MFTIV: Ch 34

What kind of question is this?

    Yu Tianyang asked quickly and swiftly, and a single sentence without beginning and ending hit Qi An’an inexplicably.

    It wasn’t like a confession…

    Jiang Lu was still aside, his dark eyes staring at Yu Tianyang.

    Yu Tianyang was made a little uncomfortable by Jiang Lu’s oppressive gaze. He cleared his throat, and then realized that he was awkward when he spoke again: “No… don’t think too much, just hurry up. Tell me if you mean anything to me. You know what you mean.

    He added: “Just tell the truth. I want an answer, and I’ll deal with it when I’m finished. “

    What the hell, Qi An’an laughed, and said: “It doesn’t mean that. Why are you asking this suddenly?” “

    She and Yu Tianyang are too familiar, so there is no need to say it euphemistically. Besides, Yu Tianyang doesn’t look like someone expecting her to nod.

    Sure enough, Yu Tianyang breathed a sigh of relief: “I’ll just say it, great.” Yes, I also feel that you don’t like me. We are completely pure friendship, OK, I rely on, Ji…”

    He didn’t finish his words , and suddenly Ji Ruomeng rushed out from behind and kicked his ass: “You What did you do? Didn’t I tell you not to ask impulsively? Too annoying! “

    Yu Tianyang clutched his butt and refused to accept: “I won’t ask?” I’m just thinking about you without asking you. I told you everything, you still don’t believe it. You don’t need to think about Qi An’an at all, she doesn’t mean that to me at all, a little bit, no bit, okay? ! “

    Yu Tianyang used his thumb and pinky to compare this a little bit, how little it is.

    Jiang Lu turned his head to the side, he understood the farce, and the clenched fist on his side gradually loosened.

    He understood. Qi An’an was also thoughtful: “What the hell are you two doing? You two…”

    “I’m all friends, let me just say it straight.” Yu Tianyang wiped his mouth, and there was no shyness at all. “It’s just that I have confessed to Ji Ruomeng several times, and she never promised me. At first I thought She didn’t like me. I didn’t realize until two days ago that she didn’t refuse because she didn’t like me at all. She thought you liked me and you would feel sad when we were together. I told her not to think so much…”

    ” Ah!” Ji Ruomeng roared, his face flushed, “You are two hundred and five! How can you say that? Needless to say, you need to be so detailed?!”

    Ji Ruomeng felt that his sweat was flowing from his hair. , Shame broke out, turned around and ran.

    Yu Tianyang pulled his legs out and chased: “Hey, don’t go! Isn’t what I said is the truth? You are not because of this! Now you see…”

    “Get out!”

    Qi An’an was still on the spot, in the huge For a long time, he couldn’t get back to

    his senses , until Jiang Lu whispered: “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.” He turned his head to look at the back of Yu Tianyang and the others running away, and tightened his lips.

    Frank makes people jealous.

    Qi An’an reacted from the shock, thinking that she still wanted to laugh a little bit earlier, she looked up at Jiang Lu: “These two people are really, I said Mengmeng has been weird these two days, and I will ask again tomorrow. Let’s go.”

    Jiang Lu said: “Yeah.”

    They walked out of the school slowly, Jiang Lu was still immersed in the matter just now.

    Why can some people say the word like so easily? But he was cautious, and only dared to let out his feelings little by little, for fear that too much exposure would frighten the other party.

    I tried my best and only said “I will take you home”.

    Qi An’an glanced at Jiang Lu, although his emotions were hardly expressed on his face, but after getting along for a long time, Qi An’an had a feeling.

    The same expressionless face, but sometimes Jiang Lu is happy, sometimes not. Like now, he was thinking about things, but a little bit depressed.

    Qi An’an temporarily put the matter of Yu Tianyang and Ji Ruomeng aside: “Walk, Jiang Lu, are you hungry? Let’s go eat.”

    Jiang Lu nodded, “Okay.”

    “What do you want to eat? Let’s go eat rice noodles in casserole?”

    Jiang Lu doesn’t matter what he eats, as long as Qi An’an likes it. He can’t help but curl his lips when he sees her smiling face: “Then go.”

    Qi An’an said cheerfully “Then I will give you the prawns in it. Will you give me the fish balls?”

    She was coaxing him. Jiang Lu flashed this cognition in his heart.

    The tip of his heart seemed to have been twisted, his eyes were soft, and his eyes were stained with a smile and shattered light emerged.

    “Good.” The voice was extremely soft.

    … In

    these two days of class, Ji Ruomeng didn’t dare to root anything of Qi’an’s Yu Tianyang, blushing with extremely strong battery life.

    Qi An’an could see that he didn’t ask anything, so Ji Ruomeng was relieved to pretend to be an ostrich.

    But on Yu Tianyang’s side, she must ask carefully.

    Qi An’an didn’t deliberately go to him when he was in school, and she waited until the weekend was off before calling him.

    “Hello? What’s the matter?” Yu Tianyang was in good spirits after hearing the voice.

    Qi An’an originally wanted to ask straightforwardly, but as soon as the phone was connected, he felt that it would be too straightforward if there was no preparation, and he should first greet him with a few words.

    She understood this hesitation in Tianyang, and laughed without waiting for her to say: “Oh, don’t you just want to ask me about Ji Ruomeng? Ask, we are all so familiar.”

    “Why are you? What’s the matter? Why did you run to chase Mengmeng suddenly?” He wasn’t very shy anyway, Qi An’an asked directly.

    “What a sudden, I have some time to recover her good,” Yang hum or two in the day, “You’re saying

Yes, it seems like I have chased others. “

    Qi An’an was silent for a while, and old-fashioned persuaded him: “You are still young, you should focus on learning, now can you guarantee that the promise you made will last a lifetime?” You confessed so early, and when you see the person you like more in the future, what about Mengmeng? “

    Wow, Qi An’an, aren’t you?” “Yu Tianyang can’t believe it,” you, you, you, don’t talk like this, you talk like this very much like my mother. “

    Qian An’an sighed. It’s not that she has to be so unreasonable to worry about the world, she is really worried. Yu Tianyang is an affectionate character in the book, he will meet a school girl when the second year of high school starts, and will serve the school girl since then. As the little goddess in his heart, the male girlfriend finally married the goddess after ten years of becoming

    a girl. Before he met this school girl, had he ever been with a girl named Ji Ruomeng? Qi An’an didn’t know. I didn’t mention it, but now that this matter has happened, Qi An’s heart is in a mess.

    “You…Would you like to wait any longer? Confirm again? “

    Yu Tianyang could hear that Qi An’an really didn’t seem to be optimistic about him and Ji Ruomeng, and was immediately dissatisfied: “I said you don’t need to worry about it. I’m fine. “

    But how do you know that I haven’t thought about it, do you know how many nights I tossed and turned?” I… I also mustered up the courage to make up my mind before confessing to others. Ji Ruomeng hasn’t promised me yet, you are thinking about hitting the mandarin ducks, you old antique! “

    They are not mandarin ducks now, and Qi An’an simply broke the pot: “I feel like you are someone who will empathize with others.” “

    Yu Tianyang almost died of anger: “Me?” ! Will I empathize? ! I look the same! Wholeheartedly! Is it good from one thing to another? ! I’m not a scumbag, I was finally caught up, whoever empathizes, whoever falls in love, is two hundred and five! “

    ” But …… “

    “Oh! Qi An’an! Little aunt! You must be a silly student,” Yu Tianyang concluded, “You treat my life as a well-written script, and it happens step by step? You said I will meet other favorites. I will meet people? Okay, even if what you said is true, there is someone who is in my aesthetic point of view. So what?”

    “If you like someone, do you think about it? Knowing what’s going to happen is troublesome.” What

    he said…something makes sense.

    Qi An’an was stunned for a while. She has some prophets, but the plot has long been completely different. Would you like to be alone and look forward to it? She…

    Yu Tianyang shouted again: “Even if God forces me to be with my later sister, I will bravely fight against the sky!” The

    second high school, Qi An’an can hear her: “Okay, then Did Mengmeng agree to you?”

    Yu Tianyang calmed down: “No, she said she would wait until the college entrance examination to say hey.”

    That’s also good, if Yu Tianyang has not fallen in love with his goddess at first sight after the college entrance examination, then he With Ji Ruomeng, Qi An’an agreed with both hands.

    “Don’t think about it so much, you like it, and add so many presets.” Yu Tianyang is rare and serious, “If you say this, I meet a person I like, and I think I will pay it back in the future. There are people I like more, and I will definitely focus on orphans with this kind of thinking.” After

    hanging up the phone, Qi An’an thought for a long time by himself. The more he thought about it, the more sorrowful he felt that what Yu Tianyang said was justified.

    Yu Tianyang didn’t wait for the goddess, but first fell in love with Ji Ruomeng; Qi Zhen’s personality is completely different from that in the book, not only has no intersection with Jiang Lu, but with Li Hanyu instead.

    Even if she knew that there really was such a script, it would not develop on the established track for a long time.

    So… what about her?

    Qi An’an carefully thought about the problem that he hadn’t dared to think about.

    What is it like to like someone? It’s not sympathy, it’s not appreciation, it’s not preconceived distress, it’s the kind of feeling that one person has no reservations about another, and can’t help quietly rejoicing when thinking of it.

    Qi An’an slowly hugged her knees, regardless of the direction of the book, forgetting the original ending, can she?

    In my mind, the military training is the voice of the senior sister popping out at the right time.

    “You two are really a perfect match.”

    Really? Hmm…what exactly is it like? Is it physical height? Or inner character? How did the elder sister see it? Alas, she should have asked.

    “Really you have a sense of cp.”

    Ah…hehe, that’s what to say, if… if she really likes him, for the sake of cp, this thing is not so fantastical, right? ?

    “Your boyfriend.”

    No, no, no, it’s not her boyfriend yet.

    Qi An’an hugged the quilt and rubbed his face in the pillow. With a “meow” beside him, Dashun jumped up and looked at her noble and coldly.

    Qi An’an turned his head away by this extremely oppressive gaze, but Dashun didn’t intend to let her go, so he bowed and squatted in front of her.

    Qi An’an turned his head, and it reluctantly passed. If Qi An’an ignored it today, it would be endless.

    “Okay…you are the eccentric old master, you are ruthless and unrighteous!”

    Dashun squinted relentlessly and leaned close and tilted his head to stare.

    “Yes, yes, I… I like him, let’s go, walk around, go quickly.”

    Dashun left with satisfaction.

    Qi An’an buried her in the pillow again, for a long while, pursing her lips and slowly laughing. At this moment, her mood was different, and it felt strange and happy.

    She thought, at first she cared about her

Jiang Lu, because he felt sorry for the paper man, but it was unfair to him. He was Jiang Lu, a living person, and he was no longer the meaning of a paper man. In the future, she will use the identity of Qi An’an, which is better for Jiang Lu.


    weather is getting warmer and the day of the spring unified exam is getting closer.

    In the self-study class, Qi Zhen was writing papers, and suddenly the phone on the side turned on. She immediately picked it up. It was a message from Li Hanyu.

    ——A Zhen, I am outside your classroom. Come out, let’s go to the Qiqi Bar to play.

    Qi Zhen hesitated. She had missed classes three times with Li Hanyu this month. Although not many, she had never had it in her student life. It turns out that she lives with her mother, and her mother is very strict with her. In order to train her to be a good lady in all aspects, skipping class is absolutely not allowed.

    But… Qi Zhen thought of Li Hanyu’s heroic face, and the sweet words that he said in his ear when he was holding his arm around him, his face blushed, and he started to pack things quietly.

    Li Hanyu didn’t come to the Qizhen classroom once or twice. He waited on the wall of the corridor every time. He didn’t know how he was interested today. He walked two steps forward and looked in through the glass on the door.

    He didn’t see Qi Zhen at a glance, and didn’t look for it specially. He was surprised by the students who were all doing the questions inside, asking what these two fools were learning here? Every time he looked at

    him, he looked like a poor nerd, really… the complaints in his heart were not over yet, and his brain went blank for a moment. Li Hanyu gave a light “hiss” and carefully stared at a girl in the front row.

    “Fuck me…” He murmured in a low voice, without looking away, reaching out to touch the phone in his pocket.

    “Hey, Liu Guangda, hey, do you know the name of a very beautiful girl in this class? It looks so exciting.” Li Hanyu said in a low voice.

    “Extremely beautiful, isn’t that just the school flowers? Didn’t you take it away? What else is so beautiful?”

    “Fuck me, or you are really pigs, and the people who selected the school are also blind. I have to pick the most beautiful one. If I know there is such a little beauty in the class, I can still go. Chasing Qi Zhen?”

    Liu Guangda was curious by him: “It’s actually more beautiful than Qi Zhen? Then why didn’t I hear anything, oh, I see, good girl, right? Normal behavior is too low-key, let me let A few brothers missed it.”

    “No, it looks so good.” Li Hanyu said with a smile.

    “What’s the matter? Are you going to kick the school flower? That’s okay. If you really don’t want it, can you lend me to play for two days? Man, please hurry up and pick that little flower off and let us open our eyes and see See how beautiful it is.”

    Li Hanyu laughed vaguely: “I haven’t had enough fun with Qi Zhen. I’ll talk about it when I’m tired. This little beauty can’t run away again. Sooner or later, I won’t let it go. Now, Qi Zhen is about to come out and hang up. “

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