MFTIV: Ch 31

Jiang Zifan’s eyebrows jumped: “Just… chase. Lu brother, do you still have to ask this kind of question? How many girls outside are your little fans, if you are interested in someone, do you still have to chase it yourself? Hook your fingers, I must rush on you.”

    Jiang Lu was a little nauseated by Jiang Zifan’s description, he stopped talking, and said that he was really unnecessary to ask him.

    What good idea can he have.

    Jiang Lu was pretending to have something in his heart. After eating a few mouthfuls of food, suddenly his phone rang, and he turned it over and took a look.

    It was an unfamiliar number, so he hung up and didn’t answer it.

    However, the number was immediately dialed, Jiang Lu picked it up, and the other party made him frown.

    “Jiang Lu is me,” Qi Zhen’s voice came, and she said nervously, “Do you have time tomorrow night? I want to make an appointment with you…”

    Jiang Lu hung up the phone without hesitation.

    “How Lu brother? Did someone find your ballast? Which grandson so do not have eyes, dare call came not happy, he yells at you or how was it? Do not be angry Do not be angry, it is not we shop and go to him!”

    Look Seeing that his brother Lu’s face is dark, the other party is definitely not a good bird with his mouth full of dung. Jiang Zifan was recently angry, and when he saw that Jiang Lu’s face was wrong, he immediately made an idea next to him.

    At this time, Jiang Lu’s cell phone ticked again, and a text message came in.

    You don’t need to think about who it is. Jiang Lu reaches out to touch the cigarette case on the table. Just when he touches the side, his hand stops. His eyes moved slightly and he retracted his hands again.

    He took the cell phone and didn’t open Qi Zhen’s message, so he blocked the number directly.

    Zhou Qi glanced at him carefully: “Brother Lu, what’s wrong? Is there trouble?”

    Jiang Lu shook his head: “No trouble.”

    He said it was not troublesome, but Jiang Lu didn’t think about how to deal with Qi Zhen. Before, Qi Zhen pretended to be familiar with him in front of An An. During training, he pretended to fall and fell on him. All of these have already stepped on the bottom line seriously.

    If it was before, as long as she made sure she never dared to approach her again, he wouldn’t care if the methods were more insidious. But now he was pretending to be a person clean in his heart, and he really didn’t want to make himself dirty.

    Jiang Lu didn’t talk much, but could

    n’t hold back Jiang Zifan’s curiosity: “Brother Lu, wouldn’t the call just now be made by Li Hanyu? Okay, the scar is forgotten, is he provoking you?” “This grandson has no good things in his heart. Er, let me tell you that he put his idea on Qi Zhen’s head—isn’t Qi Zhen a school flower? I had a little brother who saw it two days ago. This stupid guy took a bunch of roses and went to the gate of the first class to wait for Qi Zhen. , But it was rejected.”

    Jiang Zifan said more and more that he felt that the matter had been fully understood by him: “Does this Li Hanyu know about Qi Zhen and Lu Ge, and then want to come to pry the corner? If he was convinced, he would dare to put his mind on this aspect. If he…”

    Jiang Lu interrupted him: “I don’t know Qi Zhen, don’t let me hear your nonsense.”

    Jiang Zifan shut up. Jiang Lu’s tone was not so good. His dull brain finally reacted a little: It seems that the relationship between Lu Ge and Qi Zhen is not as ambiguous as he imagined? Looking at Jiang Lu’s face, he clearly wrote disgust.

    He seems a little enlightened.

    Although I no longer talk to Jiang Lu, the topic has not yet passed. Someone said with regret: “Li Hanyu is not a good thing. If Qi Zhen really promised him, it would really be a flower in vain.”

    “I’ve also heard a little bit. This time, he is paying for it. After all, he is a school graduate. He should be able to hold on for a long time.” The

    boys joked unscrupulously, and Zhou Qi frowned as he turned his head and asked in a low voice. Jiang Lu: “Li Hanyu is like this, do you want to manage?”

    Jiang Lu glanced at him, his eyes were sharp, Zhou Qi lowered his head with some guilty conscience.

    “How do you want to manage.”

    “Just… remind Qi Zhen that Li Hanyu is not a good person, don’t pay attention to his pursuit.”

    Jiang Lu said: “Then you can remind me and ask me what I am doing.”

    Zhou Qi pursed his mouth lightly, lowered his head and stopped talking.

    …… In the

    past few days, the first class of high school ate a melon.

    At first, it was Li Hanyu who came back to school. Everyone guessed that after he came back, he would be dingy with his tail in his hands, or he would find the big guy from Class Sixteen to get back to school. Who knows that none of the above, he did not go back to school two days, the first thing he did was to spend his time chasing girls.

    It is the school flower Qizhen who is chasing.

    The classmates speculated that he had seen Qi Zhen’s photos on the Internet. The battle was bound to win. Yesterday after school came again, this time he didn’t take the roses, but he carried a few luxury bags.

    According to the reports from the people who have witnessed the return of eating melons, although Qi Zhen was surprised and spoke gentle and polite, from the performance of Li Hanyu, Qi Zhen should have rejected him again.

    Qi An’an didn’t eat this melon. In her opinion, this was just a small episode in a peaceful life. Qi Zhen definitely has a suitor, but Li Hanyu is not the right partner. She is not stupid, and she would never agree.

    After school that day, Qi An’an went out of the classroom with Ji Ruomeng as usual, but saw a familiar figure.

    “You are… Zhou Qi? Why are you here?”

    Qi An’an recognized that this was a friend of Jiang Lu. Class 16 and Class 1 are separated by two floors. He is here. Something must have come here deliberately. .

    Zhou Qi touched his nose: “That…Is Qi Zhen in the classroom?”

    In fact, he was a little nervous. The moment he saw Qi An’an, he even wanted Qi An’an to help him convey his meaning, but this

The idea was quickly rejected by him.

    This is the girl Jiang Lu held on the cusp of her heart, and she felt reluctant to look at it. If she used him as a megaphone, Qi Zhen would be the one looking for, and Jiang Lu knew she wouldn’t be able to tear him alive.

    “Should be still there, are you looking for her? I’ll call for you.”

    Qi An’an didn’t ask anything, smiled at him and turned back into the classroom.

    Soon she came out again: “Zhou Qi, Qi Zhen is packing things up, she said she will come out soon, wait for her a little bit.”

    Zhou Qi nodded.

    Qi An’an didn’t leave immediately. She hesitated and asked, “…How is Jiang Lu?”

    Since the military training, she and Jiang Lu have not seen each other much, thanks to the enthusiastic senior sister. When she thinks of Jiang Lu now, she thinks of her words that day. The relationship that was originally upright now has a guilty conscience that can’t be removed.

    “I don’t look very well. Lu Ge has a lot of things every day. He seems to be very busy, but we don’t know what he is up to. And he is very thoughtful and doesn’t tell us anything.”

    Zhou Qi said . He didn’t hesitate when he was a brother, and he was a brother when he was supposed to be a brother, and he was also telling the truth.

    Qi An’an frowned when she heard it. She took two steps and said in a low voice to Ji Ruomeng: “Mengmeng, you go home by yourself today, I’ll go see Jianglu.”

    Ji Ruomeng was very nervous. In addition, I have a good impression of Jiang Lu, so I didn’t think too much: “Go, go, you two have a good relationship, you care about your friends, you should, then I’ll go bye bye.”

    Both of them are gone, Zhou Qi After waiting for more than ten minutes outside the door, Qi Zhen came out slowly. When she saw Zhou Qi, her smile was still the standard gentleness, but her attitude was somewhat alienated.

    Knowing that the person waiting outside is Zhou Qi, Qi Zhen is not in a hurry. She has looked at what Zhou Qi is wearing. Although it is not bad, it is slightly lower than hers.

    Although he didn’t like it in his heart, Qi Zhen had become accustomed to maintaining the gentle politeness on the face: “What’s the matter with Zhou Qi, what are you looking for with me?”

    Qi Zhen’s attitude and the waiting time smoothed out the tension. Zhou Qi smiled: “I heard that Li Hanyu was chasing you recently. We met during the military training. We should be friends. I just wanted to come over and talk to you. Don’t be fooled by him, he’s not a good person.”

    “Is it Jiang Lu who asked you to say this?”

    Zhou Qi said, “No, Brother Lu doesn’t know these things.”

    Qi Zhen smiled slightly, since he knew Jiang Lu. , She did not suffer from him. I used to think that it was Jiang Lu’s trick, but now he hung up her phone and blocked her number completely, letting her understand that Jiang Lu didn’t mean anything to her at all.

    It was obvious that she asked Qi Hong to help with the line before. Now I don’t know where to spend time and drink, and I don’t even answer her phone.

    Qi Zhen had been disappointed a long time ago, not getting it, and having been teased by Jiang Lu for so long, the desire for control in her heart has turned into anger.

    “Is he a good person, I will judge for myself, thank you classmate, you bothered.” Qi Zhen smiled and waved to Zhou Qi, “I have something to do, so I won’t have dinner with you, let’s leave.”

    Zhou Qi looked at her. From the back, sighed and shook his head.


    Qi An’an has never been to Class 16 before, and she said she was stupid when she walked to the door. It had been a while since school, and she didn’t know if Jiang Lu was still in the classroom.

    She waited at the door for a while, and was about to go directly into the classroom to have a look, when suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder.


    Qi An’an turned her head, and the restrained girl smiled nervously: “An An is really you.”

    “Hey? Hu Wei, long time no see.” Qi An’an smiled in surprise and beckoned her. .

    This is the girl who lives in the same dormitory with her during military training. She has a somewhat introverted personality, but she is quite nice. Hu Wei saw Qi Anan holding her hand innocently, and gradually smiled relaxedly: “An An, why are you in our class?”

    Qi An’an took good care of her during military training, and she also liked Qi An’an’s little sun-like character, and she was very happy to see her suddenly.

    “I’m here to find someone,” Qi An’an said, “Is Jiang Lu in your class?”

    Hu Wei’s eyelids twitched: “Why are you looking for him?”

    Qi An’an naturally explained, “We are good. My friend, I have something to do with him.”

    “You two are friends?” Hu Wei repeated it a little surprised, but soon realized that it seemed impolite, “He…he is here, I’ll call him for you. Right.”

    Hu Wei returned to the classroom and walked to the last row. She had never spoken to Jiang Lu in one semester. Everyone knew that this person was not easy to provoke. Although he was expressionless, she was still nervous.

    “That…that…Jiang Lu, someone outside or outside is looking for you.”

    Jiang Lu was taking a pencil sketch and looking up at her when he heard: “I know.”

    He didn’t care at all, boys usually come in directly. , Even if it comes to trouble, it is impossible to spread the word so softly. Regarding the girl, no matter how outrageous it is, no girl really dared to come to him and run to the door of the classroom to find him, but Qi Zhen.

    Jiang Lu followed his own thoughts and drafted it, but didn’t intend to pay any attention to it.

    After nearly ten minutes, Hu Wei sat on pins and needles in her chair. Jiang Lu didn’t mean to go out, what should she do now?

    Tell An An to stop her waiting? Jiang Lu doesn’t want to see her? But I have been waiting for so long. Or… let An An come in and meet Jiang Lu directly? Hu Wei bites her

Holding a pen, she looked at the boys at the back of the classroom who were driving all kinds of unscrupulous jokes. Their class was in a mess, and she didn’t want Qi An’an to come in.

    For an introverted social fear person, this matter is simply a huge difficulty. Hu Wei struggled for a long time, and finally planned to talk to Jiang Lu again.

    When the light in front of him was blocked again, Jiang Lu raised his head and took a look. This time he put down the pen and put his hand on the edge of the table vacantly.

    Although he didn’t say a word, Hu Wei was already nervous, and this calm glance gave her unlimited pressure. When she panicked, she forgot the implicit prologue she had just thought of. The brain was empty, and all of the entanglements in his heart were spoken out at once.

    “Outside, people outside are still waiting for you, no… I mean you have to explain it even if you don’t go… Before the military training, she talked about you in the dormitory, and she kept talking for you to protect you, just outside Tell me that you are good friends. How can you, you treat your friends like this? Well, I don’t mean it, just…how cold outside is now, An’an has been standing for so long…”

    Jiang Lu’s heart condition He twitched like a reflection, and after a second, he suddenly stood up and walked outside.

    He walked too quickly, the corner of the table protruding from the aisle knocked to the back of his hand with a “boom,” as if he didn’t feel it at all, he didn’t stop.

    Hu Wei felt painful.

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