MFTIV: Ch 35

Qi Zhen and Li Hanyu have been to the bar twice. It is noisy and chaotic. She doesn’t like it very much, but Li Hanyu likes it.

    Li Hanyu always ordered a lot of wine. Usually, she would be by her side at this time, and she would persuade him to drink less from time to time. He was also very helpful.

    But today, for some reason, Li Hanyu is a little absent-minded.

    “What’s wrong with you, Hanyu? I don’t look happy today. Is it because of the physical discomfort? Or is there something at home?”

    “It’s okay.” Li Hanyu casually kissed Qi Zhen’s side cheek. After the kiss, he squinted his eyes. Look at Qi Zhen.

    Qi Zhen has a glamorous look, a standard face with melon seeds, a straight nose, and a slightly upward-turned eye with a charming look. Besides, she hasn’t fully developed yet, waiting a few years later, she will definitely be a beauty who is all over the country and the city.

    It just seemed to be a little off, Li Hanyu shook the wine in his hand and took a sip.

    He admits that he has always liked Qi Zhen’s type, but at this moment, he can’t get the girl who caught a glimpse of it today. She is wearing a clean school uniform, her skin can be broken by blows, and her round apricot eyes are black and white, clear and pure.

    So charming and agile, Qi Zhen fell short of the stereotype when compared with her.

    Li Hanyu thought for a while, and dusted off the soot, not in a hurry. After all, Qi Zhen had just been with him not long ago, and he still didn’t get any benefits. After two months of getting tired of having fun, he kicked Qi Zhen, and then took down that little beauty, and then take care of her baby for a while.

    Qi Zhen was a little aggrieved today. Li Hanyu didn’t know why he was lacking in interest. He obviously asked himself to come out, but after only playing for an hour, he wanted to go home arrogantly. She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, but she also tenderly understood and left with him.

    When parting, Li Hanyu didn’t know where to get a rubber band, and handed it to her: “Tie up the hair.”

    “Why?” Qi Zhen took it inexplicably. She always knew that her face was suitable for draped hair. The hairstyle will add a bit of charm to her, and the tying of the hair will not match her style.

    “Let you tie it up and tie it up. Let’s tie a ball on the head. I see other girls like this. I haven’t seen your head shape. It must be beautiful.”

    Qi Zhen laughed at him and just tied it up. Li Hanyu’s kiss fell, his hand supporting her waist, the kiss was extremely fierce and fierce.

    At the end of the kiss, he smiled and licked his lips: “Okay, go home, see you tomorrow.”


    This evening, for some reason, Qi Zhen took off the rubber band and put it aside when he got home . In fact, she really doesn’t like tying the head of balls, so tying her hair always reminds her of Qi An’an, and she feels that she should be in her heart.

    Qi Zhen scratched his hair and was about to take a bath. Suddenly the phone rang. She took a look and found that it was Qi Hong.


    “You really have hard wings, even I dare to tease!” Qi Hong was very angry after the connection, and he cursed without giving Qi Zhen a chance to speak.

    Qi Zhen was immediately aggrieved by his scolding: “Dad, what’s wrong with me? How could I tease you? We haven’t contacted you during this time. What’s the matter?”

    “What’s wrong , you still have the face to ask? Do you know how old I am missing! You asked me to help you find out the surname Jiang, I really said his name is too bad!”

    Qi Zhen was taken aback. There was such a thing. Reconciled, thinking that Jiang Lu was the person she was looking for, and if she wanted to get close to him, she asked Qi Hong to help build the line in the middle. But Qi Hong didn’t see him after agreeing, and Qi Zhen didn’t dare to take the initiative to urge him.

    Later, she and Li Hanyu were together, no matter where they could go to Jianglu. It has been almost half a year, and she has forgotten about it a long time ago.

    Now Qi Hong mentioned it suddenly, maybe it was when he was having a party with an old friend, and he asked her for help. But his attitude was so strange that Qi Zhen couldn’t understand what went wrong.

    “I…I remember, but what happened to this? Dad, why are you so angry?”

    “You really have the face to inquire and found me a good job,” Qi Hong sneered again and again, “Aren’t you saying that his family is in charge of ours? Isn’t the family a big business? That’s some kind of sordid thing in the ditch,” Don’t you know who you are? You really shamelessly post it up?”

    Qi Hong was stunned by a few short words. She ignored the explanation that she had found another boyfriend, and asked: “What do you mean? What’s the situation in their family?” It

    stands to reason that even an ordinary family wouldn’t make Qi Hongdong so angry. Listen to the contempt and disdain in his words, Qi Zhenzhen I think Jiang Lu’s family background may not be as simple as I thought.

    “Their home? He has a fart home! An old illegitimate child with a prostitute. He has been outside with his mother to pick up guests since childhood. This kind of thing is so bad that you can see it, so your mother taught it. You are such a shameless thing?!”

    Qi Zhen held up his mobile phone and was stunned for five seconds.

    what did he say?

    Is Jiang Lu the illegitimate child of a prostitute and a prostitute?

    Jiang Lu’s life experience is actually like this. He is not a golden and honorable young master, nor is he a vigorous successor in any consortium. Their family does not even have money… No, let alone no money, his origins are disgusting, prostitutes, women and prostitutes. The child born? Fortunately, he can still show that cold and indifferent appearance, who knows that he is so dirty!

    When Qi Zhen thought that he had been close to him and talked to him, his stomach couldn’t help but he almost vomited out.

    “I’m talking to you, did you hear me?! I don’t care what you want to

Yes, I’ll say this again, let alone this kind of dirty thing, you want to be with him, even if you talk to him, you will lose your part! You put away your thoughts that can’t be on the stage as soon as possible. If you dare to get a piece with him, I will pretend that I have never given birth to a daughter like you and will not give you a penny! “

    Roared the phone to Qi Zhen thoughts pull back, her teeth clenched his fists and said:” I did not! I didn’t have a father, and I was cheated by him too! He…”

    She paused before continuing: “It was he who lied to me by pretending to be a rich man. If I knew he was so dirty and disgusting, how could I want to get along with him? Don’t worry, dad, I’ve broken contact with him a long time ago. I have a boyfriend now, his name is Li Hanyu, and his grandfather’s name is Li Xinping. He said he had business dealings with our family. Do you remember? “

    There was peace there for a while, and Qi Hong said, “I feel a little bit impressed. What you said is true, didn’t you lie to me? “

    I really didn’t lie to you, I was really lied to.” “

    Well, I know,” Qi Hong replied, “This kind of thing has no background, and its life is cheap. Since it lied to you, you should clean it up early, lest you go out to harm others. “

    I know.” “

    I put down the phone, Qi Zhen staring out the window the moment of God.

    The original land high above the river, is actually abject prostitutes. Woman’s son, really can not tell. How he fit and speak for itself? How he says he sick with?

    Originally The unwillingness hidden deep in my heart turned into distorted resentment. Countless pictures flashed back in Qi Zhen’s mind frame by frame: when he first saw Jiang Lu’s indifferent eyes; downstairs in the bedroom, she asked him to help carry the luggage, his cold eyes There was a chill; and she fell on him, and he watched her fall and the merciless humiliation.

    If these humiliations were not doubled back to him, he would be so proud.

    Qi Zhen called again.

    After ringing for more than ten seconds, Li Hanyu answered, “What’s wrong with Ah Zhen? Miss me? “

    Qi Zhen immediately told Li Hanyu about Jiang Lu’s life experience. She knew that the two of them had conflicted, and the relationship between Li Hanyu and Jiang Lu was different. It’s just that Jiang Lu was really arrogant at the time, and he was too able to fight. Li Hanyu was guilty for a while and didn’t dare to touch his bottom.

    “Fuck, I thought he was so awesome, it turned out to be such a thing. Wait, I will ruin him tomorrow.”

    “Hey, wait a minute, don’t worry,” Qi Zhen said, “his life is in Sooner or later, we will lose our reputation. We can use this to do something else.”

    Li Hanyu wanted to step Jiang Lu into the mud, a little hard to

    hear : “Wait, what do you want to do?” “I have. A…relative, the two of us are very uncomfortable. The relationship between her and Jiang Lu is okay, so she should be playing his idea. When the two of them are really together, we will shake Jiang Lu’s affairs out again. Jiang Lu is ruined, and she is not much better.”

    Li Hanyu yawned: “Come on, just like Jiang Lu. I don’t want money, I don’t have a family, and I don’t know how many people have played it, which Can a girl with a brain disease follow him?”

    Qi Zhen smiled: “Jiang Lu can pretend to be so bad, who can tell he is so bad. That person doesn’t know, if she knew Jiang Lu’s life experience, she could still get close to him in the first place. “When the

    two of them are together, what will she look like when this incident comes out? She must be crying and crying to break up with him. But at that time, will Jiang Lu let her go? This is the person with the highest status he can climb in his entire life.” When

    he thinks of that picture, Qi Zhen is almost refreshed. If Qi An’an wants to know Jiang Lu’s past, his expression will be wonderful, but it’s too late, Jiang Lu will definitely be like a brown candy, sticking her to death without breaking up.

    Dad always has a weak relationship with the daughter of Qi An’an, and if something like this embarrassed him, he will inevitably sweep Qi An’an out. Then it’s time for her to watch the two of them jokes.

    Li Hanyu thought for a while, one is his enemy, the other is Qi Zhen’s dislike, and it’s not bad that the two can clean up together, anyway, they have time: “Okay, listen to you.”


    This week Xincheng No. 1 Middle School organized a preliminary examination, which will be the spring unified examination soon. The school intends to see how well the students are.

    In this kind of multi-school joint examination, if students from your school can occupy two places in the top ten and the top fifty occupy ten places, it is already a very good result. Because I don’t know the difficulty of the entrance exam, it is very difficult to find the questions in this test.

    The original intention of the school was to see how many of them can get more than 680 in the test. If there are more than ten, the results of the joint entrance exam will be basically stable.

    Who knew that the score was awarded, and he actually got a seven hundred forty-five.

    Mathematics, English, and science, all have full marks.

    Good guys, the teachers are all boiled. There have been several examinations in schools, large and small, and I haven’t seen any student with this kind of ability. Class 16.

    Class 16, Jiang Lu.

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