MFTIV: Ch 20

At the beginning of September, in the last heat of summer, the school day has arrived.

    After the high school entrance examination, Jiang Lu moved to a house near the school. He always got up early, and he went there early on the day of registration.

    There was a red list at the school gate, a long big sign, and people in front of it. Every student was followed by parents who were either gratified or sad. Noisy and loud voices.

    Jiang Lu walked past them without squinting, quiet and lonely.

    He didn’t look ahead, but went straight to the end. The schedule of Xincheng No. 1 Middle School is based on grades, counting from the first class to the bottom, with the highest score in the front and the low score in the back.

    He missed the high school entrance exam one day, and his grades were conceivable, but…

    Jiang Lu looked at his name in Class 16, with some mockery on the corners of his mouth, which was what he wanted.

    He turned and walked through the crowd and walked towards the school.


    Qian An’an came to report that day and asked Qi Zhen if she wanted to pick her up, but Qi Zhen said that she had already arrived at school.

    She smiled softly on the other end of the phone: “An’an, I saw that you also reported to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School. Your grades are really good. We are in the same class.”

    Qi An’an originally wanted to ask Jiang Lu if he She was in the same class with them, but the friend Qi Zhen just met on the phone called her, and she hung up after speaking.

    Harm, it’s the same whether you ask or not. Jiang Lu scored so well, he must be admitted with the highest score in the school, and he didn’t run a class.

    However, when Qi An’an stood in front of the red list with confidence, he was dumbfounded. There was no Jiang Lu’s name in the first and first class of high school, nor did the second and third classes in the future.

    Jiang Lu would never get a lower score. Qi An’s heart was cold, right? Is it because she is overconfident, and there is a bug in the plot? Jiang Lu actually did not report to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School.

    This is simply a bolt from the blue. If Jiang Lu didn’t report to Xincheng No. 1 High School, then he and Qi Zhen would not go to school in the same class, so that all the candy she wanted to eat would be gone.

    Qi An’an had asked Jiang Lu twice before, and he said that he hadn’t thought about it. She was convinced that the plot was so powerful that she never asked again. I also wanted to wait for the start of school to give him a surprise, but now it turned into my own fright.

    Qi An’an went around a corner with few people and dialed Jiang Lu.

    The phone was busy for a long time, but Jiang Lu didn’t answer it. Qi Anxin said that maybe he didn’t hear the report, so he waited for a while and then broadcast it.

    This time the phone rang a few times and then answered it. Jiang Lu’s voice was not only low, but also a little cold: “Is there something to do with me?”

    “Jiang Lu, are you reporting? You…how many have you reported?” Qi An’an Almost said why you didn’t report to Xincheng No. 1 Middle School.

    Normally, she couldn’t predict which high school Jiang Lubao would use.

    “Seventh Middle School.”


    “Are you okay?” Jiang Lu’s voice seemed to change from indifferent to a little impatient, “It’s okay, I’ll hang up.”

    Qi An’an was about to speak, and there was already a “beep .” Jiang Lu hung up the phone with the busy tone of beep.

    Qi An’an stood there, a little at a loss. Why did Jiang Lu seem to be far away from her after a vacation? Is it because after Qi Zhen moved away, he didn’t always contact him? But… he didn’t contact himself often.

    It was really too difficult. I thought that after going to high school, she could not think about how to get the two cubs to get along with each other. Instead, she could easily sit on the side and cp. But I didn’t expect that now the plot collapsed so much that my mother didn’t recognize it. Before he fell in love, he started to move away.


    Qianan’s high school career started with a broken dream. After several days of class, she still felt listless. Not only did she fail to CP, but she had to study hard. Is there anything more difficult than this in this world? ?

    She didn’t think of a way, but it was a false proposition to let two people who are not familiar with each other and still be far apart to fall in love.

    What’s more, now that Jiang Lu is inexplicably cold, Qi Zhen is close, but because she is petite and Qi Zhen is taller, the two of them sit in rows very far, and there is no chance to be together during the day.

    Moreover, Qi An’an could feel that although Qi Zhen spoke softly and warmly, in fact, he was not very close to her.

    However, Qi Zhen is beautiful and has a good personality. He is very popular with his classmates and soon made many friends. I have had a great time studying and living in the class, and Qi An’an is very relieved of her.

    It’s just that I am a little worried about Jiang Lu, I don’t know how he’s doing, how well he is in the new environment and with his classmates? Is anyone bullying him?

    “An An, why are you in a daze? Did you hear me talking to you just now?” The tablemate Ji Ruomeng gently twitched Qi An’an’s ears.

    “Ah, no, what did you just say?”

    Ji Ruomeng’s eyes flashed with the soul of gossip: “There is a senior year in our school called Li Hanyu, did you know? A superb character in the school.” It

    seems a little impressed. I heard about this character two days before the start of school and said that he was not easy to provoke, so he walked sideways in a middle school.

    Qi An’an casually said: “Oh…it seems a bit of an impression.”

    “He was cleaned up by a high school senior. I heard that he was hit by a nail for the first time and was beaten on the ground with a humiliation. It’s saved, I might be beaten into something.”

    Ji Ruomeng gushed to Qi’an Kepu: “You don’t know yet, this Li Hanyu is not a thing. Bullying classmates are especially good at bullying people, relying on the family. The teacher didn’t dare to care about him. This time he deserved it. I heard that he was watching someone’s good-looking junior high school brother, and whistling to them shamelessly

, Who knew there was a hard stubble, this whistle blown his half-life. “

    Qian An’an is not very interested in campus gossip, and nodded in agreement: “That’s quite deserved, such a person should be cleaned up. “It’s

    just chanting, it makes me excited,” Ji Ruomeng looked regretful, “this bastard has bullied my sister, if it weren’t for him, I really want to beat him personally.” This high-grade brother is so relieved. I really heard that he looks super good-looking. I’m almost curious about how good-looking he can be. “

    Although Ji Ruomeng looked curious, Qi An’an didn’t care at all, good-looking? That was because Jiang Lu didn’t come here, Jiang Lu was the ceiling of beauty, who could be better than him.

    “I really want to go to Sixteen. See how handsome the class is,” Ji Ruomeng sighed, she is still a good student, “but I dare not, the atmosphere of Class 16, don’t you know, the grades were not good at first, and it’s quite The students who fought more and skipped classes and didn’t study, now a new boss popped out, even more arrogant. “

    Really, it would be great if the school grass was selected on the Internet every year. He is so fascinating that he must have not run off the school grass, so I can look at his photos. It’s a pity that I only choose school flowers. During the

    break between classes, Ji Ruomeng quietly took out his phone and turned to the school flower selection page to show Qi An’an: “An’an, do you not pay attention to these gossip news? Every year at the beginning of the school year, pictures of high-valued primary school girls will be circulated on the Internet. “

    Qi An’an smiled at her, there was nothing she didn’t know, not only did she know, she also had a God’s perspective, and knew that the final vote was Qi Zhen.

    Qi An’an tilted his head to look at Ji Ruomeng’s mobile phone screen, and she won the first place impressively. This is Qi Zhen. That photo was taken by Qi Zhen in the classroom. She sat upright at the desk, her long hair combed into a tall ponytail, and her appearance was beyond the maturity and grace of her peers. This is a well-deserved school flower. Looks like.

    “Hey, you think your ranking is not low. “Ji Ruomeng poked Qi An’an happily.

    Huh? Why is there still her? Qi An’an looked at the picture Ji Ruomeng pointed in a little surprise.

    She ranked sixth, and unlike the top five, her picture was a candid photo.

    It was the clothes she wore when she reported that day, simple white half sleeves and denim shorts, and a pair of white sneakers on her feet. Because it was a candid photo, her face was not photographed.

    Ji Ruomeng regretfully slapped his thighs: “We are safe. Although this shot is good, but the pixels are too blurry, and it doesn’t show you what you really look like! If you take a good shot like the previous ones, there will be What’s the matter with them?”

    Qi Anan was amused by her. She turned sideways and glanced at Qi Zhen who was sitting behind: “Mengmeng, how can I have Qi Zhen look good?”

    “Nonsense, sister, you are You should really go to the ophthalmology department,” Ji Ruomeng looked up and down Qi An’an disgustingly, “You believe me, although I admit that you two have different styles, you are definitely better-looking than Qi Zhen, a hundred times better.”

    She It’s an exaggerated gesture.

    Qi Zhen has big eyes and white skin, but her beauty is shrewd. At first glance, it looks pretty, but it makes people feel uncomfortable.

    However, Qi An’an is a dynamic person, smiling charmingly and cutely. He can get to the sixth position without canvassing a side face. If he takes a good photo, he will definitely miss Qizhen several streets.

    Forget it, most of the votes for this kind of thing are done by boring straight men, which pushed Qi Zhen to such a high position.

    Seeing Qi An’an’s heartless look, Ji Ruomeng glared at her, poking her phone fiercely and giving Qi An’an ten votes.

    Slightly try your best, and you can recharge if you have more.


    “Hey, Qi Zhen in our school is really beautiful. Since the selection of school flowers, he has been firmly on the top spot, and has never fallen.” While

    other classes were quietly attending classes, Class 16 had some Quarrel. The Chinese teacher who lectures is not two years new, and he is timid and speaks like mosquitoes. He can’t restrain the students at all. There were students in the front row listening to the lecture, but she didn’t dare to care about it in the back.

    Regardless of the teacher, He Jiahao is even more arrogant, holding his mobile phone and looking at it with a grin: “This second one is okay, but it doesn’t feel natural. Do you think her eyelashes are real? Can they have such long? Is it pasted? ?”

    Zhou Qi and Jiang Zifan both laughed. Jiang Zifan pushed the people around him: “Brother Lu, what do you think?”

    Jiang Lu didn’t look: “It’s my ass.”

    “The second one is really not good. If you want to be worthy of Brother Lu, you must be worthy of the beauty of the first.” Jiang Zihan said with a smile.

    What he said was sincere. The earth-shattering attack by Jiang Lu at the beginning of school dumbfounded so many people. Now, who doesn’t know that an unprovoked person has arrived in Xincheng No. 1 Middle School, and his attack is sinister and poisonous. Not only did he beat Li Hanyu in the third year without fighting back, but also put down all the ten people who brought Li Hanyu to teach him the next day.

    I have never heard of a powerful character in a junior high school, as if he came out of thin air. But it didn’t matter where he came from. He was strong and rich, and no one dared to check his background. Soon many people followed him.

    “Yes, Qi Zhen is beautiful. The facial features are upright, and I can’t make any mistakes. I have been itching for a long time, or let’s go to the first get out of class after class today. Should we go to Brother Lu?” He Jiahao Raise an eyebrow proposal.

    Qi Zhen, this name makes Jiang Lu biologically disgusted: “Don’t go.”

    He Jiahao nodded and said with a smile: “It seems that Brother Lu didn’t like it. The little girl is also good, but the photo is a bit unclear, but the face is pure and pleasant.”

    “Hey, it’s amazing, this girl is good-looking, the more she looks, the better she looks,” He Jiahao clicked on this

After zooming in, the girl in the picture looks a bit clearer, “Fuck, these legs are absolutely thin and straight, shiny white, tusk, look at this thin ankle, I think it can be pinched with just one pinch.

    Bro .” “Look, Brother Lu, you are not interested in this kind of thing either?” He Jiahao put the phone directly in front of Jiang Lu.

    Jiang Lu was disgusted with things like this. He pushed the phone away impatiently, cast his eyes down to the screen, but his gaze was all of a sudden.

    The girl in the picture is smart and charming, with a slender figure. With fluffy and dense black hair draped, he pinned two small white clips to his temples.

    Jiang Lu was stunned.

    “It turns out that Brother Lu is interested in this, so is it. This delicate skin and tender meat must feel good.” Seeing Jiang Lu staring at the screen of the phone without blinking, He Jiahao smiled ambiguously and picked up the phone, “I haven’t noticed before. , Let me see which school she is…”


    Two students in Class 16 started fighting during class.

    It was said that they were fighting each other, but according to the reports from the classmates at the scene, it was clear that it was one beating and the other being beaten. I don’t know if there is any deep hatred, and I can’t wait to do it in class. The school also had a headache. It unexpectedly recruited such students this year, and they invited their parents at that time.

    The school finally gave a disciplinary action, and a notice of criticism was hung on the bulletin board. But Qi An’an was totally indifferent to this kind of thing, and didn’t pay attention at all.

    Ji Ruomeng went to see: “It’s too cruel, the Demon King is really too cruel. I don’t know what the beaten kid said to offend him, he knocked out eight of his teeth! And I Hearing that his parents didn’t come, he transferred the medical bills and left. Twenty thousand yuan, without blinking his eyes, how much pocket money does he have in a month?”

    She was envious of death, and Qi An’an couldn’t help it. Laughing: “You don’t go home after school. You sit here and talk for a long time. Come and let me hear what is the name of the Demon King? I’m thinking of you.”

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