MFTIV: Ch 30

  The early morning sun was golden, falling on the girl’s pink cheeks.

    Jiang Lu stared at her blankly.

    With the iodine and gauze in Qi An’an’s hands, Jiang Lu blinked slightly, only to feel a slight choking in his throat.

    He hurt his hand, no one told him, Ji Ruomeng didn’t pay attention, and Yu Tianyang and the others were even less likely to notice it carefully. The girl in front of him obviously knew it, maybe he accidentally got blood on the plastic bag.

    In the morning, she hurried down to look for him while still wearing slippers. He has never been treated so tenderly when he grows up.

    “Oh, let’s go first, I’m almost hungry.” Yu Tianyang saw Qi An’an come to Jiang Lu, thinking that she had come to thank him specially, but he didn’t take it to heart and said hello, “Jiang Lu , Let’s go to the cafeteria for dinner first, and reserve a seat for you.”

    They left wordlessly and left.

    Qi An’an didn’t look at them, her gaze kept falling on Jiang Lu, seeing him frozen, she said seriously again: “Jiang Lu, I want to look at your hand.”

    Jiang Lu’s fingers slowed. Slowly curled up, and fisted into a fist to block the palm of his hand: “My hand is not…”

    When did he refuse? I knew that I was fine. No matter what Qi An’an went to grab Jiang Lu’s hand, although she was anxious in her heart, her gestures were still gentle.

    “How did it happen?” Qi An’an’s eyes flashed with shock, Jiang Lu’s palm had two blood stains, which seemed to have been scratched by something sharp, and it was obviously not handled properly.

    Jiang Lu was motionless, his whole body stiff. At this moment, he could not feel the pain in his palm at all. The touch of his whole body was concentrated on the back of his hand-Qi An’an carefully held his hand, her fingers were warm and soft.

    “Come with me and I will rub the medicine for you. How can you do this? You don’t care about your body so much. If I don’t find out, you are going to just leave it alone?”

    Originally wanted to be angry with him, but Qi An’an felt pain in her heart when she finished speaking. Jiang Lu did never take care of himself, but he would not take care of himself, but he knew how to take care of her.

    He found out yesterday that he bought her brown sugar from school. How did he find out? Qi An’an was very sad. She was very impressed by the school’s gate, with sharp thorns on the rows of smooth railings.

    Jiang Lu kept looking at Qi An’an and saw her red eyes, and he panicked: “An…”

    He shut up suddenly. This name has been called countless times in his heart. If he is not so worried that he forgot to control, he is I dare not call her that.

    “Are you… do you still have a stomachache?” Jiang Lu’s voice was very gentle, and he coaxed her in a low voice, “You go back and take a rest, don’t go to training today, my hands…I just deal with it myself.”

    “No, you know to fool me,” Qi An’an immediately refused, staring at him unhappily, but because of the pain in the center of her eyes, she didn’t have any deterrent in this one, “I’m fine, now there is nothing, you are honest Sit down and don’t talk.”

    Jiang Lu had to obediently and watched Qi An’an treat him the wound without saying a word.

    She was patient and meticulous, for fear of hurting him, she was always careful when she started. While rubbing the medicine, he gently blew into his palm, and the cool breeze covered his palm with the sweet fragrance of a girl.

    The warm breath penetrates the skin, follows the blood vessels, and falls straight on the apex of the heart.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes.

    Staying away from her was the most ridiculous decision he had ever made, whether it was despicable or shameless, or avenged by grace. He can’t control it anymore, he is not a good person in the first place.

    Jiang Lu laughed lowly and said softly, “I lied to you to report to No. 7 Middle

    School . I did something wrong. I’m sorry.” Qi Anan didn’t expect Jiang Lu to talk about this suddenly, and gave him a strange look: ” Where are you thinking about it again? It’s all about Chen Zhizhi’s rotten corn. There is nothing to apologize for, I have never blamed you.”

    Jiang Lu said, “Yeah.”

    He repeated in a low voice: “I know you didn’t blame me.”

    Please don’t blame me in the future.


    Time flies so fast that the students’ military training every day has reached the last day unknowingly. The military training show has a very good effect. After this morning, everyone is disbanded, and you can go back to pack your things and end this short stay. .

    Cai Yatong groaned and didn’t want to leave: “Sure enough, I know how to cherish it if I lose it! Time flies so fast, I haven’t lived enough, although the military training is very tired, but I really don’t want to move.”

    She was close to a bear. Hugging Qi An’an, he complained while rubbing against him: “Little Fairy An’an, you won’t forget me? If I ask everyone to come out for a party, you must come…uuuuu, you guys in the class, there is I will forget my sisters when I study.”

    “No, no, how could you forget our sweet Tong? You told me I will definitely go, and I will never let you dove.” Qi An’an was so troubled by Cai Yatong that he couldn’t pack things, and smiled. She went smoothly.

    Others are also wailing: “I don’t want to go! When I think I will continue to class tomorrow, why not let me continue the military training.”

    “Don’t say it, my heart is dead.”

    “Ah, Ann! I really love it too much .” You, I’m super easy to tan. If I don’t have your sunscreen, I will definitely be a black monkey this time!” Luo Xue didn’t care about worrying about her future studies, put on her own clothes and took photos in the mirror. Take it.

    “It’s so easy to use. I still have it. Let’s use it for you.” Qi An’an just packed up and gave Luo Xue the sunscreen. She can train them into girls with sunscreen and skin care awareness. She feels very much in her heart. A sense of accomplishment.

    Luo Xue is embarrassed to take a

, Qi Anan smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, I still have it.”

    “Ah, ah! An’an, I love you! Let me hug you!”

    Ji Ruomeng finally couldn’t stand it anymore, noble and coldly declared sovereignty: “Go To go or not to hug, you hurry up and pack your bags, you haven’t rolled your

    bed rolls yet.” The girls squabbled around, reluctantly leaving one after another.

    Qi An’an was waiting for Steward Chen to pick him up at the school gate, when someone behind him patted her on the shoulder.

    “Elementary school girl? What a coincidence.”

    Qi Anan looked back: ” Senior sister!”

    It turned out to be the senior sister who accompanies them to practice every night. She smiled and asked: “Congratulations on the end of your military training. You can have a good rest. , Gave you a few days off?” The

    senior sister has been familiar with them in the past few days. Qi An’an is good-looking and well-behaved, she likes it very much.

    Qi An’an complained: “We didn’t give us a holiday. We will continue to have classes tomorrow.”

    “My god, you are so miserable. The school is becoming more and more dehumanizing. We also let it go for two days last year.” The

    senior sister was angrily. Expressed sympathy, and then looked around: “Hey? Who is that?”

    ” Who ?” Qi An’an followed her and looked around.

    “Who is it? You are still pretending to be stupid with Senior Sister, pretending to be like that, your boyfriend.” Senior Sister cut out “I understand”.

    What she wanted to talk about was the boyfriend who was so tight about food and food, but she was afraid that the primary school girl was thin-skinned, so she could only omit those adjectives that made her head.

    “Ah? Boyfriend?” Qi An’an quickly reacted, “Senior sister, you are talking about Jiang Lu? He is not my boyfriend.”

    “He is not? Really? Oh, senior sister is not the dean of teaching. You don’t have to be shy. To tell the truth, you two are a perfect match, you really have a sense of CP! I’ve been knocking for a few days!”

    Qi An’an was said to be stunned. She had always knocked someone else’s CP. Who knew that one day she would be CP by someone else, and she would still be with Jiang Lu.

    Qi An’an couldn’t laugh or cry: “Actually…it really isn’t. I and we are friends.”

    She explained it honestly, but she didn’t know why she stumbled.

    The elder sister finally kowtows to really love CP, and hasn’t given up: “Really? Didn’t lie to me? Aren’t you embarrassed?”

    Qi An’an smiled and nodded: “I really didn’t lie to you.”

    Oh, okay. The elder sister raised her eyebrows calmly. It turned out that it was the boy who was unrequited love, hiss—that’s also a good knock.


    After getting in the car back home, Qi An’an was still a little confused. The senior sister’s words left her a little impact. She is still thinking about it.

    I definitely like Jiang Lu, but this kind of love existed before I knew him, and it was a heartache to the paper people without any discount.

    Later, she and Jiang Lu got along with each other, experiencing the indifference and injustice the world gave him, and also felt his gentleness and kindness. At that time, he was not just a paper man, but a man of flesh and blood. She likes him more, it’s the kind of appreciation and care for her friends.

    However, if it is that kind of like… Qi An’an tried to calmly look out of the car window, and quietly rubbed her cheeks. She hadn’t thought about it, and she didn’t dare to think about it.


    Qi Zhen poured a glass of water from the kitchen and brought it to the living room cautiously: “Dad, why did you come here suddenly? Is there a business to discuss?”

    “Well, I’m busy, and I will leave in two days.” Qi Hong drank his mouth water and asked casually: “By the way, you said you injured your leg during military training two days ago

    . “

    No scars, right?” “

    ” No. “

    Qi Hong saw that there was nothing wrong with her walking, and felt that it was not a major issue, so he snorted: “You should tell me early on things like this, you and An An are the same, what can you take part in military training? What should I do if you get tanned? They are really ignorant.”

    Qi Zhen knew in his complaint that they were Qi Hong’s daughters, and no matter which woman gave birth to them, they were always used to pave the way for him. Their existence is to marry other families in the future, and their appearance must not be wrong.

    Qi Zhen obediently replied: “I know my father, I will pay attention to this in the future.”

    She is very coaxing, gentle and whispering, Qi Hong sounds very comfortable in her heart, remembering that he had called Qi An’an before. , The child would not approach him coquettishly softly.

    However, the long one is better than Ah Zhen.

    Qi Hong nodded, his father’s addiction is almost over, and he doesn’t want to stay long: “I’ll leave if nothing is wrong, you all take care of yourself.”

    “Wait for Dad, I have something important to tell you ,” Qi Zhen hesitated for a while, biting his lower lip: “I like someone, but his character is a little cold, I think… Dad, can you help me lead a line?”

    Qi Hong’s face sank suddenly “You’d better set me up for your position. Can you fall in love with someone you like? I will pick your future partner for you. You listen to my arrangements, don’t think about these things all the time. No.”

    “No dad, listen to me,” Qi Zhen explained immediately, “He is not a random person, and his family is also very good. If we can be together, we will have business dealings between our two families. It is also beneficial.”

    Qi Hong pondered for a while: “What does their family do?”

    “I don’t know this yet, but I know that his family is very rich. He and An An were good friends before, and their family is also there. Inside the villa area.”

    Qi Zhen thought about it and added: “His temperament is particularly outstanding,

It cannot be cultivated by ordinary people. Dad, if you have a chance to see it in the future, you know I didn’t lie. “

    She has a sincere expression and looks very serious. Qi Hong thought for a moment. His daughter is spoiled and spoiled. If her family background is ordinary, she would never take it. It must not be

    so good for her to fight like this . Think about it this way, Qi Hong I didn’t resist that much anymore: “Okay, what’s his name? If you have a photo, send me one, and I’ll inquire about it. If I can see it in the past, it would be nice to get you online. “

    Qi Zhen smile:” He called Jiang Lu. “

    Jiang Lu… There are a few rich and noble families named Jiang in the city of S, but I haven’t heard of any children of the same age as Qi Zhen. But in general, such families do not necessarily have their roots in the city. Qi Hong nodded: “I see, I will ask if I have time. “


    After the military training, high school life gradually got on the right track, the last bit of heat in summer gradually dissipated, and the weather is getting colder day by day in autumn and winter.

    Jiang Zifan recently talked about a new girlfriend. Sister, she is very beautiful and she speaks softly and tenderly.

    These days, Jiang Zifan looks like “I am proud of the spring breeze” every day, wishing to know the sour smell of love, and grinning when eating. Sending messages cracklingly.

    Zhou Qi almost can’t stand it anymore: “No, I said Jiang Zifan, you are endless? Do you eat? If you don’t eat out, I’ll be proud of you. “

    Jiang Zifan sneered: “Just be jealous of me, you single dog.” “

    Someone joked: “Brother Jiang did act quickly. He has only known each other for a few days, so he can enter the stage of passionate love so soon.” “

    Someone praised it, and someone would feel bad. Jiang Zifan put his cell phone away: “Hum, we have met for half a month. We fell in love at first sight.” “

    Everyone is too sour: “It’s too much, too much. “

    Fanzi teaches us some experience. I have seen the little girl in the next class a long time ago, and I dared not even say a word to her several times.” “

    Jiang Zifan rolled his eyes: “That’s you! You have to pass on experience for this kind of thing? Isn’t this normal? Everyone will do it. Isn’t it something that will be won in minutes after chasing?”

    Jiang Lu has not spoken, he heard Yan gave him a glance: “How to get it?”

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