, and he has never been so powerless. Even if a student sees the teacher, even if he is not sincere and fearful, he is respectful.

    Jiang Lu is better, his aura is much more stable than him, it is not like the psychological trauma after experiencing the farce just now.

    “Jiang Lu, it is a good thing that you can think about it yourself. In the future, you should study with peace of mind and go to class. I will do all the work of my classmates. Depending on today’s situation, you and…your mother shouldn’t live together either. Well, if you have any difficulties, you can tell me.”

    Teacher Yang paused, “What the female student said just now is quite right, and it is also what I think. Jiang Lu, you are a rare and good seedling, great. Your future is waiting for you, and you should understand it in your heart.”

    He sighed in his heart. This student was a headache at first, but later showed his amazing talent, and the school asked him to focus on it. Unexpectedly, an underage child has such a complicated background, but his future should not be affected by this matter, or even ruined.

    Jiang Lu blinked his eyes lightly, and the hard aura all over his body softened a little bit, so obviously that Teacher Yang couldn’t help but look sideways.

    He whispered: “I know.”

    After speaking, he turned his head and glanced at Teacher Yang.

    This kid does not have a talking mouth, but has a pair of talking eyes. Teacher Yang knew at a glance that he was leading his love.

    “Okay, if you haven’t been affected in any way, then go back to class. Don’t worry about this, it’s all over.”

    Jiang Lu nodded and turned to leave. Teacher Yang suddenly remembered something and stopped him: “Hey, wait a moment–“

    Teacher Yang looked at him: “I will be raising my second grade right away, which is the critical time for you. You can’t fall in love at this time, but our school does not allow you to fall in love.”

    Jiang Lu twisted. Between the eyebrows: “What do you think? I’m not familiar with her.” After a pale explanation, he strode out of the office.

    Hey boy!

    He didn’t name and surname, don’t you just remind me? See him seated right.

    … After

    Jiang Lu came out of the office, he didn’t go back to the classroom immediately. He walked up to the roof of the teaching building and dialed Qi Yan.

    Qi Yan seemed to be prepared early, and was quick to pick it up.

    “She’s been to school, but you didn’t teach anything, so her methods are still the same. It doesn’t matter to me, in fact, you are kind.” The cool breeze poured into his body, but he didn’t feel how cold it was.

    Qi Yan didn’t answer, he knew that Jiang Lu would never say some unnutritious nonsense when calling him. Sure enough, Jiang Lu’s next sentence made him frown.

    “But there was an accident.”

    What happened to Jiang Lu could tell Jiang Lu, and he found the one on his head, Qi Yan immediately asked, “What’s wrong with An An?”

    Jiang Lukong’s hand was soft. A smile spread out from the corners of her lips as she pressed her chest: “When the woman went crazy, she said a lot of ugly things. An An passed by and heard them, so she rushed up to help me.”

    He whispered, “It was originally in my imagination. Here, your methods will be a little tougher. Simply let her completely disappoint me, but now

    it’s hard to do. “It’s hard to do, this is serious.

    Qi Yan couldn’t sit still: “Did the woman say something that shouldn’t be said? Did she involve An An with you?”

    “It’s nothing right now, but sooner or later there will be rumors.” So did the school. A huge gossip field, curiosity and news will be infinitely magnified in a boring life.

Desperate to stand up to protect him, before long, all the details that have been quietly enlarged will intensify and become an ambiguous conversation.

    What’s more, he behaves perversely and has no good popularity in school, and some words will definitely not sound good.

    In a word, Qi Yan understood the tricky things here: “I will transfer to An An as soon as possible…”

    “You can’t transfer to An An,” Jiang Lu interrupted him, “Now the focus is on me. I transferred to another school. The focus of everyone’s discussion. She became her. Although maybe she went to other places and couldn’t hear her, but I couldn’t accept it.”

    The girl he held on the apex of his heart could not be said by others.

    “Moreover, An An has a very good life in this school. I have made good friends and the teacher likes her very much. If you let her go, she won’t be happy.”

    Qi Yan didn’t understand the truth, but he couldn’t. Watching my sister sink into the whirlpool, before he could speak, I heard Jiang Lu’s soft but firm voice.

    “I will transfer.”

    Qi Yan frowned deeply, his mind was clear, and he understood Jiang Lu’s deep meaning almost immediately.

    If Jiang Lu transfers to another school at this juncture, he will not confess to himself, which proves that what Qin Meng said will hit his weakness. He will be treated as a bereavement dog that has been torn off the fig leaf, and will only flee here in a hurry. In this way, all the rumors will be directed at him alone, ignoring the existence of Qi An’an.

    Qi Yan was suddenly speechless, Jiang Lu’s promise was heavier than he thought.

    Jiang Lu had finished talking about what he had to say, and only disgusted in the face of Qiyan: “I will do the transfer as soon as possible, don’t disturb An An.”


    Qin Meng’s trouble reached Qi Zhen’s ears. Almost a day has passed since I was here.

    After Qi Zhen’s initial pleasure passed, a little aggrieved in his heart. The teacher handled this matter in a timely manner, and the speed of transmission was very slow, and it was not known to the whole school. If she was allowed to do it, she would have to beat Jiang Lu to the point of never turning back.

    It’s a pity that God didn’t give her this opportunity. Now she is telling people about the material in her hands. Not only is there no one believes, but the spread effect is not ideal.

    This made Qi Zhen nauseously like swallowing a fly, depressed all day.

    During dinner in the evening, Li Hanyu could see it: “Azhen, why are you upset? Jiang Lu’s little bastard was hammered by his mother himself. God opened his eyes. We won’t wait for someone to take care of him. “

    Qi Zhen frowned: “But this matter hasn’t been a sensation. If I were to do it, everyone I would definitely make trouble would know, and Jiang Lu would never be able to raise his head.”

    ” Why are you in a hurry? Soon, the whole school knew it within a few days, and there were people who would give pointers wherever he went. Maybe he has the heart to jump off the building, hahahahaha…”

    He really didn’t understand, Qi Zhen sighed. Of course, this kind of thing has to be detonated from the beginning, if there is no sensation at the beginning, the effect of subsequent discussions will not be obvious.

    Moreover, she originally wanted to take this opportunity to clean up Qi An’an, how can she do it now? Qi Anan knew that Jiang Lu was a mouse in the gutter, would he stick it upside down like before?

    “Okay, don’t be sulking, today is a happy day,” Li Hanyu put his arms around her waist and kissed her ears, “I also heard that someone stood up to speak for him today, she is still a woman , Are you stupid? Is this woman stupid or brainwashed, and that kind of stuff can still protect her. She must have seen Jiang Lu’s face. There is only this possibility, but I don’t know if she wants to be He still wants to support him hahaha…”

    Qi Zhen glared at him and didn’t say anything. Li Hanyu was like that, her speech was vulgar, she was a little uncomfortable at first, but it didn’t matter if she listened for a long time.

    “Hey, there’s news. Old Sun said that he has a friend right there,” Li Hanyu’s cell phone rang, he immediately picked it up and looked at it. “The man took a photo, and he said that Jiang Lu, his mother, is quite vigorous.

    Yes, the woman who gave him a head start…” He stopped half of his words, and Qi Zhen glanced at him a little strangely: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with that woman?”

    Li Hanyu stared at the phone for five seconds before suddenly “fuck”.

    Qi Zhen was a little strange, looking at Li Hanyu’s gloomy eyebrows: “Hanyu, what’s the matter? Did Sun Hubin say something?”

    Why did you change your mood ? Wasn’t it happy just now?

    Li Hanyu couldn’t laugh at all now. He looked at the photos on the phone. The pixels of the photos were good and the photos were taken very clearly. Even in a photo taken casually, Qi An’an’s appearance is still beautiful and exciting.

    The little beauty who has been staring for so long is going to give Jiang Lu a head start. It’s damn wicked, can he not be a big fan.

    “Have you finished eating? Hurry up after eating. I’ll have something to do for a while.” Li Hanyu was too lazy to say to Qi Zhen, feeling angry and there was nowhere to spread it, so he pointed to the food on the table and asked her.

    Girls eat as fast as boys do. Although Qi Zhen is also full, Li Hanyu’s attitude makes her feel very wronged. She didn’t know why he was so cloudy, she was coaxing her just now, and suddenly began to shake his face.

    Qi Zhen bit her lower lip and looked at Li Hanyu: “What’s wrong with you? Why do you suddenly lose your temper at me? You turned out not to be like that.”

    When she first got together, she really lifted her to the sky. But for nearly a week or two, he became more and more impatient with himself.

    Li Hanyu was upright in his heart and sneered: “I’m losing my temper? Okay, then you can eat here by yourself, I’m leaving.”

    He really left.

    Qi Zhen stared at Li Hanyu’s back in shock, and suddenly a

Some panic. For a long time, she believed that she had dreamed countless times over and over again. She firmly believed that there would be a man in her life. As long as she treated him better, he would love herself humble and unreserved.

    Now, she also found this person. But since this period of time, Qi Zhen always feels something is wrong.

    In the last few dreams, the figure of the man was a little clearer, but it was still foggy and unrecognizable. But whether it is voice, body, or temperament, they seem to be slightly different from Li Hanyu.

    And judging from the clarity of the dream, Qi Zhen felt that it would not take long for her to see the man’s face clearly.

    Qi Zhen was stunned in the same place, and the anxiety in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

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