MFTIV: Ch 29

Qi An’an is not stupid. Combined with her abnormal heat and Jiang Lu’s performance today, she instantly realized the current situation.

    Isn’t it… Isn’t she so many days ahead of her period…

    Qi An’an’s face flushed, she has always been very accurate, this time she didn’t even think about it at all, and now…this is too shameful, she is still in Jiangxi? In front of Lu.

    “You…you are like this…how can you still eat ice cream?” Some people feel distressed when something goes wrong, Jiang Lu endured it, but still couldn’t help it.

    Qi An’an’s face was even redder, Jiang Lu was either easy to speak concisely, or casually sharp, and he had never heard him squat.

    He squatted like this, she wanted to hit the wall even more embarrassed.

    Qi An’an stood honestly, and whispered: “I just learned it too.”

    This knowledge is a blind spot for boys, especially for teenagers at this age. Although Jiang Lu didn’t understand why Qi An’an “just knew”, listening to her whispered explanation, his heart still couldn’t stop softening.

    “Then you…do you feel any discomfort right now?” Jiang Lu’s hands were sweaty without leaving Qi An’an.

    There is really no discomfort right now, the only discomfort is that her cheek is about to explode. Qi Anan felt Jiang Lu’s serious gaze, but she really had no face and looked up at him.

    She said like a mosquito: “No… Fortunately… Let’s go back first.”

    Jiang Lu: “… Hmm.” When the

    two went downstairs in the dormitory, they happened to ran into Yu who was going out to get hot water. Tian Yang.

    Yu Tianyang was shocked: “Damn, what do you guys do for extra training? How come you are so tired as to run five kilometers, see you two blush.”

    No one ignored him.


    The next day Qi An’an was frightened. Her dysmenorrhea would usually be visited on time in the first or two days. Once the attack was very serious, the pain would be like a broken world.

    But even if she spent a day cautiously, praying that her dysmenorrhea grandma would never come to torture her, it broke out at the end of the night’s extra training.

    Qi An’an felt pain at first, and Jiang Lu could see that something was wrong. This time he didn’t discuss with Qi An’an, and directly explained the situation to the senior sister and took her away.

    Of course Qi An’an wouldn’t act blindly when she shouldn’t. She didn’t protest, and obediently walked back with Jiang Lu. But as soon as I got out of the playground, the pain was overwhelming.

    “Why is it so serious?” Jiang Lu’s voice was clearly anxious. He saw Qi An’an trembling as he walked, “An’an, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

    Qi An’an weakly calmed him: “How can this problem go to the hospital? , It’s okay, just go back and lie down for a while and take a rest.”

    Her sore eyes were all over, and she didn’t notice that Jiang Lu’s eye sockets were red, her lips were trembling, and her face was paler than hers.

    Jiang Lu watched the distance of dozens of steps, Qi An’an’s lips lost their color, and even fine cold sweat broke out on his forehead. The scene was so shocking, his heart was twisted, his voice trembling.


    carry you.” Jiang Lu squatted in front of Qi An’an, and carefully put her arms on his shoulders, just like treating a piece of fragile porcelain.

    Qi An’an was lighter than he thought, and there was almost no weight on his back. She dangled her arms limply, with no strength at all. This cognition made the fear in Jiang Lu’s heart fall like a tide.

    “An An.” Jiang Lu wanted to listen to her.

    “Hmm…” Qi An’an agreed in a daze, and did not forget to comfort him: “It’s okay…”

    Her faint breath sprayed on his neck, and the force of the air was like a gossamer, as if countless needles had penetrated him. In the blood.

    “Let’s go to the hospital, how do you do this.” Jiang Lu was completely lost and didn’t know how to make her feel better. Seeing Qi An’s pain, he suffered no less than her.

    His worries were so obvious, Qi Anan grudgingly smiled at him: “Jiang Lu, don’t worry about me, the hospital doesn’t care about this. Many girls are like this, and they can get better in one night. I have experience. Don’t worry. “

    In fact, after she lay on Jiang Lu’s back, the heart-piercing pain eased a bit. Jiang Lu’s back was warm and strong, and he walked very steadily and carefully, so that she could not feel the slightest jolt.

    Qi An’an said lightly, but Jiang Lu was heartbroken. Many words in her words made him sad. What does it mean to be good in one night? What is experience?

    He thought of what Steward Chen had said, of Qi An’an’s cold home and her indifferent parents.

    Even her brother Qi Yan, how does he take care of his sister?

    Jiang Lu’s eyes were scarlet, his eyes dark and cold, he didn’t want to guard those ridiculous bottom lines. He glanced at the girl that he felt reluctant to bear, and he wouldn’t be at ease with whom he would take care of.

    This time Jiang Lu didn’t deliberately avoid the crowd. He carried Qi An on the fourth floor, but when he was a few steps away from the door, he stopped.

    “Can you still go?”

    Qi Anan looked at the distance of four steps at most to enter the bedroom: “Of course I can, I’m much better.” She felt that if she hesitated for a second, Jiang Lu could take her directly without hesitation. Delivered to the bed in the bedroom.

    “You go back and take a good rest,” Jiang Lu carefully set Qi An down, pursing his lower lip and exhorted, “If you have something…you can call me.”


    No one is sleeping in the dormitory at this time, Qi Anan opened the door and came in. , That pale face

The color shocked everyone.

    “Oh my God, what did you do?!” Ji Ruomeng dropped the melon seeds in his hand, ran over three steps in two steps to help Qi An’an, “Sit down quickly, what’s the matter? You see that your face is pale, as if your blood has been sucked.” The

    other girls also came around: “What’s wrong with An’an? It’s fine in the afternoon, why is your face so bad suddenly?”

    “It’s okay,” Qi An’an Waved his hand, “Dysmenorrhea, old problems.”

    She said weakly, everyone quickly let her lie on the bed, after covering the quilt, Ji Ruomeng poured a cup of hot water out of the kettle, and then asked, “Right, you guys. Who has brown sugar?”

    Everyone in the room shook their heads. A few girls don’t have dysmenorrhea, and they are even more unlikely to bring so much in military training. Cai Yatong rummaged in her suitcase for a long time and found a crumpled warm baby: “Only This is it. I put it in when I was traveling in the winter. I always forgot to take it out. It should still work.”

    Qi An’an was so dizzy with pain. Hearing everyone’s frantic sounds, he stretched out an arm from under the blanket and shook it. Shake: “You play with yours, don’t worry about me, I will sleep for a while and tomorrow will be fine.”

    “Yes, grandma, please put your hand back to me, close your eyes and rest.” Ji Ruomeng grabbed Qi An’an. Put the wrist gently back in the quilt.

    Qi An’an obediently didn’t speak any more, but the pain became more and more intense. She slowly curled up in the quilt, her ears humming, and everyone’s speech seemed to be separated by a layer of membrane, and she couldn’t hear clearly.

    She bit her lip unconsciously, and the hair on her temples was wet with sweat. She didn’t know how distressed it would be to look at it.

    “That won’t work,” Ji Ruomeng frowned tightly, “I’ll ask other dormitories to see who has brown sugar, so that An An can drink it better.”

    Originally, she thought that brown sugar should be better in the girls’ dormitory. Not hard to find. But I didn’t expect that this was not a permanent residence after all. The military training had only been for ten days. Ji Ruomeng asked several dormitories, but none of them brought them.

    Ji Ruomeng was in a hurry. The phone kept shaking in his pocket. When he picked it up, Yu Tianyang had sent her several messages.

    ——The heroine, what are you doing? Not online yet?

    ——I’m playing support, you’re still driving today.

    ——Come on, I’m ready.

    ——Online online.

    Ji Ruomeng was anxious at first, and was annoyed by him. He took the phone and started to speak: “You are a dead head on the line, I won’t play today! An’an’s dysmenorrhea is painful and faint, you know how to play, don’t Bother me!”

    Yu Tianyang was lying on the bed with Erlang’s legs upright, waiting for the start, seeing Ji Ruomeng’s voice, he clicked on it without thinking.

    In fact, the media volume of Yu Tianyang’s mobile phone is not big, and it is not too small. Several people on his bed heard it, but no one cared. Everyone still did their own things.

    problem occurs? Yu Tianyang sat up from the bed all of a sudden, just about to reply to Ji Ruomeng, a shadow suddenly gathered in front of him, and when he looked up, Jiang Lu’s face was gloomy as if dripping water.

    “What’s wrong with An’an?”

    Jiang Lu’s bed is diagonal to him. Yu Tianyang didn’t know how he heard it. He turned over and put on his shoes and said, “I don’t know, I said I fainted? I went up. Look…”

    Before he finished his words , Jiang Lu’s expression changed drastically, and he turned and left.

    As soon as Jiang Lu went upstairs, he saw Ji Ruomeng in the corridor, his voice anxious: “Is there anything I can do.”

    This Hui Tianyang also ran up: “What’s the matter? Why did you fainted? Seriously, then, don’t you hurry up and call an ambulance.”

    “I’m not dizzy or dizzy. I’m just exaggerating that I was anxious. If it’s okay, you can go back. I will ask which bedroom has brown sugar and give An An a flush of water. “

    She looked for it this way, but hit a wall. It’s not a way to find it like this, what if everyone doesn’t have it?

    Jiang Lu said, “I went to the drugstore outside the school. What else do I need besides brown sugar?”

    Ji Ruomeng was taken aback, “But the school door is locked, how can I get out?”

    “I can turn it out,” Jiang Lu said. Already in a cold sweat, his nerves were extremely tense, as if full of strings, “You only tell me what you need.”

    “Brown sugar, if you have brown sugar ginger tea, it would be better, and ginger jujube tea is also fine.”


    Yu Tian Yang and Jiang Lu ran to the gate of the school together, saying that they were together. He didn’t catch up with Jiang Lu on the way, and was out of breath. Jiang Lu was so fast, he barely followed to the school gate, and he was dumbfounded when he looked up.

    Because the Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is built in the new district, the infrastructure is not so developed, and there is only a pharmacy just across from the main entrance. If not for this opportunity, Yu Tianyang hadn’t even looked at the front door – the two doors were three or four meters high, and the railings were so smooth that there was no place to step on them, and there were sharp thorns on the top of the railings. .

    “Damn, what should I do? This can’t be turned out at all.” Yu Tianyang gasped, the pharmacy was opposite, but now this situation can’t get through.

    Jiang Lu took two steps back without saying a word, and suddenly rushed forward with force. Yu Tianyang watched in shock, before he could stop

    him : “Hey, wait— ” He watched Jiang Lu take a few steps to board the railing. : “Fuck…” This skill is really no one, but no matter how strong the skill is, there is nowhere to do it when it reaches the top, and it can only turn over with those spikes.

    “No way, no, Jiang Lu! This will hurt you, you–” It’s useless, Jiang Lu ignored him at all, only saw that he held the spike indifferently and turned it over neatly.

    Jiang Lu ran towards the drugstore across the road.

    The night is quiet, and there is a burst of cool

The wind was blowing on his body, his black hair was a little messy, and the heart in his chest hurt as if it were twisted together.

    There are brown sugar, brown sugar ginger tea and ginger jujube tea. There are also various painkillers and convalescent products. He doesn’t know anything about this, so Liushen Wuzhu bought them all.

    The shop owner couldn’t help but persuade: “In fact, it’s nothing serious, and dysmenorrhea is not a serious illness. As long as you pay attention to it and treat it well in the future, it’s okay. You’re still young, and it scares you like this. Oh, what’s the matter with your hand? I still have iodine and… hey—”

    He ran back into the night again.

    With the experience of turning over the door for the first time, this time Jiang Lu turned over more neatly than last time.

    Before Yu Tianyang could breathe, he saw that Jiang Lu had returned with a bag of things. Without waiting for him to speak, he passed him, this time Yu Tianyang did not catch up.

    When Jiang Lu reappeared at the top of the stairs, Ji Ruomeng was astonished. She checked her phone, and only seven minutes passed.

    “So fast? Wow… here, you buy so much.”

    “Thank you,” Jiang Lu stood outside the door, he couldn’t go any further, and whispered, “Take care of her and let me know if something happens. , It’s okay…tell me too.”

    Ji Ruomeng nodded and went back with her things in her arms. She had a big heart and was thinking about Qi An’an. She didn’t think about anything tonight.

    In the dormitory, everyone had already turned off the lights in order for Qi An’an to have a good rest, leaving only one night light to illuminate. Ji Ruomeng quickly prepared the brown sugar ginger tea and told Qi An’an to get up and drink it.

    Qi An’an didn’t ask Ji Ruomeng what to drink for her in a daze. After drinking it obediently, his brows stretched a bit, and he fell asleep again.

    Ji Ruomeng sat there for a while, seeing Qi An’an no longer frowning, and not curling up so tightly, as if it was relieved a lot, before going to bed with peace of mind.

    Before going to bed, Ji Ruomeng was already sleepy, but he always felt as if there was nothing to do in his mind…Oh! She patted her forehead and turned out her mobile phone, and sent a brief message to Jiang Lu: It’s all right.

    You can sleep now.

    Jiang Lu sat on the highest step of the stairwell. This was where Qi Anan accompanied him to eat wontons that day. When the phone screen was on, he recovered from the daze.

    There was a little blood on the phone screen, which was rubbed by the wounds on his two palms. He rubbed it indifferently, staring at the three words “It’s okay” and was silent for a long time.

    Finally, he put the phone close to his heart and slowly gripped it tightly.

    … The

    next morning, Qi An’an came alive completely. She went to bed early yesterday and woke up early today. When she woke up, the girls in the dormitory were still asleep.

    Qi An’an quietly went out to wash, and while brushing his teeth, Ji Ruomeng came in with a yawn.

    “Um… An’an? Can you go to the ground?”

    Qi An’an spit out toothpaste foam and couldn’t help but laugh: “You said I’m like confinement, I’m fine, coming and going fast, and now I am back in human form.”

    “It should be nice to be poor,” Ji Ruomeng nodded, and Zian’an agreed with his words, “You were indeed a puddle of mud yesterday.”

    “By the way, why is there such a big bag of brown sugar ginger tea on the table? “Qian An’an asked as he rinsed his mouth.

    “Then you didn’t see any more on the ground. Jiang Lu bought it for you yesterday. It is estimated that you can drink it for a year. I didn’t expect him to be so enthusiastic. This person is really good-looking, and he can teach a scum. You bastard, he cares about his classmates so much, he is really a hero.”

    Qi An’an was taken aback for a moment: “How did he get out?”

    Ji Ruomeng said relaxedly: “Climbing the wall, it’s very simple.”

    It’s not to blame her, Jiang. Lu went back and forth too fast yesterday, and Ji Ruomeng, who underestimated it, couldn’t imagine what the so-called overturning the wall was like.

    Qi An’an slowly let out an “Oh” and went back thoughtfully. When she returned to the bedroom, she saw that there was still a bag of things on the floor. She was about to step forward to take a look, when she suddenly found a little blood on the outside of the bag.

    It just so happened that Ji Ruomeng came back after washing her, Qi Anan patted her, and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

    Ji Ruomeng took a closer look. She didn’t pay attention to this yesterday. After watching it for a while, she reasonably suspected: “Maybe Did he fall when he ran back? I felt a bit of an impression that he seemed to have blood on his hands yesterday.”

    Qi An’an looked solemnly and thought for a while, she gently flipped through her luggage.

    Before coming to military training, Uncle Chen was afraid that she would be injured and brought her Yunnan Baiyao spray and iodine bandage for trauma. Qi Anan quickly found out, said hello to Ji Ruomeng and went out.

    Qi Anan came to the door of Jiang Lu’s dormitory, fearing to disturb the people inside without knocking directly on the door, first sent a message to Jiang Lu: Jiang Lu, are you in the dormitory?

    Jiang Lu returned quickly: How are you?

    Qi An’an immediately replied: I’m all well.

    Jiang Lu stared at the words on the screen, read it back and forth twice before replying: I’m downstairs, are you looking for me for something?

    “What’s wrong with Brother Lu? Let’s go.” Jiang Zifan turned around and called Jiang Lu. After so many days, he got up early for the first time, and he was going crazy when he wanted to eat the fresh meat buns in the cafeteria.

    Jiang Lu just wanted to talk about letting them go first, when someone behind him called his name: “Jiang Lu.”

    Qi An’an looked much better than yesterday, and there was a little blood on his white face. Her eyes were black and white, and her appearance was clear and clean.

    “You stretch out your hand and let me have a look.” 

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