MFTIV: Ch 37

 After Qi An’an finished the math test, she felt that she was doing pretty well. She thought of Jiang Lu’s full marks, and she was happy to think that if she hadn’t been careless this time, she might get a full mark.

    Jiang Lu, thinking that Qi An’an was lying on the table, buried his face in it, and smiled secretly. The last time the paper was so difficult, Jiang Lu could get full marks in the test, and this time it must be full marks.

    After collecting the papers and checking the numbers, the teacher raised his head and said, “Everyone can go.”

    Qi Anan stood up and took her stationery bag and went out to Jiang Lu’s examination room. Before the exam, they had arranged to go back together at night.

    The two of them had an examination room on the same floor, separated by only five classes.

    After passing through the lobby, Qi An’an walked in, and found that there were more and more people in front of him, and they seemed to gather at the entrance of the 28th examination room. Approaching a little closer, the students’ discussion voice became clearer.

    “It’s terrible, it’s too arrogant.”

    “That’s right, I was caught by the teacher for cheating, so I dare to beat the teacher? Which school is he from?”

    “Who knows, he looks like a dog? Yes, this kind of person must be spoiled by the family. It’s lawless to go outside. It’s great that he has the answer, and he doesn’t know how to respect the teacher at all. The school is not run by his family.”

    “Why would I follow this? It’s horrible

    to be a scumbag in an examination room.” After hearing a few words, Qi An’an understood what was going on, but it was more important to go home with Jiang Lu than to join in the fun. She didn’t pay much attention and went straight into the 28th examination room. I glanced around, but didn’t see Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu definitely couldn’t leave first. Qi Anxin said that after he handed in the papers, he went to her examination room to look for her. The two passed by and didn’t see?

    Thinking of this, Qi An’an turned around and wanted to go back, and suddenly stopped after taking two steps. A ridiculous idea appeared in her mind between the sparks and the flint, and suddenly a cold sweat came out of her back.

    Qi An Anzhe returned. She knew Jiang Lu’s seat number. She looked over them one by one, and walked to the middle of the classroom to see his table.

    Jiang Lu’s table stood there quietly, with his things still on it, and a drop of blood fell on the candidate’s information in the upper right corner.

    The drop of blood fell on his name and stained his name very dirty.

    Qi An’an’s brain “boomed”, and her heartbeat accelerated. She then held the students who were tidying up next to her slowly: “Classmates, you are in the exam room…” After a

    pause, she didn’t want to talk about beating the teacher, nor would she want to talk about fighting. “…Is that the student who had the accident?” The

    female student nodded with lingering fear: “Yes.”

    Qi An’an hurriedly thanked him and turned around and ran away. Such a big incident must not be over soon, Jiang Lu must now In the teaching and research office of No. 5 Middle School.


    “Student Jiang Lu, I will repeat to you one last time. The plot of your matter is very bad. You must invite your parents.” The well-

    dressed female teacher pushed her glasses and looked at Jiang with a serious face. land.

    Jiang Lu stood straight, his attitude was neither humble nor humble: “I don’t want to say the third time, I am an orphan without parents.”

    There was no panic on his face, and his eyes were cold and indifferent.

    “Director Pan, what are you talking nonsense with him! I have seen a lot of such silly little rascals! I don’t see the coffin without crying, they are all used to the family! I dare to tell any lies!” The male teacher with a swollen nose and a swollen nose was sitting next to him, holding his hands. His face is so painful that it keeps hissing haha.

    The female teacher surnamed Pan turned her head and said, “Okay, well, Teacher Sun, please calm down and

    say a few words. Don’t worry, our school will definitely give you an explanation.” “Let him apologize to me! I won’t forget it! If it doesn’t work, I’ll call the police!”

    The other teachers in the room also nodded in agreement: “Yes, there is nothing to take care of this kind of students. .”

    Teacher Sun was very excited when he heard this. He wiped the blood from his face and pointed at Jiang Lu with a finger: “I tell you, if you don’t tell me today, I will never finish with you!”

    Hearing this , Jiang Lu finally couldn’t help but curled the corners of his lips: “To be honest, it would be useful if it weren’t for you. You’re already lying in the hospital by now, and I’m already very kind to you.”

    Teacher Sun said with an angry expression. After a moment of sluggishness, at this moment he was a little afraid to meet Jiang Lu’s eyes. The calmness of this student is too far beyond his age. He is not panicked, not afraid, or even unreasonable anger. It can be said that he is calm and relaxed.

    This situation was completely different from what he expected. Teacher Sun clenched his fists and bowed his head with a grunt.

    “Jiang Lu! You really have no home tutor. This is how you talk to the teacher?! Not only did you cheat on the exam, but you didn’t apologize or admit your mistakes when you beat the teacher. How could you say such provocative things?”

    Teacher Pan finally I couldn’t hold back my anger, “You won’t call your home, do you? Okay, I will contact your school, your head teacher, and our two schools will work with your family to solve this problem.”

    “What is the solution? “Jiang Lu stared at her indifferently, “Do you solve the problem of your teacher slandering students for cheating?”

    Teacher Pan couldn’t believe her ears: “What nonsense are you talking about? You are still arguing now?”

    It is ridiculous. , Teacher Pan looked at him up and down: “You have to think of a valid reason for arguing. The teacher slandered the students for cheating? You really dare to say. The paper was found out of you!”

    Jiang Lu chuckled. Dark eyes looked at Teacher Sun, then glanced at the paper ball on the table, and was about to speak, when suddenly the door behind him was slammed open.

A few eyes together looked at the door, a petite figure came in, ran to Jiang Lu a few steps, and anxiously pulled his hand to see: “Jiang Lu, are you okay, are you injured?”

    He was still stunned. , Led by her, did not notice that the cold and sharp thorns all over her body were caught off guard.

    Qi An’an’s eyes were clear and clean, full of tension and concern. She looked from left to right and relaxed. Jiang Lu only had a little redness and swelling of the joints. She was fine, and it seemed that she did not suffer.

    Jiang Lu gradually reacted: “I’m okay, why are you here? Don’t worry, go out and wait for me.”

    He whispered: “I will solve it soon.”

    Qi An’an didn’t listen to what Jiang Lu said. He didn’t notice it. In the trauma, when the stone fell to the ground in her heart, huge anger and grievance broke out all at once, and she spread her arms to protect Jiang Lu behind her.

    “How important is this exam, how can you wrong the students casually? As a teacher, there is no investigation, no evidence, just one mouth to slander the students’ innocence, how can you be so irresponsible?!”

    Teacher Pan grinned and taught The director has been working for so many years and has never encountered such a thing. She is even more angry than Qi An’an: “This classmate, you should leave me immediately! Is the office where you are the teacher your home? Just come in if you want to. It doesn’t matter to you, go out! Don’t make trouble!”

    Jiang Lu’s brows sank, and he looked straight at the female teacher.

    Teacher Pan was stunned by this gloomy look, and suddenly forgot what to say next.

    Qi An’an has never confronted the teacher. At this moment, he was extremely angry: “I didn’t make trouble. You are unfair. Don’t you allow others to say it? You have to close the door to convict an innocent student. I demand justice. Isn’t it possible? Do you know what kind of person he is? He is absolutely impossible to cheat on exams!”

    Teacher Pan was hit by two students one after another in one day. It doesn’t matter, I will make you and him cancel the exam qualifications!”

    Qi An’an said: “If he really cheated, I apologize and accept punishment. But if he doesn’t, you must apologize to him.”

    Her tone was firm and without hesitation, Jiang Lu stood beside her, slowly He glanced at her.

    Teacher Pan’s chest was up and down, turned around and strode to the desk, grabbing a small paper ball.

    After Teacher Sun watched her movements, the hand covering her face was gradually lowered, staring at the paper ball unblinkingly.

    “Just be fair? Want evidence? Come on, show you what this is?” Teacher Pan was very angry, her hair was shaking, and the ball of paper was trembling in her palm. “This is our invigilator. The note found in his hand! The evidence is conclusive and irresistible. After he was discovered, he was so embarrassed that he hit our teacher. Look, this one, sitting here. What else can you say?”

    “You want to say it again? We slander, and there is surveillance.” Teacher Pan turned around and took the tablet on the desktop. They had already called the surveillance out and watched it several times, “I don’t believe that you can’t cure you lawless bastards! Look, what else is there? It’s easy to say, the paper ball fell out of his hand, it was clearly recorded on the monitor.”

    Jiang Lu’s hand hanging by his side gradually clenched, his nails deeply embedded in his palm. Even the person involved has to admit that anyone who watches this video can no longer believe in his innocence.

    He stared at Qi An’an, she was looking at the screen seriously. In the surveillance video, the male teacher stopped by his side and suddenly grabbed his hand. The ball of paper fell in both of them.

    And she is watching.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes. Ever since he walked into this office, he finally had a trace of choking and panic from being choked by his throat.

    Qi An’an frowned. It was clear from watching this surveillance video. Indeed, the male teacher suddenly held Jiang Lu’s left hand, and then the ball of paper fell from the hands of both of them.

    This is indeed a very convincing video.

    But it’s not right, she has a big premise about this matter.

    Jiang Lu is absolutely impossible to cheat, he is smart and upright, he has his pride. He doesn’t need to cheat and he doesn’t even bother to do such a thing.

    But if the paper ball appears out of thin air, then there is only one possibility.

    Qi Anan looked at the teacher with a blue nose and a swollen face sitting next to him, and said loudly, “The ball of paper did not fall from Jiang Lu’s hand, he had held it in his hand long ago.”

    Jiang Lu’s eyes widened slightly, and he stared blankly. Holding Qi An’an, his clenched hands suddenly loosened and curled up uncontrollably.

    Teacher Pan was stunned. She showed the female classmate the surveillance, and she came to this conclusion?

    I never expected that Jiang Lu splashed sewage on Teacher Sun just now, and another girl came here, still splashing sewage on Teacher Sun.

    Teacher Pan tilted his head to look at Qi An’an incredulously: “You have seen all the human and physical evidence, come and tell me how did you come to such a conclusion? If you don’t understand, don’t leave.”

    Qi An’an looked straight. Teacher Sun’s eyes, Teacher Sun was taken aback, his gaze flickered twice, and he straightened his waist and looked back unceremoniously.

    He still has his work card on his chest, and he is an ordinary member of the chemistry group.

    An ordinary teacher who teaches chemistry can get answers to math questions with such a high degree of confidence in the joint examination of six schools?

    With thoughts together, Qi An’an suddenly reached out to take the ball of paper in Teacher Pan’s hand.

    The face of Teacher Sun, who was sitting at the back, changed. He stood up abruptly and rushed forward in two steps: “What are you doing?! Do you still want to destroy the evidence?!”

    He grabbed Qi An’an’s wrist, rough. The big hand even trembles a bit, obviously with great effort, Qi An’an is a thin and slender

His wrist was grasped as if it would be broken.

    Jiang Lu had a strong breath, his eyes suddenly turned scarlet, and he kicked Sun’s belly unceremoniously.

    He pulled Qi An’an behind him, half of his body in front of her.

    Jiang Lu didn’t let it go. Teacher Sun let go of the pain and fell back, clutching his stomach and coughing violently, and he couldn’t get up.

    “Ah!” several teachers exclaimed, hurriedly helping. Teacher Pan was trembling with anger: “It’s too much…too much! Call the security! Hurry up and call the security!”

    “This is not the answer to this math paper!” Suddenly Qi An’an held up the paper ball that was unfolded by her. , Interrupt Teacher Pan.

    “The answer written on this piece of paper does not match the exam questions this afternoon. This is a plot to frame and frame. Are you still wronging others? Who would cheat with answers that are not correct at all?”

    There was a moment of silence in the office.

    Several teachers looked at each other and caught cheating. Once they found out that the slip of paper was a certainty, they would always be convicted if they caught it. Who would pay attention to the answer on the slip, right?

    Teacher Sun lay on the ground and took a breath: “Don’t listen to her nonsense…”

    “I’m not talking nonsense. Although this piece of paper contains the answers to a set of math problems, it is not the one we took this afternoon. Paper. If you copy according to the answers on this paper, you will get the right two choices if you die. I dare say that the answer on Jiang Lu’s answer sheet is completely different from the one on this note. You can go and get it. His answer card is correct. If I am right, you have to apologize to him.”

    “Even if it is not the real answer, then he took it, maybe he took it wrong!” Teacher Sun is still arguing.

    Qi An’an glared at him: “You are still arrogant! Do you know him? Do you know what kind of person you framed?”

    The anger in her heart made Qi An’an’s tone very cold. She put the note back into Teacher Pan’s hand earnestly: “Teacher, you are the director of teaching. Since you know there is wrongdoing, you should find out the matter clearly. Right.”

    Teacher Pan didn’t say a word, and after a few seconds of silence, he called someone to transfer Jiang Lu’s paper.

    The staff moved quickly, and the papers were brought, and everyone immediately started to check them. After checking, they found that there was a problem. Not only did the selection and filling in the blanks fail to match, but the answer to the big question was also wrong with the paper.

    As Teacher Sun’s expression became more and more guilty and panicked, they checked the surveillance again. This time they carefully zoomed in and watched it several times, and found that when Teacher Sun came up from behind, his right hand was extremely stiff, his fist was tightly clenched, and When he grasped Jiang Lu’s hand, he used his thumb, index finger and middle finger to grasp, but his fists were not fully opened.

    The truth came to light, and the face of Teacher Sun was extremely ugly.

    “I…I… Director, I’m just crazy for a while… I know I was wrong, I did something wrong, I apologize, I apologize.” When

    things developed like this, Teacher Pan’s face went blue and red: ” Sun Shantao, what’s the matter with you? Are you embarrassed?! How do you do such a thing when your brain is flooded? You quickly explain everything to me!”

    Teacher Sun’s voice hummed: “I… I took money from someone.”

    He looked back at Jiang Lu, “That person… that person directly contacted me last night . He should also be a student, as if he has a grudge against him. I am not a boy. Know.”

    He didn’t know, but Jiang Lu already knew it.

    Teacher Pan squeezed his eyebrows and looked in the direction of Jiang Lu and Qi An’an: “Classmates, we really wronged you in this matter today. Don’t worry, your grades will be kept for you, and we will handle things properly and give you justice. “

    Qian An’an frowned and asked: “What are you going to do?”

    Teacher Pan said concisely: “This incident has a very bad impact. Teachers with deficient teachers will definitely be dismissed from the school and will never be hired.”

    “Not enough,” Qi An’an shook his head, “You have to write the whole thing clearly, and paste it on the door of the 28th examination room before the exam tomorrow morning, and at the same time make it public at the door of your school.

    He– ” Qi An’an pointed out Pointing to Teacher Sun, “You will post a video of the apology and post it on your school’s official website. If you don’t do this, everyone will not know what happened and the truth. There will be gossips in the future, and Jiang Lu’s life will be affected. Troubled.”

    Teacher Pan is an impartial teacher. She was angry before. After the investigation was clear, she was not partial. She nodded and said, “It should be.” When

    Teacher Sun heard that she was about to be fired, she was already panicked, listen. After that, he immediately shouted: “Director! You can’t fire me, Director, I really know I was wrong… I write a review, can I write a review of 20,000 words?”

    This is not just unemployment, it is a scandal, which school will pay for it in the future. Would you want him?

    Because of the panic, Mr. Sun’s voice was crying: “I am so old, if I don’t have a job, and then make this matter known to everyone, how can I live in the future? I still have a family to support. …Please open the internet…”

    Teacher Pan looked at him heartbrokenly: “How did the school keep you? Look at what you did! If you don’t find it out, you’ve wronged a student like this? Knowing that

    I’m having a hard time, have you thought about the future of this student?” Teacher Sun turned his head and ignored her bruised face. She was so anxious that tears flowed down, her hands clasped together and kept swinging towards Jiang Lu, “Classmate, I beg you.” Now, this matter is private, can it be private? You see… you are not affected by anything now, and your grades will be retained. I beg you not to care about me? I don’t care how much you want. I can compensate you…”

 Jiang Lu looked cold and didn’t mean to speak at all, but Qi An’an was dissatisfied: “You haven’t apologized to him yet.”

    “I apologize! I apologize! I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…” I’m not crying, “I really can’t lose my job, I’m sorry for your classmates, I’m sorry for the director, you give me another chance…”

    Teacher Pan said: “Okay, such a big man is crying and crying. What is it like, I will report this matter according to the procedure. If you really have something to say, go to the principal to speak.” The

    principal Mr. Sun was even more anxious: “I know that I was wrong. I will definitely not dare to do such extraordinary things in the future, and you guys. Seeing that I have also learned a lesson, I also suffered this beating…”

    Qi An’an was immediately thrown out of the fire: “That’s what you deserve!”

    Teacher Pan sighed and walked over to them and said seriously: “Classmate Jiang Lu , I apologize for what I said just now. You can rest assured that the school will handle this matter properly. This little student will calm down and hope that it will not affect your exam tomorrow. You go home first, our school’s The result of the treatment will never disappoint you.”

    Jiang Lu had no emotion on his face, and turned his head to look at Qi An’an, she still looked bulging.

    His expression turned soft and uncontrollable: “Let’s go.”

    Although this matter was resolved and the teacher got the punishment he deserved, Qi An’s heart still had nowhere to vent his grievances. The clean and outstanding young man she liked was so wronged, which made her feel very sad.

    After going out, Jiang Lu turned around and was about to say something, Qi An’an could not hold back the tears he had endured for a long time, and cried out with a “wow”.

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