MFTIV: Ch 27

   Jiang Lu moved his lips, as if he wanted to speak, but there was already a crackling sound of going downstairs in his ears. How dare Qi An’an let him speak, put his index finger on Jiang Lu’s lips, shaking his head, and lip-synching: “Stop talking. Don’t talk.”

    She could see that Jiang Lu was also very nervous, stiff as a stone.

    The flashlight beams occasionally dangled one or two beams on the door of the water room. The fierce teacher murmured, and his voice gradually faded away: “Where are you… these little rascals… let me catch them, see if I… “

    He seems to be gone.

    Qi An’an didn’t come out immediately, thanks to watching too much TV series. She was especially afraid that this was the teacher’s delay. Maybe he quietly hid behind the door and waited for them to come out and catch him?

    Qi An’an held his breath and listened to the movement. She wanted to tell Jiang Lu, but seeing him motionless, it seemed that they thought of going together.

    Jiang Lu closed his eyes, this space is too small.

    He has been as close as possible to the wall behind him, his nowhere to put his hands on the wooden board behind Qi An’an, but his body still inevitably touches Qi An’an. It’s too close, the top of her hair is on the side of his nose, and she rubs his cheek with random hair.

    There is nowhere to hide, the little girl’s sweet and fragrant breath can’t help but linger on the tip of his nose.

    Jiang Lu really felt crazy. When he was a child, he was short of food and clothing, and when he suffered from his mother’s beatings and abuses and cold ridicules from others, he also found it difficult, but when he grew up, there were few things that made him feel difficult.

    It now appears that everything in the past is not as difficult as the present moment.

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple rolled into it impatiently. Originally, he was most disgusted with the relationship between men and women. He felt extremely disgusted when he saw couples holding hands intimately. He didn’t expect him to be today.

    He looked down at Qi An’an, she hadn’t noticed anything yet, and listened carefully to the movements outside. She didn’t even know how much self-control she needed to keep her from embracing her.

    Her eyes were shining like stars in the dimness, and he wanted to hold her, and he wanted to kiss her.

    Jiang Lu raised his head slightly, closed his eyes and calmed his slightly chaotic breathing, and his hands on the rough wooden board felt a slight tingling because of the force.

    Qi An’an didn’t know that Jiang Lu’s heart was turbulent and struggling at this moment. She listened carefully for a long time, and felt that the teacher might not be back.

    She used her breath to confirm with Jiang Lu in a low voice: “Jiang Lu, do you think it is safe to go out now?”

    Because she was close, she had just reached the height of Jiang Lu’s chin. When she spoke, the warm and sweet breath was sprayed on the river. By the side of Lu’s neck, his hand on the wooden board slowly clenched into a fist.

    It was safe long ago, but he was reluctant to say it first.

    After calming down for two seconds, Jiang Lu said, “It’s okay, you can come out.”

    He walked out first, and Qi An’an followed him. It was really safe outside, only the students who occasionally walked in the corridors.

    The momentary state is gone, Qi An’an now thinks it’s a bit funny in retrospect, and she also feels cute when Jiang Lu’s expressionless face looks like: “Jiang Lu, we were so embarrassed just now.”

    Like two frightened rabbits running away.

    Jiang Lu stared at Qi An’an, she smiled heartlessly, her eyes sparkling. They were so close there just now, it was inevitable that they would rub their clothes and accidentally touch their bodies.

    She didn’t hate it, but she didn’t blush shyly either.

    But his messy heartbeat hasn’t recovered yet.

    Jiang Lu felt a little helpless in his heart. Looking at Qi An’an’s smiling face, this helplessness turned into softness: “Go back and rest, get up early tomorrow.”

    Qi An’an smiled and nodded in agreement.

    When he reached the top of the stairs on the third floor, Jiang Lu didn’t mean to accompany Qi An’an any more. He stood on the steps and looked at her quietly: “Go back.” I

    just said so much to Jiang Lu, look at him. After dinner and escaped, Qi An’an was very excited, nodded and smiled at him: “Well, then I’m leaving, and you should go to bed earlier.”


    Jiang Lu watched Qi An’an disappear into his sight, turned and walked to his bedroom.

    Just two steps out, he glanced blankly at the water room next to it. It was the same structure as the second floor, and there was a little gap between the door panel and the wall.

    Jiang Lu blinked, turned his head coldly, walked a few steps without holding it up, and slightly raised the corners of his lips.


    The items of the military training on the second day are basically standing in military posture and walking in unison.

    In fact, the military training intensity of No. 1 Middle School is relatively high, not only during the day, but also at night. On the second day, some of the girls in the queue couldn’t bear it. From time to time, someone would call to report to rest.

    After nearly three hours of training in the morning, the instructor finally mercifully let everyone rest for five minutes. Yu Tianyang stomped on his numb feet and wailed: “I envy those resting compatriots, let me become a girl too!”

    Qi An’an didn’t understand: “What does this have to do with men and women? If you feel too uncomfortable, just rest. about. ” “

    Oh you do not understand, “Yang waved in the day,” this is a question of dignity, face the problem, you see what the boys report it to rest? If I like the girls to rest, you have to be a joke to graduation “

    He glanced at Qi An’an and asked: “Seriously Qi An’an, can you still hold on? If you can’t, don’t be aggressive.”

    Yu Tianyang looked very distrustful, Qi An’an looked at the petite and petite, don’t take a moment. Fainted, he is really weak now, but he can’t carry her.

    “Oh, how bother you are, why do you always worry about this? Don’t doubt my physical fitness, I didn’t succeed.” Qi An’an is telling the truth. Although the military training is very tiring,

It didn’t make her feel that she couldn’t bear it, and it was only the next day.

    She has good physical fitness. As long as there are no accidents, Qi An’an feels that she can stick to the entire military training. She was most afraid of coming to a period when she was in military training. This physical dysmenorrhea was very serious, but she should be able to catch up with the end of the military training at best.

    Yu Tianyang gave her a thumbs up: “Okay, I take good care of you.”

    He looked around boredly, staring at the people in the shade: “Hey, you said Qi Zhen went out to rest three times this morning. , I didn’t expect that she was still a delicate beauty.”

    Qi Zhen was sitting in the shade of a tree drinking water, and Yu Tianyang looked at her while shaking his head while complaining: “When I gave the report for the third time, I felt that the instructor rolled his eyes. , But let her go out to rest. The instructor is really nice.”

    Qi An’an doesn’t have any good impression of Qizhen now, but he didn’t taunt Qizhen with Yu Tianyang, and only said: “That’s her business, don’t care.”

    Yu Tian Yang snorted, and remembered another thing: “By the way, did you give me a nice word to Jiang Lu yesterday?”

    “No, I didn’t tell him where you told me he was, we two I didn’t mention you yesterday.”

    “Oh, is that right?” Yu Tianyang raised his eyebrows, a little puzzled, “How do I feel that Jiang Lu had a particularly good attitude towards me after returning yesterday? Just… , That’s a feeling. Anyway, it’s kinder than before.”

    Qi An’an corrected and said: “Jiang Lu had a very kind attitude towards you.”

    Yu Tianyang didn’t know what Qi An’an had misunderstood the word kindness, so he said with a blank face. : “Yes, that is more kind.” The

    rest time is always short, and soon everyone is gathered by the instructor to continue military training. At the end of the day, the blood bar was emptied again.

    At the end of the military training in the evening, Qi Anan went to the school gate to buy food. When she came back, she brought two boxes of strawberries. After she washed them, she put them on the table to greet everyone to come and eat.

    Several girls in the dormitory rushed up yelling, “Big An’an is an angel” and unceremoniously began to share food. Only Qi Zhen sat on her bed and didn’t move. Qi An’an saw it and didn’t make any response.

    If it was before, she would definitely invite Qi Zhen over to eat together with a smile, or bring her a few pasts, but now Qi Zhen and her relationship has become a bit stale, and this is the second thing, mainly because of Qi Zhen’s character. It’s too different from what I imagined.

    Qi An’an found helplessly that not only did she stop thinking of making friends with Qi Zhen, but even the matter of knocking on the CP had also cooled down bit by bit.

    Go with the flow. If they really like each other, she will still bless them. If they can’t be a couple, then… it’s good.

    Qi Zhen glanced at the girls gathered there, his face turned gloomy with his back to the crowd. For a long time, she felt that Qi An’an did not have a lot of people in the class, and her popularity must be much stronger than Qi An’an. But I didn’t expect that if two people live under the same roof, Qi An’an will be so intriguing.

    It’s not that she doesn’t buy food and shares for people in the dormitory, it’s just that everyone doesn’t buy it like Qi An’an.

    Qi Zhen secretly clenched his fists, and the angry fire in her heart grew stronger and stronger. She is not inferior to Qi An’s. She is beautiful, and is also Qi Hong’s biological daughter, mother or father’s Bai Yueguang. And Qi An’an is just a scheming girl whose father doesn’t care for his mother. One day, she will trample her under her feet.

    In the evening, the girls chatted happily for a while and then turned off the lights to go to sleep. Qi Zhen was not very interested today. He didn’t say much, and fell asleep after turning off the lights.

    Qi Zhen had that dream again this night.

    At the beginning of the dream, she saw a familiar villa, going down the stairs one after another, and in the dim and cold basement, she saw a pale boy.

    The young man was thin and couldn’t see his face clearly, but he felt very good-looking. She asked him what his name was, but the other party did not answer.

    She looked down on him a little bit in her heart, no matter who he was, anyone with a certain identity would not be locked here. However, no matter how lowly his status is, he doesn’t need to be guilty with him. Rewarding some favors is just casual.

    She brought him a piece of bread and then walked away.

    The picture turned around, and in the magnificent hall, a man was sitting on a leather sofa with his long legs folded randomly. Even if he couldn’t see his appearance, he could still feel the majestic and majestic attitude of his body.

    She looked at the picture blankly, and suddenly heard her own voice.

    “In the past, I misunderstood you for those things. I’m sorry. I should stand by your side firmly. But… But you see, because I was young at the time and easily deceived, can you? Forgive me? I know you have me in your heart.”

    The man opposite seemed to hear some joke: “Heart? I don’t even have a heart, where can I still have you?” At

    this time, Qi Zhen was out of fashion. , This man has such a nice voice, not only nice, but also a little familiar.

    My own voice came again: “Don’t say such angry words, okay? Did you forget? When we first met, I brought you the bread. I didn’t treat you like other people. You are in this life. The one who releases kindness to you is me. Do you really ignore our previous affection?”

    This time the man’s voice didn’t even sneer, and he said calmly: “Qi Zhen, in your kindness What kind of thoughts are wrapped, you know in your own heart. I didn’t throw you out immediately, because you had been a little false to me. It seems that you really don’t understand. How disgusting.”


    Qi Zhen suddenly woke up from her dream, and she sat up with a big mouthful of breath. It’s three o’clock in the morning, my dormitory

Everyone else in the room fell asleep deeply. She took a sip of water and lay down again, reminiscing about her dream in amazement.

    For a long time, she knew that she had to treat someone better, so that she could live a rich life without worrying about food and clothing, and no longer have to worry about it. But her dreams never let her see the man, until this time she saw someone exactly. Although he couldn’t see his face, his figure was familiar.

    This man is like Jiang Lu, not only in his body, but also in his voice, but he is not right, how could Jiang Lu be locked in the basement of a villa? This does not match his identity as the rich young master.

    Qi Zhen thought about it for a long time, and finally decided that no matter what, she would still follow her previous thoughts. She would get Jiang Lu before talking. If he is the person she is looking for, then everyone is happy, if he is not, it will not be too late to dump him.

    …In the

    next few days, military training items gradually increased, and the intensity also increased. Not only did you have to stand in a military posture, but you also had to run five kilometers in the morning and at night. And I don’t know what’s wrong these days, the weather is extremely hot.

    The sun is hot in the sky, and the instructor’s words are full of enthusiasm: “Everyone practice

    hard, and the pacesetters will be selected soon. I hope each of you can perform well.” When the military training finally reported the performance, the pacesetters were leading the phalanx. At the forefront, a man and a woman can also be regarded as the first honor during the student period.

    Standing in the queue, Qi Zhen straightened his back after listening to the instructor. She stood very close to Jiang Lu, and these days, she knew that the instructor admired Jiang Lu very much, and Jiang Lu did indeed perform well. From this point of view, the male pacesetter will have a high probability of deciding Jianglu, then the female pacesetter, she has to win whatever she says.

    Because the pacesetter must raise the flag and salute when passing the rostrum. There are more moves and will be carried out separately for further training. If she and Jiang Lu can be selected as the pacesetter at the same time, there will be more time alone.

    With such a calculation in his mind, Qi Zhen clenched his teeth for several days and persisted without taking a break. She has been spoiled since she was a child, and she couldn’t bear the slightest grievances of squeamishness.

    The effort paid off. Five or six days before the end of the military training, the instructor began to consider the candidates for the pacesetter, and he really noticed Qi Zhen.

    Qi Zhen himself is tall and looks good, coupled with the serious training these days, it is a good candidate. The instructor asked Jiang Lu to go out first, and ordered Qi Zhen among the other students standing in the military posture.

    There was ecstasy in Qi Zhen’s heart. She listened to the instructor’s words and walked to stand beside Jiang Lu, with a little smile, she glanced sideways at Jiang Lu.

    The military uniform has its own cold, hard, iron and blood aura, which is especially matched with Jiang Lu’s temperament. Just standing there is full of coldness and jealousy. It was not the first time Qi Zhen had seen Jiang Lu, and this glance made her blush.

    Jiang Lu knew that Qi Zhen was here, and only when she approached could make him so nauseous.

    He lowered his eyes, there was no expression on his face, as if he was thinking about something.

    The instructor wanted the two of them to try to walk, but there was a sudden noise from the queue, and several people called him together: “Instructor! Instructor! Someone fainted!” The

    instructor took a look, then turned around and said, “You guys. The two will wait here first. I’ll go over and take a look.” After

    he left, Qi Zhen relaxed. She smiled and asked softly, “Jiang Lu, are you tired? These two days have been too hot, do you want to Eat ice cream? It’s sold outside the school gate. After a while, we can go and buy it together.”

    Jiang Lu gave her a low laugh and glanced at her: “It seems that you really don’t understand how disgusting you are.”

    He The voice was very calm, his eyes were pitch black, and there was no emotion, but these words overlapped with yesterday’s dream for no reason, and a cold sweat broke out on Qi Zhen’s back.

    Why did he just say this sentence? Is Jiang Lu the person she is looking for, and if so, why does he talk like that? What did he do wrong and provoke him? Besides, he had obviously been ambiguous with himself before.

    Qi Zhen bit his lower lip, his eyes gradually reddened: “Jiang Lu, why do you say that to me? Did I do something wrong before? Or someone told you bad things about me. If there is any misunderstanding, I will It can be explained.”

    She gritted her teeth and looked at a slightly cracked brick on the ground, explaining anxiously while taking a step in front of Jiang Lu.

    Qi Zhen’s calculations were just right, her foot happened to be stuck on the brick, her center of gravity was unstable, and she fell into Jiang Lu’s arms.

    Jiang Lu’s face had long since turned gloomy, and Qi Zhen’s expression and movements could be clearly seen by him, and before she fell to him, he immediately took a big step back.

    With a “bang”, Qi Zhen fell heavily to the ground.

    “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” The instructor had just finished solving the problem there, and looked back at the two pacesetters he had selected. One is the first and the two are big. These two people are usually fine, how can they be together?

    One didn’t know how to fall to the ground, the other turned pale and retched on his knees.

    “What’s going on? I can fall while standing? Can I still get up?” The instructor first helped Qi Zhen up with a look of shock, and then went to care about Jiang Lu, “What’s the matter with you? Stomach is upset?”

    “It’s okay.” Jiang Lu shook his head, he was just disgusted by the actions Qi Zhen had just tried to make, and it was all right after a while.

    “How did you fall, female classmate? Isn’t it serious? I’ll find someone to send you to the infirmary.” The instructor frowned and watched Qi Zhen crying while holding her leg.

    Qi Zhen cried with her head down. Her legs were very painful, but the most important thing was to lose face. She originally thought that no matter what, Jiang Lu would help her, but she did not expect that he would retreat so simply and neatly and really let himself

He fell to the ground.

    And she didn’t accidentally fall, it felt like a slap in the face.

    Looking at so many people, I don’t know if they could see their own thoughts just now, Qi Zhen felt aggrieved in his heart, and cried even harder.

    “Okay, don’t cry first, I will let my classmates help you to the infirmary.”

    Qi Zhen wiped his tears, suddenly remembered something, and asked worriedly: “Instructor, can I still be a pacesetter?” The

    instructor comforted Said: “I think you have a bit of a sprain. Let’s raise your leg first. The pacemaker will start training today. If you wait for you, you will fall behind. It’s okay, don’t be discouraged. When you get to the university military training, try to be a pacemaker again. “

    Qi Zhen gritted his teeth, his legs hurt, and his heart was particularly uncomfortable. Her pacesetter was gone, her leg was hurt, and her face was ashamed.

    A resentment surged in her heart, gritted her teeth and looked at Jiang Lu.

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Lu was also looking at her, his face was a little pale, but he was definitely better than her, especially the ridiculous smile at the corners of his lips, which was particularly dazzling.

    Qi Zhen bowed his head in annoyance.

    The instructor couldn’t comfort Qi Zhen all the time. After he arranged for her to go to the infirmary, he returned to the queue and chose to go to the middle row.

    His hand stopped in front of the girl on Qi An’an’s left.

    After hesitating for two seconds, he nodded Qi An’an: “You, get out of the queue.”


    Jiang Lu stood on the spot, the nausea in his stomach churning slightly calmed down, his face was pale and his eyes closed for a while.

    He will find a suitable reason to explain to the instructor before the formal training and replace him. It wasn’t how the matter itself was, but that he couldn’t be alone with a strange girl. This is his problem. Just listening to their voices and feeling their breath makes him full of resistance.

    Even if he can’t reach Qi Zhen’s level, it is really difficult for him to adapt.

    The sound of footsteps coming towards him gradually came from behind, Jiang Lu didn’t look back, his eyebrows curled up, and a feeling of irritability surged.

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