MFTIV: Ch 26

Qi An’an watched Jiang Lu staring at him blankly, as if he hadn’t reacted. It might be because she suddenly appeared and frightened him. He was stunned now, and his expression looked a little innocent.

    For some reason, Qi An’an’s heart that had been worried about was relaxed. This was Jiang Lu she knew.

    “Jiang Lu, what are you doing standing here?” Qi An’an was still afraid that she would be late, and Jiang Lu had already returned to the bedroom. It has been twenty minutes since receiving the message from Yu Tianyang, Jiang Lu stood here alone.

    I didn’t eat dinner again, and I felt pitiful.

    Jiang Lu clenched his hands tightly behind him. Although he was facing the window, he was not sure whether the smell of smoke on his body had disappeared: “It’s nothing, you can go.”

    His voice was low and he only hoped Qi An would hurry up. Go, if you have too many dreams, people will become greedy.

    Of course Qi An’an didn’t leave, smiled at him, and handed the wonton forward: “Jiang Lu, are you hungry? Please eat wonton.”

    She couldn’t say that she bought it for him specially . She touched her nose and explained. “I bought too much. I wanted to go back to the dormitory and share it with everyone. Who knew the girls in the dormitory said it was too late to lose weight, and no one would eat. That would be a waste? Do me a favor and we will eat together. Okay?”

    Jiang Lu knew that he should refuse, he walked in the abyss alone, but the most reluctant person followed ignorantly.

    She didn’t know the danger yet, and he could pull her down into the abyss as soon as he stretched out his hand.

    However, it was a miracle to harden her heart twice.

    The dim light fell on the little girl’s clean cheeks, warm and soft. Reason is still a step slower, Jiang Lu nodded before he knew it.

    Seeing that Jiang Lu did not refuse, Qi An’an immediately opened the packaging happily. There were no tables and chairs here. Qi An’an sat directly on the highest step and patted the position beside him: “Come and sit down.”

    Jiang Lu sighed helplessly, turning his face. Turning to the side, hesitated or took off his jacket, folded his hands and walked over: “Get up on the mat, it’s too cold.”

    The night in September was still a bit cold, Jiang Lu only wore a half-sleeve inside. Qi An’an didn’t move, and urged him: “You put on your coat and don’t catch a cold.”

    Jiang Lu said, “I will go without you.”

    If Qi An’an is allowed to sit on the cold steps with him, he would rather not This time.

    Qi Anan looked at Jiang Lu’s expression not like a joke at all, so she stood up obediently and asked Jiang Lu to put her coat on the steps she had just sat on.

    Jiang Lu was sitting next to her, and Qi An’an handed the wonton over: “Quickly eat it.”

    Jiang Lu took it in silence. The freshly cooked wonton has a hot temperature in the palm of his hand, and there are wisps of white. Angrily, Jiang Lu whispered: “You eat, I’m not hungry.” What else

    did she eat if he touched him?

    “You eat first. Actually, I’m full for dinner. This is a midnight snack. You can eat or not,” Qi An’an looked at him with a smile, “It would be better if you can eat them all. They are so persevering. I can hold back eating.”

    Her smile was really dazzling in the dim corridor, Jiang Lu lowered his head again, and the warm and fragrant steam slowly applied to his face. He saw an invisible angle in Qi’an. The corners of his lips curled up shallowly.

    Qi An stayed with Jiang Lu quietly. She didn’t urge him or ask anything in a hurry, just sitting beside him silently. After Jiang Lu finished eating, Qi Anan wanted to take the lid on the side to clean it, but Jiang Lu took it away first. He put away the takeaway box and walked back.

    “Jiang Lu.” Qi An’an organized a few words, and finally asked him carefully, “Is there anything you are unhappy about recently? Can you tell me?”

    Jiang Lu curled his hands on his lap. Knowing that Qi An’an had something to ask him, so he waited and didn’t leave. It’s just… She didn’t ask him why he was fighting or why he became what he is now, but she asked him what was unhappy.

    How do you want him to answer?

    Jiang Lu couldn’t stop his heart softening, and when he spoke, his voice softened unconsciously: “There is nothing unhappy about me.”

    After a pause, he asked: “I am like this, are you disappointed?”

    Qi An’an quickly shook his head and denied: “No, don’t think about it, I didn’t feel disappointed. I know what you called before. Yes, because he disrespect you first, then he should be beaten. And the one I met in the alley last time, um…Although I don’t know the cause and effect, he would find so many people to block you, if it weren’t for you Very powerful, he will definitely suffer. If he doesn’t speak martial arts so much, he is also wrong.”

    Jiang Lu couldn’t help laughing when he listened to Qi An’an’s careful analysis. For the first time in such a long time, he smiled from the heart, even with a little smile in his eyes.

    He looks good when he smiles, but it’s a pity that it dissipates too quickly. Before Qi An’an could see clearly, he returned to his usual cold and calm appearance.

    She had no choice but to continue: “If someone bullies you, you should hit him until he doesn’t have the courage anymore. This is good, how could I be disappointed?”

    Qi Anan looked at Jiang Lu with his knees, his eyes bright and soft, “I I’m just worried about your unhappiness. If you have any difficulties or troubles, you can tell me if you don’t mind.”

    Jiang Lu stared silently into Qi An’an’s eyes, the bright moon hung outside the window, her eyes more than the moonlight. moving.

    In the end, he shook his head: “Don’t worry, I’m not that vulnerable.”

    Jiang Lu found a suitable reason to comfort her: “I really don’t have anything to do, and I don’t care much about which class I am in. During this period of school and painting , I have some problems . I can’t take care of it, just finish this paragraph, it’s okay.”

    Qi An

An blinked, Jiang Lu said too lightly, but she still felt heavy. She felt a little sad. Jiang Lu was different from other peers. He did not have the protection of his parents. He had to support himself. His work inevitably stayed up all night. It was indeed too hard.

    But in this situation, she didn’t know how to help him.

    After thinking about it, she thought it was better to come a little bit, pursing

    her lips and saying: “Then…I think you promise me one thing.” Jiang Lu didn’t expect her to say this, and gently opened his lips: “What’s the matter? “

    He promised her everything.

    “Stop smoking in the future, okay? Smoking hurts your body.” Qi An’an looked at Jiang Lu and seriously proposed.

    She still smelled it, only to say after he finished his meal. Jiang Lu felt sour and nodded softly: “Okay, stop smoking.”

    He promised quickly, Qi An’an’s eyes brightened, and he said, “It should be because you are in a bad mood if you smoke next time. , Don’t smoke, you can…you can call me.”

    They are friends, and she is willing to listen to him, but she can’t, and she can stay with him.

    Jiang Lu looked at Qi An’an for a while, then turned his head around: “Don’t look at me like that.”

    His voice was dumb and heavy, with imperceptible tolerance.

    It was not Qi Yan’s threat or his own conscience that bound him firmly, but the beautiful girl in front of him. Such a good An An should not be contaminated by people like him.

    “Jiang Lu, I’m not…” Qi An’an didn’t know what she was looking at just now, for fear that Jiang Lu would misunderstand that she was sympathizing with him, and was about to explain it, but suddenly

    there was a stern shout in his ear: ” Over there. Those two! Which class?! Don’t go back to the dormitory at night, what are you doing there!?”

    Qi An’an has been a good boy with a red root since childhood. Hearing this kind of standard voice from the teaching director, his first reaction Just run.

    Her brain was blank, she pulled up to the river and ran away.

    Jiang Lu also sank in his heart. If it were two boys or two girls, it would be okay, one man and one woman would not be able to tell at all. Puppy love in school must be recorded in the bulletin board, it doesn’t matter how he remembers it, but he absolutely can’t bear Qi An’an going to the bulletin board with him, or for this reason.

    The two brain circuits are surprisingly consistent, that is, they are in different directions. Jiang Lu originally wanted to lead Qi An’an upstairs, but he hesitated when he reached out to hold Qi An’an. This hesitation caused Qi An’an to hold on first. With his hand, she stood up and ran downstairs.

    “Don’t run!!”

    The teacher behind him roared, and started chasing with a flashlight. The sound of “Kang Klang” footsteps was like stepping on people’s hearts.

    When Qi Anan ran to the second floor and wanted to go down, Jiang Lu stretched his hand and came back: “Anan! The small door was locked at 8 o’clock in the evening.”

    Qi Anan only felt that a big red exclamation mark flashed before his eyes. This is not running. Is it a dead end? Let people just come to an urn to catch turtles.

    Since you can’t go down, run down the corridor and down the stairs on the other side!

    This time Jiang Lu saw Qi An’an’s intentions, but the teacher upstairs was already very close. He led Qi An’an to the water room on the second floor corner: “It’s too late, hide.”

    Behind the water room door. There is a mezzanine with a small gap, which will be able to accommodate two people. Jiang Lu pushed Qi An’an in first. He looked at the gap in front of him and hesitated with his lips tight.

    When are they still in a daze! Qi An’an was too anxious: “What are you stupefied? Come in!”

    She pulled Jiang Lu in.

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