MFTIV: Ch 32

When Jiang Lu ran out, Qi An’an was standing quietly by the corridor window. The air in early winter was chilly, and her skin was white, and her fingertips were not bloody.

    Jiang Lu’s heart tugged fiercely, wishing to slap himself ten minutes ago. He walked over in silence.

    Qi An’an felt someone coming, looked up, and smiled immediately: “Jiang Lu, you are here, what were you doing just now? Why are you coming out after so long?”

    She didn’t have any complaints, she was just a little curious.

    Jiang Lu could see it, but he didn’t know how to answer, and he added pity: “Is it cold?”

    “Is it cold, there is no wind here.” Qi An’an smiled, her smile bright and gratifying, dim. The corridors are a bit bright.

    Jiang Lu looked at her smile and couldn’t help but slightly curled the corners of his lips: “What can I do?”

    There was nothing specific, but she heard Zhou Qi say that Jiang Lu had a bad day. Not happy again, so I wanted to come over and see how he was doing.

    “It’s okay, come and see you,” Qi An’an thought for a while and suggested, “Would you like to have dinner together?”

    Jiang Lu stared into her gentle eyes, his heart collapsed silently. He had secretly changed his mind and wanted to keep Qi An’an by his side forever, but he didn’t take this first step—no matter what way he thought of approaching her, he always felt that it was a blasphemy against her.

    But she rushed to him ignorantly and cared about him again, showing his greed and despicability.

    “Let’s go, let’s go to eat, I’m already hungry.” If you don’t say that, Qi An’an is afraid that Jiang and Lu will refuse. He always doesn’t eat well and takes care of himself in a mess.

    At least she’s here to let him have a good meal.

    Jiang Lu couldn’t refuse Qi An’an at all. They walked out of the school building together. The sky was gloomy and the dark clouds were very low. Qi An’an glanced at it and felt it was impossible: “Jiang Lu, I feel it will rain for a while, you are waiting for me here. Now, I will go back to the classroom to get an umbrella.”

    Qi An’an’s classroom is on the first floor, and he went back quickly to get things. When he took the umbrella, Qi An’an glanced at the weather forecast, and he felt a little bit of a thunderstorm.

    Scrolling through the weather forecast, the rain came and went quickly. It stopped at eight o’clock in the evening. The time was okay, and Qi An’an was more relieved.

    When she came out, Jiang Lu was still looking in this direction, Qi An’an greeted him with a smile and asked him: “Let’s go, um…isn’t we going to eat noodles? There is a noodle restaurant next to our school that makes them very delicious. “

    Qi An’an pondered, Jiang Lu’s diet is irregular, and his stomach is definitely not good. For dinner, he should eat something that nourishes his stomach and is easy to digest.

    She was so accommodating that she thought it was a good cover. But how smart Jiang Lu is, how can she not see what she is thinking.

    He bent his eyebrows slightly, nodded lightly, and said softly: “Okay.”


    Sure enough, the weather forecast was very accurate, and it started to rain halfway through them. Jiang Lu took the umbrella from Qi An’an and opened it, naturally leaning in her direction.

    He was too eccentric, Qi Anan immediately felt: “Jiang Lu, you beat yourself up, your shoulders are wet.”

    Her voice was soft and eager, and it seemed sweet and warm in the cold autumn rain. .

    Jiang Lu was so soft-hearted, but the umbrella in his hand did not change its angle. The umbrella was not big at first, move it to his side, and the rain will pour on her.

    Qi Anan saw Jiang Lu not listening, so she stretched out her hand to grab an umbrella, but how could her strength compare to Jiang Lu? Pushing the umbrella toward him hard, the umbrella didn’t move.

    She continued to work hard without moving, Jiang Lu smiled: “It’s okay, it’s almost there.”

    He didn’t know how gentle his voice was at the moment.

    But Qi An’an could hear clearly, Jiang Lu’s voice was low and trembling from his chest, as if silently surrounding her.

    She didn’t know what was wrong, her cheeks became red unconsciously.

    After entering the store, the proprietress came over enthusiastically and recommended: “What do you want to eat? Our restaurant’s signature is spicy spicy noodles, which are especially delicious. If you can’t eat spicy food, you can order slightly spicy

    noodles .” Qi An’an’s favorite is this noodle: “I want a bowl of spicy noodles, Jiang Lu, how about you?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t have any appetite and didn’t read the menu at all: “Me too.”

    “Oh, no, you can’t eat this, you can choose another one besides this “Qian An’an immediately ruled out this option for him, and their slightly spicy dishes were also very spicy, and she was afraid that Jiang Lu’s body would not be able to bear it.

    Jiang Lu paused, glanced at the menu and said, “Then the chicken noodle soup.” As

    expected, the girl on the opposite side smiled, and there was no objection.

    Jiang Lu’s mouth was so hot that he only felt that the love in his eyebrows was about to be overwhelming, so he quickly lowered his head.

    For such a long time, he has smoked, drank alcohol, stayed up late, and never paid attention to dietary conditioning. He doesn’t pay attention to what will hurt his body, and no one else will pay attention to these details for him.

    Only she, patiently and meticulously for his sake, she could see that he was caught in the rain, and also wanted him to not eat spicy food.

    Even if he is selfish and despicable, the only warmth like this, he has to hold it firmly in the palm of his hand even if he is dead.

    Two bowls of noodles were served quickly, and Qi An’an secretly glanced at Jiang Lu in the mist.

    Of course, Jiang Lu’s looks are not too good to describe. Qi An’an did not look less before, but today, she always feels that his appearance has risen to a new height.

    The eyebrows are sharp, the lines are cold, and the look is gentle. It’s so good to see my

She was embarrassed to look again.

    Qi An’an had a thin red on his face after eating, but when he wanted to check out, he was stopped by Jiang Lu. He couldn’t help but told her to sit down and go to the front desk to check out by himself.

    When he came back, the rain outside was already heavy, and the first thunder struck the sky.

    Qi An’an subconsciously went to see Jiang Lu, his face was okay, and he couldn’t see any obvious fear.

    “It’s raining heavily,” Jiang Lu said, “It’s too cold outside, you can let your house come and pick you up.”

    But it was thundering outside, and she was gone, what should Jiang Lu do alone? Without thinking, Qi An’an shook his head and refused, blurting out: “I won’t come to pick you up at home.”

    What is that? Her brother is not at home? Jiang Lu frowned slightly: “

    Where is Uncle Chen in your family?” Qi Anan realized that there was something wrong with her words after speaking, but after she had finished speaking, she went down the steps: “Uncle Chen…something happened at home, Not at this time.”

    “What about the other servants?”

    “Wang’s son is sick, and she goes back to live every night. Liu’s mother and her family have not come back when they travelled, um… the others are all in the original villa. , Didn’t follow.”

    Qi Anan knew that he had poor lying skills, so he could only lower his head and said, not dare to let Jiang Lu see her expression of guilty conscience.

    However, her performance in Jiang Lu’s eyes became another meaning.

    His heart felt sore for a while, and a strong pity surged: “It’s okay, I’ll take you home.”

    That won’t work, won’t her lies be revealed when she gets home? Qi Anan had to say: “I dare not be at home alone.”

    Begged, don’t ask her again, she really doesn’t know how to make it up. If it weren’t for worrying that Jiang Lu was too afraid of thunder and didn’t worry about him alone, she wouldn’t have to tell so many lies.

    Maybe it was because his prayers were useful, Jiang Lu didn’t speak any more.

    The proprietress of this store is very enthusiastic. She just finished tidying the table next to her and turned her head to see that the two of them were still sitting here. She smiled and said, “It’s raining so hard outside, so don’t leave in a hurry. Wait until you stop. I have read the weather forecast and said it will stop soon.”

    This idea is good, Qi An’an immediately nodded: “Then let’s wait a while before leaving, thank you auntie.”

    “Hurt, there is nothing to thank, all students, you guys. It’s okay to do homework here.” After

    Qi An’an thanked him, he cleverly took out the homework, Jiang Lu watched her movements with a gentle expression, and moved his eyes slightly after watching for a long time.

    Their class is a typical problem class. Students do not listen well. They have left homework a few times at the beginning of school, but no one has handed them in. Until now, the teacher is unwilling to leave them homework.

    But even if he had homework, he didn’t have time to do it now. Jiang Lu took out his clip from the bag and continued to draw the sketches he hadn’t finished before.

    In fact, the assets in his hands are already considerable, but he still feels that it is not enough. Once he wanted to protect him silently throughout his life, he must have the capital to protect him. And now, he can no longer control his eager heart, so he should be strong enough to cover all the wind and rain for her.

    The girl he wants to hold on to his heart is not doing well, at least in his eyes. She should be loved and taken care of by her parents and brothers, instead of whispering in such a thunderstorm night that she dare not be at home alone.

    There was a thunder, Jiang Lu’s pen nib paused, and the painting went on smoothly and naturally.

    He doesn’t fear the thunder much anymore.

    Since the summer thunderstorm passed, the remaining childhood shadows in his heart have become blurred. Listening to the thunderstorm, he will think of the little yellow umbrella he and Qi An’an held together that day, and the shallow time she was beside her. Young girl scented.

    Qi Anan watched Jiang Lu’s painting seriously, and couldn’t tell for a moment whether he was not so scared, or if he did not show it bravely. Her homework is a guise. In fact, she doesn’t have the mood to do homework, and she pays no attention to Jiang Lu’s expression all the time.

    Sure enough, after the thunder, Jiang Lu’s pen tip stopped for a while, but Qi An’an saw it. Her heart sank, thinking about it, putting down the pen and sitting there, planning to get closer to Jianglu.

    “Jiang Lu, what are you painting? Can I see it?”

    She suddenly sat next to her, Jiang Lu’s pen flicked slightly.

    Suddenly, the tip of her nose was lingering with her sweet breath, and the painter who had just been able to do a good job seemed to have been enchanted, and she couldn’t draw a line.

    Jiang Lu handed him the drawing.

    The sketches are still in the conception stage, and there are not many lines, but a few strokes have already begun to take shape. Jiang Lu’s style of painting is sharp and straightforward, and the paintings are like his own.

    “The painting is so beautiful,” Qi An’an exclaimed sincerely, “Jiang Lu, you are so amazing.”

    Her eyes were very clear, and she looked at him admiringly.

    Without kissing these eyes, Jiang Lu himself didn’t know where he had such a strong willpower.

    Qi An’an sat very close and kept talking to him, Jiang Lu reacted, “Are you afraid of thunder?” Why hadn’t he noticed before.

    How should she respond? Jiang Lu was terrified of thunder. Would she hurt his self-esteem if she said she was not afraid? Qi An’an thought for a while, and told him in a vaguely focused manner: “We are not afraid to be together.”

    Jiang Lu tightened his lips, she always made him love her more.

    This autumn rain came swiftly and hurriedly. Soon after the heavy rain stopped outside, it was time for them to go home.

    Qi An’an and Jiang Lu packed up their things and went out together after thanking the proprietress. Before getting into the car, Qi An’an was still chattering.

    “Jiang Lu, why are you so talented? You can paint so well by yourself. I am like a special

No long. “

    How do you go home soon?” You don’t wear thick clothes. Take a taxi and don’t catch a cold. “By

    the way, Jiang Lu, you must remember to eat breakfast in the morning.” “After

    talking for a long time without seeing Jiang Lu speaking, Qi An’an looked up at him suspiciously: “Why don’t you agree to me?” “

    Jiang Lu laughed lowly and said, “Okay.” “

    He promised her everything. The

    car came, Qi An’an waved at him: “Then I’m going home, you must remember to eat well. “

    Jiang Lu helped her close the car door: “I know, tell me when you get home.” “

    He looked at the car and drove forward until the car was no longer visible in his line of sight. He remained silent and stood there for a long, long time.

    … The

    school days were boring and flew fast. Winter is the first. When the snow came, the boring life finally ushered in an explosive news. The school flower Qizhen and Li Hanyu were together.

    Qi Anan was surprised for a long time after learning the news. Although she knew Li Hanyu was chasing Qizhen before, she was completely Unexpectedly, Qi Zhen would really be with him.

    She didn’t know Li Hanyu, but Ji Ruomeng did not curse him less. After hearing more, Qi An’an knew that the person was definitely not a person who could be trusted for life. Although Qi Zhen was with whom It’s her freedom. She is not worthy of Jiang Lu, but she shouldn’t fall in love with someone like Li Hanyu. After

    thinking about it, Qi An’an decided to talk to Qi Zhen.

    After school on Friday night, Qi An’an went to find They both knew that there was no speculative talk between the two, so they didn’t go out and sat down on the bench in the school’s boulevard.

    Qi Zhen seemed to be in a good mood, she didn’t have much to talk to Qi. An An said, just waiting for her to speak first.

    “I heard that you are with Li Hanyu. “Qian An’an didn’t tangled up with the opening remarks, so he was straight to the point.

    Hearing the name, a smile appeared on Qi Zhen’s face: “We have been together, less than a week ago.”

    “He… there are some bad rumors about him in school, maybe you haven’t heard of it.”

    If Just because there are rumors, Qi An’an usually puts left ears in and right ears out, and will not take it seriously. After all, there are many rumors about Jiang Lu’s mess, but she knows what kind of person Jiang Lu is, and those rumors are very outrageous.

    But Ji Ruomeng told her about Li Hanyu himself. Li Hanyu had bullied her cousin, and this thing couldn’t be faked.

    Qi Zhen raised his eyebrows: “Of course I know that many people say that he is very domineering and has a bad temper. It is faster to change girlfriends than to change clothes. This is true, and he didn’t wrong him.”

    Qi An’an couldn’t believe him. Ears: “You know all this, so you are still with him?”

    Qi Zhen smiled slightly and lowered his eyelashes: “What about Li Hanyu’s life in the game before? It is the most precious thing that the prodigal son looks back.” Once the person is moved by the true feelings, it will be heartbreaking and deepening.

    Most importantly, Li Hanyu’s figure is very similar to the man in her dream.

    She also started paying attention to him after Li Hanyu pursued her twice. At that time, she was shocked to find that although Li Hanyu was two or three centimeters shorter than Jiang Lu, his body was very similar. The man in her dream was vague and unreal, so after meeting Jiang Lu, she thought he was the person she was looking for.

    But after a long time, Qi Zhen also fell into self-doubt: Jiang Lu is so indifferent, maybe she made a mistake? Knowing that Li Hanyu appeared, she realized that maybe she had really found the wrong person before, and Li Hanyu was the one she was destined for.

    At that time, Qi Zhen made up his mind to be with Li Hanyu. They had been ambiguous for a while, and finally fell into a period of passion.

    Qi Zhen wouldn’t tell anyone about the dream. She glanced at Qi An’an up and down, and then suddenly smiled: “Aren’t you jealous?”

    Qi An’an looked at Qi Zhen as if she was two hundred and five. I’m jealous of you?”

    This look made Qi Zhen feel a little offensive, she pursed her lips, and suddenly smiled happily: “Don’t think that I don’t know what you think. If you think you are hiding well, I can’t see what you are. People. I know your rank is quite high, but you have played with Jiang Lu for so long and haven’t taken him down. Hear my advice and don’t waste time on him. Although I don’t know what his family does

    Yes , but obviously he should be better than ours, otherwise he won’t have such a high- sightedness .” “Now Li Hanyu likes me, and our two families are right now, how about you? After calculating for so long, nothing is gained, don’t you feel a little bit in your heart? Haven’t you?”

    It turns out that she has always viewed her like this, which is not only stupid, but also heartless.

    Qi An’an waited for Qi Zhen to finish speaking blankly, and finally smiled at Qi Zhen’s slightly provocative eyes.

    Qi Zhen looked at Qi An’an’s light and breezy look, as if she hadn’t been affected by her words at all. An anger suddenly surged in her heart. Before she could speak, she heard Qi An’an say: “I was so ridiculous before.”

    “What .” “It’s

    ridiculous and outrageous. She was blindfolded. Using the stereotypes in the book, she expected the person in front of her to be with Jiang Lu. It was an insult to Jiang Lu.

    “You can be with whomever you love to be with. In a sense, the two of you are considered good match.”

    Qi An’an stood up and said, “Qi Zhen, if nothing happens, this should be between us. last talk. starting from upbringing and courtesy, I should wish you happiness, but if you want to always be so narrow-minded stupidity refused to change, want to secure happiness through life, it is a bit difficult. ” “

    how? but I say, start Cursed me? Then let’s wait and see,” Qi Zhen finally tore off his gentle dear

He stared at Qi An’an with bitter eyes, “Let’s see, in the end it is you who had a better life or I have a better life.”

    Qi An’an said: “You are all with Li Hanyu, you can compare it. Who? I’m not interested in comparing with you.” Being

    with Li Hanyu is her ostentatious capital, but Qi An’an’s attitude is not envious, as if she’s picking up trash, Qi Zhen’s face flushed: “Li Hanyu really likes it. Me, he will change it for me!” There is

    no cure, Qi Anan shook her head: “What does it have to do with me.”

    She dropped this sentence and walked away directly.


    The scene of the two of them on the bench was seen by a younger brother of Zhou Qi passing by. Both of them were so recognizable, they could be recognized at a glance. He went back to talk to Zhou Qi about it, and Zhou Qi thought about it. After a while, I still talked to Jiang Lu.

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