MFTIV: Ch 24

   I take a day off during the day on Sunday, and I will formally move into the dormitory at night so that I can start military training early tomorrow morning.

    There are a total of six people living in a dormitory, and they are randomly assigned from four different classes. Although everyone doesn’t know each other, they grow up quickly when they are young. It was the first time I had this experience, everyone was very excited, and they continued to talk until the evening.

    Cai Yatong from Class 7 likes to say that after talking about the parents, I started to talk about gossip: “Hey, I didn’t expect that I was so lucky! I was assigned to a bedroom with the freshly baked school flowers. If the wild monkeys in our class knew about it, they wouldn’t Pull me to help them ask for autographs.”

    Qi Zhen had just washed her hair and was applying essential oils carefully. She laughed and said, “How can it be so exaggerated as you said? School

    girl .” Ji Ruomeng was on her upper bunk. After listening to it, she rolled her eyes and didn’t read the novel. He threw it aside, turned over and sat up: “Comrade Cai Yatong, your luck is very good. The school flower is divided into a dormitory, and also shared with our An’an Fairy. Isn’t our An’an Fairy not pretty?”

    “Pretty and beautiful! Our house is

    worthless , and the fairy is working hard!” Cai Yatong said while rushing. Qi An’an smiled. In fact, she was quite puzzled. In her aesthetic, Qi An’an is undoubtedly better-looking than Qi Zhen. Qi Zhen is beautiful, but the beauty is somewhat out of the ordinary, Qi An’an is fresh and smart, and looks more comfortable.

    However, the name of the school flower is usually chosen by straight men. This may be the aesthetics of straight men nowadays.

    Qi An’an was amused by them and leaned out from the upper bunk: “Don’t boast, don’t boast, let me pinch

    Tiantong ‘s little face to see if it is as sweet as my mouth?” Cai Yatong’s buns have a fleshy face. I was pinched several times in the evening, and when she heard that she was very happy to put her face up again.

    Luo Xue, who was lying on the other side of the second class, sighed: “If I had not been lying on the bed and had formed a chemical reaction with the bed, I would also like to squeeze my face in the past, but I wanted to squeeze An’an’s face, and it looked good. .”

    Ji Ruomeng said generously: “Then what’s the problem, get up tomorrow, let’s pinch together tomorrow, let’s pinch together.” When

    they had a good time, Qi Zhen had already taken care of her hair, and she screwed on the lid of the essential oil. Putting it aside,

    she drew aside the current topic at will: “Hey, Hu Wei, do you have any interesting gossip?” The girl she asked by the name of Hu Wei was the only one from Class 16 in the entire bedroom.

    Hu Wei’s personality is dull, a little introverted, and not very talkative. Suddenly she was taken aback by the roll call. She thought about it and said: “I don’t know many people. I only know people in our class, and there is no gossip. Let’s talk about it. Let’s go to the problematic students in our class.”

    Talking about this, she has some topics more than before: “You should also know that our classmates are not very good in academic performance. Those who are still in the bottom of our class, It is possible that the high school can only be entrusted to the family. Those students are very rich at home and usually make money, but they do not attend classes or study, and the teacher is very troublesome to them.”

    “Ah…especially Jiang Lu. I don’t know him, but I feel that his personality is not very good, and he is too violent. The guy in the senior year of high school called…Li Hanyu was beaten very badly by him. And He Jiahao in our class didn’t know how to provoke him. Now I haven’t come to school yet.” At

    this point, Hu Wei’s voice was quieter: “But he does look pretty.”

    Ji Ruomeng answered leisurely on the upper bunk, “I don’t know He Jiahao in your class. But beating Li Hanyu is definitely for the people.”

    Qi An’an frowned early on hearing it, how could this be? Before going to high school, she remembered Jiang Lu as a very gentle person, although she was reluctant to speak.

    Next time you see him, you must seriously ask him what happened.

    She was thinking about it, and suddenly heard Qi Zhen smile slightly, and said softly: “You can’t say that to him. Actually, Jianglu is a good person. I have known him before. He is still very good to friends, but yes. People who don’t like it will be a little cold and ignorant.”

    After she finished speaking, she glanced at Qi An’an intentionally or unintentionally.

    Qi An’an saw Qi Zhen’s eyes, and she paused for a while and said, “It’s normal, everyone won’t be warm to people who don’t like it. Alright, dears, we have to get up early tomorrow, let’s go to bed early. “

    Everyone screamed one after another: “Go to sleep! From six o’clock tomorrow…”

    Qi Zhen secretly clenched his fists, and Qi An’an’s four or two daughters resolved his provocative words just now, and she became even more depressed when the light was turned off. The others have finished cleaning up, but she hasn’t applied the mask yet. But now everyone is clamoring to go to bed fast, and she can’t say anything.

    Forget it, Qi An’an is just pretending to cover up. Jiang Lu didn’t even tell her which high school he attended. I’m afraid she saw Jiang Lu today and knew that Jiang Lu had also reported to Xincheng No. 1 High School. From this point of view, her status in Jiang Lu’s heart is nothing more than that.

    Qi Zhen muttered in his heart and lay down angrily.

    After turning off the lights, Qi An’an didn’t immediately close his eyes and go to sleep. She thought of Hu Wei’s words, the worry in her heart was one level, and the other was that she really didn’t like seeing others discussing Jiang Lu behind her back. This topic was an offense to Jiang Lu.

    What’s more important is Qi Zhen’s attitude. Although she has natural filters, it does not mean that she is a fool. It was Qi Zhen that just started the discussion of Jiang Lu.

    Moreover, what she said just now did not reflect any maintenance of Jiang Lu, but with some offensive display. If Qi Zhen is really good to Jiang Lu, Qi An’an will not only rest assured, but will also be turned over by sweetness

But now, she can’t even see Qi Zhen’s respect for Jiang Lu. This feeling is like the official demolition of CP.

    Anticipating the sugar, Qi An’an turned over, put on a quilt and fell asleep.


    next day, the six o’clock whistle sounded on time, and everyone immediately got up to clean up.

    Qi An’an casually pierced a low ponytail, grabbed every girl with sleepy eyes, and sprayed sunscreen all over her body. When she walked to Qi Zhen’s side, Qi Zhen smiled at her and said: “No need An’an, I have it myself, I have already painted it.”.

    Qi An’an nodded, and immediately turned around to catch Ji Ruomeng. Ji Ruomeng jumped away, dropped the sentence “I don’t like spraying that stuff” and ran away.

    All military training starts from standing in the military posture.

    In mid-September, although it is not as hot as midsummer, it is enough for the students to suffer. The young instructor briefly introduced himself and demonstrated the military posture to everyone, and then began the long standing military posture training.

    Although Qi An’an was not short, he was not tall, and he was in the middle position. It happened that Yu Tianyang was standing next to him. This brother’s chatty attributes, and he couldn’t hold back during military training. After standing for half an hour, he screamed boredly: “Little aunt, little aunt.”

    Qi An’an rolled his eyes and said in the same soft voice: “Don’t talk, military training.”

    Yu Tianyang had to shut up. After an hour, the instructor finally let them rest for five minutes. He couldn’t wait to open the chatterbox and looked left and right. When no one was paying attention to them, he whispered: ” Qi An’an, do you know what happened to Jiang Lu? How did he change his personality from junior high school.”

    Qi An’an gently pursed her lips, and she was also worried about this: “I don’t know, but I will ask when I get the chance. His, I thought it was his performance in the senior high school entrance examination, but now I don’t feel it completely.”

    Jiang Lu’s personality is more sensitive than his peers. Will feel uncomfortable.

    Yu Tianyang nodded: “If you ask, Jiang Lu has never had any friends. You have such a good relationship with him, so you should care about it. Actually, I asked yesterday, but you also know that his person can confide in me. That’s strange.”

    Qi An’an glanced back, Jiang Lu was tall and straight, naturally standing in the last row. There were too many people in the middle, and she didn’t see Jiang Lu.

    Hmm… They are so far away. After the military training is disbanded, everyone eats and rests separately, and it seems that there is no chance to speak with Jiang Lu alone.

    Yu Tianyang seemed to see Qi An’an’s hesitation, and said in a considerate manner: “The boys’ bedroom is very noisy. I think Jiang Lu likes to be quiet. Yesterday he went out alone in the stairwell for a long time. Next time he Go out, I will inform you immediately, and you will pretend to go downstairs to fetch water and meet him by chance.

    This is a good idea, and Qi An’an’s eyes lit up: “Okay, then I will wait for you to hear from you at night. “

    Yu Tianyang’s gesture of ok: “No problem.” After

    standing in the military posture for a day, his legs are numb, and finally he finally disbanded, but he heard the notice that he would come back after dinner and continue training for another hour. .

    Jiang Zifan’s heart was cold when he was eating. He bit his chicken leg in grief and vaguely complained: “I told you, I want to call my dad, and I want him to get me out. not a day passed, my life, I have never eaten such a pain. “

    teenagers are teenagers, by a thousand pet at home, no one tasted so bitter, but others did not so fast hardware Chiang Zifan Dad, everyone said that they would rather die than surrender and fight to the end with military training.

    Jiang Zifan had no choice but to look at Jiang Lu with hope: “Brother Lu, everyone is not standing with me. Can you stand with me? You look like a golden and precious young master. Can you stand this kind of day?”

    Jiang Lu Lazily raised him a glance: “Eat your meal.”

    Zhou Qi smiled and glanced at him: “Your La Weizhe has a better chance of winning than La Lu Ge. Lu Ge can beat ten people alone. This military training is for him. What are you talking about?”

    Wei Zhe, who was named, was dry and thin. He grabbed his food and protested: “Don’t pull me, I will stick to it.”

    Jiang Zifan gave up: “Okay, then I will stick to it, otherwise I don’t feel like I’m a man enough. But so are you, Lu Ge. After a whole day of military training, you are exhausted. Why do you eat such a small amount of food without even beating a meat dish.”

    Jiang Lu frowned, “No appetite.”

    Actually, he was guilty of nausea. Today, in the phalanx, Qi Zhen happened to be standing in front of him. It was difficult for him to pretend to be invisible.

    When they went back, they took a tree-lined trail, and at the end of the road was an open playground, where students who had returned from dinner had gathered in twos and threes. As he walked out of the trail, the conversation of a group of people in front gradually became clear.

    Zhou Qi hissed as he listened, “Hey? Why do I listen to those girls in front of you are discussing Brother Lu?”

    “Isn’t that normal?” Jiang Zifan said, “Brother Lu is like this, yes. How many girls are the ideal type? It’s not surprising at all when someone discusses it.”

    Several boys joked, no one saw the calm and mocking smile at the corner of Jiang Lu’s mouth.

    Someone asked: “Brother Lu, do you want to wait

    until they finish talking? The girls should be embarrassed as soon as we go out.” Jiang Lu walked in the forefront, no one saw his gloomy expression: “Wait? Go.”

    … …

    Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng had already returned to the playground. After standing for two minutes, Ji Ruomeng took Qi An’an towards the tree-lined path.

    “Why are you going there? We will gather in more than ten minutes.” Although Qi An’an is puzzled, Ji Ruomeng still pulls her to

Go over there.

    Ji Ruomeng’s pain mask: “There is a seat over there, baby An’an, let me sit for a while, my leg seems to have been broken. Don’t give up the opportunity to sit and rest for ten minutes just because of the two-minute journey.”

    After waiting for the place, I discovered that most of the seats were full of people, and there were only two empty seats, which were not next to each other.

    Ji Ruomeng took a look: “Let me go, is it Qi Zhen next to that empty seat? It must be her.”

    Qi Anan knew that Ji Ruomeng didn’t like Qi Zhen very much, and squeezed her finger and said, “Go there. That? I’m sitting next to Qizhen. “

    Well… it doesn’t sound very happy, Ji Ruomeng frowned, but I can’t let An An stand, that’s all.

    Who knew that they had just made a decision, Qi Zhen glanced in this direction, it seemed that she was looking at them, and she did not know whether she was intentionally or not, her hand touched the beverage bottle next to him, the bottle cap was not tightened, and the inside The water drenched the seat suddenly.

    “Damn! She definitely did it on purpose!” If Ji Ruomeng just didn’t like Qi Zhen before, she was already angry at this moment: “She saw us, she did it on purpose!”

    Qi An’an also frowned slightly , Qi Zhen’s hostility towards her is greater than expected. However, she believes that she has a clear conscience since the first time she saw her. Everyone has the right to hate others. Maybe she is destined not to be friends with Qi Zhen.

    “It’s okay, she didn’t know it on purpose, don’t be familiar with her, anyway, I’m not too tired, Mengmeng, you go sit there, I will accompany you next to you.”

    Ji Ruomeng was full of disgust, but she didn’t. The evidence can only be taken away by Qi’an. When they approached the seat again, Qi Zhen’s conversation clearly fell into their ears.

    “It is said that Jiang Lu’s family is very rich, so what exactly does their family do? How much pocket money does he have every month?”

    “I can’t say what the family does. This is the privacy of others. Zhen’s voice, “But his pocket money for a month, probably tens of thousands of dollars. “

    The girls gasped and exclaimed, Qi An’an frowned deeply, his face a little cold.

    “Wow, he’s like this…has he talked about many girlfriends?”

    Qi Zhen smiled slightly, and said speciously, “I don’t know this too well, but what he meant, he didn’t plan to find a girlfriend for the time being. “

    Someone teased: “How do you know what he meant? He told you?”

    Qi Zhen didn’t deny, lifted his chin gently. That’s how a teenage girl is, knowing someone who is so high and far away. People who can become the focus of everyone.

    “Then why does he always fight? Is it because he has a bad temper? Sometimes I think he is quite scary.”

    Qi Zhen nodded and said flatly, “Well, he has always been like this anyway. He will always arrange it, so he doesn’t study much, his personality is a little colder, and his temper is not very good, but…” The

    more he said, the more outrageous, Qi An’an couldn’t bear it, turned around and walked to Qi Zhen in two steps.

    “That’s not the case, Jiang Lu is not such a person. Always speak responsibly. If you don’t understand him, don’t spread rumors to discredit him.”

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