MFTIV: Ch 21

 Ji Ruowangmeng shook his head: “You don’t understand the affairs of the rivers and lakes. His name has become a legend. You can’t tell, you can’t tell.” To

    bother with the second-year girl, Qi An’an cut his head back and just saw it. Qi Zhen came over and said, “A Zhen, will you come to my house for dinner? Uncle Chen is studying homemade desserts recently, and he did a good job.”

    After attending high school, Qi Zhen went directly to live on campus, and Qi An’an also lived on campus. Yearning, but Qi Yan firmly does not allow it. She cut and reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School, which made him very helpless, so she was so willing to let her sister live in school alone, and immediately bought a house for Qi Anxin next to the school.

    Qi Zhen smiled slightly and said softly: “I’m sorry, An An, I won’t be there tonight. Huihui and I have made an appointment to go out for dinner. Now seven or eight people are waiting for me outside. I shouldn’t go.

    It’s hard to put their pigeons.” Qi Zhen is so popular, Qi An’an smiled very happily: “Well, you go, have fun, you can come to my house whenever you want.”

    Qi Zhen watched. Qi An’an smiled unscrupulously, his complexion changed, and he gritted his teeth secretly.

    She is beautiful and popular, and she is very popular among her classmates. She does not believe that Qi An’an is not jealous, but Qi An’an’s rank is too high, and the queen is not as true as her acting.

    Qi Zhen forced herself to hold on to her smiling face: “Then I’ll go first.” After

    she left, Ji Ruomeng snorted coldly beside her: “Qianan! How are you and Qi Zhen so good? You even invited her to eat at your house. Why didn’t you invite me?”

    It’s so jealous, Qi An’an couldn’t laugh or cry quickly, “I’m inviting you, how can I not invite you? Mengmeng, come home with me for a little dessert, please, please Give me a chance.”

    Ji Ruomeng snorted noblely and coldly: “Well, for your humble sake, let’s go.”


    Qi Zhen and two female classmates walked arm in arm, just When she left the school gate, she saw a few people across the street, and suddenly stopped: “Wait a minute.”

    She looked at the men on the opposite side: “Wait for me, I saw a friend I knew before, and I went to say hello.”


    Jiang Lu held a cigarette between his fingers, but didn’t light it. He lowered his eyes and didn’t know he was thinking. What, Zhou Qi and Jiang Zifan beside him were full of smoke.

    Jiang Zifan looked at Jiang Lu several times, and couldn’t help but start babbling, “Brother Lu, what is He Jiahao’s mouth? I was watching a variety show at the time, and I didn’t hear anything. Why are you making such a big fire at him, before? Li Hanyu whistled at you, I can understand you when you are angry, but He Jiahao… he should not dare to provoke you.”

    Jiang Lu glanced at him, but still didn’t say a word.

    Zhou Qi bumped into Jiang Zifan: “Can you stop asking, didn’t you see that Lu brother has been in a bad mood since then?

    I ‘m tired of asking Lu brother later, and even beat you together.” Jiang Zifan changed the subject: “It’s really a traffic jam at the moment. The car for this appointment is stuck on the road. It is estimated that there will be eight minutes…”

    He was half-talking, staring blankly at the people approaching them. I patted Zhou Qi in disbelief: “Lao Zhou, is this Qi Zhen? It’s the first one in the school flower selection. She seems to be walking towards us.”

    Soon he stopped questioning, because Qi Zhen did. He walked straight towards them, and finally stood in front of Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu is really you. It’s been a long time since I saw you. I just saw you on the other side and thought you had confessed to the wrong person. You…”

    she He glanced up and down at Jiang Lu. Although he was not wearing a school uniform, he had a school uniform jacket from Xincheng No. 1 Middle School on his arm.

    Jiang Lu reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School? But before, Qi An’an clearly said that Jiang Lu went to No. 7 Middle School.

    Both of them clearly reported to Xincheng No. 1 High School, but Qi An’an didn’t know, then Jiang Lu lied to her, which is interesting.

    Qi Zhen lowered her head and couldn’t hide her smile. Fortunately, she thought Jiang Lu Qi An’an was a bit interesting before, but now it seems that she is thinking too much.

    Originally, she was interested in Jiang Lu the first time she saw him, but once she was looking for the man in her dream “to be nice to him”, and secondly, when Jiang Lu went to Qizhongshan and Gaoshuiyuan, she didn’t care about it anymore. .

    Right now, no matter if he is not the person he is looking for, it is not bad to engage in ambiguousness first so that he will fall into love with himself.

    Thinking about this, Qi Zhen raised his head and smiled softly at Jiang Lu: “Jiang Lu, I haven’t seen you for so long. I happened to meet you today. Let’s have a meal together. You guys haven’t eaten either. It just so happens that everyone can meet and make friends. .”

    She smiled at Zhou Qi and Jiang Zifan, and the two turned around to look at Jiang Lu.

    After Qi Zhen came over, Jiang Lu had been staring at her lazily, his eyes were cold and he couldn’t distinguish between happiness and anger.

    “How is it? I know there is a good private kitchen behind the school, let’s go there together.” Qi Zhen watched Jiang Lu’s silence, and then persuaded.

    Jiang Lu suddenly pulled the corner of his mouth. He didn’t answer immediately. He handed the cigarette to the side of his mouth without any haste. After taking a deep breath, he said, “Qi Zhen, I wanted to let you go. That’s it. You brought it to the door yourself, don’t blame me in the future.”

    His tone was cold and indifferent, and his words were neither light nor heavy, but anyone who was smarter could smell a hint of danger.

    Jiang Zifan is absolutely no brain, and he is looking forward to it-it seems that these two people are old acquaintances, and what Lu Ge said is too ambiguous. It is obvious that Lang is interested in concubine. Are they going to witness love?

    He winked at Zhou Qi, which was weird. Zhou Qi looked at Jiang Lu and Qi Zhen, but he didn’t pay much attention to him.

    Qi Zhen was taken aback for a moment, then lowered his head, two blushes on his cheeks.

    Jiang Lu looked indifferently

, A hint of mockery flashed under his eyes.

    His life is already a bottomless abyss, living in despair and darkness, he doesn’t mind pushing back.

    Qi Zhen saw that Jiang Lu didn’t refuse, so she went back and pushed the games of the little sisters over there. They didn’t have mobile phones, so she had to go back and tell them.

    Before leaving, the two girls also persuaded: “Qi Zhen, those boys don’t look like good students. They don’t wear school uniforms, and they still smoke. You shouldn’t be with them.”

    Qi Zhen smiled. , Consciously or unconsciously said: “It’s okay, we have a very good relationship. Even if they can fight, they will be gentlemen to me, don’t worry.”

    On the other side of the street, Jiang Lu still smoked casually, Jiang Zifan couldn’t help it: “Lu Brother, you know Qi Zhen? I haven’t heard you say it before. You are too calm! What’s the matter with you two? Tell us quickly, how do you know Qi Zhen?”

    Jiang Lu said: ” I don’t know. She came up by herself. Didn’t you see?”

    Zhou Qi smiled: “It’s also ha, Brother Lu is so charming.”

    Jiang Lu let out a puff of cigarette and asked Zhou Qi: “I remember you have Li Hanyu’s mobile phone number. Give him a call and say I will ask him to eat together at night.”

    Zhou Qi didn’t understand: “Huh? Eat with him?”

    Jiang Lu said, “Yeah.” Rubbish should be matched with rubbish.

    As he was talking, suddenly a car drove past quickly, and Jiang Lu’s hand stopped.

    He subconsciously put down the cigarette.

    It’s wrong, it’s impossible. Jiang Lu stared at the disappearing car in a daze. It’s just that he pierced his head like her, and smiled as warmly as her, which made him dazzled in a flash.

    Zhou Qi was still listening to Jiang Lu’s text, just as he suddenly stopped talking and stared at the car that hadn’t been seen just now.

    I haven’t seen Brother Lu’s face yet, as if someone had robbed him of a baby. Zhou Qi asked a little uncertainly: “Brother Lu, did you just ask Li Hanyu to eat together? Didn’t Li Hanyu tidy up that with you before? I think he seems to be hiding from you a little bit, but of course, if you ask him to eat, he won’t. Dare not to come.”

    “Don’t call     , let’s go.”

    “Ah? What about Qi Zhen, is she still on the opposite side…”

Jiang Lu closed his eyes, squeezed the smoke in his palm, and finally the spark went out. He said: “Let’s go.”

    … In the

    car, Ji Ruomeng leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest, and said abruptly, “An’an, don’t make friends with that Qi Zhen.”

    “Well, how do you say it? ? ” “

    harm, do not you think she was the person to say the least? I’m not this stab in the back ah …… “when it comes to half, quarter if the dream has changed his tune,” even if I do not say bad things about my guilty conscience, You see her look at you, it’s weird, she wants to show off but can’t compare to you, this kind of girl is the most annoying.”

    Qi An’an smiled and didn’t say a word . She was the same girl after getting along for so long. Even if she had a very thick filter on Qizhen, she found a clue.

    It’s nothing else. She noticed that Qi Zhen didn’t seem to like her very much, and she also had a faint feeling of wanting to compare herself. When getting along with her, there is always unnatural deliberateness.

    However, Qi Anan can understand this kind of intimacy and comparison. She is different from Jiang Lu after all. Jiang Lu is a normal classmate, and there is still a layer of identity embarrassment between Qi Zhen and her.

    Qi An’an doesn’t like embarrassing others. If Qi Zhen resists being friends with her, she wouldn’t force it.

    “Well, you, the jealous king, don’t be jealous,” Qi An’an smiled and pinched Ji Ruomeng’s cheek. I’m pulling a face right now.”

    Said Qi An’an really likes Ji Ruomeng very much, and it is very comfortable to get along with this girl, that is, he is very jealous and is always smooth.

    “You will call her less to your house in the future, and call me more.”

    “I know.” After

    coaxing Ji Ruomeng, Qi An’an rested his chin and looked out the window. Who can understand the sadness of her CP fan? Jiang Lu suddenly alienated her, Qi Zhen didn’t want to be friends with her either, the two were still so far apart.

    Qi An’an thought melancholy, he was too greedy, and he wondered if he could make sweets. Now it is okay to look at the two of them in the same frame.

    Forget it, the same frame has become a distant dream, she can hardly even see Jiang Lu, let alone Qi Zhen not familiar with Jiang Lu.


    The weather was clear after school the next day, and Qi Anan planned to take a walk home. Ji Ruomeng pointed out to her that there was a path just for her to take a shortcut. Qi An’an has never walked before, and today is just exploring the way.

    It’s a pity that today was a bad start. When Qi An’an was walking halfway through the alleys, he heard a sound of fighting coming from the front.

    She frowned. This alley was the width of two or three people walking side by side. If you went straight, you would definitely face the conflict. She had never experienced such a school fight before. She stood there after thinking about it, and wanted to wait for them to leave before leaving.

    Listening to the voice, these people were fighting right in front of this corner, close to each other. All the conversations with Qi An’an could be heard clearly, and one of the boys had been vaguely begging for mercy.

    “Brother Lu, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn’t find someone to retaliate against you, I really dare not…”

    A guy who spoke quickly answered immediately: “Fuck, He Jiahao, are you poisonous? , Why didn’t you think about the end when you were looking for more than a dozen people to block us? You guys are holding

    knives and sticks, awesome , what’s the matter? You want to kill a few of us?” The voice of the boy named He Jiahao has already I cried out: “I was wrong…I really dare not

! There really is no next time! Brother Lu, I can assure you that I was wrong before, my mouth was cheap, and I know why you beat me…”

    “Why. “

    This voice! Qi An’an suddenly widened her eyes and blinked twice in disbelief. She looked forward blankly, and suddenly ran out of the corner.

    Jiang Lu grabbed He Jiahao’s collar with one hand and pushed him against him. On the wall. One summer vacation passed, he grew a lot taller, and he was nearly 1.88 meters tall, a full half a head taller than He Jiahao. He Jiahao couldn’t even earn money when he controlled him with one hand. Open.

    He got closer, and said in a soft voice that only the two of them could hear: “Tell me, why? “

    Because you like…” Seeing Jiang Lu’s dark and cold eyes, He Jiahao finally changed his mouth and immediately changed his mouth, “Because…because my mouth is cheap. I’m wrong, I promise there won’t be another…”

    Suddenly Jiang Zifan shouted from the side behind him: “What are you looking at? Dare to watch any excitement, go and go. “

    Jiang Lu glanced lazily over there. The

    next moment, his expression froze completely.

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