MFTIV: Ch 25

 Qi An’an’s voice was neither high nor low, but it was just right for everyone present to hear clearly.

    Qi Zhen didn’t expect that Qi An’an would suddenly rush to say such a thing, her face turned white and red, and finally became very ugly.

    Yes, she is not so familiar with Jiang Lu, but she didn’t spread any rumors. Does Jiang Lu have no money at home? Doesn’t he look good? Or is he a good student with a gentle and elegant study?

    What did she say wrong?

    Qi An’an looked at Qi Zhen’s unconvinced expression, and said in a colder tone: “You will mislead others when you say these groundless words, and it will become more outrageous in the future, and his situation will be very bad. Before you speak, you will be in a bad situation. Don’t you think about this?”

    Qi Zhen looked at Qi An’an’s gaze, and he was a little surprised to see a clear look of disappointment in her eyes. Disappointed? Qi Zhen sneered in his heart. Did Qi An’an think he was a moral pacesetter? Criticize her from the moral high ground?

    Qi Zhen reluctantly suppressed all the anger in his heart, and hung a gentle smile: “Is that everyone sitting together and chatting about gossip? Isn’t it all like this? An An, what are you doing so seriously? Okay, I won’t say anything. Don’t get angry.”

    Qi An’an didn’t let Qi Zhen roll over the matter easily: “I’m very angry. If you really treat him as a friend, you shouldn’t talk about him behind your back, and it’s so unbearable. He is very smart and motivated, without a bad temper. “

    Smart and motivated? That can be divided into sixteen classes. Qi Zhen sneered secretly. As for her good temper, she didn’t even notice it.

    Jiang Lu is very good at playing with that set, and he knows how to grasp girls’ minds. When he meets himself, he has said ambiguous words, but most of the time he is cold and has a temperament of superiority.

    But she doesn’t care about these tempers, only this kind of man will fall in love when he recognizes you.

    Although Qi Zhen still had a smile on his face, his smile was obviously lighter than before: “You know so clearly, are you familiar with him?”

    “This is not a question of unfamiliarity. It is a matter of principle not to talk about friends behind the scenes, especially those things you say are irresponsible at all, and will cause him trouble.”

    Qi An’an is really disappointed, this is also her for so long For the first time since I faced my disappointment. She can accept that Qi Zhen doesn’t like her, even if she deliberately sprinkled water on the seat like just now, she wouldn’t care too much about it.

    But she couldn’t accept Qi Zhen saying Jiang Lu’s right and wrong behind his back.

    Since getting to know Jiang Lu, she has been very clear about Jiang Lu’s personality. She looks a little cold on the face, but is extremely gentle in her bones. He wraps the soft inside with a hard shell as described in the book. In this way, she was full of expectations for Qizhen, and it was a very happy thing to be a little sister with her favorite paper man.

    But now not only is not a little sister, Qi Zhen’s character is completely different from the character in the book she understands.

    Her innocence and kindness are on the surface, but her heart is not the kind of person Qi An’an likes at all.

    Qi Zhen’s face turned pale because of Qi An’an’s words, but she couldn’t refute anything. After all, what she said just now was indeed what she predicted, and she was really not that familiar with Jiang Lu.

    She gritted her teeth: “An’an, did I offend you? We talked well. Everyone is not in the mood to chat like you.”

    “If you didn’t say too much, I wouldn’t bother to stop and tell you this. Qi An’an lightly glanced at the people around Qi Zhen, and finally said to her, “You can talk about Jianglu, and you can talk about others. This behavior is not good. After a long time, no one will be friends with you.”

    Qi Zhen His face flushed, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. She couldn’t talk about Qi An’an, and couldn’t pull her face down, so she could only stare at her with a sullen face. She really didn’t understand, Qi An’an herself was a two-faced smiling tiger, did she have pitted herself before? Now pretend to be a good person.

    In silence, several girls around him made excuses to leave. Qi Zhen became even more depressed, and was about to lose his temper, but Qi An’an was not ready to continue talking to her, and turned away.

    Ji Ruomeng hurriedly followed her, and before leaving, she turned her head and rolled her eyes: “Take care of your mouth. The woman with long tongue is talking about you. You guys are still playing with her. Be careful when you get caught.” You are the one who speaks badly behind the scenes.”

    She left as soon as she finished speaking, leaving Qi Zhen alone on her face with anger.

    The remaining few girls also left one by one. The people who were surrounded by Qi Zhen listening to gossip, now there is no one left, it really shows that he is the one with a broken mouth.

    Qi Zhen squeezed her fist secretly, she will always remember today’s shame, she is not familiar with Jiang Lu now, but Qi An’an is no better than her. In the future, she took Jiang Lu down and became her man, so she could say what she wanted, looking at how arrogant Qi An’an was.


    Sun Qifei is a newcomer. I don’t know these people well. They stood in the tree-lined path and listened for a long time . With a dazed expression, they asked Zhou Qi in a dazed voice, “Brother Qi, what’s the situation now? Brother Lu’s girlfriend? The two girls just now, do we need to teach you a little bit?”

    Zhou Qi said, “Stop it for a while.”

    Jiang Zifan was also confused on the side. At first they heard the girls in front of them discussing Lu. Brother, he didn’t see any reaction from him, he still walked forward blankly, his eyebrows were sharp and cold, and he was not afraid of embarrassment when he went out to meet him.

    But when he heard the phrase “It’s not like this, Jiang Lu is not like this”, after that, his brother Lu seemed to have been enchanted, and he was immediately nailed to the spot and stopped leaving.

    He didn’t leave and didn’t say anything. After they walked a few steps forward, Zhou Qi took the lead to stop there and did not go out, making everyone inexplicably dear

Standing here without moving.

    “What’s the situation now? There is no movement outside. Should we go, Lao Zhou? It will be the gathering time in a while.” Jiang Zifan looked back at Jiang Lu, a few steps away from them. He stood in the shadows and couldn’t see He has a clear expression, and doesn’t know what to think when he doesn’t move.

    Jiang Lu didn’t hear what the people around him said, he was still a little startled.

    The evening wind gently caressed, and the boy’s indifferent and sharp aura disappeared, showing a sense of bewilderment.

    Zhou Qi thought for a while and said, “Anyway, the people in front have dispersed, let’s go first.” As

    he said, Jiang Lu came over.

    He didn’t stop when passing by them: “Let’s go.”

    This time Jiang Lu’s footsteps were very fast, and the few of them didn’t follow closely. The boys didn’t stick to each other like girls, they just fell so close.

    “What’s the matter with Brother Lu? It’s weird, what do you think of this matter today?” Jiang Zifan stabbed Zhou Qi as he walked.

    Zhou Qi asked, “What do you think?”

    “It sounds obviously that the college flower is more familiar with Brother Lu? She is really right. Brother Lu is like that.”

    Jiang Zifan smiled indifferently, “Little fairy is like a little girl. Like a girl, which one of her eyes can tell that Lu Ge is doing well? When can our 16th class be described as smart and advanced? Although I am quite happy to hear hahaha…”

    Zhou Qi was speechless: “People Did you talk about you?”

    “Hurt, it’s all the same. I think she just has illusions. Maybe she doesn’t like to hear other people say bad things about her idols. It’s similar to other girls who are obsessed with Brother Lu.” After

    analyzing a wave, she didn’t listen. What response did Zhou Qi have: “Speak.”

    “Yes, you are right.”

    “Will Lu brother be with the school flower? Or with the little fairy?” Jiang Zifan also likes gossip and knows Jiang Lu. Since then, I haven’t seen any girl he cares about. The only difference is these two people.

    Zhou Qi was a little impatient: “Don’t be forced, you say you are a big man, why do you think about this all the time? Find one by yourself when you have time, and don’t always wonder if these gossips are okay?”

    “I bet on you?”

    “Anyway, I don’t bet on schoolgirls.”

    Jiang Zifan came to the spirit: “So you think Lu brother will be with the little fairy.”

    Zhou Qi took two steps quickly, not wanting to chat with Jiang Zifan. He glanced at the back of Jiang Lu in front of him, shook his head and sighed.

    Who knows, one doesn’t like it, the other likes it too much, I don’t know what to do if I like it too much.


    The military training in the evening ends at 7:30, and the rest of the time can be arranged for housekeeping and rest. The boys all flocked to the school gate to buy supper. Although the school is closed management, the vendors all smelled the business opportunities and took the The stall is just outside the gate, and business can still be done through the railing.

    Zhou Qi ate very full at night, and was not hungry after he disbanded, so he didn’t go with him. He went to the water room to wash his half-sleeves. He hadn’t done the job before, so he just soaked and finished the work. He was stunned as soon as he turned a corner when he went out.

    Jiang Lu was standing here, and he didn’t show any expression when he saw him, as if waiting for him specially.

    At this moment, everyone is either eating or lying in the dormitory. No one passed by here for more than ten minutes. Zhou Qi put the basin next to him: “Brother Lu, something is wrong?”

    “I know your eyes are better than that. A few poisons, I know you won’t talk nonsense.”

    Jiang Lu said straightforwardly without making a dumb puzzle with him. He could see that Zhou Qi was a little bit earlier than his peers, and he could see some things without telling him.

    Zhou Qi is smart and immediately understands: “Yes, I definitely won’t tell anyone, but Brother Lu… I’ll just tell you a word.”

    “With your conditions, you can’t catch up with what kind of girl you want to chase, even if it is. What’s wrong with class I, studying better?”

    Jiang Lu looked at him: “What are my conditions?”

    “You are…” Zhou Qi couldn’t understand, Jiang Lu didn’t look like a timid and low self-esteem person, how could he like to be so cautious about individuals?

    “I have money in my family, and my personality is not what I said outside. Anyway, I don’t think it is bad. Is my academic performance… Can I use this thing to deny all of a person?”

    Jiang Lu seemed to have heard some joke, his lips were slow. Slowly hooked up, but there was no smile in his eyes: “When did I say that I have money in my family?”

    Is this something unclear? Can he afford what he uses now if he has no money? No money can raise his temperament? Without money, he can greet his family without calling him, and give He Jiahao a treatment fee of tens of thousands?

    However, Zhou Qi didn’t say it, this is a family matter, maybe there is something hidden that he doesn’t know.

    “Okay, you can handle your business with Brother Lu.” Zhou Qi didn’t care, turned around and picked up the basin,

    “Will you go back?” “You go first,” Jiang Lu said, “I will smoke a cigarette. “

    There are few people here and it’s quiet, Jiang Lu smokes by the door of the water room, unaware that his schedule has been completely sold by Yu Tianyang.

    Yu Tianyang lay on the bed with Erlang’s legs up, typing on the phone with “dada da da”: Little aunt, according to a reliable informant, Yu Lai, Comrade Jiang Lu is not in the dormitory now. On the other side of the room, you can go down the joint from the small staircase on the left.

    An An: Received! Thanks slut!

    An An withdrew a message.

    An An: I’m sorry! I have food in my hand, thanks to the informant!

    After Yu Tianyang bombarded a few angry emoticons, he said: Are you eating supper at the school gate? Is Ji Ruomeng there too? Oh, how can you girls eat so much? I just listened to a few people in the bedroom

Chatting, saying that Jiang Lu hadn’t eaten much today, let’s take a look at her physical fitness.

    Qi An’an was holding a burrito in her hand. After seeing Yu Tianyang’s words, her chewing motion paused. When she was about to reply to the news, Yu Tianyang said again: I’m on the number, I’m going to play games.

    Putting down the phone, Qi An’an turned around and said to Ji Ruomeng: “Mengmeng, you go back first, I will make an appointment for a while.”

    Ji Ruomeng did not understand: “Which person do you go to in closed management?”

    Qi An’an couldn’t help laughing. “There is an unbehaved nasty ghost who makes people angry. I will take him away.”

    “Ah? Then I’ll be with you.”

    Qi Anan waved his hand: “No, I will take care of him alone.”


    Qi Anan carried him. When Wonton came up from the stairs, the smoke in Jiang Lu’s hand just burned out. He squinted at Mars little by little, heard footsteps, and glanced casually.

    This look made Jiang Lu stiff all over, and a cold sweat broke out behind his back. He quickly closed his hand and held the cigarette butt into his palm, but was not sure whether she saw it.

    Because he was too caught off guard, even a calm and calm person like him, his actions revealed a trace of panic.

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