MFTIV: Ch 39

  Qi Yan couldn’t hear it, and barely kept calm: “I was too polite to you before and didn’t let you suffer. So now you not only have no self-knowledge, but also no memory.”

    Qi Yan was angry. When the sound reached his ears, Jiang Lu just wanted to sneer. He pushed aside the sketches in front of him, stood up and walked to the balcony, where the April evening breeze blew over him.

    “You were wrong. I have a good memory. I remember you said that you would find An An a partner with a clean family and good conduct. I believed it at the time, but now I think I was really stupid.”

    “What did you say?” Qi Yan’s voice increased several degrees.

    Jiang Lu put his hand on the railing outside the balcony, and his slender, pale fingers tapped on each other: “I thought you could take care of An An very well, but now I found out that you are really negligent. You know you went crazy and went to warn you. I don’t have so many things, so why don’t I know which high school my sister has applied for?”

    Although his voice was calm and restrained, Qi Yan still heard a bit of anger.

    His fists were tightly clenched. This was indeed his negligence. At that time, he focused on checking Jiang Lu’s family background and past experience. In his opinion, An An and him will not have the slightest intersection in the future. Therefore, he neglected where Jiang Lu would go in the future and what school he reported to.

    “It’s been so long since I came to Xingshi to ask my guilt, and just like that, you can still speak out about choosing the right partner for her? If she is bullied, when will you find out?”

    Jiang Lu is usually silent. , Almost not aggressive, speaking so viciously. This hurt others and hurt himself. He just said a possibility, and he felt like a knife.

    “Nothing like this will happen. I made a mistake once, and there won’t be a second time.” Qi Yan paused for a few seconds and said, “I don’t want to waste time talking to you. This is the end of the matter and I will not pursue you. How did I coax my sister to be with you? I’ll tell her on An’an. When she breaks up with you, don’t bother her anymore.”

    Jiang Lu said, “You saw the news on our school forum. Post.” Otherwise, it would not be misunderstood like this.

    When he mentioned this post, his tone did not fluctuate. He still sounded cold and cold, but his complexion was already very ugly.

    Qi Yan did see that post. He would pay attention to An’an School from time to time. Because he was too busy at work, there were any sorority associations where parents would be afraid of him and would not tell him. But he didn’t want to miss it, so he would pay attention to it himself, who knew he had seen such a post.

    Qi Yan suddenly wanted to kill someone. He was in a foreign country and immediately contacted the school administrator to delete it, but he didn’t answer the phone. After a while, the post suddenly disappeared. But Qi Yan didn’t dare to delay, and he hurriedly allocated the things at hand and booked a plane ticket back.

    However, those photos were already printed in Qi Yan’s mind. Thinking of those images, he suddenly frowned: “You didn’t do anything to my sister, right?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t answer.

    “Jiang Lu!” Qi Yan was furious, Jiang Lu’s silence made his heart sink.

    “No.” The

    two of them have different definitions of “what to do”. In Jiang Lu’s view, being close to Qi An’an is already a blasphemous, and his approach can be described as despicable. But the kind of “doing” Qi Yan was referring to, he really didn’t do it.

    “It’s best to be like this,” Qi Yan said in a deep voice, “I don’t worry at a school after you separate. I will transfer An An to another school and take her away.”

    Jiang Lu listened with cold eyebrows. The hand on the balcony railing was so hard that the knuckles turned white.

    “Don’t think that I don’t know what you are thinking. You are just thinking about where An An goes and you will follow. What if I take her abroad?”

    Since the last conversation, Qi Yan has understood that Jiang Lu is an extremely talented person. High negotiation material. It doesn’t help how you intimidate and pressure him, he can always control the rhythm until you panic first.

    He didn’t speak, Qi Yan sneered: “Understood, your growth rate is faster than I thought. Foreign countries are no problem for you. Now you can’t threaten you with money. You think you are sure. An An will definitely contact you? If I tell her your life experience, she knows what kind of blood is flowing in your body, do you think she will care for you?”

    Jiang Lu said, “Then tell her “

    Qi Yan paused. He thought he could at least pinch Jiang Lu’s weakness, but he didn’t expect him to be so indifferent. This should be the scar that he doesn’t want to be mentioned the least, doesn’t he care about himself?

    This can’t be blamed on Qi Yan. When Qi An’an first mentioned Jiang Lu to him, he picked up everything that could be said. He didn’t tell Jiang Lu’s life experience, so that Qi Yan didn’t know that Qi An’an was aware of these things. of.

    After being unable to touch Jiang Lu’s veins for so long, Qi Yan could only show his cards: “Okay, you don’t care if An An knows your life experience. On the day of the high school entrance examination, if you didn’t take the exam, I will do what you did. Do you want to tell her together? You set up a situation for your mother and asked her to owe a huge sum of money to hiding in Tibet. The first person to retaliate after she recovers is you. Should I say that? And that slip and fall Dead Boss Wang, although I have no evidence, I have some personal guesses, you said, should I tell An An all?”

    Jiang Lu’s brows were low and the killing intent flashed through his dark eyes. His expression was cold and sharp, but in the end it dimmed little by little.

    “Don’t talk about it,” he whispered.

    Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, and he didn’t expect that what I just said could be exchanged for Jiang Lu’s reaction. Even the last time he talked, he didn’t have such a low posture.

    He doesn’t care what he is, but he cares so much about him

Looks like in An An’s heart.

    “We are not together, An An doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t like me.” Jiang Lu closed her eyes. “She just thinks we are friends.”

    “But that post…”

    “That kind of thing won’t appear again, I It will be dealt with.”

    Qi Yan was silent for two seconds and smiled slightly: “Are you trying to tell me not to take An An away? You know it’s impossible. I know you will promise me, never again. I won’t be close to her, I won’t appear in front of her, but you should know in your heart that I can no longer believe your words.”

    Jiang Lu opened his lips slightly, but didn’t know what to say. Qi Yan took out his assassin, his threat was very useful, he could only catch it with his hands.

    “…When will you take her away?” Jiang Lu asked this sentence unconsciously, empty in his heart.


    “I have a request.”

    Qi Yan frowned again: “What qualifications do you have to make a request with me?”

    Jiang Lu sneered, “You know, it’s not you who restrain me now, it’s me who restrains me.” Myself. If you don’t agree to me, I might do something.”

    Qi Yan paused for a long time: “You have to talk about it first.”

    Jiang Lu paused for a while and whispered: “An’an wants to… The person who is going to marry needs to have an eye on me.”

    He understands Qi Yan’s concerns. Not only does he have no innocent life experience, but his personality is also gloomy and indifferent, which is too difficult to control. Even if he is stronger in the future, Qi Yan will only feel more uneasy.

    And a gentleman with an innocent family background not only matches Qi An’an in all aspects, but the important thing is that Qi Yan can always support her without worrying about her being bullied.

    But he is not at ease, he does not believe in Qi Yan’s vision, he only believes in himself.

    “There is only this requirement. If there is that person, if that person can make me unable to fault me, then I can marry An An.” At that time, he would bless her and become stronger than Qi Yan. The backing guarded her silently.

    Qi Yan didn’t know what to say. In fact, he knew very well in his heart that Jiang Lu had a limitless future, let alone in the future, he might not be able to cure him even now. He doesn’t care about anything, but he is only afraid of being hated by An An.

    He can hold him, nothing more than his sincere heart for An An.

    This weakness is really strange and awkward. Qi Yan said: “What if I can’t agree? You will definitely do it. But if you agree, don’t bother her. I know you don’t want Anan to hate you. , I’m afraid of you.”

    The wind on the balcony was much colder than before. Jiang Lu’s fingertips trembled a little, and he calmed down his voice: “Nothing else

    , let’s hang up.” Qi Yan finally said, “That’s right, I want to remind you. You, I won’t talk too much to An An directly. I’m afraid the effect will be counterproductive. So I will remove some of the aura from you first. The next days may be difficult. You have a mental preparation.”


    Since the spring unified exam, Qi Anan’s search for Jianglu is obviously more than before. With that initiation from Yu Tianyang, and she wanted to open it herself, Qi An’an had completely released her flight. If she didn’t see Jiang Lu for a day, she couldn’t help thinking about it, and ran to Class 16 if she had nothing to do.

    Anyway, her reason was to discuss academic issues, to be open and honest, and the teacher could not say anything. As for the confession, Qi Anan felt that he needed to wait. After all, Jiang Lu likes Qi Zhen in the book. Although Qi Zhen in reality is different from Qi Zhen in the book, Jiang Lu has not changed.

    He is definitely not glamorous and arrogant, Qi An’an is very self-aware, and he has to get closer, show his heart, and let him slowly like himself.

    This sense of proportion still needs to be grasped. It is not a good thing for a friend to become a buddy after being familiar with it for a long time, Qi An’an thought.

    The last part of this afternoon was an extracurricular activity. Qi Anan didn’t talk about the mountains with his friends, and sneaked out with the book in his arms. He came to Class 16 in a light car and was familiar with it. Jiang Zifan had seen it from afar.

    He was not surprised, and he was very enthusiastic: “Come to Brother Lu, wait for me to call you.”

    Jiang Zifan ran back to the classroom. He knew that Jiang Lu usually paints at this time. He didn’t know what to smoke two days ago. Feng began to read. When he came back, he saw that Jiang Lu had done nothing, sitting there in a daze for the first time.

    “Brother Lu, Qi An’an come over to find you.”

    Jiang Zifan reported to him cheerfully. Brother Lu didn’t allow him to call someone a little fairy. Zhou Qi, like his sister-in-law, also seriously warned him. Call them their full names honestly.

    Jiang Lu was still in a daze. It wasn’t until Jiang Zifan said it again that he had a reaction: “I’m not here.”

    “Ah? But you are here, and I know you are there too,” Jiang Zifan stunned, “I still told others. Help her come in and call you.”

    Jiang Lu lowered his eyes and said, “Say I’m not here, go make it.”

    Jiang Zifan was stunned, his head turned towards Zhou Qi and his fangs: What’s the situation?

    Zhou Qi replied to him concisely and concisely: Get out.

    He is really big-hearted, it’s been a day, don’t you see that Jiang Lu is in the wrong state? There must be something wrong. Don’t hit the gun at this moment.

    Jiang Lu turned his head and looked out the window.

    Jiang Zifan had to run out again. He was still blindfolded. With this expression, the lie had some credibility: “Brother Lu… Brother Lu is not in the classroom? I don’t know where he went, he was there just now… …Well, no one knows that after I asked, otherwise you go back first.”

    Of course Qi An’an won’t doubt anything, she nodded, took out a penknife from her coat pocket and handed it over: “Okay. it

, Then trouble you to put this on his desk. “The

    last time she was with Jiang Lu, she saw that he was sharpening a pencil with an ordinary retractable utility knife. The blade was very sharp. When Jiang Lu was sharpening the pencil, he stared at the drawing again. The speed in his hand was still fast, Qi An’an. Watching next to him was frightened.

    Remind him that he would only smile and say nothing. Qi An’an felt that it would be better to let him take a penknife. This is safer.

    Jiang Zifan watched Qi An’an go away and returned to the classroom with a gift in one hand. a.

    “Lu brother, she gave you. “Jiang Zifan stretched

    out his hand directly in front of Jiang Lu . Jiang Lu looked at the small penknife in his palm, his long eyelashes trembled, and his hand stiffened up and slowly grasped the penknife in his palm.

    Suddenly, Jiang Lu I stood up, pushed Jiang Zifan away and ran out.

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