MFTIV: Ch 41

At the end of the weekend, the students went back to school.

    Even if Jiang Lu had some guesses in his mind, it was only on this day that he fully understood what Qi Yan meant by “the next day will be difficult, you must be psychologically prepared”.

    Early that morning, a woman stood at the door of Class Sixteen.

    It’s hard to say how old this woman is. If she is forty years old, she is really too beautiful, but she is definitely not a girl in her twenties. Her face has traces of vicissitudes, and she has experienced wind and frost at first glance.

    With a sullen face, she looked at the students coming and going coldly.

    Some students entered the classroom and didn’t forget to look back and look again: “Who is this? Why do you look like a debt collector?

    His eyes are so fierce.” “I don’t know, that expression looks like murder, why is it so scary? …”

    “Hey, you said, is this Jiang Lu’s mother? Or sister? Why do they look so alike.”

    “Don’t tell me, I just said she looks familiar, do they look really alike? Ah…” When

    Jiang Lu came from the long corridor, he saw the woman in the gorgeous dress at a glance. His eyes were frozen for a moment, but he kept walking forward calmly and calmly.

    Qin Meng soon saw Jiang Lu coming over. He looked like she followed her. He was already tall and tall, and he was very conspicuous among a group of young and immature students.

    For an instant, a strong hatred burst into her eyes.

    “You little beast! Why are you still not dead?!” The enemy was extremely jealous when he met, and Qin Meng had completely lost his mind the moment he saw Jiang Lu.

    She shouted in a sharp and sharp tone, and the whole corridor was quiet for a moment. All the classmates who came and went stopped and looked in this direction for unknown reasons.

    Jiang Lu stood still three meters away, and he looked over without changing his face, and his calm and calm attitude made Qin Meng even more furious.

    “Look at all of you! Take a good look! How long has this little guy pretended to be the proud man of heaven? The person who dressed up looks like a dog, have you forgotten your identity? What kind of devil are you, I am embarrassed to go every day Running in this kind of place?!”

    Her tone seemed to contain ice ball, and she stared at Jiang Lu: “Fuck.”

    There were people in the corridor, and no one had seen such a battle.

    Jiang Lu could feel countless eyes falling on him, but at this moment there was no emotion in his heart.

    He lowered his eyes slightly, the most precious baby could never belong to him, so it doesn’t matter whether he feels pain or itching.

    Qin Meng pointed to Jiang Lu and laughed loudly: “You don’t know, he is not a child born from a good man, he is just a bitch. He doesn’t even know who his father is!”

    She coldly He glanced around, his eyes fell on Jiang Lu, “I should have strangled you when you were born. No, I shouldn’t have given birth to you at all! I gave you your life, although only You are so ungrateful, but you are so unaware of your gratitude, and you used vicious methods to harm me, you should think that I will never let you go easily today!”

    Jiang Lu sneered, his tone lazily: “Since you are given to people When you are a gunman, you will have some new skills. Ten years have passed and you will only come to school to make trouble. It is still the same words.”

    He said, “When you have finished speaking, let’s go.” One of

    them was furious, the other was calm, and stood. It became the absolute focus in the middle of the corridor. More and more students came over and stood not far away to peek. People from Class 16 also looked out the windows.

    There are more and more people, and Qin Meng’s expression becomes even more crazy: “Little beast, you really don’t see the coffin and don’t cry. It seems that you are hiding well. Everyone doesn’t know how dirty you are.”

    She laughed. After laughing enough, she yelled around: “What do you think is the clean thing that goes to school and school with you every day? He has been sleeping with a man since he was four years old, and he has been fucked for so many years. He is very good. Money, but do you know where his money comes from? Hahahahaha… With such a face, it is natural to eat this bowl of rice, and it is of course easy to earn money.”

    All of a sudden, everyone looked at Jiang. Lu could see that Jiang Lu did not act low-key. Everyone could tell that he was definitely not a child of ordinary people. However, his appearance and temperament are too like a rich son, no one has ever doubted how his money came from.


    “Is this girl really the fuck?”

    “No wonder Li

    Hanyu whistled at him when school started…” There was a rustling discussion around gradually, and Jiang Lu seemed to have not heard him: “Say Good, but forcing young children into prostitution. The sentence is not light. According to what you just said, it will take ten years to count up.”

    He chuckled, “Since you want to eat in prison, I will be your witness.”

    Qin Meng choked all of a sudden, his face turned from red to white. She wanted to make Jiang Lu face sweeping, but she couldn’t raise her head to be a human again. She didn’t expect him to be so passive in a few words.

    “Just… even if… even if you didn’t do it,” it is not a joke to go to jail, Qin Meng didn’t dare to make up any more, clenching his teeth, “You are so dirty from the inside out! What child can have you like this? Fortunately, there is a free live erotica to see since childhood? You grew up in such a smelly and rotten environment, what good things can you grow into? When I lived in an old house, I knew I was away from you. Stay far away, for fear of getting close to getting dirty. If you still have a conscience, you should consciously stay away from the crowd. How do you deserve to come to school every day without incident? Why don’t you die?!”

    “How can you? What did he say? What did he do wrong?” Suddenly a petite figure rushed up from behind and tightly guarded Jiang Lu, “You brought him to your

In this world, you chose to be a mother, but he didn’t force you. How could you say so much to him? ! “

    Qi An’an stared at Qin Meng steadily. She had tossed these words over and over again when she was reading a book. I don’t know how many times she had said them. Today, she finally saw the Lord, how could she endure it?

    Jiang Lu was originally calm, completely unexpected. Someone suddenly rushed up. At this time, standing next to him would be an insult to himself.

    Besides, apart from Qi An’an, no one in this world would rush out to protect him. But Qi An’an’s classroom on the first floor, how could it be impossible to appear Here.

    But she came, still in this situation, rushed up to stand beside him.

    Jiang Lu raised a heart, never said so sternly: “Qi An’an! What are you fooling around? Go back to your classroom! “

    Qi An’an was angry. She didn’t hear what Jiang Lu said. She glared at Qin Meng and said every word: “Jiang Lu is not dirty. He has never done anything bad or hurt others. He and everyone here Every student is the same. In addition, he is very smart, learns well, has a high artistic talent, and supports himself by his own ability. He is much better than many people. “

    Jiang Lu teeth:” Enough, I say let you go back. “

    He doesn’t care about anyone’s pointing, but he can’t accept the fact that there is one more of her.

    Qi An’an turned his head, tears flashed in his big black and white eyes, but he didn’t cry very stubbornly: “I won’t go, I It’s not wrong again. “

    Her eyes lingered and swept stunned classmates, who again fell Qin dream:” You think you make a scene come to school, you can ruin the life of the river land it? Apart from telling the story about his origin, besides slandering him, do you have any tricks? You didn’t, because apart from these, you couldn’t find a reason to criticize him, but even these were not his fault. “

    “This is not an old alley where ignorant people only know right and wrong, and there are no children who only listen to adults chewing their tongues. We have brains and can judge, you are yelling here, and in the end only you are the clown, Jiang Lu does not Will be affected in any way, his life is step by step, every step is steadfast, you can’t destroy it at all.”

    Qin Meng squinted to see Qi An’an, this beautiful little girl, her eyes are pure and innocent. Look sideways. She stood in front of Jiang Lu, neither backing down nor ashamed.

    She suddenly remembered the yellow umbrella that Jiang Lu had brought back.

    Qin Meng opened his mouth and laughed coldly: “Looking at the decent girl, I didn’t expect to be willing to stay with trash. It turns out that you are his girlfriend…well…”

    Jiang Lu squinted. Senran suddenly released a bit of murderous aura, and was about to step forward, when Qin Meng suddenly came up behind two security guards to hold her, and covered her mouth.

    Teacher Yang, the head teacher of Class 16, ran up and wiped his sweat: “It’s offended, this is the school, please cooperate.” He waved to the security guard, “Hurry up and take it down.”

    He was anxious as soon as he received the report. He hurriedly brought the security guard over. I heard that there was a female lunatic at the door of their class. The curse was unbearable and the effect was very bad. He watched the scene as soon as he came over, and quickly let the security cover her mouth and drag it down.

    Qin Meng struggled hysterically, and his bitter gaze shot towards Jiang Lu like a sharp sword.

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were colder than hers, and his fists were tightly clenched. If she said that word just now, he would tear her mouth without hesitation.

    Teacher Yang yelled at the students who were watching the excitement: “What are you looking at?! Which time should I go back to? I don’t know when I’m going to class?”

    Everyone was taken away, and there was nothing to see. The students gradually dispersed. Up.

    Jiang Lu stood there without moving, and suddenly turned his head to look at Qi An’an.

    He was very quiet, without saying a word, but his eyes were red.

    Qi An’an was taken aback. She had known each other for so long, and she had never seen Jiang Lu cry. At first she wanted to cry too angrily, but when she saw Jiang Lu like this, she swallowed her tears immediately: “Jiang Lu…”

    Before Qi An’an finished speaking, Jiang Lu suddenly turned around and entered without looking back. classroom.


    “Which class are you in? Hurry back to class, early self-study is almost over,” Teacher Yang frowned, and repeated the sentence, “Hurry back to study.”

    Qi An’an pursed her mouth, she I was very worried, but class was about to start, so I couldn’t rush into the classroom.

    With a sigh, she said to Teacher Yang: “Teacher, you wouldn’t consider Jiang Lu a good boy just because of that person’s words just now?”

    “I know what my students are like, you hurry back to class.”

    Listen He said that, and Qi An’an put a little snack: “Then you will do work for the students in your class, and you won’t let them bully Jiang Lu.”

    Teacher Yang glared at her: “I know, I am a teacher.”

    Qi An’an finally Let go, just about to leave, and then turn around: “By the way, teacher, our school security guards should pay attention. You can’t let that person in next time.”

    Teacher Yang couldn’t help but smile, and he looked up and down. Qi An’an: “The little girl is worried a lot, so hurry back and study     hard .”


“No, why is Jiang Lu like this? But you came forward to support him, how could he not even say a word of thanks,” Ji Ruo The dream was puzzled, “I knew I should go straight after returning the book to Xiaoyuan. If you don’t tell you, you can see that you rushed up, and you haven’t gotten it right.”

    Qi An’an walked forward and turned his head. Seeing the leaves of golden sunlight falling outside the window, she did what she had always wanted to do, but her heart still hurt.

    The person she likes, standing there today, looks so lonely from behind.

 At that moment she just wanted to stand beside him.

    “But An An, I think what you said makes sense. You are like a woman. But why did Jiang Lu leave like this…”

    “Jiang Lu is angry with me.”

    “What?! Angry?! He actually I’m still angry with you, why is that? Why can’t I understand his brain circuit? You are standing by his side and helping him, why is he so fierce.”


    Qi An’an blinked, recalling that Jiang Lu was very fierce to her when he rushed to Jiang Lu just now. He let her go, but his eyes were shocked.

    He seemed scared to death.

    Qi Anan felt that he had discovered an incredible secret.

    She felt a little pain, and after a while she couldn’t help smiling, her voice was sweet and timid: “Where is he, he is obviously the most gentle, okay.”

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