MFTIV: Ch 23

Qi An’an blinked his eyes and looked at Qi Zhen’s appearance. The two of them seemed to know each other well? Could it be that the powerful plot had already begun when she didn’t know it?

    For a while, the heart of wanting to eat sugar was about to move, Qi An’an stood there without moving, poking in secret, waiting for the official sugar to be delivered.

    Sure enough, Qi Zhen Jiang and other land approached, the two-step initiative to meet her, a slight smile and pointed her suitcase: “? Jiang Lu, my box is too heavy, can you help me with what it”

    Gosh , So… so familiar? Qi An’an couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly, and could take the initiative to let Jiang Lu move things. The relationship must be very close. When did this happen? Qi An’an watched without blinking.

    Jiang Lu held the lever tightly and looked at Qi Zhen indifferently. Those eyes were dark and cold. For a moment, a little bit of fear came into Qi Zhen’s heart.

    Zhou Qi reacted quickly. While Jiang Zifan was still watching the excitement, he had already held Qi Zhen’s suitcase: “That… Qi Zhen, let me move it for you, and give me a chance to serve the school flower. . ah, “

    Qi Zhen Zhengleng reaction from the over, though a bit disappointed, but not what to say, or a gentle smile:” please do that classmates. “

    Zhou Qi smiled:”. it does not matter, little things “

    they two Entered the bedroom one after another, Qi An’an touched her nose, okay, her candy flew away, her breath was calm, and the future will be long.

    Anyway, I woke up from the dream, let’s do business. Qi An’an resigned and picked up the box. In fact, the box was not heavy. She was completely able to carry it, just because the body was thin and petite, and looked shaky.

    There are a lot of people going back and forth here, everyone is moving things in a mess, but Jiang Lu can’t feel the presence of other people, his eyes are completely on the petite figure.

    He moved his eyes away, but Qi An’an’s slender and outrageous wrists were all in his mind, enduring and enduring, and finally sighed.

    “Give it to me.” A low voice suddenly came from his ears, Qi An’an turned his head and saw Jiang Lu’s cool profile face.

    Qi An’an whispered: “This is not heavy, I can move it.”

    “Give it to me.”

    Jiang Lu involuntarily picked up the suitcase with his hands, and easily lifted the suitcase and walked forward.

    Qi Anan hurriedly followed up: “Wait a minute, Jiang Lu, your hand is still injured.”

    Jiang Lu didn’t realize the injury for the first time. When he remembered, he pressed his lips slightly, and unconsciously exerted force. Then he relaxed and changed hands very obediently.

    When they arrived at the door of the dormitory, many people inside were packing their things, messed up like a pot of porridge, Jiang Lu didn’t plan to go in, and put the suitcase firmly beside the door.

    With the door wide open, Jiang Lu glanced at it, then suddenly stunned.

    The suitcases in the room are simply beyond the standard. There are fifteen colorful suitcases in the six-person dormitory.

    Jiang Lu: “…”

    He asked Qi An’an in a low voice: “Are there any more?”

    Qi An’an said, “There are two more, but…”

    “Hey—Jiang Lu? You, you, you are really you? Oh, you Helping Qi An’an carry luggage,” Yu Tianyang suddenly came out from inside, wiped the sweat from his forehead, with a pleasant smile on his face, “Are you 309 bedroom? I saw your name on the bedroom table before. of, by, thought it was the same name it. you do not terrific, reported in a new city did not tell me. ” “

    We two a bedroom these days, a lot of attention ah. “

    they high this session a total of sixteen Each class is divided into a group of four classes, according to the lottery, the first class, the second class, the seventh class, and the sixteenth class are a group. Therefore, when the students in these classes are arranged in the dormitory, they are arranged in disorder.

    Qi Anan felt quite relieved when he heard Yu Tianyang say this. In the original book, the two of them only met when they lived together during military training. This time the class has changed so much, but they are still grouped together.

    It seems that the two of them can still become good friends, and from another point of view, the original story’s repair of the plot is quite powerful, so she doesn’t have to spend any brain cells to create opportunities for the two of them to get along, and wait quietly. Just go with the flow.

    Yu Tianyang is a self-acquaintance. After acknowledging her, he started to direct and arrange: “Jiang Lu just came here, you don’t need to help move, I have already cleaned up just now, and there is nothing wrong now, I can help them move, you go and organize yours. Baggage.”

    “It’s such a coincidence. I just heard someone call Brother Lu’s name, and it’s really you.” Zhou Qi came out of the bedroom, followed by Qi Zhen behind him.

    “It turns out…” Zhou Qi’s words came to his lips, and after seeing Jiang Lu’s dark and quiet eyes, he swallowed again.

    It turns out that the little fairy lives in the same dormitory with the senior high school flower. Coincidentally, isn’t it? However, these two nicknames were privately created by him and Jiang Zifan, so he didn’t dare to call them out rashly and provoke Lu Ge again. He didn’t want to try Jiang Lu’s fist.

    Qi Zhen followed Zhou Qi out and saw Jiang Lu and Qi An’an standing together at a glance. Jiang Lu wore black casual clothes today, and Qi An’an was a simple white long dress. They stood together and unexpectedly matched them.

    She was familiar with the suitcase standing beside Jiang Lu, it was just held by Qi An’an.

    This picture is a bit dazzling. Qi Zhen felt uncomfortable for a while, but did not show it. He still smiled and said, “Jiang Lu, let’s have a meal together, just make a friend. I invite you to have a drink. Thank you for your help. Let’s move things.”

    Jiang Lu left for unknown reasons last time. This time I can’t help but seize the opportunity.

    Qi An’an’s eyes lit up slightly, this is considered the plot is in place, she turned her head to look at Jiang Lu, but his angle is backlit, Qi An’an is a little bit unable to see her

His expression can only see the corners of his lips that are as cold as usual.

    Qi Anan couldn’t see clearly, Zhou Qi could see clearly.

    Just now downstairs, far from where the little fairy was standing, Lu Ge looked at Qi Zhen’s eyes with murderous glamour. To be honest, it was time to catch up with Li Hanyu before.

    Now, standing next to the little fairy, he looked like something obedient, and didn’t even dare to show a harsh look.

    Zhou Qi thought happily. He didn’t want to stay where he was right and wrong. He looked back at Qi Zhen: “I’ll talk about dinner or something later, let’s go, I will help you carry the rest of the luggage.”

    He answered too quickly, let Qi Zhen couldn’t say anything next to her lips. When she saw Jiang Lu, she wanted to get rid of Zhou Qi. But he was finished. She couldn’t be scorned by so many people, so she nodded: “Okay…Thank you.”

    After the two of them left, Yu Tianyang still wanted to take what he had just said. After talking, he was interrupted by Jiang Lu: “No, I will move.”

    Ji Ruomeng was also leaning at the door. Although he didn’t know Jiang Lu, he was immediately impressed by Jiang Lu’s appearance and patted Yu Tianyang. “Yeah, brother, you still lack training. Look at your smelly and sweaty body. Look at people again, your face is not red or breathless. Don’t smoke our cute suitcase in An’an, just sit there and rest. , I’ll wash you an apple.”

    Yu Tianyang couldn’t help but persuade: “That’s OK, then let you move it,” he turned around and walked in with Ji Ruomeng, “Are there any pears? I don’t like apples… …”


    Jiang Lu turned and went downstairs, Qi Anan ignored the two people in the room, and followed him: “Jiang Lu, the remaining box is sinking, I can do it, you just hurt your hand two days ago, don’t worry about it. “

    She remembered again: “Hey? Are your boxes heavy? Or I’ll help you move them.”

    Jiang Lu suddenly stopped, turning his head to look at Qi An’an.

    Qi An’an also said seriously: “Seriously, I haven’t seen how your hands are, is it serious? Is there no problem with military training? Have you told your teacher?”

    Jiang Lu ignored her words, his heartbeat beat faster than the other, and his expression was gloomy and endlessly said: “Qi An’an, you are like this again…”

    “What?” He stopped halfway through, and Qi An’an listened to it. In the clouds and mist.

    Jiang Lu was silent. He was crazy just now, so he couldn’t say any more.

    He shook his head and laughed. People like Qi Zhen acted like a coquettish and asked a man for help. It was disgusting and nauseating. His An An kept thinking about his hand, and actually wanted to help him carry his luggage.

    “My hands are fine for a long time. It’s just a bit of a broken skin. Really.” Jiang Lu’s voice was very gentle. He wanted to use a cold tone, but he couldn’t do it at this moment. “It’s okay to move something for you. You don’t need to worry.”

    Jiang Lu directly moved the two suitcases left by Qi’an together, and easily climbed to the fourth floor.

    Qi An’an bought water from the vending machine in the stairwell. When Jiang Lu put the suitcase at the door, she handed the water over:

    “Jiang Lu, give you water.”

    Jiang Lu took it, but didn’t unscrew it immediately: “You pack it up, I’ll go first.”

    Qi An’an smiled at him, nodded, and suddenly remembered something: “Ah, yes, we will wait for everyone to clean up, shall we have dinner together?”

    Just now Zhen invited, so don’t miss such a good opportunity, just now you can ask to settle this matter.

    “You go eat, we still have something to do.” Jiang Lu refused quickly, without any room for negotiation.

    Seeing his attitude, Qi An’an didn’t persuade: “Okay, then I have a chance next time.”


    Qi An’an returned to the bedroom and gave everyone the remaining water in his hands. Ji Ruomeng’s eyes turned around. Embracing Qi Anan’s shoulders gossiping: “An An, what’s the situation with that handsome male student and you just now?”

    Qi Anan smiled and poked her waist: “Don’t think about it, that’s my junior high school classmate.”

    “You have a good relationship with your junior high school classmates, and you are actually a Jianglu boss. Yu Tianyang has been popular science with me, you are not interesting enough, and you don’t tell me. But he said that Jianglu was not what he is now when he was in junior high school. Looks like a good student of top learning?”

    “He is also a good student now,” Qi An’an asked nervously, “What else did Yu Tianyang say?”

    Ji Ruomeng shrugged, “Nothing else to say. “

    That’s good, the eldest nephew is really reliable, and he didn’t tell Jiang Lu’s life experience and past.

    Qi An’an didn’t like discussing Jiang Lu behind his back. He stood up and opened the suitcase to make the bed: “Oh, Mengmeng, don’t gossip, hurry up and tidy up the house, and go to lunch together later.”


    Jiang Lu used to do this since he was a child, It was very quick to tidy up. He tidied up and sat on the side of the bed with his eyes open, not knowing what he was thinking.

    The night they arrived, the others in this dormitory had finished making up and going to eat, only Jiang Zifan was still making the bed panting. The ten-fingered young master did not touch the Yang Chunshui, and the sheets were still stale after a long time.

    “Oh, I rely on it, but I’m exhausted, so let’s do it.” Jiang Zifan was impatient and patted the bedboard and sat down to catch his breath. With sharp eyes, he saw Jiang Lu holding an unopened bottle of water, so he walked over and picked it up naturally.

    “Drink some water, Brother Lu, I’m going to die of thirst.” Jiang Zifan picked it up and unscrewed it.

    “Don’t move.” Jiang Lu snapped his hand away, his black pupils were heavy, and Jiang Zifan’s heart was stunned.

    Seriously, he could see that his brother Lu was unhappy, and he had offended him very seriously. It felt like he was not screwing the cap of a bottle of water just now, but his father’s head.

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