MFTIV: Ch 22

  It seemed that all the strength of his body was taken out for a moment, and Jiang Lu’s hand holding He Jiahao loosened.

    He turned away suddenly, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes, and he slammed He Jiahao out: “Get off.”

    He Jiahao took a breath, and ran away rolling , even as the people lying on the ground could run. Up.

    Jiang Lu turned around and left, and ignored Jiang Zifan, Zhou Qi and the others.

    “Hey Brother Lu…” Before Jiang Zifan finished speaking, he heard the little girl behind him yell sharply: “Jiang Lu!”

    Jiang Lu paused insignificantly, and continued to walk forward. Zhou Qi and Jiang Zifan looked at each other, and they all smelled an unusual smell-this is clearly a situation. For so long, there are people who want to get close to Brother Lu. No time has he been easy, but this time I watched it. It’s not like I don’t want to take care of others, but it’s a bit like running away.

    No matter how unusual, these people didn’t have the guts to gossip Jiang Lu under this situation, and they all lowered their heads to follow in Jiang Lu’s footsteps.

    Who knows that the girl behind him didn’t give up and caught up with them in a few steps: “Jiang Lu!”

    “Jiang Lu, why did you ignore me?”

    Finally, Jiang Lu stopped and settled in place, recognizing his fate. He calmly looked at the front and said in a low voice: “You guys, let’s go first.”

    He had no expression, but no one dared to tease, and immediately left without saying a word.

    Seeing Jiang Lu standing still and didn’t mean to run, Qi An’an slowly walked up. She watched him, but he didn’t look back.

    There was no expression on Jiang Lu’s face, but a little mood swing in his dark eyes, like a prisoner waiting to be sentenced, quietly desperate.

    But Qi An’an was worried. Without carefully observing Jiang Lu’s expression, she looked Jiang Lu up and down, and asked with concern: “Jiang Lu, why did you fight with someone? Did he bully you? Are you injured?”

    Jiang Lu was stunned for a moment, turning his head to look at Qi An’an in disbelief.

    He met her worried eyes, his throat tightened for a while, and he couldn’t say a word.

    When Qi Anan thought about their conversation and the people lying on the ground, she felt very uneasy. She stretched out her hand to roll Jianglu’s sleeve: “Let me see, I see blood on your sleeve. Scratched? Don’t delay if you get hurt. You have to deal with the wound quickly and don’t get infected.”

    Her small hands were warm, and she shuddered when she touched it. Jiang Lu retracted his hands abruptly, making great movements, even taking a step back.

    “Don’t touch me.” His hands are not clean now, Jiang Lu put his hands behind him.

    His voice was a bit dumb, and he couldn’t hear the dense forbearance underneath if he didn’t listen carefully.

    Seeing him resist so much, Qi An’an didn’t dare to move any more: “Okay, I won’t touch it randomly, then you be careful and don’t use too much force.”

    Jiang Lu’s Adam’s apple rolled twice and looked up at Qi An’an. Her eyes were as clear and clean as before, looking straight over, full of his shadow, filled with worries and concerns.

    He confirmed it twice, without anger or disgust.

    Jiang Lu’s eyelashes quivered twice, and his hand on his side slowly clenched. Without a word, he suddenly turned and walked forward.

    “Jiang Lu, wait a minute,” Qi Anan hurried over to stop him, “You…you reported to Xincheng No. 1

    High School ?” She was genuinely confused, without any accusation: “Don’t deny it, you took the uniform of No. 1 High School. Just now, those friends of yours were all wearing the uniforms of No. 1 Middle School, so why did you lie to me that you reported to No. 7 Middle School?”

    And you haven’t told her the truth for such a long time, what is the operation? Qi An’an didn’t follow Jiang Lu’s thoughts.

    Jiang Lu was silent for a while and turned his head slightly, smiling at her, with a somewhat cool smile: “Because I am willing to lie to you, what does it have to do with you?” After

    finishing the sentence, Jiang Lu only felt his throat. Swelling, full of fishy sweetness.

    I have already said this, so don’t talk to him anymore, his self-control is really not very good.

    Qi An’an was choked by Jiang Lu’s words, and found that he was speechless. She was a little depressed, she was all friends, why lie to her…hey, but then again, wouldn’t Jiang Lu report to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School very well? She worries about the remote place for a week, and it just doesn’t exist anymore.

    Originally, Qi An’an had always been protecting Jianglu, and would not be angry with Jianglu at all. And since I haven’t seen him for so long, seeing Jiang Lu again is also a happy thing.

    “If you say it earlier, we will know that everyone is alumni sooner, and we can study together in the future.” Qi An’an was heartless, and after figuring it out, he didn’t take Jiang Lu’s sharp words to heart at all.

    Jiang Lu pressed his lips slightly, his eyes fell on Qi An’an’s upright school uniform. The school uniform of Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is white with red edges, clean white, and vivid red. She looks cute and vigorous when worn.

    He turned aside his eyes and couldn’t help but cursing Qi Yan in his heart. He looked like a sensible person, but he couldn’t find it clean. Even the two of them reported to a high school without knowing it. He really wanted to test his conscience. ?

    If he had known that Qi An’an had also come to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School, perhaps he had chosen this degenerate road instead of so happy.

    But now he can’t look back.

    Jiang Lu felt that he couldn’t stay any longer, and he paused for two seconds and said in a low voice, “I have something else, don’t bother me.” After he finished speaking, he walked out quickly.

    “Jiang Lu that…”

    Qi An’an only yelled, Jiang Lu’s footsteps still stopped, but he did not turn around.

    “Remember to deal with the injury on your hand, don’t forget, and ah, be careful not to touch the water when taking a bath.”

 Jiang Lu still didn’t look back. He stood there with his back to Qi An’an, slowly raising his hand to caress the position of his heart.

    There is a peace sign there.

    His slender and beautiful fingers trembled slightly, and the back of his hand swelled with faint blue veins.

    In the end, Jiang Lu didn’t say a word to Qi An’an, and walked forward with his foot up.


    At night, Qi An’an could not write the homework for the meeting, so he put the pen away and started thinking.

    Jiang Lu reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School, which was very happy, but how did it seem to be a completely different person? Also, he was assigned to Class 16. Was it because of a mistake in the exam? How abnormal this has to be played… It’s also her fault, she didn’t notice it earlier.

    Combining the two, Qi An’an came to a conclusion. Jiang Lu should have been hit because of his mistake in the high school entrance examination. He must be sad.

    And today, he was fighting with people, and the friends around him don’t seem to be good students. Although he is happy to have a good friend, Qi An’an, seeing him now always reminds her of the plot in the middle of the book—— He was in prison, feeling cold and cold.

    Pooh Pooh, Qi Anan shook his head quickly and shook the plot out, thinking about it or calling Jiang Lu.

    * When the

    phone rang, Jiang Lu was standing on the balcony, silently watching the night view of the city. The house he rented has high floors and good views, and it has an open-air balcony. Standing here, the streets outside are full of cars and horses, and the night is beautifully illuminated by lights.

    He has just finished taking a shower and his hair is still slightly wet. When the phone rang, Jiang Lu didn’t go to see it right away. He rubbed his eyebrows, and casually picked up the phone and glanced at it. After seeing it clearly, his body became undetectable.

    Holding the phone for a long time, the palms of his hands sweated slightly, Jiang Lu only pressed to answer: “…what’s the matter?”

    I wanted to pretend to be indifferent, but I didn’t know that his voice was a little low after the night breeze blew. Low tenderness.

    Qi An’an was waiting to hang up, but when he answered, he forgot what he was going to say first. He blinked and asked, “Jiang Lu, how is the injury on your hand? Is there any bandage?”

    Jiang Lu lowered his head and glanced at his arm. He accidentally let the group of people slash during the day. The wound was not deep but very long. It looked scary, but it didn’t bleed much blood. He didn’t care at all, and he didn’t hesitate to take a shower.

    Now the wound had turned pale pink, because it was a little swollen with water, and the flesh was slightly rolled outwards.

    Jiang Lu said with an “um”: “It’s handled. Is there anything else?”

    ” Yes , wait a minute, you…” Qi An’an hesitated, “Jiang Lu, if you feel wronged by something, you can …Can you tell me

    something ?” Jiang Lu closed his eyes, and the phone made a slight cracking sound because of the forceful grip. After taking two deep breaths, he whispered: “I’m not wronged.”

    Qi An’an carefully organized his words, and a soft voice passed through the earpiece: “Is it because of the abnormal performance of the high school entrance examination? Blame me. I didn’t see it at the time… I should find comforting you sooner. But Jiang Lu, don’t be discouraged, you are so smart and powerful, even if the starting point is not particularly ideal now, you can…”

    Jiang Lu interrupted her: “Don’t say it.”

    Don’t say it, go on. , The fragile fortress that he finally built in his heart is about to fall apart.

    She said that she would never talk to him when she fell in love with him.

    This is correct, and he can’t bear it either. He doesn’t want to be so dirty to infect such a good girl.

    Jiang Lu no longer hesitated and hung up the phone.

    The night view outside was lonely and vast. Jiang Lu sighed intently for a long time. In fact, he didn’t want to ask Qi An’an how he reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School.

    For at least the next three years, she will be under his nose, so close to him. Is this a new round of torture given to him by the heavens, or a favor given to him after accidentally opening his eyes.


    The next day, Qi An’an finished a day of class with a face of thinking about life.

    When school is over, Ji Ruomeng can’t help it anymore: “An’an, are you going to be immortal today? It feels like what you say…very indifferent? It seems like you’re going to be a monk every minute.”

    Qi An’an sorted out the book. The obsessive-compulsive disorder is aligned one by one: “I see my destiny clearly. I will be the life of the old man in the lone nest. My daughter doesn’t like me, and my son hates me.”

    “It’s so miserable,” Ji Ruomeng said. There is no sympathy in the tone, “Then you don’t have to give birth at all. Anyway, the son and daughter are not worried, and it is not worthwhile to inherit your family property.”

    “When is the time, you two are still discussing giving birth to a boy.” Give birth to a daughter, let’s look at your eyes first.” Yu Tianyang walked in from the front door of the classroom carelessly and sat down in front of Qi An’an in a light car.

    Yu Tianyang is in the first and second class of senior high school. Class two and class one are both key classes, but the grades of class one are higher. When Yu Tianyang played a little abnormally during the high school entrance examination, he missed the first class by one point, but instead entered the second class with a good result in the first place.

    The junior high school classmate reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School, and the only one who knew him well was Qi An’an, a good friend, so he always came to run in the same class, and Ji Ruomeng knew him: “Isn’t there a big event in front of me? Isn’t it a military training? It’s not that there’s no military training. And according to me, the first middle school is very humane, staggered the hottest two weeks, and only trained in autumn. You don’t know the military training of the third middle school and the fifth middle school a few days ago. It’s like coal.”

    Yu Tianyang said, “It’s not a big deal anymore. I heard that our school invited the first team from Dragon City for this military training. The two words are awesome, just you little girls. I can

Live training to die. “

    Season boiling immediately if the dream:” I was waiting for you to see who died. “

    Qian’an smiled straight up and stood Ji Ruomeng without hesitation: “Yu Tianyang, you ran over after class, wouldn’t you just laugh at our girls’ military training?” “

    Yu Tianyang waved his hand immediately with a “Oh Yo”: “Where is it?” I was kind, isn’t our school going to engage in closed management? In military training these days, everyone has to live in school. I want to ask you, do I need to help you carry your luggage? “

    The military training of Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is different from other schools. It is fully militarized. Whether it is day or live school, all students live on campus during the military training. Two days on weekends are time for students to move dormitories, and parents are not allowed to accompany them, and internal affairs are required. Organize it by yourself.

    “Don’t have to be so troublesome, we can do it ourselves,” after Qi An’an finished speaking, Ji Ruomeng also nodded and answered: “Don’t worry, we are not so wasteful, we can do it in minutes. “

    Yu Tianyang raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure?” Don’t be embarrassed, anyway, both men and women live in the same building, which is very convenient upstairs and downstairs. If your stuff is too heavy and you can’t move it, please call me. “


    next day, Qi An’an moved two large suitcases, one for changing clothes and the other for a set of bedding and sheets. Housekeeper Chen asked the guards at the school gate repeatedly and reluctantly gave up after confirming that the parents were not allowed to enter. a.

    “Miss, or else you heard the young master of it, did he say to you leave without any problems, the teacher will not embarrass you, this condition is certainly difficult. “

    Qian An’an was amused by Steward Chen’s bitter enmity: “Uncle Chen, don’t worry. It’s just a military training. All the students participate in the military training, so why don’t I participate?” How can I be so squeamish. Don’t listen to my brother, I have a hard time persuading him. “

    Steward Chen had no choice but to order a lot, and watched Qi An’an drag two suitcases in.

    When he got downstairs in the dormitory arranged by the school, Qi Anan saw Ji Ruomeng at a glance, standing with his hips akimbo. Downstairs in the dormitory, she looked at her four suitcases with bitter hatred.

    “Mengmeng!” Qi An’an greeted her as she walked, “Why do you have so much luggage? Does this let you pack a box of snacks?” Qi An’an ordered the largest suitcase.

    “I’m not going to share it with everyone? Going back from military training one day, how can I live without snacks?” Ji Ruomeng put his hand on Qi An’an’s shoulder and took a deep breath, “Come on Sailor Moon, look first Which one is better to lift upstairs?”

    “Then it.” Qi An’an smiled and patted the largest suitcase.

    The girl’s bedroom is on the fourth floor. Two people will not be tired after carrying a suitcase. There are only six trips in total, and they can be moved in a while. After Qi An’an and Ji Ruomeng moved two suitcases, they were about to move the third one when they saw Yu Tianyang coming down the stairs.

    “Oh my God, put it down quickly, come and give it to me.” Yu Tianyang immediately walked up and took the suitcases in their hands, “My luggage has been packed, you two of me Help you move upstairs. Whose is this?” The

    first two belong to Ji Ruomeng, and this is also the case. Ji Ruomeng saw that he didn’t let go, nor was he polite: “It’s mine, then thank you, brother. . ” “

    do not be poor, and then you go with me, I help you into the bedroom. “looking back on the day Yang Qian an, without any explanation of the arrangement:” you stand in this, do not move, so I down these three Move them up too.”

    He has been busy for a long time too, with sweat on his face. Qi An’an thought for a while, Ji Ruomeng’s last suitcase was not big, so she should have no problem doing it alone.

    When she was about to walk inside, someone behind her suddenly called her: “An An.”

    Qi Anan turned around and saw Qi Zhen smiling at her: “An An, is this all your luggage? How did you move it by yourself? Didn’t you find a boy to help you? “

    Qian An’an has moved it twice a moment ago, and the hair on the temples was a little wet, and it was attached to her white cheeks, and she wiped it casually.

    Qi Zhen’s words and eyes were uncomfortable, Qi Anan said nothing: “It’s okay, I can move by myself.” As

    soon as she lowered her head to leave, she heard Qi Zhen shouting in the distance: “Jiang Lu! What a coincidence. , Just hit you.”

    Qi An’an raised his eyes to see, Jiang Lu was walking towards this side, pulling a suitcase with a few friends by his side.

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