MFTIV: Ch 40

 Jiang Lu ran to the door of the classroom and stopped slowly.

    The wind by the window blew his ears, and it also restrained the struggling beast in his heart. He stared at Qi An’an’s back and didn’t take a step forward.

    There are so many students in the corridor, wearing the same school uniform, but he just can see his beloved girl at a glance.

    Jiang Lu stood quietly, his lips trembling, he slowly closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his eyes were covered with tiny bloodshot eyes.

    Suddenly, he looked sideways in the direction of the stairwell, his gaze was sharp and sharp like a knife, and he ran straight into it without mercy.

    In the stairwell, Qi Zhen was startled by Jiang Lu’s gaze. This time, instead of scanning defensively, he stared at her steadily and accurately.

    Qi Zhen’s brain was blank, and he even forgot to pass by pretending to be nonchalant.

    The next moment, Jiang Lu smiled at him and her lips, the smile was cold and piercing, Qi Zhen stepped back subconsciously, and watched Jiang Lu walking towards her in a daze.

    Such a look was too horrible, Qi Zhen felt hairy in his heart, stepping back into the stairwell, but his knees were inexplicably soft, and he dared not even run. This staircase is on the side of the teaching building. There are not many people who usually walk. The extracurricular activities are now halfway through. The students are either sitting outside on the playground or sitting in the classroom. There is no one in the stairwell.

    Qi Zhen has a guilty conscience, but he reacts after a while: What is terrible about her? His hypocritical appearance has been seen through by her, isn’t it? He is just a prostitute. A girl who crawls on a whore. A bastard born from a guest’s bed. He is not even qualified for an illegitimate child. What is she afraid of him?

    After thinking about this, Qi Zhen straightened his waist and dared to look up at Jiang Lu: “What do you want to do? I warn you and get out of the way.”

    Jiang Lu stood half a meter in front of Qi Zhen, “Give me the phone. “It’s

    ridiculous. Talking to him is a price drop. The disgust in Qi Zhen’s eyes doesn’t hide at all: “You give it to you if you say it. What are you?”

    Jiang Lu said, “Give it to me, don’t let me repeat it. The third time.”

    His pupils were dark, and when he looked straight over, he looked like an icy abyss, shuddering.

    Qi Zhen had a pause, and the subtle fear just came back. She didn’t have that confidence, she subconsciously took out the phone, and when she was still hesitating, she was easily taken over by Jiang Lu.

    Qi Zhen angrily scolded, “Don’t look at my phone…ah!”

    Jiang Lu didn’t look at the phone at all. He didn’t move his eyes. He still stared at Qi Zhen directly, holding the phone with both hands hard. , With a “click”, the phone was folded in half from the middle like a fragile biscuit.

    Throwing it to the side, the broken mobile phone “dang” into the trash can in the corner.

    After Jiang Lu’s finger was broken, he was cut by the debris on the edge of the phone, and the blood fell to the ground drop by drop.

    Qi Zhen was frightened. After the reaction came over, an afterthought of anger filled her chest cavity: “Why did you break my phone!?” She lowered her head to see a few drops of blood on the ground, frowned fiercely, and whispered softly. Mumbled: “It’s dirty.”

    “I don’t care about anything now,” Jiang Lu said in a calm tone, but his words were extremely cold, “If you disgust me any more, I promise you will never end up better than your phone.”

    He turned around and left after speaking.

    Standing in place, Qi Zhen widened his eyes, and couldn’t believe what he heard just now. The huge anger made her blurt out: “You said I was sick? Why don’t you see how sick you are?!”

    Jiang Lu didn’t have any footsteps at all. The meaning of a pause, Qi Zhen didn’t fight, and shouted: “You are a bitch. What kind of bastard do you pretend to be a rich young master? If you don’t wipe the dirty blood off the ground, do you have any morality? Heart?! Others can’t sleep for three days and three nights after stepping on it and it’s not disgusting? What happened to me taking pictures of the two of you, wouldn’t it be good for you to make a pair? I advise you, don’t look too high, you A cultivator who can abuse Qi An’an is already a great virtue cultivated in his previous life…”

    Before Qi Zhen could finish his words, his neck was severely choked.

    Originally, Jiang Lu didn’t even stop, and he didn’t care how bad Qi Zhen scolded. Until the last sentence, he suddenly turned back, and the fast Qi Zhen had no time to react.

    Jiang Lu’s strength was so strong that Qi Zhen suddenly had difficulty breathing. She looked at Jiang Lu in horror, but he still had the same calm expression as before, except that his eyes were so dark that they were crippled.

    “Let…Let…Let…Let…Let go…”

    Qi Zhen couldn’t speak, his eyes turned hard, expecting people to come on the stairs, but there was no one going up and down the stairs.

    At first, she felt that Jiang Lu was just frightening her and would let go, but now she was really panicking – he was not afraid of going to jail or ruining his future, he was really going to kill her.

    Qi Zhen struggled violently, but just like this, Jiang Lu’s strength did not relax. She was desperately fluttering with her hands and feet, not knowing what she had touched, something fell out, bounced to the ground crisply, and rolled down the stairs grunting.

    In the sound of Ding Ding Dong Dong, Jiang Lu suddenly vented his strength and walked two steps to pick it up.

    As soon as he let go, Qi Zhen bent over and coughed violently, his face flushed.

    She gasped, turning her head to look, the thing that saved her life turned out to be an inconspicuous penknife.

    The ordinary blue color, a few dollars apiece in the stationery store, is not a precious thing at all, and at this moment, I am lying quietly on the five steps below.

    Qi Zhen didn’t have the energy to think about why that thing would awaken the lunatic Jiang Lu, and just after getting over a little bit, she ran away in a panic.

    Jiang Lu is a lunatic, a lunatic through and through.

 Jiang Lu ignored the sound of Qi Zhen’s striding away, he carefully picked up the penknife, and there was some blood stains on the corner of it. He pursed his mouth lightly, covering his uninjured hand, gently and meticulously wiped off the blood.

    … On

    Saturday during the school holiday, Qi Anan read a day’s book at home, but finally Qi Yan couldn’t make it through, and came over to knock on Qi Anan’s door in the afternoon.

    “An’an, don’t you need to work so hard? My brother is not trying to cultivate a student bully. It doesn’t matter if you are eager to play. Why don’t you make an appointment with your classmates to play on Saturdays and just sit at home and read books.”

    Qi An’an turned over boredly. One page of the book, sighed: “No one is hanging out with me. Everyone is studying, and I was forced to scroll inward.”

    She said she was angry. In the past weekends, she could go out for a meal with Ji Ruomeng. Street, it’s okay now. Yu Tianyang pursues Ji Ruomeng. This girl is shy and dare not agree, so she perfunctory him. If the school ranks higher than her, she will stay with him.

    After Yu Tianyang listened to it, it was like a chicken blood, studying frantically. Last time, he really advanced more than 20 people. Ji Ruomeng was so frightened that he could not sleep and eat. For fear that he would catch up, he wanted to hear him talk about a lot of nausea. if.

    The other little sisters too, Qi An’an knows without asking, they must be bored at home to review. After all, there is a monthly test after the final test, and there is a mid-term end after the monthly test, and the test will never finish.

    Qi Yan laughed, and happily suggested to her: “Then you can go out and buy clothes and snacks by yourself, and your brother will give you a card. You can do whatever you want.” After

    learning for a day, Qi An’an was persuaded to move a little bit. “Brother, why are you at home for the first time in the world today? If you are fine, let’s go out together?”

    “I have something to do with you.” Qi Yan smiled apologetically at her.

    Qi An’an was not surprised by this answer. She casually asked: “What have you been up to these past two days? I don’t think you have been sitting in front of the computer in the study room for several hours, so you shut yourself up and called. , Do you develop other businesses?”

    Some Qi Yan face is not natural, seemingly unintentional smile:. “No, those things still work, you do not worry about me, play it a while.”


    Qian An really learn a bit boring, the books fling Planning to go out and go around. Anyway, she wandered around by herself, she casually wore a light yellow coat, and went out without tying her hair.

    Recently, a new commercial street has been opened here in the new city. It has just opened after the investment promotion. It is said that it is very bustling and lively, and it is two roads away from their school. Qi An wanted to go early, and just had time today, planning to go there for a stroll.

    The enthusiasm for shopping was ignited as soon as I entered Qi’an’an. This commercial street is very wide, with two-story shops on both sides, and there are many small stalls on the street selling snacks, jewelry and all kinds of miscellaneous things.

    Qi An’an strolled for a while and was attracted by a small stall selling succulents. All kinds of fleshy, naive and cute pots, Qi An’an squatted down and looked over.

    The boss gave a beaming introduction: “The small pots here are all ten yuan, the middle row is fifteen, and the larger ones here are twenty. Choose whatever

    you want .” Qi An’an pointed to the pot on the side: “I think Look at that.”


    On the second floor of Commercial Street behind Qi An’an, Zhou Qi turned from the window.

    He glanced at Jiang Lu who was sitting in the corner, then turned his head and glanced out the window. He is more mature than his peers, and a lot more careful than ordinary boys. It is obvious that Jiang Lu has suddenly become something wrong in the past two days.

    If you have to describe it, it’s like they first met when they first met in high school, with a lazy smile on their faces, careless about everything, life is not life, and death is not the appearance of death.

    Intuitively told Zhou Qi that he could turn Jiang Lu into this way. If there was no reason for the girl downstairs, he would not believe that he would be killed. Although I don’t know what happened, it’s better to have more things than less things.

    “Brother Lu, come to play a table?” This is a private room of a billiard hall. A few people just finished the table, and someone greeted Jiang Lu.

    They have been to this billiard hall twice, and everyone vaguely understands that this is the industry of the Jiang Lu family, and there are many other industries besides this. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s just that no one knows that these are not run by Jiang Lu’s house, Jiang Lu is the boss behind the scenes.

    “Don’t call Brother Lu, if you take all of Lu’s shots, we don’t have to play.”

    Seeing that Jiang Lu didn’t speak up, they knew he was not interested, and a few boys opened the table happily.

    Jiang Lu really didn’t have much interest. He lit a cigarette, and just lit his long eyelashes and trembled. He was silent for a while and didn’t smoke.

    Zhou Qi glanced at him twice, always feeling awkward standing by the window. As soon as he didn’t know anything, he didn’t look down, and walked over to sit down beside Jiang Lu.

    “You pinched Qi Zhen’s neck?” Zhou Qi asked after sitting for a while.

    Jiang Lu flicked the soot, and said: “Yeah.”

    “It’s pretty hard to pinch,” Zhou Qi said with emotion, “You can see that you are not polite at all.”

    Jiang Lu put down his hands and leaned on the back of the seat, in a lazy tone. Yang Yang: “You still miss her.”

    Zhou Qi waved his hand and denied: “That’s not true. I’ve stopped thinking long ago. She is capable of messing with you like this.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t want to listen to people at all. When talking about Qi Zhen, when I heard the name, the hostility in my heart couldn’t be suppressed. He didn’t talk to Zhou Qi any more, got up and walked slowly to the window to breathe.

    When Zhou Qi watched Jiang Lu walking by the window, he raised a heart to his throat.

    He took a look and didn’t dare to look again, picked up the

The cup pretended to drink water as if nothing had happened, and said that it was all right, just as if he hadn’t seen anything just now, Qi An’an had just arrived.

    Jiang Lu walked to the window and glanced down at will. With a single glance, his eyes focused. The smoke between his fingers was quietly burning, and his body was stiff, his ears rumbling.

    In the evening in April, the sky is full of pale pink sunset clouds. Qi An’an was squatting there wearing a pale yellow coat, holding a pot of succulents in her hands, her thick black hair dangled, her snow-skinned red lips, fresh and lovely like a winter jasmine on a branch.

    Jiang Lu just looked at it without blinking, and he didn’t even consciously breathe lightly. The smoke burned to the end and burned his fingers, Jiang Lu let go of the cigarette butt without looking away.

    He forced himself to stand here and watch from a distance, motionless.


    Qian An’an finally bought two small pots, one antler begonia and one cat’s claw. The succulent leaves in the two pots are round, with a clumsy cuteness.

    She put the selected succulents on hand: “I want these two.” The

    boss smiled and said, “Twenty.”

    Qi An’an stood up from the ground and planned to pay. Who knew that she had been squatting for too long and didn’t feel it. He stood up and his feet were numb all over the sky, one was unstable, and he knelt there again.

    so stupid! Qi An’an closed her eyes in embarrassment, almost wanting to slap the ground with her hands, she silently patted the ash on her hands, got up quickly with her hands and feet, and smiled embarrassedly at the boss.

    The embarrassing smile was only halfway through, and suddenly, like a gust of wind, his arm was held by someone behind him.

    “Why are you so careless?”

    Qi An’an raised his head and saw that it was Jiang Lu. He was staring at his knees and said in a low voice, “Let me see if the fall was serious.”

    “It’s not serious or not,” Qi An’an Stomped his feet twice, “No feeling at all.”

    She was telling the truth, she was kneeling there from a half-squatting state, how serious it can be, it is estimated that even the skin is not broken, and the only injury is ugliness.

    Qi An’an is very embarrassed, his heart said that it is really unlucky. How could this kind of image happen to be hit by Jianglu, and the posture of his fall must be ugly.

    Jiang Lu didn’t speak, and looked obviously uneasy. Qi Anan watched him want to say something and stopped, and raised his trouser legs intimately: “Look, it’s really okay.” Her trousers were loose, and she caught her knees as soon as she grabbed them. A slender straight calf.

    The skin is white and soft, not so red.

    Jiang Lu seemed to be scalded, and looked away a little at a loss.

    Qi An’an’s embarrassment dissipated a little, and immediately fell into the joy of encountering Jiang Lu: “Why are you here, Jiang Lu? Are you here to go shopping?” The

    enthusiastic boss next to him pointed to the upstairs on the street: “He got down from there.

    Yes .” Jiang Lu glanced at the boss. The boss choked with his eyes, scratched his head and silently closed his mouth.

    Qi An’an looked upstairs: “Ah, you came with a friend, then you go back to play, don’t let them wait for a long time.” If so, she would not drag Jiang Lu to go shopping with her. Up.

    Although she missed him a lot, she couldn’t spoil his party. Jiang Lu had good friends and she was also very happy.

    However, Qi An’an felt that he hadn’t seen Jiang Lu for two or three days. Every time he went to look for him, he was either gone or left first.

    Qi An’an bent down to pick up the cat’s claws on the ground, patted the soil at the bottom of the small flowerpot, and handed it over with a smile: “Yes, Jiang Lu, this is for you.”

    Jiang Lu took it with both hands and muttered Repeat: “Give it to me?”

    “Yes, this pot was originally bought for you.”

    Cat’s claw is just like its name. Each fleshy leaf has several small tips, like cat’s claws. Same. When Qi An’an saw it, she thought of Dashun. She knew that Jiang Lu liked kittens, and probably would like this succulent too.

    Qi An’an

    smiled and picked up the other one too: “I won’t give you this one, this one belongs to me.” She smiled playfully at him, her eyes sparkling, and the breeze blew her long hair to her cheeks slightly. Raised.

    Jiang Lu lowered his head and couldn’t help but reach out and gently touch a cat’s paw.

    This was a terrible touch. Qi An’an pointed his eyes: “Hey? Wait a minute.” She put the succulent in her hand aside, and reached out to grab Jiang Lu’s fingers.

    “Why did your hand hurt?” Qi An’an frowned and looked at Jiang Lu’s index finger. There was a cut mark on Jiang Lu’s index finger. It looked like it had been injured two days ago. It was a little bit closed, but it was not completely healed.

    This is the way to break the scratch on Qi Zhen’s phone.

    Looking at Qi An’an, Jiang Lu didn’t dare to speak. He noticed that there was a choking in his throat.

    Qi An’an sighed and concluded: “You must not pay attention when you sharpen your pencil and cut your hand. I said, when you sharpen a pencil, you should look at the pencil and look at the knife. You are absent-minded every time. “

    Yes .” She snorted softly: “Fortunately you met me .” She knew that Jiang Lu was a person who accidentally hurt herself. She always prepared band-aids in her bag and never took it out. , Which happened to come in handy today.

    Jiang Lu watched Qi An’an put band-aids on him, and the insignificant wounds were tenderly and patiently cared for by her. Her delicate fingers occasionally rubbed his skin, igniting a tiny numb electric current.

    Passing through the skin and reaching the heart, it was like a heavy hammer slammed down.

    Qi An’an raised his head and asked him: “You need to use the pen sharpener I gave you.”

    Jiang Lu’s voice was a little dumb: “I will use it in the future.”

    Seeing that he promised so readily and seriously, Qi An’an laughed again: “Then. I’m leaving first,

Go back and play with friends. “

    She left, Jiang Lu was still standing where she was. The

    limbs were all cold, he was like being tightly bound by a few chains, even if he wanted to go crazy, he couldn’t rush to hold her and hold her. He held her in his arms and kissed her carefully and cherished. The

    only thing he could do was to hold the cat’s claws tightly in his hands. Jianglu had been

    standing for too long, and the stall owner couldn’t help but wonder: ” Are you still shopping? What… I can’t return the flower that I sold, but if you don’t like the one in your hand, you can change one in the small pot here. “

    Jiang Lu turned his head and left without saying a word.

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