MFTIV: Ch 36

The teachers looked at each other, the students in Class 16…seven hundred forty-five?

    Teacher Yang, the head teacher of Class 16, was stunned: “This, this…what’s the matter? How can our class achieve this kind of results?” The

    teachers are also surprised. Everyone knows that even if the results are leaps and bounds, it is impossible With such a height, the bottleneck has not reached the top?

    Someone doubted: “He is cheating? He can get the answer? But…but…”

    Teacher Yang muttered, “You can’t just come up and say cheating. How can you cheat on this exam?”

    That’s right, this test It is not a question drawn from the Internet or from the actual questions over the years. It is a paper produced by each of their teaching and research groups. Even if you search on the Internet, you can’t find the answer.

    It is impossible for the questions to be leaked. They were divided into three groups for each subject, and a total of three sets of papers were produced. Before the exam started, each other did not know which group of papers they used.

    “Yes, no matter how good he is, can he still get the answer in every subject?”

    “Actually… I said, it doesn’t feel like cheating to see this writing.”

    This student has vigorous and powerful handwriting and clear thinking in solving the problem. There is no nonsense, and the answer is pretty standard. As a teacher for a long time, I can see which answers are written by rote and which answers are calculated by myself.

    But this incident was really shocking and unbelievable. It was related to the student’s performance. The teachers did not dare to be sloppy and immediately adjusted the monitoring.

    Jiang Lu happened to be sitting in the first row of the examination room, just under the surveillance, and the shot was very clear. He was open-minded and unhurried during the exams, and he even finished every subject nearly half an hour in advance. And not to mention that he searched for answers online, he didn’t even see a small note showing him out.

    There is nothing to disagree with now. Teacher Yang from Class 16 can’t believe it. There is a genius in his class. This Jiang Lu was too low-key before, and caused a big deal as soon as he shot it.

    Could it be a big deal? The school originally thought that it would be good to occupy two top ten places in the unified exam. According to this situation, as long as this Jiang Lu student plays well, they can surely win the first place in the unified exam.

    The teachers were embarrassed, but the singular results were sent out, which caused an uproar among the students.


    “Damn! Damn! What are you doing, Brother Lu? Are you too arrogant?” Jiang Zifan was holding the report card, no longer knowing how to describe it. Jiang Lu is the first in the class. This is not the most shocking. The most important thing is that he is also the first in the school, not only in the total score, but also in all the individual subjects.

    This report card is so weird. The first place is 745 and the second is 673. Even if Brother Lu knew the answer to such a big fault, he shouldn’t have copied it so hard, right?

    Jiang Lu ignored him. When he finished the exam, he knew his own results and knew that it would inevitably cause a topic. Even most people, like Jiang Zifan, thought it was his copy of the results. However, he I don’t care what they think.

    He didn’t test it for them.

    “Don’t be crazy, this paper was issued internally by our school teachers, and there are no answers on the Internet. Besides, there are shields and monitoring in the examination room. Where can I copy it? Also, who can copy the answer with full marks.” Although Zhou Qi couldn’t believe it, he was a bit sensible anyway. From a logical point of view, this paper should really have been tested by Jiang Lu himself. He had to believe it if he didn’t believe it.

    Jiang Zifan put the report card aside: “These are not important. The results are all clouds. It has nothing to do with us. I am more concerned about the peach blossoms. Brother Lu, you are not interesting enough. Why don’t you and the little fairy tell me about it. “

    Jiang Lu looked over with dark eyes.

    This gaze made Jiang Zifan’s heart scratched, and he scratched his head in embarrassment: “Don’t tell…It’s okay if you don’t tell, but this matter has been spread on the school forum.”

    Jiang Lu’s heart sank slightly, and his eyebrows curled up: ” What do you say?”

    “Don’t you know?” Zhou Qi looked at Jiang Lu in surprise, “I thought you had… Forget it, Brother Lu, just look at it yourself.” Zhou Qiqi turned to the page from the phone and handed it to Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu took it, and only glanced at it, and there was a sudden hostility in his eyes.


    Qi An’an knew from the teacher that the first place in the test was neither from their class nor from the second class, but from the 16th class. She immediately knew who this person was.

    When she got the report card, Qi An’an couldn’t hold her smile, she knew it. Looking at the number one Yiqi Juechen on the paper, Qi An’an couldn’t help but gently touched it with his index finger.

    “Oh my god, is Jiang Lu so awesome?” Ji Ruomeng stared at Jiang Lu’s name with a look of disbelief. She was already curious when she knew that the first place was from Class 16. Seeing that it was Jiang Lu, it felt even more like in a dream.

    This score is simply too suffocating.

    “I said he is too legendary. He can teach the bastard and care about his classmates. He is still a hidden learner. No, what did he think before? How did he show this? If I am as awesome as him, I Oh my god, I don’t dare to think about it.”

    “Jiang Lu has always been excellent,” Qi An’an smiled, bending his eyes, folding the report card, “He will definitely get the first place in this unified exam. One.” When

    she said this, Qi Zhen just walked over from behind and heard everything.

    She let out a cold snort from her nose: “You can get the first place by cheating? Stop dreaming.”

    Qi An’an’s eyes were low: “Stop, he’s not cheating.”

    She couldn’t bear to say that Jiang Lu, especially this person is her. People who hate: “Jiang Lu has this

Such an ability, this is his own test score based on his ability, why is it that you casually say cheating? “

    Qi Zhen said aggressively: “Isn’t it cheating?” Take the exam so high? When everyone else is stupid? “

    Qian An sneer:” how smart you are? Jiang Lu’s score is surprising, but the teacher will definitely verify it before issuing the transcript. If there is a problem, the transcript will not be sent to us. His grades are approved by the teacher. Why do you slander him? This is the result of his own test. If you just close your mouth and splash people with sewage, when can you change it? “

    Qi Zhen Somewhat taken aback, did not refute the words, she pursed her mouth, a long time before extrusion from the teeth:” I never thought, you kinda guarding him. “

    I’m telling the truth. “

    Qi Zhen smiled and looked provocative: “It’s just that our school’s shielding system is not advanced and there is a blind spot for monitoring.” In this unified exam, students in each school will not be divided into their own school. When he goes to another school, will the teacher let him go easily? Cheating at that time will be a public sentence.

    She lowered her voice, and her tone was extremely determined: “Believe it or not, he will definitely be arrested?”

    Qi An’an felt that she could not understand people’s words: “Do you have a problem with understanding? I believe you are a big ghost.”

    Qi Zhen Leng Leng left a sentence: “Okay, then we’ll just wait and see.”

    “Wow, this person is really full of thoughts and gloomy in his heart,” Ji Ruomeng was angrily, “how does she live…Hello teacher. “

    Just halfway through the complaint, I saw their head teacher, Mr. Jin, walking towards them. Ji Ruomeng sat upright, but Mr. Jin didn’t look at her, and clicked on Qi An’an’s desk: “Qi An’an, you come to the office with me.” “Mr.

    Jin has a long, kind eyebrow, and usually looks like a big amiable dough. Today is rare to have a straight face. Qi An’an followed behind him, thinking and thinking, but couldn’t think of what he had committed.

    “The results of the preliminary test have come down. Are you satisfied with your results?” After entering the office, Mr. Jin took a thermos cup and drank in his seat, and opened the topic tactfully.

    “It’s quite satisfactory…” Qi An’an turned around and was a little humble, “but I think I can work hard, there should be room for improvement.”

    Teacher Jin frowned and shook his head: “Alright? You last time. In the school’s exam, there were 37 students. What about this time? It’s 54. Maybe you don’t feel bad, but you must know that the top 50 is a watershed, and the teacher’s requirements for you must be guaranteed. The first fifty.”

    Oh, this requirement is also good, not too difficult. If my last question of math and physics is not careless this time, I shouldn’t lose points. Qi An’an immediately nodded: “I know the teacher, I will work hard in the future.”

    “Very good, then tell yourself, what is the main reason for the decline in grades this time?”

    Qi An’an said, ” Sloppy questions.

    ” What else?”

    “There should be…there is no other reason.”

    Teacher Jin is heartbroken: “The teacher has given you this opportunity, and you are hiding it from the teacher? How can you be at this critical moment at this stage? What about falling in love? Do you know that falling in love is the most delaying study? Yes, I know that your students always say that there is no problem, no problem, but the teacher is here, and you are all in love. Can your mind not run away? “

    Qi Anan was asked a long time ago: “Teacher, I’m not in a relationship.” With

    a choke, Mrs. Jin took out his phone and opened an interface: “You kid, you are still stiff. You can see for yourself, and see if you deny it. No. The teacher sees that you are usually conscientious and well-behaved and want to talk to you first. If you have such an attitude, I will find a parent.”

    Qi Anan curiously picked up the phone. This is the school’s forum interface, with a floating on it. The hot post “Take a look at the young couple in our school”, and the main target who was caught in it turned out to be her and Jiang Lu.

    The photos were taken secretly. It seems that they were taken when she was with Jiang Lu in the past few days: sometimes at the door of her class, sometimes on the avenue of the school.

    The discussion below is in full swing.

    ——Let’s take a look at our school’s charming little couple! My god, this looks amazing, and the height difference is huge!

    ——Fuck, this seems to be the bully of our school.

    ——Who is the girl? She looks so beautiful. I really want to rua.

    ——Is this the point? The point is that boys’ eyes are so petting! I feel I have witnessed love!

    “Let’s see, what else do you have to say now.” Teacher Jin leaned back in the chair, looking at Qi An’an with flaws.

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but smile when she first saw it, and finally saw that she returned her phone to the teacher: “Teacher, are you still visiting the forum?”

    “Yes,” Teacher Jin replied subconsciously, and then immediately raised her face, “You Don’t ask this, you just say how do you explain this?”

    Qi An’an was in a very good mood, wanted to hold back a smile, and looked upright: “Teacher, I’m really not in a relationship, we two are good friends, some It’s normal to go together at the time, and the students misunderstood.”

    Teacher Jin was a little unbelievable. It’s not that he didn’t look at the photos. The boy’s eyes… Anyway, it’s not quite right. But Qi An’an was too magnanimous, without any guilty conscience.

    He asked half-believingly: “Is it really a boyfriend?”

    “It’s not yet.”

    “Oh, it’s not yet…” Teacher Jin pondered: “Hey-what do you mean?”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but smile. , Eyes sparkling: “Maybe it will be in the future, I haven’t started chasing it yet.”

    Teacher Jin is really convinced, he hasn’t

I have seen such a calm student, and dare to discuss this with him, so that he can’t say: “You…you put my attitude right! Did I ask you to explain this to me? Still chasing, What to chase after? Your first task is to study now! Look at your ranking.”

    “That’s why you want to chase. Teacher, do you think the first place in the final test is very good? With him, my grades are definitely not good. It will fall and it will rise. The two of us will work hard together, teacher, don’t you worry.”

    “The Jiang Lu from Class 16?” Teacher Jin pointed to the phone screen with shocked

    expression , “That’s him?!” Qi An’an Yu You Rongyan nodded happily: “Yes.”

    “…you are friends now, the teacher of communication and learning is not opposed,” Mr. Jin thoughtfully, “but you must also grasp the scale. Study when it is time to study , Fall in love when it’s time to fall in love.”

    He said, “Hey” he said, “There is also your chase, the girl is reserved, what chase after you? Let him chase you. Okay, you just have nothing to do. Go back and study and go back.”

    Qi An’an nodded: “I see, thank you teacher, then I’ll go first.”

    “Yeah,” Mr. Jin picked up the thermos and drank halfway, and raised his head to face Qi Anan’s back. Shouting: “I will promise him after the college entrance examination——”


    Qian An’an secretly took out his mobile phone after walking out of the office, planning to go to the forum to have a look again.

    Those photos are not bad, she didn’t dare to look carefully in front of Teacher Jin just now.

    Who knows that after such a while, the post that was hot just now is no longer found, there are no search keywords, and it disappears without a trace.

    what happened? Qi An’an searched for a long time, but it was really gone.

    Ah ah ah! so disappointed! Those photos were taken very well, but she didn’t save them!

    Qi An’an returned to the classroom with a look of resentment. As soon as he turned the corner, he saw Jiang Lu at the door of their class, and the depression in Qi An’an disappeared.

    “Jiang Lu!” She rushed up, “You are great! You did a great job! That’s too much! So many full marks!” The

    warm and straightforward words were struck down one by one, Jiang Lu gently bends the corner of his mouth, he Observing Qi An’an carefully, she still treated him as always, without any embarrassment, and she probably hadn’t seen those things on the Internet.

    He has taken care of it, and he will not let this happen again.

    Jiang Lu secretly paid attention to his surroundings, and he would surely catch the person who was shooting the secretly, and make him pay the price.

    He waited happily for his beloved little girl to slowly resuscitate, and was unwilling to urge persecution at all. Someone would dare to do such a thing.

    “The spring unified exam is on this weekend, Jiang Lu, you will definitely get the first place.” Qi An’an didn’t pay attention to the surroundings, immersed in the joy of his pride.

    Hearing this, Jiang Lu lowered his head and looked serious: “Do you want me to take the first place?”

    “Of course!” Qi An’an nodded vigorously, and then asked in a low voice, “Will it put you under too much pressure?”

    Jiang Lu smiled: “No.”

    On the day of the exam, something unexpected happened.

    The joint spring test of the five schools is scheduled for the last weekend at the end of March, and the students’ test rooms are assigned to schools other than their own school. Qi An’an happened to be in the fifth middle school with Jiang Lu, but it was not an examination room.

    Before entering the examination room, Qi An’an whispered to Jiang Lu: “Come on Jiang Lu.”

    Jiang Lu looked at her bright eyes and nodded with a smile: “So do you.” After

    finishing the Chinese test in the morning, he started the math test in the afternoon. Jiang Lu finished the test paper half an hour ahead of schedule. He didn’t want to influence others’ answers, so he sat quietly waiting for the unified collection of the papers.

    Three invigilators walked back and forth in the examination room. A short and fat male teacher in his forties walked slowly forward from the back of the classroom, his right hand tightly clenched, and he hid in front of him somewhat hidden.

    When he walked to Jiang Lu’s side, he stopped and glanced at the candidate information posted on the upper right corner of the table. The next moment he stretched out his hand and grabbed Jiang Lu’s left hand on the table.

    “What are you holding in your hand? I have seen it!”

    A small paper ball fell to the ground with a “click” between the male teacher and Jiang Lu’s hands.

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