MFTIV: Ch 38

 Jiang Lu was originally worried that Qi An’an had been grabbed by the person’s wrist just now. His strength seemed to be great. He didn’t know if Qi An’an was injured. He wanted to check it.

    Who knew he hadn’t spoken yet, but Qi An’an suddenly cried.

    Suddenly Jiang Lu’s heart was squeezed, as if several sharp knives had been cut together. Having known each other for so long, Qi An’an has always been smiling warm and lovely. This is the first time he has seen Qi An’an tears.

    “An’an, what’s the matter? Don’t cry, is your hand hurt?” Jiang Lu couldn’t care about anything. He touched his body, without a tissue, so he reached out in a panic and wiped her.

    But he didn’t dare to touch her too much, so he could only gently bend the knuckles of the index finger and wipe away the teardrops from the corners of her eyes, cheeks, and chin tips.

    Her tears are so hot. It corrodes the skin when it touches the hand, as if turning into tiny sharp needles, wandering on the limbs, all of them hurt.

    “Don’t cry, don’t cry, does it hurt your wrist? Let me see, OK?” Jiang Lu coaxed her in a low voice, carefully holding up Qi An’an’s wrist. Seeing a circle of blue marks on her thin wrists, Jiang Lu’s eyes suddenly revealed a bit of sorrow.

    He still kicked too lightly with that kick just now.

    “No, it’s not because the hand hurts.” Qi An’an gasped, moved her wrist and wanted to retract, but she didn’t feel how painful her hand was. She cried because of that just now. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, and her grievance broke out. I can’t take it when I come out.

    Qi An’an burst into tears, and the tip of her nose was red: “How could they wrong you so much, how could they bully you so much… I hate them too much…”

    Her voice was crying, and she was aggrieved like a child. , Wiping tears vigorously with the back of his hand.

    Jiang Lu looked reluctantly: “Okay, don’t cry, don’t try so hard.” The corners of his eyes were rubbed red.

    “He is too much… this kind of person is not worthy of being a teacher at all,” Qi An’an was crying and trembling all over, gritted his teeth and complained. “There are also those in the classroom who don’t know anything, they don’t know you, and they just messed up there. Said. I never want to come here anymore, this broken school…” It was

    upside down, but Jiang Lu understood everything. His heart softened, looking at the girl with red eyes crying in front of him, his chest was sore.

    There really is no one better than her.

    No one would trust him and defend him like this, never wavering a bit. Even if he saw such a surveillance picture, the first reaction was not to question him.

    How can such a good girl, the baby he puts on the tip of his heart, be caused to cry by him?

    “Don’t cry An’an, it’s okay.” Jiang Lu curled his lips with a smile to coax her, but he was really clumsy and couldn’t say anything more innovative to make her laugh. It was just those words over and over again. .

    Qi An’an’s tears have been collected a little, and his mood has gone from anger to fear: “Fortunately I came here today, or they would have wronged you. Then you have to suffer much wrong…”

    Jiang Lu certainly wouldn’t tell. She, from the moment the ball of paper fell on the ground, he had already seen the part of the answer folded in the ball of paper, and he was concerned about it at that time.

    He just smiled and said softly, “Yes, thank you for saving me.”

    So don’t cry, cry again, his heart will be broken.

    Qi An’an cried for a while, and finally gradually healed her tears. Seeing Jiang Lu’s grievance, she wanted to coax her in turn, and touched the tip of her nose with a little embarrassment: “I’m fine, I’m just very angry. “

    His voice is very low: “I know.”

    “By the way, Jiang Lu, the man said that someone gave him money to make him do this kind of thing. We should go back and ask him for a phone number so we can know who hurt you,” Qi An An suddenly remembered this incident, “This person must be found out, who knows what he will do in the future.”

    Jiang Lu said, “He won’t use his number to contact him. I know this person. Don’t worry about it.”

    “I’ll take care of it. It’s okay.” Jiang Lu’s eyes fell on Qi An’an again, that dazzling. The cyan color made him feel sullen emotions in his heart, but his face was still gentle, “Let’s go to the pharmacy and buy some medicine for you to rub it.”

    Qi Anan looked at it: “It’s fine, I don’t feel anything.” Her skin was just right. In this way, one touch will leave a mark.

    How does that work?

    This circle of blue marks was shocking. He probably couldn’t worry about it all night without applying the medicine. He could take Qi An’an for other things, but it couldn’t work.

    In the end, Qi An An’an was not enough for Jiang Lu, so he was given the medicine. She looked at the serious side of the young man in the night, and her heartbeat was clearer than a beat.

    Qi An’an thought, his voice accompanied by the evening breeze of spring, very gentle: “Jiang Lu, I will try tomorrow and come on for the exam. When you get the first place, I will… give you a gift.”


    Qi An An blinked: “You’ll know when the time comes.”

    …… After the

    unified exam, everyone returned to the school life that they used to be a step-by-step school.

    In the evening, Qi Zhen ran away for late self-study to find Li Hanyu. He and a few friends were playing cards. As soon as she walked in, several boys at the table greeted her with a smile: “My sister-in-law is here, Brother Yu is sitting there.”

    Qi Zhen glanced and saw that Li Hanyu was sitting on the sofa at the back of the room, his wrists bandaged, and his face was very serious. Ugly.

    “How did you get your hands? Why are you so careless.” Qi Zhen walked over and sat beside him, wanting to take a look.

    Li Hanyu moved his body: “Don’t look at it, it hurts.”

    He took a deep breath, and yelled, “It’s fucking wicked, how could this happen? Fuck, Jiang Lu didn’t have anything, so pay him back.

I did it. That surnamed Sun is also a trash, damn it. “

    Qi Zhen silence, she knows what is Li Han Yu said, this is the way they want the two together. Now that is temporarily unable to take his life making a fuss, then let him first planted a somersault, but also to their hearts comfortable comfortable.

    No Thinking of failure, Qi Zhen felt aggrieved in his heart.

    However, it is not difficult to think that he did it. How many people have such a deep hatred with Jiang Lu, and who are capable of doing this kind of thing? What Qi Zhen doesn’t understand is Another thing: “He hit you, why didn’t you hear anything in school? Also, if you didn’t know, then forget it. Now that you know that he has no power, power, and background, it is not easy to clean him up? “

    Li Hanyu grinds his molars, what can happen? Jiang Lu didn’t go to him with much fanfare. He suddenly appeared when he was alone that day, came up and broke his wrist without saying a word.

    Can he not retaliate. Did you find a dozen people to stop him, and it turned out to be useless.

    “How can I deal with him?” Is it possible to go home and tell my dad? My dad has to be more cautious when he does things recently. Can he make me cause trouble? “Li Hanyu is a little impatient,” Or he will expose his life experience now, and everyone knows how many men he sleeps with his bitch mother, can he still be so arrogant. “

    No,” Qi Zhen refused immediately, “Wait a minute, we don’t miss this time.” “

    You are not bad, I am bad, I wish I would kill him now.” “Li Hanyu snorted coldly, “I don’t think it can be any stimulating effect at all.” Who is this woman? What’s your name and what does it look like, can I clean it up for you? “

    He didn’t read the post. He didn’t know that what Qi Zhen had to deal with was what he had seen before.

    Qi Zhen pursed his lips. There are indeed more ways to clean up Qi An’an, but this is the coolest one. If she knew her The person who has always been pursuing is a lowly prostitute. The son of a girl, if her father knew that Qi An’an was with this kind of person, she would be despised and lost everything. Even if she was used for marriage in the future, no one would like her.

    “Hanyu soon, you believe me, it won’t take long, you wait patiently.” Qi Zhen said this, but in fact she didn’t have a bottom in her heart. The first post was saved for two days. It disappeared without a trace, and public opinion has not risen. But after that, Jiang Lu became very alert, and once she even thought he had seen her.

    The thing that can be deleted shouldn’t be done by Qi An’an. She is obviously interesting to Jiang Lu. Didn’t this post happen to help her? Then… it might be Jiang Lu did it.

    Qi Zhen really didn’t understand. Jiang Lu deleted the post because he didn’t like Qi An’an? How big is his appetite? Qi An’an has a family background like this, but if that is the case, she really doesn’t know how to get the two together quickly.

    “I can wait another month at most,” Qi Zhen was still thinking, Li Hanyu said with a cold face, he looked at Qi Zhen, “A Zhen, don’t keep me wronged just because I spoil you.”

    Qi Zhenxin A tight, gentle voice: “I know.”

    Li Hanyu nodded, leaning on the back of the sofa and squinting. For a month at most, he would step Jiang Lu into the mud, and he would never be able to turn over. By the time Qi Zhen should be playing almost too, she would hook up the little fairy after kicking her.


    Qian An’an just got home in the evening, and smiled at the steward Chen’s face like a chrysanthemum: “Miss, the young master will be home today, and he will be there later.”

    “So suddenly? My brother is back?” Qi An’an smiled in surprise. “Uncle Chen, did you prepare chestnut chicken and boiled fish for dinner? My brother loves these two dishes the most.”

    “Of course there are, can you prepare it? I told the kitchen to do it as soon as I received the call. Miss. Go and rest first, and you can have dinner when the young master comes back.”

    Qi An’an replied and went upstairs to change clothes happily. She hasn’t seen her brother for a while, and Qi Yan has been working on several projects together in the past two months. He is so busy that he is too busy to do so.

    Qi Yan hurried home when he got off the plane, and saw Qi An’an standing at the door waiting for him from afar. As soon as the car stopped, Qi Anan ran over happily.

    “What are you doing standing outside? How cold, come in.”

    “It’s April, it’s not too cold.” Qi An’an missed Qi Yan after not seeing Qi Yan for so long.

    “Brother, why did you come back suddenly? Why don’t you call me in advance and let me pick you up at the airport.”

    Qi Yan smiled softly, and touched Qi An’an’s hair: “You are studying hard, and you are still tossing you. What are you doing? How is this time going?”

    Qi An’an sent a big smile: ” Extremely good!”

    “That’s good.”

    Qi Yan saw Qi An’an, his expression still doting, but his smile was a little reluctant, when he was eating. They all seem to be preoccupied. Although he was covering up, Qi An’an could still see it.

    “Brother, are you tired? Why do you feel unhappy?” Qi An’an now has a good deal of coaxing Qi Yan, and asked with a smile on Qi Yan’s arm.

    Qi Yan paused, his eyes filled with forbearing distress: “I’m not upset, but I feel that I didn’t take care of you.”

    “Oh, you start to say this again. Isn’t it good for me? It’s late. Now, go take a shower and go to bed quickly. Don’t think about it.”

    Qi Yan gently pinched Qi An’an’s cheek: “I see. You     go to bed earlier too.”


Qi Yan went back to the room and sat at the desk. He took out a cigarette without hesitation, he didn’t turn on the light, and the moonlight outside the window reflected a bit of gloom on his face.

    Qi Yan picked up the phone and dialed out a number

after a few rings, the phone was connected, he did not speak immediately, and the other party did not speak for a long time.

    The breath on the phone interlaced, Qi Yan curled his lips, he felt that the other party already knew who he was.

    “I remember I warned you, stay away from my sister,” Qi Yan finally took the lead. “You are so courageous. Take my words to death.” Based

    on Qi Yan’s understanding of Jiang Lu, he doesn’t I felt that a word of myself would make him confused or scared, but he didn’t expect him to be so arrogant.

    The other party’s aura is more stable than him, and his voice is cold and calm: “It’s been more than half a year. You are a elder brother. I just found out now.”

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