MFTIV: Ch 33

“I said it looks unpleasant, I don’t know if I am arguing.”

    In fact, Zhou Qi knew that if Qi Zhen provoked Jiang Lu directly, Jiang Lu might not do anything to her, but if Qi Zhen bullied Qi An’an, Jiang Lu would never let her go easily.

    But it didn’t matter to him, Qi Zhen was just a girl like Qi An’an, he didn’t want to see her being bullied.

    After Jiang Lu listened, he took the phone and sent a message, then looked at him: “Don’t think so much.” The words are

    concise and concise.

    Zhou Qi smiled bitterly. He really didn’t know how Jiang Lu’s family cultivated him. At a young age, his eyes were so poisonous.

    “Don’t worry about it’s not worth it either.” Jiang Lu stood up, took his coat and went out.

    … When

    Qi An’an received Jiang Lu’s news, she had been home for a while. After she sent Jiang Lu the address, she was about to put on her coat, and another message popped out from her phone.

    ——Don’t go downstairs, it’s cold outside.

    Qi An’an looked at these lines, as if he could imagine Jiang Lu’s gentle tone.

    She gently pressed the corners of her lips, did not hold them for a long time, and slightly tilted them up.

 Qi An’an looked out the window. In the winter evening, the sun disappeared completely, and the rows of road trees were bare and there were no leaves.

    Such a scene has its own coldness.

    But in the cold landscape, Jiang Lu is coming.

    Qi An’an couldn’t help but curled his lips quietly, leaning against the window to look.

    When the familiar figure appeared in his vision, Qi Anan ran downstairs without waiting for Jiang Lu to send a message.

    When Jiang Lu came over, he saw Qi An’an already standing downstairs. He quickly stepped forward: “Didn’t you say you can wait for me to send a message before coming down? How long have you waited?” The

    words are blame, but the tone cannot be heard. mean.

    Qi An’an smiled and said, “I didn’t get down until I saw you from the window. Jiang Lu, why did you suddenly come to me?”

    Jiang Lu first handed her the sugar-fried chestnuts in his hand: “Hold your hands.”

    The temperature of the sugar-fried chestnuts was just right, and the sweet smell kept digging into her nose. Qi An’an had never considered the image problem in front of Jiang Lu. She happily took it, opened the bag and smelled: “I think Eat one now.”

    This bag of sugar-fried chestnuts is very large. She is not easy to peel off the bag. Jiang Lu hesitated for a moment, and asked softly, “Can I peel it for you?”

    After he finished speaking, he gently held his breath.

    He knew that Qi An’an had never disliked him, but he clenched his hand tightly, and he disliked himself.

    Qi An’an didn’t hesitate to hand the chestnut to Jiang Lu: “Hey Jiang Lu, you are so good! Then you will work hard, peel…two.” She made a “two” gesture with him.

    Jiang Lu smiled.

    Qi An’an looked a little dazed at this moment, it was difficult for her to describe Jiang Lu’s smile in words. Under the night of early winter, the young man in a thin black cotton clothes smiled quietly, as if the color of the whole world was in his eyes.

    Jiang Lu patiently and earnestly peeled off two chestnuts and placed them gently in Qi An’an’s palm.

    She handed it forward: “There is another one for you.”

    Jiang Lu smiled and shook his head: “I won’t eat it, you can eat it all.”

    Qi An’an took a bite, the soft and sweet taste in his mouth. While lingering, she hugged a big pack of chestnuts tightly.

    “Jiang Lu, why did you come here to find me? Let’s go, let’s enter the house and say.” Jiang Lu came to her specially, it shouldn’t be a special gift, there must be something else.

    “No, I’m fine, so I won’t enter the house.” He just wanted to take a look at her, to see that she was still alive and refreshing, and the heart he had been hanging on was slightly relieved.

    But still not completely relieved, Jiang Lu asked in a low voice, “Did Qi Zhen bully you today?”

    Huh? Did Jiang Lu come here for this? Qi An’an immediately shook his head: “She didn’t bully me, she was angry, I didn’t. Jiang Lu, how do you know this?”

    Jiang Lu said warmly, “A friend passed by and saw it.”

    “Oh…no wonder,” Qi An’an said “Qi Zhen’s voice than me, so it looks like I was bullying her? actually it is not it, her own self-inflicted. do not worry, I did not even mind this thing.”

    I could see no Rest assured, Jiang Lu smiled helplessly: “

    Leave her alone in the future. It’s her business who she wants to be with.” Qi An’an was taken aback and opened his eyes slightly: “How did you know this?”

    “Good guess. “

    That’s it, her mind is so insecure, Jiang Lu is not on the scene, and she can see through her when she is told. Qi An’an smiled and said: “I know, I won’t bother with her in the future.”

    Jiang Lu looked at her as always warm and bright smile, the stone in his heart finally gradually fell: “Okay, I’m fine, it’s cold outside, you Go back soon.”

    Qi An’an said: “You come in and sit for a while before

    leaving .” “No, I’m leaving.” They grow up, and it’s not appropriate for him to go in so late.

    Jiang Lu whispered, “Hurry up and go home, I watch you go in.”

    Qi An’an thought for a while: “Then wait for me, don’t leave, I’ll be back right away.”

    She trot home and didn’t come out soon. , Holding a pair of gloves in his hand.

    “You put this on. I saw it when I was shopping two days ago. Now the weather is cold. You have to pay attention. The painter’s hands are precious.”

    Jiang Lu’s hands have been suffering from frostbite since he was a child. , It was not good till the end. This was the first winter she spent with Jiang Lu after she came. She had long thought about protecting his hands carefully.

    Jiang Lu took the gloves blankly.

    Looking down, the gloves are very simple in design, warm and thick.

    The emotions that had been suppressed for too long raged and swelled, and he wanted to hold the girl in front of him tightly in his arms now, but he was afraid of frightening her.

    Wait, wait, he was still not willing.

    Although his love is deep-rooted, An An has not yet begun to have love.

    Jiang Lu’s voice was jerky: “Thank you.”

    He clenched his gift tightly.

    This year, Jiang Lu dare not want to be with her forever, but he knows that he will guard her forever throughout his life.

    After Qi An’an went upstairs, he went straight to the study room. The study room had large windows. She was here to watch Jiang Lu just now.

    She was holding the window and looking at Jiang Lu’s back, the young man was slender, like a sharp sword out of its sheath, cold and solemn in the dark night. However, this kind of breath is mixed with the sweet taste of chestnuts in the chest, and it is silent and soft.

    He disappeared at the end of the road, Qi An’an was still a bit stunned.

    The heating in the room seems to be turned on too high

, Qi An’an closed the curtains with a “swish”.

    With a “meow”, Dashun bowed his body and jumped on the window sill two or three times, tilting his head to examine Qi An’an.

    It was like a psychologist, passing it with a controlled and stressful look, Qi An’an felt even hotter.

    “Ah, go, go, play, and find Uncle Chen.”


    Although the location of Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is not the same, the school has a strict style of study.

    There is a spring unified exam in March. There are five schools in the city taking part, including Xincheng No.1 Middle School. This kind of exam contains high gold content, and teachers attach great importance to it.

    The first class is a key class. After entering the sprint month of the spring unified exam, everyone in order to get a good grade, they are all crazy to study.

    That day when calisthenics ran into Caiya Tong, Qian An is no love leaning on her shoulder: “This is too much school work, learning tired, I feel I have learned lost a lap.”

    Who Can understand her pain, she just got out of the terrifying state of her senior year, and now she has returned to the pre-liberation period. This damn key class is so difficult to mix in her first year of high school.

    “That’s your class, hapless kid, your class has turned on the hell devil mode,” Cai Yatong patted Qi An’an on the back, “our class is okay, class sixteen is even better, we can hear the overhead from time to time downstairs The sound of dong dong dong, thought that their class was having a party. “

    Huh? What kind of learning environment is this, Qi An’an couldn’t help but frowned slightly.

    Cai Yatong said: “But An An looks a bit thinner, um…maybe it’s long opened? No matter, we An An is beautiful. Hey, what’s the matter with Mengmeng, how is your little face rounded? Isn’t it true? Study

    hard ?” In fact, Ji Ruomeng is not fat, and Cai Yatong just wants to tease her.

    Who knows that Ji Ruomeng was called out suddenly, startled as if he was stepped on his tail, and stuttered: “I, why didn’t I study? I study very seriously and hard every day…I’m getting fat Huh…it must have been learning.”

    Cai Yatong saw her reacting so badly, and asked with a smirk: “What is your guilty conscience?”

    Ji Ruomeng quickly denied: “I have no guilty conscience.”

    “You are in love!

    ” No no!”

    She quietly glanced at Qi An’an. The latter was still immersed in her thoughts and did not pay attention to them. Ji Ruomeng calmly let out a sigh of relief and hurried to Cai Yatong: “I’m going to have sex soon, I’m gathered. You hurry back to your class.”


    Since listening to Cai Yatong’s popular science, Qi An’an has been absent-minded this day. In her cognition, Jiang Lu should exist in the classroom of Chuangming and Jijing as a student of God.

    The current situation made her a little worried. Who knew that when school was over at night, something happened that made her even more worried.

    Someone in Class 16 broke up during their self-study, and it is said that they even used the knife.

    As soon as Qi An’an heard the news, his heart sank, and ran out without taking care of everything.

    He ran to the door of Class Sixteen in one breath. Before thinking about how to get in, he saw Jiang Lu coming out of the classroom.

    Jiang Lu saw her at a glance, walked over quickly, and asked in a

    deep voice, “Why are you here?” Qi An’an took Jiang Luzi carefully and carefully: “Jiang Lu, I heard that someone in your class was fighting. Did you move the knife?”

    “Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with me.” Jiang Lu also thought after seeing Qi An’an. Their class is now noisy, and he took Qi An’an away from here and walked down the stairs.

    “There were two people fighting,” Jiang Lu said slowly, with soft eyes, “The knife is also a pencil sharpening knife, it doesn’t get in the way.”

    It turned out that it had nothing to do with him. Qi An’an finally let go of his heart after jumping all the way, but he was still a little worried: “The pencil sharpener is not good, it is also very sharp, Jiang Lu, are they sitting close to you?”

    Jiang Lu said: “It’s quite far, in front.”

    “Oh…” Qi An’an asked again: “Then are the classmates around you easy to get along with? Are you good-tempered?”

    Jiang Lu wanted to say that the entire class or even the entire school is not there. People dare to provoke him, but they feel that this statement is not good.

    “The classmates around me are all very good, and the conflicts in the class are only occasional, not as exaggerated as they are spread outside,” he explained after her words, and changed the subject calmly, “Why didn’t you carry your schoolbag? I will accompany you back. Take it.”

    “Okay,” Qi Anan remembered what she was concerned about when she mentioned this: “Jiang Lu, how are you preparing for the exam?”

    Jiang Lu said, “It’s okay.”

    He admitted that his original idea was not good. He should not be willing to fall, so he decided to take this unified examination seriously. He is so useless, but wants to be close to her, then he should always have something that he can grasp.

    Qi Anan knew that Jiang Lu said it was okay, so there must be no problem, after all, his IQ was not generally high. When they walked to the door of the class, Qi Anan turned around and said to him: “Jiang Lu, wait for me here, I’ll get a schoolbag and come out soon.”

    Jiang Lu nodded and stood waiting at the door. After a while, Yu Tianyang rushed out of the room, with a constipated expression on his face, and walked over with a bit of anger.

    Seeing Jiang Lu’s unstoppable footsteps, he let out a hard “Hi”.

    At the same time, Qi An’an was walking out of the classroom. The bag hadn’t been put on his back. Yu Tianyang saw her, stepped forward, hands on hips, and covered his face and asked: “Qianan! Do you like me?! “

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