MFTIV: Ch 28

“Jiang Lu, what’s wrong with you? Why is your complexion so bad? Is it uncomfortable?”

    Jiang Lu’s expression froze, and all the thoughts in his brain were drawn away for a moment. He turned his head suddenly and met Qi An’an’s clear eyes.

    She looked at herself seriously, with undisguised worry in her eyes.

    Jiang Lu looked at her for two seconds, then turned his head back.

    Going crazy.

    There are nearly two hundred people in the whole team, and it happens to be able to pick Qi An’an. He doesn’t plan to look back anymore. God wants to put the temptation under his nose again and again. I really don’t know when this kind of joke and torture will be finished.

    Qi Anan knew Jiang Lu’s character, and was afraid that he would be uncomfortable, so he persuaded: “Jiang Lu, are you sick? Military training is so hard, if you feel uncomfortable, take a break in time, it’s okay.”

    Jiang Lu felt uncomfortable. Don’t say he didn’t feel tired, he was really tired. With her by her side and talking to him in such a sweet and soft voice, no matter how bitter she was, I couldn’t feel it.

    At this time the instructor came over and patted Jiang Lu on the shoulder: “How about classmates? Do you need a rest?”

    “It’s okay, no need.” Jiang Lu’s physical fitness is really good. After half a minute of relaxation, he returned to the sharp and coldness he used to be. Look like.

    The instructor nodded. Although he did not smile, his eyes did not conceal his appreciation. He had been in the army for many years, and he could clearly see the wolfishness and blood in his bones. Before coming to bring military training, he really didn’t expect a young student to have such a temperament.

    “Walk together and let me see.” The instructor said.

    Although Qi An’an’s height is a few centimeters short of Qi Zhen’s height, it is not considered short among girls. The most important thing is that everyone’s performance is well known by the instructor, and those who train seriously can’t bury it.

    When the two came back from the walk, the instructor nodded: “It’s not bad, you don’t need to be too stiff, don’t be nervous. You will become familiar with the training.”

    Jiang Lu naturally knew who the instructor was talking about stiff people.

    “The pacesetters work hard, the training of the queue is inevitable. Every day after disbanding at 7 o’clock in the evening, the pacesetters stay and practice for an additional hour. Is there a problem?” The

    two said “No” together.

    “Go back to the team.” On the

    way back to the team, Qi An’an couldn’t hold back and asked in a low voice: “Jiang Lu, are you really okay?”


    Qi An’an said again, “Well…Would you like to have dinner together tonight?”

    She listened. Tian Yang mentioned that Jiang Lu’s recent appetite has not been very good, and the boys are so careless that they can see it when they eat less, and they don’t know how to persuade him.

    Jiang Lu softly refused: “No.” It

    was an unexpected joy to practice being alone, and he was very grateful. For the sake of her reputation, stay with him less the rest of the time.


    When eating in the cafeteria in the evening, Jiang Zifan couldn’t stop talking while eating, “Yang, did you find out? Brother Lu has a good appetite today. I usually see him finish the food on the plate. Isn’t it true? After so many days, he finally feels hungry?” The

    boys are not so particular, and sit casually. They and Jiang Lu are sitting at the adjacent table. If it were a table, Jiang Zifan would not have the courage to discuss Jiang Lu so carelessly.

    Yu Tianyang and Jiang Zifan were doing pretty well in the same dormitory. He concentrated on eating chicken legs, vaguely perfunctory: “Well, he eats more, he has to practice for an hour at night.”

    “Speaking of this . , I feel miserable,” Jiang Zifan shook his head with lingering fear, “It’s too cruel, seven o’clock is the happy time for everyone. From now on, my brother Lu’s happy time will be postponed by one hour. It’s too miserable, it’s really miserable.”

    Hearing that Zhou Qi looked up from the pot of meat: “Is it miserable?”

    Jiang Zifan was shocked: “Isn’t it miserable?”

    “Is there someone to accompany?”

    Yu Tianyang interrupted and said with emotion: “So it’s a double misery. , The miserable is even worse.”

    Zhou Qi didn’t want to talk anymore, and went to eat pot meat intently.

    On the other side of the canteen, Ji Ruomeng was also worried about the same problem: “An’an, you are going to stay and practice tonight, you eat more.”

    She has been sighing since the afternoon, and Qi An’an was amused by her: “It’s okay, don’t you just add another hour? This is my honor.”

    “That Jiang Lu’s physical fitness is very good at first glance. You have to train together to remind him, take a good rest, don’t be embarrassed to say. But you two before It’s a classmate, he should take care of it, right?”

    Ji Ruomeng muttered like an old mother: “There is no instructor to follow the extra training, but I will ask the senior sister from the Sports Department of the Student Union to take a look, and the instructor will check the results the next day. Listen. People in the last class said that some students even practice for another half an hour or an hour by themselves in order to cooperate perfectly. Don’t be so crazy.”

    Qi An promised: “I know, don’t worry. By the way, if you have anything you want to eat tonight, tell me, I will bring it to you after the training.”

    “Pull it down, Ji Ruomeng waved his hand, “We ended earlier than you, so you can buy what you want to eat. When I said this, I remembered, Yatong went back to the bedroom just now, and she told me that Qi Zhen called her dad and said she didn’t want to train anymore, and her dad had picked her up. “

    Qi An’an knew about this. Qi Hong called her just now and he could pick her up together. Qi An’an directly refused, and Qi Hong didn’t care about her.

    But from this look, could it be that Qi Zhen’s injuries were serious. Qi An’an asked: “Where is Qi Zhen hurt? Did you hurt your bones? “

    Where else is it hurt?” Ji Ruomeng cut, and when Cai Yatong accompanied her to the school hospital, she broke her skin. Dear doctor

Did not let her stay. The original saying was’you can continue to participate in military training’, but she herself is squeamish. “

    Qian An’an nodded and sighed secretly in her heart. Maybe it was because her understanding of the role had been wrong before, or there was a bug in this world.

    The mood of cp was completely cold, and she would never want to make Jiang Lu and Qi Zhen a pair again. a.


    students at seven in the evening after a large force disbanded, on the playground left with extra training, and some seniors who ran out of the night.

    accompany model exercise is a sister school sports students, who are tall and strong She has a loud voice, and guided the pacesetters one by one. When she walked in front of Jiang Lu and Qi An’an, she was stunned.

    “Your instructor is quite good at picking people,” she exclaimed with pleasing emotion, “Practice well. “

    This senior sister is very casual, not as severe as the students themselves. She watched twice, demonstrated and adjusted everyone’s movements, then sat on the steps and took out her mobile phone to play games.

    Jiang Lu and Qi An’an left. Several times, suddenly he slowed down, hesitated and said, “Qian’an, are you uncomfortable?” “

    He has long seen something wrong, the usually energetic girl, now a little sluggish.

    “No, maybe it’s too hot today, it’s still so hot in the evening.” “Qian An looked at Jiang Lu and smiled embarrassedly, “Is it because my actions are too bad?” “

    That’s not true, but he paid too much attention to her.

    Today is indeed hot, it is the hottest day in the history of military training. Jiang Lu and Qi An’an have no principles or bottom line. He muttered: “Don’t practice today… …”

    “Don’t don’t don’t, it’s okay, the heat at noon has survived, are you afraid of it at night? Come on, practice. “

    Qian Anan knew that Jiang Lu was all for herself, and he was not a person who would give up easily. She straightened her back and promised: “I’m really fine, I’m so full of energy, how embarrassing it is to escape now.” You see, senior sister is watching us. “

    Jiang Lu turned his head and saw the senior sister put down the phone and waved her hands to them: “Go on, don’t stop.”

    Qi An’an also smiled and waved, and poked Jiang Lu’s arm: “Hurry up, go on.”

    She didn’t notice that Jiang Lu’s gaze was a little gloomy, and he turned his head back: “It’s okay?”

    “It’s okay.”

    So they continued to practice, and an hour passed quickly. The senior sister asked everyone to disband and still wanted to practice. You can stay and practice by yourself.

    Qi An’an raised his head and asked, “Jiang Lu, are we still practicing?” The

    light evening breeze blew, and the broken hair on her forehead brushed her cheeks, shaking and shaking on the tip of her white nose.

    Jiang Lu moved his fingers uncontrollably, and then immediately squeezed. He whispered, “I don’t practice, go back.”

    He looked over the steps and said, “Wait for me here.”

    Jiang When Lu walked to Senior Sister, Senior Sister was carrying her big backpack to go back to the dormitory. She saw him coming over and raised her eyebrows: “What’s the matter with Senior Sister? Something is wrong?”

    Jiang Lu said, “Delete the photo.”

    The senior sister was taken aback, then smiled embarrassedly, and asked cautiously: “Ah… you saw it, I’m sorry, I’ll delete it.”

    Jiang Lu’s gaze swept across the senior sister’s eyes calmly, and he looked at it. It can be concluded that this senior sister’s intention to take the photos was not malicious and calculated.

    “Look at it, I deleted it.” The senior sister handed the phone to Jiang Lu and operated in front of him. The pixels of her mobile phone are good, and the results are very good in such a dim playground.

    Under the curtain of night, the teenagers and girls were wearing military uniforms, their eyes facing each other, beautiful and incredible.

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple scrolled, looking at the photo and forgot to look away.

    The elder sister simply deleted the photo in front of him. Jiang Lu watched him and Qi An’an in the group of “extremely beautiful cp” without saying a word.

    After the deletion, the senior sister clicked on the recycle bin very interestingly, and deleted the photos in the recycle bin again: “They are all deleted, don’t worry, I haven’t sent it to anyone. Haha… don’t worry about it. I’m not malicious.”

    He knew she was not malicious, and if she was malicious, he wouldn’t be so polite.

    It’s just… the photos are really a shame.

    When Jiang Lu came back, Qi An’an asked him curiously: “What’s wrong?”

    “Ask performance.” Jiang Lu didn’t say much. Just now, the other pacesetters asked the senior sister some questions in the past, all asking how the cooperation was doing.

    Still a good boy in his bones, Qi An’an didn’t think much: “Jiang Lu, I want to go to the school gate to buy food.”

    She still felt hot and uncomfortable, and planned to buy an ice cream, “What do you want to eat? Do you want to go together? ?”

    There is no one on campus at this time, so it’s okay to walk together. Moreover, there is a distance between the school gate and their dormitory. Although it is on campus, after all, Qi An’an is left alone at night, which makes people feel uneasy.

    Jiang Lu said: “Let’s go.”

    Jiang Lu stopped when he was more than a dozen steps away from the school gate, and there were a lot of lively people over there. He didn’t plan to go there: “Go, I’m waiting for you here.”

    Qi An was uncomfortable . Knowing Jiang Lu’s deep thoughts, he smiled and asked him: “Okay, what do you want to eat? I’ll bring it for you.”

    Jiang Lu bends the corners of his lips: “You can eat it, I don’t have anything I want to eat. .”


    Qi An’an went straight to the subject in a light car and came back within a few minutes, still holding an ice cream in his hand.

    When Jiang Lu saw her, he

    raised his eyebrows: “You buy ice cream?” Qi An’an nodded, took a spoon and put it in his mouth, pointing to the other spoon in the box

“Jiang Lu, do you eat? I took two spoons.”

    Jiang Lu paused: “It’s autumn.”

    Qi An’an didn’t take it seriously, and smiled heartlessly: “It doesn’t matter, let’s talk about today’s weather. It’s very hot. I’ve been thinking about buying ice cream to eat.”

    Jiang Lu doesn’t know what to say. This is the girl he wants to cherish. If he is qualified, he must grab the ice cream in her hand and tell her You can’t eat ice this season, it’s not good for your health.

    But he didn’t have a stand to control her, no matter how distressed he was, he could only follow helplessly.

    On the way back, a few students came to face each other from time to time, and Jiang Lu consciously dropped Qi An’an two steps away from her. When his gaze fell on Qi An’an for the first time, he still didn’t focus, and then suddenly he froze.

    Suddenly Jiang Lu’s ear roots turned red, and then his face became ugly.

    “Don’t eat it.” Jiang Lu walked up in two steps, grabbing the ice cream in Qi An’an’s hand.

    Qi An’an looked at him

    unclearly, “What’s the matter?” He was crazy, Jiang Lu almost lost his temper. He threw the ice cream into the trash can beside him, took off his jacket and handed it to Qi An’an.

    “You…you put it on.”

    He almost didn’t know what he was talking about: “…cover it.”

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